Rags To Riches Chapter 189-190

 Chapter 189

The Century Building, by this time, was thickly surrounded by the police.

                The hostages and wounded from the ball had been safely escorted away, and the police had assisted in killing several foreign mercenaries, retaking control of the roof tarmac and blocking this killer's retreat.

                The police surrounded the fifty-eight-storey building from above and below.

                Qin Ming, as the boss, also actively communicated with the police.

                Qin Ming said forcefully, "My request is that all the hostages inside need to be rescued safely. I don't care about any other losses."

                It was very important that subordinates from North China came to pay a visit to Qin Ming this time.

                Someone was trying to cause trouble, and if Qin Ming could not ensure that his subordinates were intact, then his encounter with Chang Huan this time would not be considered a complete victory.

                If it was not a complete victory, he would not be able to explain it if the Four Patriarchs wanted to pick a fight with him.

                A talking leader said: "Boss Qin ...... heh, it's the first time I've seen the boss of our Guang city landmarks, I didn't expect to be so young. I promise you, we police will save all the hostages."

                Just as the words fell, suddenly a police officer ran over, shocked, "Boss ...... the fifty-eighth floor is safe."

                "What?" The crowd was stunned, also including Qin Ming and the others, were surprised.

                Weren't all the people inside controlled by the robbers? How come they were safe?

                The crowd hurriedly rushed inside the hall on the fifty-eighth floor. There were a total of two large conference rooms on this floor, and on one side were the heads of the Huan Yu Century Group's industries in northern China, sitting neatly in the conference room, and looking like they knew they were scared to death.

                In the other conference room, all of the kidnappers who had been knocked unconscious on the floor, their weapons tossed aside, and fifteen people, tied up tightly.

                Song Ying stood in the doorway of the two conference rooms, looking at the visitor with a slight bow and said gracefully, "I've packed up all the prisoners, although it took a while."

                "Er ......" The crowd looked at Song Ying incredulously, the hem of her gown had been cut off at the hem to facilitate the movement of her legs, while also revealing two white calves, the dress was still stained with some blood, but it wasn't hers.

                Everyone wondered how such a dainty, beautiful woman had managed to do it. The other side was heavily armed.

                A special police officer at the head of the group was puzzled, "Who the hell are you?"

                Song Ying smiled politely, "I am our boss's secretary, my name is Song Ying, please don't worry officer, I will cooperate with the investigation."

                Qin Ming hurriedly stepped forward, pulled Song Ying and asked with concern, "Are you hurt, Xiaoying?"

                Song Ying smiled gently, "Young master, please don't worry, I am a professional, chosen by the master in the training camp to assist the young master. These people can't hurt me."

                "It's just that ...... young master gave me the clothes for the first time." Song Ying looked regretfully at the dress skirt beneath her.

                Qin Ming smiled broadly, "It's most important that you're okay. If you like it, I'll send you clothes later."

                Song Ying smiled sweetly and then followed behind Qin Ming.

                Although Qin Ming knew that Song Ying was quite capable of fighting, he did not expect her to be able to fight to such an extent. 15 heavily armed death squads were taken care of by her just like that, and they were still unharmed, and someone as powerful as Ah Long still needed him to cover for a while.

                But it was a surprise, whether it was Ah Long or Song Ying, they were his men!

                Now that the dust has settled, he has won.

                Chang Hongxi also sent a timely email as well as a text message at this time.

                "Well done."

                The text message was simply four words, but Qin Ming felt that it was not easy, because his father, Chang Hongxi, had terminal cancer and the doctor predicted that he would have six months to live at most.

                However, even though he was seriously ill, he was still running around for him, convincing important people within the group to support Qin Ming's ascension to the top, and always keeping an eye on Qin Ming's growth and giving him encouragement.

                Qin Ming could feel that Chang Hongxi really valued him.

                And he, too, did not let Chang Hongxi down.

                The email, which Qin Ming read with a smile, was a list of Chang Huan's inner circle in North China, with details of four people in total.

                The rest of the work was left to the police to investigate the kidnapping case.

                Qin Ming did not rush to meet with his subordinates in North China, he brought his men to the private meeting room and said, "This time, we have done a good job, especially Xiao Ying and Ah Long, they did the best job."

                Ah Long said humbly, "Young master, this is what I should have done."

                Song Ying, on the other hand, smiled confidently, as if it was a trivial matter.

                Bi Yuan and Qian Bao and the injured Xuan Yuan Wu all lowered their heads in shame.

                They thought back to that day at the Cloud Peak Villa Manor, when Qin Ming had overwhelmed them, but the assassination team still felt that their presence was valuable.

                However, on their first mission, they had become miscellaneous, the enemy was discovered by Qin Ming, the third team was cleaned up by Ah Long and Song Ying, and they all had no shame on their faces.

                Bi Yuan secretly clenched his fist and swore in his heart that he would do better next time.

                Jin Qian Bao said with a cheeky smile, "Young master, actually I am not useless, at least I have arrested quite a few people and killed a few robbers."

