Rags To Riches Chapter 187-188

 Chapter 187

On the thirty-eighth floor of the Century Tower, the assassination squad is in full control here, every one of them heavily armed and heavily armed.

                The assassination squad under Bi Yuan's authority was guarding two live victims.

                Two international mercenaries dispatched by Chang Hongxi, whose goal was originally to kill Qin Ming, but they were accidentally discovered by Qin Ming, and were then sneaked up on by Bi Yuan's assassination squad and caught in a net.

                With a serious look on his face, Jin Qian Bao said, "Elder brother Bi, there is still a team of people who have not been discovered, which is not good. It would not be good if the young master was in any danger."

                Bi Yuan asked, "What about the dance floor?"

                Golden Pao said, "With Ah Long following and the building's security focus there, unless all those people are dead, young master will be fine."

                Bi Yuan nodded, yet was very annoyed and anxious.

                He suddenly pulled out and pointed at the blonde, saying, "Say, where's your third team?"

                The blonde, whose face was swollen from the beating, was very stiff and raised her lips, saying, "Hmph, the third team is our boss's most reliable death squad, and no one knows about their movements. You guys can't find out either."

                "Killing me won't be of any use to you guys." The blonde looked up at Bi Yuan and said, "Besides, it was your boss who told you to leave them alive, right?"

                Annoyed, Bi Yuan aimed his gun at a man two away next to him, and with a bang, the man died straight away, falling into a pool of blood.

                Bi Yuan held the gun against the blonde woman's chin and threatened, "We're all the way, I've got more blood on my hands than you do. Little girl, our young master spared your life last time, you don't know how to cherish it. If you have no use as a living mouth, even if I kill you, our young master will not blame you."

                The blonde said, "Since you say we are one of a kind, you should also know that we do not have the so-called freedom."

                Bi Yuan was irritated and was about to finish the woman off with a single shot.

                But the golden leopard pressed the gun and said, "Do you want to be free?"

                The blonde's expression twitched and she said in English, "No one can give me freedom."

                The golden leopard said, "Our young master, the man who controls the supreme wealth of the world, can give you everything you want. If you want freedom, then you should learn to stand up for yourself."

                The blonde hesitated, what she was seeking, could the man really give her that?

                Suddenly, an alarm came over the intercom, "Alarm, alarm, all police on the twenty-eighth floor ballroom are lost, surveillance on that floor is under control, a group of armed men have burst in, the sub-monitoring room is under control."

                Bi Yuan was taken aback and said, "Get the video from the main surveillance room immediately. Notify Secretary Song and tell her to come down."

                The man on the intercom said with a hard face, "The security personnel on the fifty-eighth floor ...... have just lost contact. Xuan Yuan Wu's men were killed or injured and are currently in a firefight with the bandits. Both Secretary Song and Team Leader Qi can't be contacted, and I'm afraid they've been, well, controlled."

                Bi Yuan and Qian Bao's faces turned blue: "How is that possible? There was no movement at all beforehand?"

                The blonde couldn't help but sneer, "How is that impossible? If you can easily spot our movements, why can't we easily sneak in here? We're also top trained assassins."

                The golden leopard kicked over the chair in front of him and cursed, "Damn it, that bastard Chang Huan, thanks to the fact that I had saved him before. Three squads, after all, let his people get their hands on him."

                Bi Yuan frowned and said, "Shut up, Money Leopard, they haven't got it yet. They don't know who the young master is yet. Even if they control the people on the two floors, as long as the young master is okay, that's all that matters."

                Money Leopard said, "Then we will set off immediately to rescue the young master. But what about the people on the fifty-eighth floor?"

                Bi Yuan scolded, "The priority is to save the young master, the others will die if they do."

                Jin Qian Bao said, "But if the people on the fifty-eighth floor die, the entire group's industries in China will be in chaos."

                Bi Yuan said, "Old Xuan is there too, and Secretary Song's strength should not be underestimated. Moreover, if all the people on the fifty-eighth floor die, it won't do Chang Huan any good. So, it's relatively safer."

