Rags To Riches Chapter 205-206

 Chapter 205

"Young Master is going to Gull Island? To which country? When? Is it a private jet or a passenger jet?"

                "Europe is the second young master Chang Jun Dong's territory, he has a small power in the small, more independent and special, do things according to their own interests, do not obey the discipline, now know that inheritance of the Huan Yu Century Group is hopeless, has been missing for a month."

                "The head of our group in the entire eu industry is Pete James. James, who is more opposed to the familyisation of the group, and his Lordship has persuaded him many times. But at the moment he hasn't published anything in support of the young master inheriting the group, although there are rumours that he intends to resign."

                Qin Ming sat in the waiting hall, listening to Song Ying's response from the side, his heart in turmoil.

                Yes, he was going to Gull Island, and Gull Island was so big, where was he going to Gull Island?

                Nie Haitang was deliberately avoiding him, was he going to investigate all the hospitals in Gull Island?

                Now it's not about money, it's about Nie Haitang not wanting to drag her down, so the more he looks, the more Nie Haitang avoids, and the more she avoids, the more she delays saving her life.

                Qin Ming was already smiling bitterly when he thought of the end, "In the end, the only thing I can do for her is to wait?"

                Seeing Qin Ming in this state, Song Ying was also distressed and said, "Young master, why don't I ask the people over at Gull Island to look for her first and inform young master when they find her, so that young master won't have to run around."

                "And ......" Song Ying looked at the tarmac and said, "That Miss Nie seems to be deliberately avoiding the young master, a person deliberately hiding could easily turn into a chase game."

                At this time, Nie Zhengming arrived at the airport.

                He walked up to Qin Ming and apologised, "I'm sorry, my sister lied to me. I didn't expect it, she even lied to me. If my father hadn't let slip, I really thought she had gone to Magnesia for treatment."

                Qin Ming said, "I can still find it if I have to, the flight is not hard to check."

                Nie Zhengming said, "Forget it Qin Ming, she is sincerely avoiding you, you are looking for her everywhere and she is running around, won't she end up delaying her treatment?"

                Nie Zhengming's words coincided with what Qin Ming was worried about in his heart, if it became a case of Qin Ming chasing while Nie Haitang ran, it would really delay the treatment.

                He opened his phone and the wallpaper was still a selfie of Nie Haitang sitting in her dormitory, she was smiling so happily and so beautifully, why did the heavens have to give her such bad luck?

                Nie Zhengming patted Qin Ming on the shoulder and said, "What I lost was my own sister, but I still have to face it. You should also face it well. She doesn't want you to stay decrepit either."

                Nie Zhengming left, and Qin Ming was still sitting there, as if he were a piece of wood.

                The flights went one after another, and Qin Ming was still sitting there, like a rock.

                In the early hours of the morning, Qin Ming suddenly stood up and glanced at Song Ying beside him, who had also stayed at the airport with him all day without eating or drinking.

                Qin Ming said, "Ask the people from the eu branch to help look for her, don't make too much noise to scare her, act stealthily."

                "Yes." Song Ying nodded and said worriedly again, "Young master, have a drink of water first."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I'll go back by myself tonight, you all go, no one is allowed to follow me."

                Song Ying worried, "It's very unsafe and it's the middle of the night, young master."

                Qin Ming suddenly scowled and scolded angrily, "What? Don't my words matter anymore? Have I become a puppet? I'm a poor? Pan Jun? I am a poor man? I am a poor man? I am a deceitful clam? The actual fact is that you can't be a good person.

                Song Ying's delicate body trembled, biting her lips in aggression as she gripped her dress and bowed her head, "Yes, young master."

                Qin Ming walked alone on the road, he wanted to drink, maybe if he woke up drunk, he would find out that it was a dream.

                Qin Ming felt that his fate was really twisted and dogged enough.

                His ex-girlfriend Li Meng has become a gold-digger because of the illusory "dream of a rich family" of a godsend, and thus dislikes him as a poor boy.

                He then meets Nie Haitang, who doesn't mind him being poor, and they fall in love, only to have Nie Haitang get cancer and go abroad for medical treatment so as not to drag him down.

                "Ahhhhh!" Qin Ming suddenly roared on the road, "Am I, Qin Ming, not worthy of love?"

                As Qin Ming was walking, he came to a street intersection and accidentally saw the fortune teller from before.

                He had a signboard saying "Zhang Zhenxian interprets dreams," and was shaking a bell in his hand, muttering a slogan: "One fate, two fortunes, three feng shui, four merit and five reading. Six names, seven faces, eight respects to the gods, nine friendships with noblemen, ten health. Eleven to choose a career and a spouse, twelve to tend to good fortune to avoid bad luck, the true immortal divine calculation, to interpret the dreams of the destined people."

                Qin Ming was angry when he saw this guy, why was he angry? He didn't know, but he was just annoyed anyway.

                He sat down on his butt and slapped the table, saying, "Godly man, you are here to cheat people again."

