Rags To Riches Chapter 19-20

 Chapter 19

In the evening, the two took a taxi to the Star River Trend Front, the commercial street most frequented by tycoons in Guangcheng.

After Li Meng was pampered, and because she could immediately have money to spend at will, her mind was full of those luxury brands, and the smile on her face could not be concealed, like a spring breeze.

The night of the metropolis is always particularly crowded, especially the trendy front line of Xinghe, a Xinghe Plaza attracts all the rich people in Guangcheng city day and night to come to spend, to buy those imported luxury top products, to eat a class meal, to show their extraordinary fortune.

Li Meng holding Qin Ming's hand, said "Qin Ming this dumb ass, when I spend all his money, kick him away, he turned back to poor, then his face will look good, hahaha."

As he was walking, Qin Ming saw a Swiss chocolate store at the intersection, techer (Toishe), it is said that this brand has the world's first chocolate name.

Chocolate is a must-have gift for couples, and that techer store to buy is also the luxury of chocolate, 5oo dollars a pound of black truffle chocolate.

Qin Ming remembered that when he used to deliver at Star Plaza, he often passed by this store and often saw many rich kids buying for their girlfriends, usually buying a box, that also had to be $1000.

At that time he had secretly vowed that in the future, if he had money, he would invite his girlfriend to eat this world's first chocolate.

Qin Ming said "Meng Meng, wait for me, I'll go buy a chocolate."

Li Meng followed his line of sight to look at the Swiss luxury chocolate brand echer, yesterday Yang Wei brought her here, did not want to buy it, because the chocolate old expensive.

Li Meng hurriedly pulled him "do not want it, too expensive. I buy Dove is fine. How much money do you earn?"

Yes, you only earned eighty-eight thousand only, next I want to buy new fruit machines, 1v bags, Celine clothes, Cartier watches, Dior lipstick, I'm afraid not enough to spend ah.

The stomach how to eat and take in the hand to show off the strong?

Li Meng also calculates to have spare money, but also intend to cheat a diamond ring.

Qin Ming heard this, can not help but a burst of emotion, patting Li Meng's hand, said "do not worry, enough money, a box of up to a thousand, as long as you are happy, how much money I can spare."

Qin Ming is running towards the chocolate store, he is in a good mood, Li Meng has become the same as before, will pain him to spend money, this may be true love it.

A box of black truffle chocolates, but also specially wrapped with gold foil, which is the online many tycoons show off eating gold, so that the price doubled again, a box of eight top black truffle chocolates, it cost three thousand dollars.

Qin Ming took the chocolates and was about to walk away, but saw a side of the intersection side, many people were watching a young girl.

The girl was kneeling on the ground, with a cardboard advertisement hanging beside her, with the words "Please help my family" written in large letters.

From the content, her mother has cardiovascular disease, still 100,000 yuan short of funds to do heart bypass surgery, hope that the good people of the community relief, grateful for words like that.

"Tch, begging actually dare to come to Star River Plaza? Soon to be driven away."

"This woman is quite beautiful, how to do such a lowly thing?"

"And the university city's female college students? Oh, it's a joke, these days college girls are becoming derogatory terms."

"Call the police, this cheated a box of money. Although they are a piece of fifty cents, but this behavior is fraud."

That girl all kinds of being said, did not speak, just silently bowed her head to bear.

And Qin Ming looked at her kneeling knees in front of her own ID card, student ID card, mother's disease diagnosis, and cell phone display online crowdfunding interface.

The online crowdfunding interface only shows that 10,000 yuan has been raised, for the urgent need of 100,000 yuan, completely insufficient ah.

"ID card and student ID card fake it, these days cheaters make fake certificates more normal."

"Forget it, the security guards will come to kick people out."

"Hey, beautiful, I'll adopt you, how about 20,000 a month?"

"Hahahaha, young dragon, people wrote down that they want 100,000."

"Grass, I gave 100,000 to sleep one night she ran away, not a loss, 100,000 is the price of a new young model a month."

"Tsk, now people have hands and feet, not work well, how degenerate to begging to cheat money such a point?"

The cynicism of the passers-by only made the girl more painful, her head nodded even lower, because the first time she did this kind of thing, she did not know what to do, and could only try to endure, expecting some kind people to help.

I don't know if the ID card is forged, the student ID Qin Ming will not be mistaken, the girl is actually their Department of Electronic Commerce of China Provincial University of Technology, known as the civilian school flower Bai Yuchun.

Qin Ming felt that Bai Yuchun said the situation is true, she is not cheating money, she is really begging.

Listen to the bottomless ridicule of these people, Qin Ming could not stand it, he stood in front of the crowd, said "you do not donate money, do not insult people, a girl, for the family, put down their dignity, out begging, how difficult. If you don't donate money, why do you want to hurt people?"