                With a big wave of his hand, Jin Qian Bao said, "All units idea, immediately close to the twenty-eighth floor, beware of an enemy ambush."

                Bi Yuan picked up his gun and pointed it at the blonde's head, saying, "Your last chance. Assist us or die?"

                The blonde grinned, "You think I'm afraid of death?"

                Bi Yuan was so angry that he gritted his teeth, but he hesitated and did not shoot, hitting the blonde woman's head hard with the handle of his gun, knocking her unconscious to the ground.

                And at that moment, inside the ballroom on the twenty-eighth floor, fifteen armed men with loaded guns and masked heads burst into the scene, separating everyone by gender.

                Qin Ming's face was grim, but Ah Long and Zhou Yu followed him at that moment.

                Zhou Yu said, "Young master, there is a secret door on this floor, it's in the computer control room behind the podium, once you get in you can escape."

                Ah Long said with great seriousness and gravity, "Fifteen people, create cover for me, I am confident that I can handle it."

                And Qin Ming was already a bit panicked by now, he didn't listen to the duo and called Song Ying first, but the phone was switched off in seconds.

                Qin Ming had a bad feeling about this, he thought to himself, "It seems the assassination squad never managed to uncover these people."

                He was positioned right by the window and twisted his head to look out of the window, underneath the building, everything was normal, it didn't look like they had burst in through the main entrance, Qin Ming couldn't help but look up at the sky, they couldn't have jumped down from the sky, could they?

                The wealthy people in the venue were so panicked that someone was holding a money bag and asked everyone to throw in everything of value.

                At that moment, a foreigner with an AK came into the middle of the room and fired several shots at the ceiling, instantly silencing the room.

                Only then did he say slowly, "I am looking for a man who is hidden among you, whom his subordinates call Young Master. But I haven't seen him yet. That man should also know that I am looking for him. If he can come forward on his own, you will all live, if he refuses to come out, hehehe."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a click and the fifteen men's guns, bullets loaded, were aimed at everyone present.

                The crowd of rich men looked at each other with covetous faces, who was the young master?

                "No, what exactly do you want? We can give it all to you."

                "Forgive me, we really don't know anything."

                "Who the hell are you people?"

                "Forgive me, we really don't know any young masters."

                The foreign mercenary sneered, "The young master is determined not to come out, but it doesn't matter, I'll bring you a corpse out right away, I'll see how long you can endure it?"

                Saying that, the mercenary took the walkie-talkie and said, "Kill Qi Yundong and drop the corpse down from the east window. Let our young master see how his loyal servant died. Also let the Qi family know whether they should save their own little lives or submit to our boss."

                Qin Ming's face changed, coming up to kill first the chief team leader of the industry in South China, and also Qi Yundong, whom Qin Ming highly valued, once Qi Yundong died, it would have a great impact on Qin Ming's control of the industry in China.

                Qin Ming suddenly stood up, "Wait a minute."

                Zhou Yu and Ah Long's faces changed, how could Qin Ming just stand up?

                Wasn't this a death sentence?

                However, Qin Ming was giving the two of them a wink, telling them not to move.

                Click, in an instant, all the guns were pointed at Qin Ming.

                The foreign mercenary, who had just put on a mask, slowly walked over and said, "Are you the young master?"

                Qin Ming exhaled a foul breath, panic surfaced on his face and said, "I, I, I'm not, I'm a student, the headmaster of our school gave me a ticket to come to the party on her behalf."

                "Boom!" The mercenary punched Qin Ming and knocked him to the ground cursing, "Then what are you doing standing up? Looking for death!"

                He was about to shoot when Qin Ming snatched him up and said, "I have a way to find the young master you are talking about, but as a condition, please let go of our irrelevant people."

Chapter 188

Qin Ming said, "Most of us present here have heads and faces and clear identity markings. It's also easy to screen them in terms of age, so as long as there are people from unknown sources again, once each of them discloses their respective identities, then the young master you are looking for will naturally be easy to find."