                Qin Ming considered the actual situation and refrained from punishing them for the time being, chiding them a few times to maintain his majesty as master, indicating that next time, they would pack up their things and get out themselves.

                Afterwards, Qin Ming beckoned and brought the blonde woman, blindfolded, over.

                Qin Ming looked at the blonde woman and said with a smile, "You really don't remember, you spared your life last time at sea and now you are here to die again."

                The blonde woman said in surprise, "We lost?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course, your people also have the guts to parachute directly into the air and parachute into my Century Tower, no wonder they couldn't be found."

                The blonde sat down on the ground in dismay and said, "Those are top killers, of course they have a few skills ...... but a loss is a loss. Congratulations, heir, you are more capable than Boss Chang."

                Qin Ming took the stack of information and asked, "I know you, Chang Huan's intelligence peddler, you work for him, you've already fallen into my hands twice, let you back in again, it's unlikely he'll keep you. But if there is a chance, do you want to live free?"

                The blonde raised her head, "looked" in the direction of the voice and said, "My sister has been kidnapped by his people, I have to work for her, I can't be free."

                Qin Ming said, "What if we get your sister out?"

                The blonde shook her head in pain, "Impossible, I don't know where my sister is either, we can only have one video call every once in a while."

                Qin Ming was not impressed, he reached out and cupped the blonde's pointed chin and asked, "On the M side, I can give you money and provide support from my contacts to help you rescue your sister. But you do one thing for me. That is to shake out all the criminal acts Chang Huan has done and turn him into an international criminal. Once Chang Huan is down, I have one less threat and you are free. Beauty, want to breathe the air of freedom?"

                This plan of Qin Ming's was tempting.

                The blonde's heart moved, she bit her lip, the expression on her face betrayed her, but she didn't rush to reply, she needed to assess the risks involved.

                Qin Ming was in no hurry, he needed to wait, it wasn't easy to turn an enemy, but once he did, then he would be able to reap great convenience.

                He felt that he was lucky to have come across this woman twice, but instead it made him a good pawn to defeat Chang Huan.

                A minute later, the blonde raised her head again and said, "Okay, I'll work with you, but I need a sum of money to recruit helpers, at least US$500 million. After the job is done, I want another ten billion dollars."

                Qin Ming smiled, "No problem, I will hand you over to the police now, and you will find your own way back to Chang Huan. When you return to M, someone will naturally contact you."

                Qin Ming gave the order and left the rest to Song Ying.

                After dealing with the blonde beauty, Qin Ming stood up, straightened his collar and said, "Alright, next is the main event."

Chapter 190

In the conference room on the fifty-eighth floor, Qi Yundong and the other group leaders of the Southern Department were all a little nervous, and some individual trousers were still soaked through.

                This fight between the heirs had spilled over to them, the wage earners.

                Although none of them had died, they were really scared.

                Even though they were usually the most powerful people in the government, they were still helpless in the face of absolute violence, and the bodyguards who fought back were killed by mercenaries before the blood on the floor was cleaned.

                Everyone was silent, waiting for Qin Ming's arrival.

                And now after everything had passed, the leaders of the Southern Department, led by Qi Yundong, all had a sense of pride in their hearts that they had seen Qin Ming long ago, but had not betrayed him.

                Qin Ming led Song Ying in, and when Qi Yundong and the others saw him, they were about to get up.

                Qin Ming raised his palm and said, "There is no need to get up, all sit down. Everyone has worked hard."

                Qi Yundong and the others hurriedly said, "Young master, we have not worked hard."

                When Qin Ming reached the central seat, those who saw him for the first time understood that the young man in front of them, who was quite lascivious, was the heir to Chang Hongxi, the future owner of the Huan Yu Century Group, their big boss behind the scenes.

                The heads of the industries in northern China did stand up one after another and respectfully said, "Greetings, young master."

                Qin Ming nodded slightly and gestured, "Sit down. Everyone is scared enough today, it is my fault."

                The subordinates hurriedly said, "I dare not, I dare not, who would have expected the other party to be so ruthless."

                Qin Ming smiled, but soon became serious again as he tapped his fingers on the table and said, "Century Tower, my territory. One hundred floors, which floor have you been placed on? Apart from Team Leader Qi and my secretary knowing, there is no one else who knows. So a prior ambush doesn't hold water, we'll only know when you're all assembled."

                "Thump," everyone's heart nests jumped nervously, they were all old-fashioned, naturally they could hear the meaning of Qin Ming's words, was this an inside job?

                Qin Ming said, "Once you have all made the arrangements, secretly rule Chang Huan's third death squad to parachute in. That's why my men have been unable to find them inside the building."

                "Take the top floor of the building after the parachute jump, then infiltrate down in layers to take out one of my assassination teams. And finally kidnapped you all."

                Qin Ming paused, looked around at the group of subordinates and said, "The plan was quite good, and it almost worked. However, evil cannot suppress righteousness. Chang Huan, sooner or later, will be reduced to a dog in mourning, kneeling at my feet and wagging his tail."

                Qin Ming spoke these words in a cold and untamed manner, his contempt particularly obvious.

