Rags To Riches Chapter 195-196

 Chapter 195

Hearing the order, Ah Long, like a cold robot, snatched the iron bar and gave Zhang Jundong a vicious swipe on his right foot.

                There was a thud and the sound of cracking bones.

                "Ah!" Zhang Jundong immediately fell to the ground, clutching his broken foot and letting out a pig-like howl of misery.

                He yelled as he backed up to look for the phone, "You bastard, you're dead, who am I, Zhang Jundong, and you didn't bother to ask around? Ah ...... it hurts me to death."

                Qin Ming said to Liao Qingxuan, "Teacher Liao, you go home first, I will handle the matter here."

                Liao Qingxuan said, "How can I do that, I am a teacher. How can I hide myself when something happens and let the students come forward, let's call the police first."

                A police car came over and a male and a female police officer came down.

                A male police officer couldn't help but say, "Tsk, a Mercedes hitting a Lincoln, a rich man's toy car."

                Another female police officer came up and when she saw Qin Ming, she said, "Qin Ming, how come it's you again? How long has it been? You don't want to get into trouble all day, do you?"

                Qin Ming wanted to cry, why did he run into this policewoman again? It was Qin Ming who broke the drug den here last time, and it was also Qin Ming who broke the missing cash case at the school last time, so it was no wonder she was spitting.

                Qin Ming said, "Beautiful officer, how innocent I am. I was just walking along the road when this Lincoln owner crashed into me. It was only thanks to the kind man in the Mercedes-Benz who collided with him that I was saved. I want to sue the owner of the Lincoln for premeditated murder."

                The policewoman looked at Zhang Jundong, who was holding a mobile phone and shouting, "City Green Island, call 300 people to come here, if you are slow, I will kill you bastards."

                The policewoman walked over and asked, "What are you calling 300 people for?"

                Zhang Jundong was furious and said, "Cut down those two bastards ...... and come over and take me to the hospital."

                Zhang Jundong saw the female police officer next to him and shut up at once, saying, "Officer, I've had my leg broken. I want to call the police, just the two bastards, arrest them."

                The policewoman frowned at once and said, "Watch your mouth. You've got a point for deliberately hitting someone?"

                Zhang Jundong suddenly pulled out a firm certificate and said, "I have intermittent mental illness, I don't know what I just did. All I know is that I was going to drive home and suddenly I was hit by the Mercedes and then they broke my leg. How innocent I am."

                Sun Changxi chided, "Mental illness is not an umbrella for crime."

                Qin Ming poked his head in and saw that this Zhang Jundong really did have a certificate of intermittent mental illness, which was really cow skinned, ready for crime, killing people and saying he was mentally ill?

                The male police officer came over and said, "Sun Changxi, ask him clearly, it was Zhang Jundong who harassed others first and then drove his car into someone in anger after he failed, and then he was saved by the man in the Mercedes."

                That female police officer Sun Changxi said, "My side says something completely different, first ......"

                When the two police talked, dozens of luxury cars drove by the side of the main road, the number of very attention and frightening.

                So many cars in a group, scared other normal driving cars are parked on both sides, single and double lanes are completely occupied, came to the entrance of the district only when separated in two columns, in the form of a package.

                This is quite a dominating force, this aura.

                Ah Long whispered, "Young Master, it's the Prince's Party, they all like to huddle together to declare their power."

                Qin Ming asked, "What is the Prince's Party for?"

                Ah Long said, "I don't know much about it, but money lending is their bigger business, and they will do whatever they can once they can't collect on bad debts."

                Bang Bang Bang~! There was the sound of a car closing its doors, very neatly.

                The cars came down with people, one car filled with five people, a total of more than fifty, which makes almost three hundred people.

                These people called out in unison, "Young Dong."

                Zhang Jundong had really made a phone call and said that 300 people would come, so there were 300 people.