                The foreign mercenary, after hearing this, patted Qin Ming's chest with satisfaction and said, "good boy. the person I'm looking for is under the age of thirty, has a mysterious past, is unmarried and is very rich, super rich. You do the searching, and if you do find the person I'm looking for, you can all leave safely."

                Qin Ming gave a bitter smile and said, "I will try my best. But I have a small request, please don't point your guns at me, I'm panicking inside."

                "OK," the chief waved his hand, and the tips of all the guns were removed from Qin Ming's body.

                Qin Ming stood out and deliberately approached next to the computer control room, pointed at the nearest man and asked, "That, who are you? How old are you? What do you do?"

                Mu Hao was in tears, but now that he had been kidnapped by robbers who had appeared from nowhere, he had to cooperate with his teacher: "My name is Mu Hao, I'm fifty-three years old, I should be able to be called an old man. But I've always fought in Guang City, Qi Yundong that's a character I can't even afford to suck up to, how could he be my henchman?"

                Qin Ming pointed at Mu Hao, and then looked at the mercenary leader, and said, "That, such a person is absolutely impossible. Dragging his family with him, he has a son and a daughter."

                The mercenary waved his hand, gesturing for Qin Ming to continue.

                Qin Ming first screened out those who were older one by one, and then screened out the young children who were too young as well.

                In the end, there were more than thirty young people under thirty years old left.

                Qin Ming bowed slightly and said with a smile, "I think we can kill them all so that you will have completed your mission."

                "Ah!" The others who had been herded aside let out a cry of shock, many of them were friends and relatives of these young men, and when they heard this statement from Qin Ming, they all felt fear in their hearts.

                "Spare my life, spare my life, I actually snuck in, I'm not some young master."

                "Who doesn't know me, Cao Xiangliang, just a fop, I'm not some young master ah. Qin Ming, you announced a personal vendetta, you get me across the street."

                "Qin Ming, let me go, I remember your great kindness."

                "I'm innocent, I'm just an ordinary businessman, one of the top ten outstanding young people in Guangcheng, with a clean family, I don't know you guys."

                "Misunderstanding, there is a big misunderstanding here, I don't have any money, look at this suit I'm wearing, it's also rented."

                Despite the fact that each of the thirty people had their own version of the story, no one was listening to them.

                And Qin Ming's saying that he killed all of them was actually Qin Ming's blindfold, he had said that on purpose, it was a test of what these mercenaries were really up to.

                Once this mercenary listened to him and was going to kill all thirty of them, then Qin Ming would immediately use his second plan to stop them from killing.

                But that chief hesitated and did not respond directly to Qin Ming's words, saying, "Keep looking. It's easy to find one out of thirty. If you can't find one, you will be thrown down from the twenty-eighth floor."

                After hearing this order, the corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted without a trace, and his nervousness relaxed a little.

                He understood, the real purpose of these people, was to capture the live ones, and killing the target was the last resort.

                I was afraid that he, the heir apparent, would still be of some use to Chang Hongxi's righteous son, Chang Huan.


                Suddenly there was a loud bang and a blood-soaked mercenary outside ran in with a bunch of English saying, "Boss, they're killing in. The target must be here."

                "Wooooooooo ......"

                At this moment outside the Century Building, a siren was blaring.

                Apparently someone had called the police, and it had only been a short while, and the place below was already heavily surrounded by the police.

                The leader walked over to the window of the building and looked down, he immediately frowned, he came back and put his gun against Qin Ming's head, his eyes widened and said, "You have one minute to find the man, or this you die with them."

                Qin Ming pretended to be frightened as he raised his hands and said, "Okay, okay."

                At this time, everyone stared at Qin Ming, as if he had become the god of death who dominated the lives of others, and each of the thirty people who had been picked out showed a complicated look.

                Qin Ming, however, remained relaxed and walked back and forth between these people, which scared the hell out of them.

                When he passed by Ah Long, Ah Long whispered quickly.

                Without realising it, Qin Ming had walked next to the door of the computer room in this hall.

                The door of the computer room was kicked down by these mercenaries, but the secret door inside had not been discovered.

                The location of the electric gate on this floor was clearly visible.