                Qin Ming's words angered two of Chang Huan's inner circle, who suddenly stood up and raised their porcelain pistols at Qin Ming: "Who are you, you bastard! Chang Huan is the rightful heir, go to hell."

                Those two agitated traitors suddenly pulled out their guns and pointed them at Qin Ming, but they scared the people around them enough.

                It was surprisingly a special porcelain pistol, and it turned out that these two were the ones who tipped them off.

                Bang, bang.

                Before these two traitors could make a move, at the back door of the conference hall, Bi Yuan and Money Pao each shot a gun out of their hands.

                "Ah!" The two men were punched a hole in their palms and screamed in pain, blood pouring out.

                Ta-da-da, Bi Yuan and the others immediately stepped forward and subdued the two men, escorting them out.

                "Three words have drawn you out, but you really don't have a bit of patience when it comes to terrorist accomplices, hand over to the police." Qin Ming waved his hand, signalling to bring them down.

                Song Ying followed and closed the door for the assassination team, and before she left, made a neck-wiping gesture to Bi Yuan, adding, "Handle it beautifully, don't let the young master get into trouble."

                Bi Yuan whispered, "Don't worry, they won't see the sun tomorrow."

                Qin Ming didn't bother to clarify the rumours about his "illegitimate son" because he felt it was to his advantage to let them talk about it.

                Qin Ming said, "The other two, aren't you going to come out?"

                The crowd was already stunned, there were more?

                In the crowd, a man and a woman also showed shocked expressions, they were very well hidden and were basically not involved in this operation, once this operation to capture Qin Ming, the "young master", failed, they would become undercover agents on Qin Ming's side and support Chang Huan at any time.

                It was only logical that no one knew of their existence.

                The two men looked at each other.

                Qin Ming raised his hand and pointed at the pair in the crowd, the man and woman surrounding them were startled and immediately jumped away to avoid getting too close to them and suffering.

                Click, click, click, Xuan Yuan Wu's men at the entrance came in, one by one, pointing their guns at them.

                The two were also taken away and Song Ying was about to give a few words of explanation to Xuanyuan Wu when Xuanyuan Wu preempted him by saying, "Don't worry Secretary Song, I know what to do in such matters, it's the ones who won't talk that are safest for the young master."

                When the traitors were finally cleared up on this side, a thin, svelte uncle said, "Young master, this time it should be over, right?"

                Qin Ming smiled, "I have made Team Leader Feng laugh, kid I have only taken over such a large ...... group involving worldwide business after all, it is inevitable that there will be some flaws, Team Leader Feng as an elder can't laugh at me."

                That uncle was stunned, he did not expect Qin Ming to know his name, it was obvious that he had done research beforehand, this was a sign of respect for them as subordinates who had come from afar.

                Feng Jianxing said hastily and humbly, "Young master is joking, we are all your subordinates, how dare we mock you? So many foreign mercenaries, assassins infiltrated tonight's party, and Young Master subdued them with a smile, that makes us admire you to the core. It's just that I'm too old to be stimulated anymore, or I won't be able to serve Young Master in the future."

                Qin Ming laughed loudly, "Captain Feng is old and strong, he can work for another 20 to 30 years without any problem."

                Qin Ming took care of Chang Huan's inner circle, met with the heads of the industries from northern China one by one, and said a few words from the heart, that if you follow him, you are guaranteed to have good weather, and in the future, you will get a promotion and a pay rise, and become the CEO of Asia Pacific, etc.

                Anyway, bragging is not taxable, three glasses of wine down, Qin Ming began to blow.

                The night was quiet, everyone was settled in their rooms in the building for the night, and Qin Ming was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, sitting quietly in his luxurious study on the top floor, looking out of the glass at the river bank and the skyscrapers.

                Song Ying bent over and let Qin Ming's head rest on her chest, gently rubbing his forehead and massaging it to relax his spirit.

                Whenever he was drunk, Qin Ming found Song Ying's massage particularly comforting, easing his headache.

                A drowsy Qin Ming suddenly grabbed Song Ying's hand, tilted his head to look at her and asked, "Have those foreign mercenaries been dealt with?"

                Song Ying lowered her head, her hair hanging down, just two inches away from Qin Ming, and said, "Young master, don't worry, they should all be taken care of by now."

                Only then did Qin Ming let go of his hand, a layer of cold frost covering his face, and said, "That's good. This is the first time in all my life that I have been threatened by such a threat to my life. Those people, none of them can be spared."

                Song Ying narrowed her eyes and looked out of the glass window into the distance of the city, saying, "Yes, Young Master. Anyone who threatens you, I will take care of."

                Qin Ming had fallen asleep, but a mobile phone ringing woke him up.

                He looked at the time and found that it was already one in the morning and he had been put on the big bed by Song Ying with his clothes off.

                Qin Ming whined and said, "Who is it? You're calling me in the middle of the night. Believe it or not, I'll smash you to death with a few hundred million dollars."

                However, after looking at the more than one hundred missed calls and more than three hundred unread messages on his incoming calls, he suddenly woke up from his drink and quickly got up.