                Of course, Qin Ming only needed to make one phone call, not to mention three hundred, three thousand would not be a problem, but did he need to do that? But did he have to do that? There were times when it was not possible to rely on more people alone.

                A bald man got out of a Land Rover at the front and said, "This is outrageous, who broke our young man's leg?"

                Zhang Jundong shouted in a stern voice: "Qiangzi. They broke my leg and said they wanted to kill me and feed me to the dogs. When I said I was your good brother Zhang Tieqiang, they said they had never heard of any Zhang Tieqiang, Zhang Tongqiang or Zhang Shitqiang and were going to fuck me. If it wasn't for the two loving and dedicated police officers who arrived in time, I might have died."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, he thought he was all a drama queen, but it turned out that this one was even more drama queen than him, the movie emperor was on top of him, adding oil and vinegar to make himself look so miserable and miserable.

                The most tawdry thing was that he even praised the two police officers at the end.

                Liao Qingxuan was already scared to death and took Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Student Qin Ming, just answer truthfully later, don't be afraid to carry whatever the teacher has to carry."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, he was very calm.

                On the contrary, it was Liao Qingxuan who grabbed his hand, her body was shaking and she was sweating a lot.

                Instead, Qin Ming said soothingly, "Don't worry, Teacher Liao, I won't leave you behind."

                Liao Qingxuan's pretty face flushed when she was seen to be in her mind, and she said stiffly, "I, I am a teacher, I am not afraid, and the police are here too. I was worried about you little brat."

                Zhang Tie Qiang walked up and pointed at Qin Ming and Ah Long, saying, "I'll ask again, who hurt Dong Shao? Take the initiative and admit to suffer less."

                Qin Ming teased, "Ebony Throat."

                Zhang Tieqiang froze and asked, "Who is Ebony Throat?"

                Ah Long smiled faintly and said lazily, "Exterminator's men."

                Zhang Tieqiang waved his hand loudly again and asked, "And who is the exterminator? Damn, the man has an arrogant enough name, huh? Let him come out to see me."

                The people around the hilarious crowd laughed, "Pfft, hehehehehe ......"

                Even the two police officers also laughed, this Tie Qiang's reaction was simply absolute.

                Zhang Jundong, who was helped up at the side, said, "Qiangzi, he's fooling you. What exterminator, ebony throat, those are all virtual characters from the recently released movie."

                Zhang Tie Qiang was embarrassed, while Qin Ming could not hold back his laughter already.

                Zhang Tie Qiang said in a deep voice, "Kid, injuring our young Dong and still daring to fool me. I haven't seen someone as arrogant as you in a long time."

                Qin Ming said frivolously, "To say that I am arrogant, I am not as arrogant as you. When are you going to do it? Do you want me to run a hundred metres first?"

                Qin Ming was that confident, now the assassination team was protecting him even more closely, don't look at the fact that there was only Ah Long around, there were quite a few assassination squad people hiding around, once the fight started, these three hundred people from the prince's party, were all miscellaneous fish.

                After all, we can't let so much money invested in security every year go to waste.

                Female police officer Sun Changxi pushed the two away and said, "Enough, don't escalate the incident, you are each sticking to your own argument, I need to watch the nearby video surveillance before I can make a decision, all go back with me."

                Zhang Tieqiang said, "It's not necessary. Let's settle this privately, how about that? Boy, do you have the guts? Don't hide behind a woman, act like a man."

Chapter 196


                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he could see that this Zhang Tieqiang obviously did not want to bother the police.

                Moreover, they were taking advantage of the situation.

                Qin Ming said, "Private settlement is fine, you have to compensate us for the repair cost of the car, as well as he will not harass Teacher Liao again."

                Qin Ming pointed at Zhang Jundong and said, "Our teacher Liao said that she doesn't like his type, so don't make a fool of yourself."

                Zhang Tieqiang said, "OK, as long as money can solve the problem, it's not a problem."

