Rags To Riches Chapter 191-192

 Chapter 191

The city of Guang at night was full of lights and the streets were howling with sirens that did not stop all night.

                Ma Beiyang drove his Mercedes on the side of the road blowing smoke, he was depressed ah.

                He was planning to find a young college student to have a chat in bed tonight and talk about life.

                First, he was mocked by Qin Ming, a poor boy he despised, and then there was an unexpected incident when a group of bandits were looking for some "young master", which messed up his plans completely.

                Ma Beiyang threw his cigarette on the ground and said, "Damn, that slut Liao Qingxuan, her body is so good that it makes me itch. I also teased my investment all night, but finally gave away, really a human being, not good to eat white food. Or to the nearby bar to pick up ......"

                Ma Beiyang was about to get into his car and leave, but his eyes widened and swallowed wildly, he saw a woman who looked like a heavenly woman.

                A beautiful woman in an evening dress bodice wandering alone on the street.

                She was holding a mobile phone, dialing a certain number over and over again, her mouth constantly reading something.

                Ma Beiyang said suspiciously, "Isn't that Nie Haitang? Why is she still hanging around here?"

                He saw Nie Haitang with tears in her eyes, holding her phone, which was about to run out of battery, like an ant on a hot pot.

                Nie Haitang's eyes were already red from crying, "Where are you, Qin Ming? Why aren't you returning my calls? Are you still safe?"

                Nie Haitang looked towards the Century Building, she didn't know if Qin Ming had left the Century Building or stayed up there, but she went to the police station and didn't see Qin Ming, and she went to the hospital without Qin Ming, the injured man.

                Finally, she wanted to go back to Century Tower to have a look, but she was stopped by the security guard again.

                She went back and forth for hours searching the streets, her skirt dirty she didn't care, her heels broken she went barefoot, her little feet hurt from stepping on them, she didn't care.

                She was worried, what if something happened to Qin Ming? She was afraid that she would go back and wake up to hear the bad news about Qin Ming.

                Ma Beiyang crossed Nie Haitang's eyes and saw that he was in love with her. He looked around and found four oddly dressed drunken men on the roadside, tattooed, dyed hair, not returning home at night, lying drunk on the roadside, and holding large scissors to pry two electric bikes off the road.

                Ma Beiyang walked over and threw a wad of money at them, saying, "Brothers, here's four thousand. Do brother a favour and let me do a heroic rescue, how about it?"

                When those four drunken youths saw the money, they immediately came to life and coaxed and grabbed it to stuff it into their clothes.

                "Boss, who are you going to let us scare? Hiccup~!"

                Ma Beiyang pinched his nose in disgust and pointed at Nie Haitang in front of him, saying, "Just her, pull her into the park grove next to us, then when I make my heroic appearance and punch you guys a few times, you can go."

                "No problem."

                The four men from unknown sources took Ma Beiyang's money and quickly surrounded Nie Haitang.

                After they surrounded Nie Haitang, their eyes lit up and they swallowed, smiling lewdly, "Yo? A pretty girl all by herself? Lost love? Tsk, these little red eyes crying, it hurts my heart to look at brother."

                "Pretty girl, aren't you very lonely? I'm here to play with you."

                "Beauty, you have nice skin, what brand of skin care products do you use?"

                "Young lady, your breasts are so big."

                One of them even reached out towards Nie Haitang's tall breasts and grabbed them, scaring Nie Haitang into covering her hands and hurriedly backing away.

                Although she avoided it, she bumped into another drunken man behind her with a lecherous grin on his face and picking his nose.

                He said, "Come and play with us, girl, we'll pay for all your expenses.

                Nie Haitang was so frightened that she hurriedly ducked out of the way and said, "Please move aside, I don't know you."

                The four unidentified men laughed and said, "No need to get to know each other, we'll get to know each other better later."

                "Come on girls, have a good time, there's plenty of time anyway, hey hey hey."

                "Pretty girl you can play whatever you like, brothers are best at picking their noses, hahaha."