                Old man Zhang had a good appearance, very much like the respected sect head in an immortal cultivation TV series, dressed in Daoist robes, with a wisp of goat's beard and a benevolent look that was quite imposing.

                He smiled calmly, "I am a monk, I never lie to people. Young man, lost your love, right?"

                Qin Ming, who was on fire, suddenly had his pupils shrink and thought, "How does this old man know that he has lost his love?

                He pointed at Old Man Zhang and asked, "Are you following me?"

                Old man Zhang laughed, "You and I are not related, we only met once, why would I follow you? I've been posing here for a day, if you don't believe me you can check the camera across the lost road, I haven't left here."

                Qin Ming still disdained, "You're blind, blinded by a dead mouse."

                Old man Zhang laughed again, "Indeed, the only two things that bother young people are those two things, women and money. It's no surprise that you think I guessed it at random. But I dare say you've never had luck in love in your life, can you believe it? You have time to verify it later, but not necessarily the fate to meet me again."

                Qin Ming winced, his expression turning serious as he asked, "How so?"

                Old man Zhang took out a price list and said, "Young man that depends on what you want to tell, dream interpretation is what I am best at, but I also know a little bit about reading, if you want me to give you guidance in the sea of suffering, I will have to let the cat out of the bag, and that always requires something in return."

                Qin Ming picked up the price list, the fee for interpreting dreams was optional, fifty for one reading, fifty for asking about marriage, one hundred for asking about career, fifty for asking about birth, old age, sickness and death ......

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "Old man, if you make your price list so inexpensive, it will be hard to convince people."

                Old man Zhang laughed again, "Jiang Tai Gong fishes for the willing. I, Zhang Zhenxian, tell fortunes, and those who believe in it get what they wish for. I still remember your ex-girlfriend who came to my stall last time and almost pulled my beard off. Isn't she in a big family now? Young man, if you think I'm short of money, look."


                Only to see old man Zhang take out a car remote control key and press it twice, then a Porsche rang by the side of the road that he had been listening to.

                Qin Ming raised his eyebrows, damn yeah, this bad old man is so rich, driving a Porsche ah.

                The old man Zhang smugly said, "Helped a rich boss a little help, he presented me with just a small gift, can't get on stage, huh."

                Qin Ming suddenly had confidence in the old fortune-teller, perhaps he had predicted that Li Meng had climbed up to the high branch of the Mu family, or perhaps he had predicted that he had lost his love today, or perhaps he was so rich that he still set up a stall to tell fortunes late into the night, so all these heads had a feeling that fate had guided them to meet.

                Qin Ming took out his wallet and said, "Marriage telling, tell me, when will I be reunited with my girlfriend Nie Haitang?"

Chapter 206

Old man Zhang looked at Qin Ming's face and said, "Young man, your forehead is wide, your middle is straight, you have the face of a nine-to-five man, your eyes are long and narrow and open wide, you have the power of a male. Your ears are large and blessed with longevity."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "You said the same thing last time, saying that I was a 9 to 5 working man. This you have miscalculated again, since you said I was blessed with much fortune and longevity, it is impossible for me to be a part-time worker."

                Old man Zhang stroked his beard and said, "Nine to five is the highest. If you were in the chaotic times of ancient times, you might have a chance to become a great emperor."

                Qin Ming was a bit dazzled by this fortune-teller, but he still had Nie Haitang on his mind and asked, "What does that have to do with my marriage?"

                Old man Zhang said, "Since ancient times, which emperor was not a widower? They all call themselves widows and widowers, and even though they have many beautiful women in their harems, they can hardly find a single heart. Since ancient times, emperors have all been empty and lonely inside."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes and said, "Nonsense, I remember in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Ming Xiaozong Zhu? I remember that in the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Ming Xiaozong, Zhu? Where are the various emperors who were all alone?"

                Old man Zhang continued to explain, "Yes, that's because he knew how to dissolve the deadly knots in his destiny. How else would we Daoist priests make a living?"

                Qin Ming's heart stirred and he said, "You mean if I dissolve it, I can avoid being a loner? Be with my girlfriend again?"

                But then Qin Ming hesitated, "But she has cancer, and it's still advanced. I don't mind her becoming ugly afterwards, it's just that she keeps avoiding me, can we really still be together?"

                Old man Zhang smiled and said, "You can research on the internet, there are cases of successful cures for AIDS, let alone cancer. People are supposed to act against the heavens, because God never gives you what you want. If you don't go against the heavens, the heavens will destroy you."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Why do you say it like it's from a mystery novel?"

                "The same, the same." Old man Zhang counted something on his fingers and added, "Although you have the face of the Nine Five and are destined to be extraordinary in the future, you also have an empty harem, and although you will have a few heartfelt loves, they will all end in vain. The best outcome will be a short marriage and long sins of children."

                Qin Ming licked his dry lips, this was saying that the best outcome for him would be a big man with a child while his wife died early and the child grew up to have a grudge against him.

                Qin Ming felt that what the godly man said was all quite in line with his current situation.