                Both sides were going to settle privately, and there was no need to go to the police station.

                Zhang Tieqiang gave the money and retreated, not forgetting to scoff before he left, "Oh, those who know the time are the best, if you dare to bleep more just now, these 300 of us brothers will do you in."

                Ah Long frowned, "Young master, letting them off like this?"

                Qin Ming looked at Liao Qingxuan behind him and shook his head, "Teacher Liao is still here, it would be bad for her to be involved, she was scared out of her mind by foreign mercenaries at the party only yesterday, and today she has to be pestered by these rotten people, it would be more irritating for her."

                Ah Long's heart moved and he said with a smile, "Young master is fond of her? Not afraid that Miss Nie will be jealous?"

                Qin Ming hammered Ah Long and said, "Nonsense, she's invited me to dinner. If I go to the police station tonight, I won't be able to have dinner. This princeling party is no longer a threat, what if they pop up again? Let them become the next Wang Chenghu."

                Ah Long nodded and said, "Then I'll ask Qi Minghui to investigate this Zhang Jundong, these people are so arrogant, they must be involved in a lot of black industries, when the time comes to eradicate them, one brain will all go to jail."

                Qin Ming secretly nodded his head, he is not a saintly mother, is to reasonably and legally beat the opponent down, so that the other party will never be able to turn around, let the other party become nothing, like that Wang Chenghu, now every day in the school to be bullied, to pay back the sins he had made in the first place.

                Sometimes it's too easy to die and be done with it. In jail, apart from restricting his freedom, he's fine and can see a doctor when he's sick.

                But on the outside it is different, these rotten people have many enemies, and when they become destitute, then he is absolutely miserable despite being free, and the world is absolute hell on earth for them.

                The men did not understand, they all thought Qin Ming was very kind, but in fact he was not.

                But Qin Ming grew up fighting, one fight in two or three days was as common as drinking water, and he understood how bitter those days were.

                The skin hurt every day and every night, the fear of being beaten up as he walked down the road every day, and for a long time as a child Qin Ming felt that living was hell on earth, that it was a torture that didn't end until he became strong inside.

                So he liked to let those who had offended him live in hell on earth and suffer.

                Sometimes when Qin Ming thought about it, he wondered if he was a bit of a pervert.

                Zhang Jundong's men quickly retreated, and instead of going to the hospital, he went back to his upscale clubhouse in Tianma Block, where there were special doctors and therapists.

                "Young Master Dong, the person who did this is particularly ruthless, your foot, it won't heal for three months."

                Zhang Jundong cursed, "Shit, it takes that long? Use the best and most expensive medicine, money is not a problem."

                The medical doctor said, "It will take a month."

                After Zhang Jundong treated the wound, he said, "Qiangzi, that Qin Ming guy is just a student with no background, but the one driving the Mercedes is a bit powerful. You go and finish the guy in the Mercedes first. I'll take my time to play with that idiot named Qin Ming, dare to steal a girl from me?"

                Zhang Tieqiang lit a cigarette and said, "Okay. Young Dong, you can just recuperate from your injuries at ease. I've already written down the license plate of that Mercedes, and I've already got someone to follow it, so I'll give him a "Mercedes roast" tonight.

                Zhang Jundong followed suit with a hideous laugh, "Hahaha ...... and get a headline, that's what I call cool."

                At this time, a little brother walked in and said, "Brother Qiangzi, young Dong, that Mercedes sedan was found, it is the car of the owner of the manor on the topmost floor of the villa at the top of Yunshan, the rank is a car of a Huan Yu group, didn't find out what is special about this Huan Yu group."

                Zhang Jundong is laughing, arrogant expression suddenly froze, anxiously asked: "What? The highest house in the Cloud Peak Villa? You saw the car go in with your own eyes?"

                The junior said, "Yes, it was parked outside the manor, we wanted to lean over and take a look, but we were beaten out. There was a field of Mercedes-Benz cars parked there, and the front end of the one that hit Mr. Dong was damaged, so there was no mistake."