The passers-by were condescendingly criticizing and humiliating the begging female college students to show their presence, and suddenly Qin Ming came out to dislike them, and they were immediately upset.

Some people said in a strange way, "Oh, here comes the trust, I was thinking, there is no trust, how to cheat money?"

"No, these days there are many full-time beggars, this kind of curse their parents seriously ill, cheat money more."

"Ya drink? A singer and a couple, ah? No, to donate a piece." A silver coin was thrown on the ground, obviously wanting Qin Ming to pick it up, using it to humiliate him.

Suddenly someone saw the chocolates held in Qin Ming's hand "Look, this TO hand also bought next to echer's chocolates, but also bought a box? I a monthly salary of tens of thousands of only to buy a few taste, you have to how extravagant?"

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, the masses have been grumpy up "Fuck, cheated the money to spend here, it is really too abominable, must be reported to the police."

"Must call the police, thanks to my good intentions just now, donated ten dollars."

"Catch them."

In the face of the irritable crowd, the begging girl was anxious, she hurriedly said "I don't know him, please don't misunderstand him, he was just being nice. Hey, you go quickly, I do not want to drag you because of my business."

But the girl's voice is too small, the crowd of at least thirty people, the seven mouths of the noise, was instantly drowned.

In the face of the irritable crowd, her cardboard sign was torn, the words written on the ground were also splashed with water, she helplessly held the fund-raising box backwards, let these people fist and kick scolding, she just clung to her mother's life-saving money.

The reason I believe she is telling the truth is because I went to the same school as her!"

"Eh? So it's an alumnus." The begging girl raised her head in surprise and looked at Qin Ming, thinking, "You don't have to suffer unnecessarily for me, who I don't know."

A crowd said loudly "You are not a trust, how do you prove it?"

Qin Ming responded, "I donate, I only have eighty-eight thousand on me, so I can always prove it, right?"

Qin Ming finished, the bag inside a stack of bills out all thrown into the collection box.

"Ah! No." Suddenly, behind the crowd, Li Meng hands covered his face, out of desperation and collapse of the scream, the sound of the ear-piercing degree, forcing everyone to subconsciously cover their ears.

Chapter 20

"Ah! Don't ah!"

Li Meng waiting for Qin Ming back, waiting too long, afraid that Qin Ming will not sleep with him to run away, then she did not lose a lot of money? Break up and give sleep for nothing, in order to please Qin Ming, cheat his confidence, but also the latest Apple phone sent by Yang Wei to step on.

So she came over to find Qin Ming.

As a result, once she came over here, she saw Qin Ming dumping all of the 88,000 in that bag into the fundraising box.

Li Meng was dumbfounded, her new Apple phone, Gucci perfume, 1v bag, Celine's clothes, Cartier's watch, Dior's lipstick, and diamond ring, all gone.

All the beautiful fantasies in her heart, all gone!

She was sad, she was desperate, she was angry, and she burst out with an extremely piercing scream.

"My money." Li Meng crazy general pushed away the crowd of onlookers, rushed to the girl kneeling on the ground, she violently to grab the collection box, like a crazy woman "These are mine, mine! You money cheating bitch, I'll kill you, you bitch, cheating my boyfriend's money."

Pop, pop, pop!

Li Meng was furious, reached out and grabbed the girl's head, palm crazy slap, the girl just let the slap fall on her own body, she clung to the collection box, choking retort "No, I did not cheat, I really did not cheat, these are life-saving money"

Qin Ming was dumbfounded, how Li Meng suddenly crazy like? It's only eighty-eight thousand? To him, it is not the same as 88 cents.

He hurriedly pulled away Li Meng to see, said "Meng Meng, do not do so, she is also strange poor."


Head scattered Li Meng turned back to Qin Ming is a slap, angry gritted teeth, cursed "she poor, then I am not poor? Qin Ming, are you out of your mind? You don't know her at all and you send her so much money? What about me? I am your girlfriend, I do not have a penny, you are the silk of the mud can not support the wall, it is not easy to earn so little, all send out, are you crazy?"

Qin Ming explained that "not Meng Meng, she is rushing to save people, saving a life is better than creating seven levels of pontoon ah. I promised you that I would not be less than you, you want, I will buy you, now I am ......"


Li Meng did not wait for Qin Ming to finish, backhanded another slap, she had completely lost her mind.

She pointed at Qin Ming's nose and cursed "I've been hearing this for two years, you'll buy me anything I want, have you ever bought it? I've been lucky, I've made some money in the stock market, I haven't spent a penny yet, I've given it all away. Now you've turned into a stinky silk, and you're drawing big pies for me, aren't you?"