                Nie Haitang gritted her teeth and threatened, "If you harass me again, I'll call the police."

                But the four men from unknown sources still didn't leave: "Hahahaha, beautiful, you see, tonight the police are too busy to care about you? There's a grove nearby, let's go in and have a good chat."

                As soon as she heard about the grove, Nie Haitang's face turned blue with fear. She grabbed her bag and smashed it hard, using her last strength to push the drunken man down, then took advantage of the gap and fled.

                The four men immediately scattered their legs in pursuit: "Get her, damn it, get her."

                Nie Haitang was already unable to run fast, plus she had been wandering the streets all night and was thirsty and tired, so she didn't have to run long before she fell to the ground.

                "Haha, I told you to run, you can't run anymore? Huh? Brothers, have you got your tools with you?"

                The four men dug into their pockets in unison and pulled out four condoms, laughing lewdly at each other.

                Nie Haitang was scared out of her wits: "What are you doing? My boyfriend is very powerful, he'll be here soon, he'll come and you'll be dead. Help, anyone, help."

                She shrank back and screamed for help, but there was no one on the road, so it was useless to shout.

                "Hahahaha." The four men laughed loudly and wickedly: "Terrorists aren't afraid? You're not even afraid of terrorists?"

                "Leaving you alone in the middle of the night, your boyfriend is either a loser or a straight man, hahahahaha."

                "If I had a girlfriend as pretty as you, I'd grass from night to dawn every day, heh heh heh."

                "The four brothers will go to the grove in the back and show you what it means to be a real man."

                The four of them looked at each other and, emboldened by evil, were about to go up and grab Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang's heart was churning with despair, how could she, a weak woman, escape in the hands of four bastards?

                At the right moment, a car suddenly rammed into the four of them, straddling the middle.

                Ma Beiyang got out of the car with a wicked smile on his face and waved his hand to drive them away, "Get out."

                He gloated, he should have been able to get a lot of praise points from Nie Haitang for his heroic rescue this time, right? He may be old, but he is old and strong, and he especially likes to eat young grass.

                However, in the next moment, the drunken man who was picking his nose punched Ma Beiyang in the face and cursed, "Who the hell are you? Can't you see I'm just about to do something? You want to save the girl? Who the hell are you? What are you, an old bull eating young grass? There's a hair salon on the left at the intersection, 500 yuan for a night out? Such a superb beauty is ours."

                The other three men, with wild faces, shouted, "It's ours."

                Ma Beiyang was beaten so hard that his nose bled, and he said angrily, "I gave you money, how can you go back on your word?"

                Nie Haitang thought she was saved, but when she heard Ma Beiyang say the words 'gave the money', she rolled her eyes, daring to think that this was a show, trying to lure her goodwill with a heroic rescue scene.

                She cursed viciously, "Despicable, shameless and nasty."

                The nose picker burped and slapped Ma Beiyang with a big slap, saying, "So what if I pay? I can't go back on my word, can I? What? Who are you? Can you buy us off with money?"

                Ma Beiyang was slapped with a big slap and his glasses fell to the ground, his mouth was full of blood, and he was dazed and confused.

                While they were arguing, Nie Haitang immediately took out her mobile phone and called Qin Ming again.

                But the phone suddenly went black, the battery was dead!

                Nie Haitang's heart sank, and when she looked up, two men with lecherous faces were raising their eyebrows at her.

                Nie Haitang's heart was pounding, she was afraid and scared, and there was no one around.

                "Qin Ming, where the hell are you?"

                Just when Nie Haitang was desperate and helpless, there was a loud bang and suddenly a Rolls Royce drove up the green belt from the side of the road and rammed into the two men who had intercepted Nie Haitang.

Chapter 192

The drunken man who was harassing Nie Haitang rolled several meters on the ground and fell down on the spot, groaning and helpless to struggle.

                "Damn, if the brakes hadn't been applied in time, it would have cost you your dog's lives."