                Zhang Jundong's face turned pale: "Quick, quick, quick~! Quickly get me a cane, and prepare another 100 million cashier's check, no, 200 million, no, 300 million. Then prepare, prepare again, prepare again the Buddha dzi beads that I bought back from Tibet at an astronomical price, and prepare again the invoice for the new yacht that I bought. Prepare the car, go, go to ......"

                Zhang Jundong was so excited that he struggled to get up, but he tumbled off the hospital bed, causing him to grin in pain.

                Zhang Tieqiang froze and said, "Young Dong, what is this? What happened to the man in the Mercedes?"

                Zhang Jundong said, "Fuck, that guy in the Mercedes is someone you can't mess with. Do you still remember Wang Youcai?"

                Zhang Tieqiang said, "Yes, we supported him to make his fortune before, but then he went to the East District to look for Nian Lao Liu and fight with us, but didn't he mess with Cao Xiangliang, the second youngest of the Cao family, and got screwed a while ago?"

                Zhang Jundong shouted, "Bullshit. What's a dude like Cao Xiangliang? Can he kill an old fox like Wang Youcai? He's just a braggart. It was the owner of the villa manor at the top of Yunshan who did it. Last time I gambled with Nian Lao Liu, he didn't want to pay when he lost, so he lost the secret to me. He was there and was shouted over by Wang Youcai, not daring to say a word, watching Wang Youcai being killed by his son."

                Zhang Tieqiang froze and said, "What? Wang Youcai was beaten to death by his son? Why?"

                Zhang Jundong said, "Because there was a large number of armed men around, and the red dot was aimed at their hearts. In the end, that rebellious son Wang Chenghu won."

                Zhang Tieqiang was shocked, "Mr. Dong, the other side is so big, we are about the same strength as Wang Youcai, I'm afraid we can't handle it, what should we do?"

                Zhang Jundong cursed, "Damn it, didn't I just say that? Prepare a gift, prepare a big gift, go apologize, even if you break a leg. I told you, that guy in the Mercedes is so powerful, so he has such a deep background, so powerful, he is low-profile enough."

                It was after eight o'clock at night in the villa area at the top of Yunshan.

                Qi Minghui had just handled some documents for Song Ying and was offered a position, assistant to the General Secretary of Huaxia.

                It looked exaggerated, but in fact it was just to give Song Ying a hand, and what Song Ying did not want to do, he, Qi Minghui, did.

                But he was very satisfied.

                Because he was respected by Qin Ming for this position, better than his father and elder brother, and also near Qin Ming's side, the future is unlimited.

                He walked out of the manor to go, just to see the door came a car, the car down a crutches broken leg man, is not precisely Zhang Jundong?

                Zhang Tieqiang assisted Zhang Jundong to walk up, accompanied by a smile, said: "Brother, please ask your boss is in?"

                Qi Minghui said warily, "No, who are you?"

                Zhang Tie Qiang said with a smile, "It's like this, we accidentally wrecked your boss's car and got into some verbal altercations, afterwards we did a deep introspection and sent 300 million, a yacht and priceless Tibetan ancient Buddha dzi beads as a compensation gift, hehehe."

                Qi Minghui frowned and said, "Wait a moment."

                Qi Minghui returned inside the manor and told Song Ying about this, who frowned and said, "Unenlightened things, deal with them all, what's the point of bothering Young Master with such trivial matters? What's the point of bothering the young master with such a trivial matter? We're short of that small amount of money?"

                The corners of Qi Minghui's mouth twitched, this Song Ying was also too terrible, but when he remembered Song Ying's killing gallantry at Century Mansion last night, he didn't dare to have any dissatisfaction, he just said, "They are quite sincere, why don't we ask the young master?"

                Song Ying hesitated for a moment and said, "......"