Qin Ming heart thumped, said "Meng Meng, you said that I love me is care about my people, you do not care about money?"

"Who the hell is going to get back together with you if you don't have money?" Li Meng was furiously abusive "no money you deserve to be with me? If you don't have money, you're just a dishwasher? Watchdog? Aaahhhh! I am really angry with you this stinking silk to die, so easy to speculate in the stock market to earn some money, turn back to the saintly mother heart to give away the money. I paid so much today, the phone was dropped, but the result is not to get the hair, but also received your two guns. I really lost to my grandmother's house."

"Yang Wei's family has money, he is a rich second generation, every month can ask for money from the family. And you? But hit the jackpot in the stock market to earn a sum of money, you and Yang Wei have comparable? I am just to make you happy, I want your money. What happened? You gave away all your money."

"You have money not first love girlfriend, first send money to others? Such an extremely stinky silk like you deserves to be a single dog."

Qin Ming's stitched up heart cracked open once again.

He thought that Li Meng stepped on the phone sent by Yang Wei and took the initiative to open a room with him, really looking for him to get back together, and he thought that Li Meng still chose love between love and bread.

As a result, it was all wishful thinking on his part.

Qin Ming smiled sadly, he shook his head, a small self-deprecating "thanks to my prevention hand, not too early to say that I am already globally rich. Otherwise, in the future, it is not possible to end up in the same situation as my righteous father."

But Qin Ming is still not dead, reached out and said "Meng Meng, although I have no money, but I will earn money in the future ah. You see, I bought you techer (Toishe) chocolate ah."

Li Meng raised her hand and slapped the chocolate on the ground, without even looking at him, and rushed to the begging girl "You bitch, that money is my boyfriend's, quickly put the money down, all that money is mine, all mine."

The girl who was collecting money was actually quite smart and took advantage of the quarrel between the two to run away to the subway entrance with the collection box.

The sky is unpredictable, the sky suddenly thunder clouds and lightning, suddenly came a thunderstorm, Qin Ming stood in place, let the wind blowing rain to not move.

Square intersection here, the onlookers did not have a lively look, soon scattered.

In fact, today Qin Ming actually did not lose anything, but took advantage of Li Meng, but his mood is not happy.

He once thought that Li Meng is a change of heart, they are between the test of true love, the results are just a pavilion in the air.

He tilted his head against the pouring rain and lamented, "It's true, first love is the most unforgettable and the most painful. However, Li Meng you once again let me understand that true love is priceless. You have twice brushed aside the glory and wealth you wanted, this may be your life."

Qin Ming wiped the rain from his face and was about to go back when there was suddenly an extra umbrella over his head.

Qin Ming was surprised that it was the girl who begged for donations, Bai Yuchun, who was holding an umbrella and returned to the intersection.

Bai Yuchen was a bit formal and said, "Great, you are really still here. That, I'm sorry, because of me, caused you to break up with your girlfriend. I thought about it, although I really need the money, but to cause you to break up with your girlfriend, I also feel bad, I return the money to you."

Said, Bai Yu Chun handed over a black plastic bag, which contains all the money that Qin Ming just sent out.

Qin Ming was slightly surprised and asked, "Your mother is not waiting for money for surgery? Since I gave it to you, it proves that I'm not bad at this point."

Bai Yuchun said, "It's okay. A money lender has just contacted me, willing to lend me money and allow me to pay it back slowly later. I appreciate your enthusiasm, you should also quickly make up with your girlfriend."

Qin Ming took the money and felt a little emotional, Li Meng could sacrifice her sex for this money, just to buy luxury goods.

And this girl, whose family was obviously in desperate need of money, mistakenly thought that she had split up a couple and was over the moon, and made a point of returning it.

After saying that, Bai Yuchun held up her umbrella and ran quickly towards the nearby subway entrance.

Qin Ming looked at her distant back, the heart inexplicably and a feeling of being cured, yes, there are thousands of girls, there will always be not for the money to bend.

Qin Ming touched the water stains on his face, he was planning to contact his secretary Song Ying to send him back to school, after all, soaking wet, there will be no cab willing to take him.

Qin Ming thought to himself, "Why not buy a car?"

But Qin Ming just opened his phone, the phone immediately rang, but it was the dormitory brother Zhao Li Niu's number.

This night to find him do not know what, Qin Ming took a deep breath, let himself calm some "Hey, brother Niu what is it?"

But at the other end of the phone, Zhao Liniu said, "Qin Ming, where are you? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The off-campus bass bar, come immediately ha."

Qin Ming was speechless, the dormitory brothers how to introduce him to that Chen Mulin?

He refused, "No, I'm soaked to the skin, like a chicken, hello? Brother Niu? Tsk, hung up."