                He was the richest man in the world, controlling a huge business empire, and even the good or bad of the economic lifelines of some small countries was a matter of Qin Ming's words.

                That's even more exaggerated than an ancient emperor.

                And he has a lot of enemies, he may have to suffer assassinations throughout his life, and maybe his wife will go because he has an accident.

                He might be very busy in the future, so busy that he might not spend much time with his children, and thus get into trouble with them.

                Qin Ming said, "Master, what do you think, how do I have to dissolve it? So that I can be with my girlfriend? How much money do you need? I can give you that."

                Old man Zhang shook his head and said, "Tell you what, first give me your date of birth and your name, to the minute."

                Qin Ming gave Old Man Zhang his date of birth, the birth date and eight characters commonly used in ancient fortune telling.

                Old man Zhang pondered for a while and said, stroking his beard, "Your fortune is really complicated, I don't know whether to say it's good or bad, interesting."

                Qin Ming was puzzled, "Master, what do you mean?"

                Old man Zhang said, "Nothing, the dead knot in your destiny can be dissolved, it is not difficult. Young man, have you met your precious person?"

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Well, no. No, what would be considered a noble person?"

                Old man Zhang said, "Haven't met one yet? Then I can introduce you to one, although your fortune pattern is complicated and plagued with disasters. But you have a good face, and you can turn good fortune into good fortune in many things, but you are like a dragon trapped in a shallow well. If you have the help of an important person you can soar to the sky."

                Qin Ming said, "What does that mean?"

                Old man Zhang said, "It means that I will introduce you to something that will help you find true love and change your lonely life."

                Qin Ming said, "What is it? You name it, as long as it is not murder and arson, or breaking the law."

                Old man Zhang pinched his fingers and said, "The time is not yet, I will inform you when the time comes, you go back first."

                Qin Ming was depressed and said; "Hey, Master, don't talk halfway, right? You are afraid that I don't have any money, right? As long as I can be with my girlfriend, how much money do you want, just say."

                Old man Zhang wrote a phone number and handed it to Qin Ming, saying, "If you really want to change the deadly knot in your fate, contact this person tomorrow. The other person will understand what's going on."

                The old godly man walked away, driving away in style in his Porsche.

                Qin Ming held a number in his hand, and by now he was 90% convinced inside.

                He decided to give it a try, as long as he could get Nie Haitang back to him, what was the harm in being superstitious for a while.

                And with a goal and a direction, Qin Ming also regained his spirit, thinking that with his current financial resources and abilities, what could he not accomplish?

                As soon as he completed the test that old man Zhang, the godly man, had said, the deadly knot in his fate would be untied and he could be with Nie Haitang again.

                The next day, after Qin Ming finished his class, he immediately called the number given by Old Man Zhang.

                On the other end of the line, a middle-aged man asked first, "Hello? Is this the person referred by the real Zhang?"

                Qin Ming was puzzled, "How do you know? Are you waiting for me?"

                The man on the other end of the line said, "Yes, a week ago, something happened to my family, and Zhang Zhen Zhen helped me to solve the problem. I've been waiting for this call all morning."

                Qin Ming wondered, "Is it that godly? You gave me the Porsche from that old man? You guys aren't conspiring to screw me over, are you?"

                The man on the other end of the phone said confidently, "To screw you over? What do you have to lose, sir? I have all my children, my family is rich, and my company is one of the top 100 companies in the country."

                Qin Ming bristled, I am still the richest man in the world, you are nothing, not as thick as my hair.

                But when Qin Ming asked this, it dispelled a lot of doubts.

                He asked, "That godly man, old man Zhang, said that I would do something for you, what do you want me to do?"

                The man on the phone said, "Alright, since you are willing, let's meet and talk. Where are you? I'm in Guang City, Guangdong Province, and I can send someone to pick you up."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised and said, "What a coincidence, I'm in the university city of Guang City, the University of Technology of China Province."

                The man on the phone added, "OK, I'll send someone to pick you up right away, the license plate number is ****"

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, with some apprehension in his heart, there was nostalgia for Nie Haitang, she should be receiving treatment now.

                At this time, somewhere in Germany in Europe.

                Nie Haitang followed her mother to an old castle and watched all the way as the castle servants bowed to the pair.

                Nie Haitang asked very strangely, "Mum, aren't we going to the most famous Heidelberg Hospital here? Why are we here in the castle? Could that doctor be the owner of this castle?"

                Nie's mother walked ahead of her and said, "No, this castle was bought by a rich man in our country. The other party is very rich and he has four sons, all aged in their twenties. Their family happens to be here on holiday and we made an appointment to come on a blind date today."

                Nie Haitang frowned: "I'm so sick, are you going to use me to earn benefits for the family?"

                Nie's mother turned back, stroked Nie Haitang's cheek and said, "Silly child, you're not sick, that medical report is a fake. Mum can't watch you suffer for the rest of your life with this poor boy, Qin Ming."


                In the castle, a loud slap suddenly came out.