                Qin Ming's eyes looked at the mercenaries around him, most of them went to the doorway to stand guard, shooting a few shots with Bi Yuan and Money Leopard's men outside every now and then, without the unlimited bullets shooting indiscriminately like the ones inside that TV of Ai Ai.

                It was the two mercenary killers who kept a close eye on Qin Ming's side.

                Qin Ming suddenly turned towards the window behind them, showed a surprised expression, pointed behind the window and shouted, "Someone is flying in."

                The two mercenaries who had been staring closely at Qin Ming also froze, this was a twenty-eight-storey building, what kind of person flew in?

                They subconsciously looked back, and the moment they turned back, Ah Long grabbed a piece of red carpet on the floor and pulled it with force.

                With a hissing sound, the red carpet lifted up, just in time to cover Qin Ming's back.

                And Qin Ming quickly ran into the computer room and quickly pulled the gate.

                With a bang, the whole hall went black.

                The crowd immediately erupted into a gasp.

                In the darkness, Ah Long transformed into the God of Death and pounced on that mercenary leader like an arrow from a string, and in just a breath of time before and after, he pressed his hands on his head and rubbed his neck hard.

                The mercenary leader's eyes filled with blood, and he fell to the ground in a heap.

                The moment Ah Lung snatched the gun, there was a snap and the lights in the hall came back on.

                Most of the men were crouched on the floor with their heads in their hands, individuals getting up and walking about, some falling straight into pools of blood.

                And the lights cooled for just a moment as the remaining mercenaries all saw Aaron kill their boss while Aaron grabbed the gun and fired five shots in quick succession.

                Those mercenaries guarding the hostages all fell down. It was clear that Ah Long's marksmanship was accurate and worthy of the name of King of Soldiers.

                One mercenary raised his gun and shouted, "Kill him! Fuck chinese."

                There was another snap and the light was gone again, and darkness returned.

                Ah Long leapt forward, as if it was daylight in the darkness, and got close to his enemy, grabbing his head as fiercely as the wind, twisting it with both hands, and snapping it off with a click.

                A few seconds later, Qin Ming switched on the lights again. At that moment, only Ah Long was left standing in the whole hall, standing coldly and proudly on the peak of victory, and everyone was lying on the floor with their heads in their hands.

                They looked at Ah Long in horror, this man was too powerful, right? He had taken out fifteen heavily armed kidnappers in just ten seconds or so? Without even taking a breath?

                Qin Ming saw that Ah Long had cleaned up all his enemies and sat down on the ground in tedium, after all.

                Ah Long gave a thumbs up to Qin Ming, feeling admiration for Qin Ming's sudden idea to help the robbers find someone and subsequently take the initiative of the situation, without Qin Ming's cover, Ah Long would not have been able to kill the robbers so smoothly.

                Boom, suddenly the door was pushed open and Bi Yuan and Money Leopard rushed in, but they were shocked when they rushed in, because they didn't need to do anything anymore, everyone was dead.

                The two men looked at Ah Long and felt doubly stressed.

                Ah Long said simply, "It's safe."

                Bi Yuan then said soothingly, "Everyone please calm down, we are on our own, please follow our staff and descend the stairs in an orderly manner."

                When the rich and powerful heard that they could go downstairs, they immediately swarmed out.

                Nie Haitang, however, ran over to Qin Ming, but was forcibly driven downstairs by Bi Yuan's men.

                When everyone was sent away, Qin Ming was furious and questioned, "How did they get mixed up in here? Bi Yuan, how did you do my security?"

                Bi Yuan lowered his head at the yell and said, "Young master, they were airborne from the sky and the people on the roof of the building were out of contact, it was my subordinate's negligence."

                Qin Ming shook his fist and said, "Alright, let's not talk about such nonsense. Cooperate with the police to save the people immediately. I want to win this battle beautifully. By the way, I need a live witness, is there one left?"

                "Uh, yes, there is."

                Bi Yuan froze and felt a pang of fear in his heart, fortunately he hadn't killed the blonde woman on impulse.