                A familiar voice came, and Nie Haitang raised her head in surprise, bursting into tears, Qin Ming had really come, in answer to her prayers.

                Qin Ming had originally fallen asleep, but Nie Haitang kept calling and messaging, waking him up.

                It was only after waking up that Qin Ming suddenly remembered, his grandmother, where was his girlfriend?

                Qin Ming hurriedly asked Ah Long to drive out to look for her. Only after driving a short distance did he see Nie Haitang surrounded by four thieves and hooligans.

                The two remaining hoodlums were furious when they saw their companion being knocked away: "Who are you, kid? Do you know who we are? This street is ......"


                Qin Ming punched the man who was screaming at him, knocking the man to the ground. The remaining one was so scared that he sobered up and looked at the Rolls Royce luxury car Qin Ming was driving, and the audacity to hit someone, afraid he wasn't a ruthless man who wasn't worried about losing money?

                His face was white, his legs trembled and he stood still in shock, pissing all over the place.

                Qin Ming walked over to Nie Haitang, looking at her tired look, covered in sweat, and her crying red eyes, some heartache and a lot of regret.

                Qin Ming said, "I'm sorry."

                Nie Haitang held back, holding back, not letting herself cry out, but she couldn't hold back any longer, and all of a sudden she jumped into Qin Ming's arms, opened her shell teeth and bit down hard on Qin Ming's shoulder, biting hard, biting as hard as she could, as much as she was worried.

                "Uhhh~!" Qin Ming ate the pain, but he didn't move, letting Nie Haitang bite, knowing that this was the punishment he deserved.

                After a while, Nie Haitang opened her mouth and cried loudly, "Wooo ...... I was worried sick about you, do you know, you bad person, bad person, you wouldn't return a text message or a phone call to me. I was so worried about you, oooh ......"

                While crying, the pink fist was pounding, sheepish and weak, more like a pout.

                Qin Ming pursed his lips and hugged her tightly, gently lining her back, saying, "I'm here, aren't I? Don't worry, I'm fine."

                "No not answering my calls from now on."


                "Don't ever leave me alone again."


                "You'll do as I say from now on."

                "In bed?"

                "Mmm~ You're so bad, I'll bite you to death."

                The two of them embraced quietly, and a few sweet words from Qin Ming coaxed Nie Haitang into smiling again.

                The two big men on the side helped each other to leave, but were blocked by Ah Long, who was wearing slippers, chewing on a cigarette and yawning.

                "Who are you? Get out of the way, or I'll stab you to death." The two men were still very arrogant and did not take the ordinary looking Ah Long seriously.

                The corners of Ah Long's mouth raised and he flew up two kicks directly to the duo's leg bones, and with a click the two men's legs broke.

                "Ah~! My legs. Spare my life, I didn't do anything, it was that uncle in the suit who gave us money to play the bad guy only, he wanted to heroically save the girl to pick her up."

                "Master spare our lives, let us go, we just stole a battery car to sell some cigarette money while it was dark. Ah ...... my foot, it hurts me."

                Ah Long frowned, hearing that they came to steal the battery car, more annoyed, one person a foot, kicked in the head to stomp down to the ground, the head can be said to throw the ground, fainted on the spot.

                Ah Long grabbed Ma Beiyang who was looking for his glasses on the ground again, grabbed him by the collar and threw him into the car.

                Ma Beiyang shouted, "What are you doing? Kidnapping is against the law, let go of me, I'm calling the police."

                Ah Long yawned repeatedly, not bothering to pay attention to Ma Beiyang's words, and just knocked him out with a punch.

                It would be best to send him back to Qi Minghui to deal with, as he had to rush back to bed.

                Later, Ma Beiyang was handed over to Qi Minghui and released after some torture. Afterwards, Ma Beiyang Xingtai Foreign Trade Company also had all sorts of false accounts and tax evasion, and its business fell to pieces.

                This is not the worst, Ma Beiyang's wife swept away millions of dollars in savings and ran away with her children with her lover, unbearable debt and family changes, he jumped to his death.

                These are all afterthoughts, and Qin Ming would not care about a little Ma Beiyang.

                He hugged Nie Haitang and gently kissed away the tears at the corners of her eyes. He also grabbed her tiny white feet and found that the soles of her feet were worn out with blisters and broken skin.

                Qin Ming said curiously, "Doesn't it hurt?"

                Nie Haitang shook her head and said, "I was so anxious to find you that I forgot about the pain. Now that I've found you, I feel the pain again, and my legs are still sore, I've never tried to walk that long in one day."

                Qin Ming felt pain and said, "I'll carry you back."

                Nie Haitang hesitated, "This is far from my home, you can't even carry me back if you break your legs, take a taxi."

                Qin Ming reached out and gently poked her forehead, "I didn't say I'd take you home, I've booked a room at Century Tower, go up and stay the night."

                Nie Haitang listened as she opened the room, biting her lip and blushing as she nodded, pouting, "I don't want you to carry me, I want you to hug me, princess hug."

                Qin Ming smiled heartily, picked up Nie Haitang and walked two streets to the Century Building.

                Nie Haitang hooked her neck around Qin Ming's and watched him enter the Century Building unhindered, curious, "Qin Ming, how did you get in so smoothly? I tried to get in just now, but the security guards were obstructing me."

                Qin Ming was proud of himself, "This is our property, of course we can come and go as we please.

                However, he still didn't say it directly and said, "Because my boss is the owner of this Century Mansion, they are actually considered colleagues with me. No, my rank is higher than theirs."

                Nie Haitang suddenly realized, "No wonder, when we were on the dance floor before, those security personnel also listened to you. So what do you do? Didn't you work for your boss as a speculative stock trader before?"

                Qin Ming could only continue to make it up, saying, "Well, now that I'm working as a secretary, I'm responsible for a lot of miscellaneous things."

                Nie Haitang didn't suspect any more as the two had arrived in the presidential suite on the top floor, with its unbeatable night view of the high-rise, European-style royal d├ęcor and the smell of hormones in the air.

                Nie Haitang's heart was like a deer in the headlights, both nervous and happy, happy that they were once again in the same room, nervous that Qin Ming had only opened one room? The room only had one bed, was this a crazy hint to her?

                Although it was said that the two of them had also cuddled and slept together last time they were in the hot springs at Nanshan Manor, Nie Haitang woman's self-consciousness felt that now was different from that time.

                She also didn't know if Qin Ming would be promiscuous this time, and she didn't know if she could hold back.

                Although she wished to wait until her wedding night with Qin Ming before she gave him her first time, she loved Qin Ming and couldn't bear to refuse him, she had heard that it would be hard for a man to hold back, and she didn't want Qin Ming to have a hard time.

                Qin Ming didn't think much of it and said, "Go and take a bath first, I'll go and get you a set of clean clothes."

                Nie Haitang took the bath towel and walked into the bathroom.

                She quickly got clean and she walked out draped in a white bath towel, with a long, clean, floral dress on the chair.

                She looked at the back of Qin Ming, sleeping on his side, on the big bed.

                Knowing that Qin Ming was waiting for her, she hummed, "Big bad, you are quite anxious. You're asleep after only a few minutes? Are you kidding me? Pretend for me."

                But after all, Nie Haitang turned off the light and gently slipped under the covers, then threw away the towel, under which she was naked.

                Her body was so hot with shame that the cold air conditioning couldn't cool her down.

                She also turned her back to Qin Ming and muttered, "I, my first time, you, you be gentle, okay?"

                After Nie Haitang finished speaking, she covered her face with both hands and waited quietly for Qin Ming to bully her.

                She thought she was crazy, she was the daughter of the Nie family, but she was saying such things, it was a shame.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming's big hand came over, and Nie Haitang's delicate body shook as she closed her eyes and clenched her fists, nervously adjusting her breathing.