Rags To Riches Chapter 185-186

 Chapter 185

Mu Sichen asked back with an innocent look on her face, "I said I'd come back first, why? She hasn't come back yet? I don't know."

                Mrs. Mu asked arrogantly, "What? Does Mr. Nie seem reluctant? Or does Miss Nie not want to?"

                Nie Jianmin wiped his sweat and said, "Yes, of course we do. It would be best if we could clear the air. Mrs. Mu, wait a moment, our Haitang is out, I'll give her a call."

                The two mothers and daughters looked at each other and smiled, they just loved to see people treating them with respect, knowing that it was Mu Sichen who had made the mistake, but they didn't dare to say anything, and they were in awe of the Mu family in their hearts.

                This was the intimidating power of the gentry.

                Nie Jianmin said, "Hey, daughter, where are you? Come back quickly. Now the Mu family is willing to give us a chance to settle our differences. You and Young Master Mu can just dance casually and make it look like our two families are in harmony."

                Nie Haitang said irritably on the other end of the phone, "No way! Dad, I was tricked by Mu Sichen, she deliberately tricked me into coming into this room, saying she liked my dress and wanted to take a picture, but ended up wearing my clothes, taking hers and running away, I, I can't get out now."

                Nie Jianmin's face was very ugly.

                Even though he knew that Nie Haitang had been tricked, he still had to endure it.

                Although he was also a boss with a fortune of over billions, his size was really not enough in front of the Mu family.

                He usually didn't have the chance to befriend an old and powerful family like the Mu family.

                But now Mrs. Mu herself said that she would not care about the feud just now if she danced, what a great opportunity.

                Nie Jianmin forced a smile on his face and said, "Mrs Mu, why don't I ask my son to dance with your daughter? So as to show how friendly our two families are?"

                Mu Sichen rolled her eyes and said disdainfully, "I don't want to do that, what is Nie Zhengming? Acting like a rich man all day long, either showing off a luxury car or his shoes, low as hell, dropping the price."

                Nie Jianmin was flatly rebuffed and became even more embarrassed.

                Mrs Mu was dissatisfied, "What's going on? It's just a dance, why is it so difficult? This is basic etiquette, OK, Mr. Nie, are you determined to go against our Mu family? Or do you want to show all the celebrities and gentry in Guangzhou how much face you and your Nie family have?"

                Nie Jianmin hurriedly said, "Mrs. Mu, no, no, no, of course I don't want to antagonize you guys, but it takes time, so wait a moment."

                "What's going on?" Mu Hao, the man in charge of the Mu family, came over with a frown and said, "You still want to trouble Boss Nie?"

                Cao Zhengmin, who was with him, also said, "We are all dignitaries in Guangcheng, Mrs. Mu, give me Cao's face, let's forget about the younger generation's quarrel, shall we?"

                Mrs. Mu said, "Husband, Mr. Cao, you have misunderstood me. Aren't I just here to settle the conflict? I asked that talented girl from the Nie family to dance with our Zhaoyang, so that everyone could see it and appear that the two families were reconciled and that the children had no big grudges. But that Miss Nie is hiding and won't come out, what can I do? Is it a disgrace to our Zhaoyang?"

                Mrs. Nie couldn't stand to watch anymore and got up, "Boss Mu, this isn't ......"

                "You shut up." Nie Jianmin immediately pulled his wife's hand and whispered, "You can't say anything, once you do you'll be embarrassing Boss Mu, and then the matter will be even more unsettled."

                Mrs. Nie said speechlessly, "Then isn't it cross that we are wrong? I, I ...... this is too much of a nest egg."

                Nie Jianmin sighed: "Is the Mu family the same as us? You have to swallow your own teeth even if you get knocked out."

                Nie Jianmin said helplessly, "Boss Mu, I am very sorry, my daughter she is not feeling well, she can't come."

                Mu Hao frowned and said, "Wasn't she fine just now? All of a sudden you're not feeling well? Boss Nie, you're not going to deny me face, are you? A quarrel between juniors, are you going to mess with me too?"

                Nie Jianmin hurriedly explained, "No, no, no, this ......"



                Suddenly, a shout of surprise came from the venue, and all eyes looked towards the entrance of the hall on this floor.

                Only to see Nie Haitang wearing the one Qin Ming had ordered, draped with real diamonds Dream Girl pure white gown, marching in style and reentering here on the dance floor.

                "My goodness, this is not the only one in the world, designed by a Swedish designer, Ms. Vivian McTerney. The only one in the world, designed by Swedish designer Vivienne McTerney, hand-stitched by more than twenty people at Chanel, and which also made a splash at the Paris fashion show?"

                "Yeah, as soon as it was released it was stowed by the head shop in the country, waiting for the tycoons to snap it up, I heard that only those who knew the insider information were able to buy it first, and those who went late were said to have sold it."

                "This dress seems to say it costs a million, right? Past issues of fashion magazines are all about this one dress. Tsk, a dress costs a million, it's really only affordable for the truly luxurious."

                "Nie Haitang is so beautiful, this dress suits her so well."

                "My goodness, that string of diamond hemline, blinding my eyes."

                "It's even more beautiful and expensive than a luxury wedding dress."

                As soon as Nie Haitang appeared in this dreamy maiden set, she became the focus of the whole audience, and at this moment she was the only princess of this party.

                And accompanying Nie Haitang was another person, Qin Ming.

                It turned out that after Nie Haitang knew she had been cheated, she first approached Qin Ming, who thought to himself that she had no clothes? The dress he had bought for Nie Haitang was worried that no one would wear it, so he immediately sent it to Nie Haitang.

                After delivering the dress and hearing about how Nie Haitang had been teased, Qin Ming was furious.

                As a mature man, he had already taken his anger out and intended to put things to rest to avoid losing his temper, after all, the conflict between the two families was not that big, and Qin Ming, a big man, could not be that petty.

                However, the other party kept on acting like a demon.

                Qin Ming took Nie Haitang's hand and walked to the centre of the dance floor, where the two of them slowly danced to a soft tune.

                I don't know if it was because their aura was too strong or their clothes were too bright, but the other people who were dancing gradually dispersed and the whole dance floor was left with the two of them dancing, and the eyes were more than attracted to them all, and it was still very quiet.

                Qin Ming's dance was a bit lame, but no one made fun of him, and the celebrities of Guangcheng just stood by quietly admiring the duo's dance.

                Nie Haitang was so beautiful in this overpriced dress that even the women at the party couldn't take their eyes off her.

                At the end of the song, thunderous applause rang out all around.

                "Wow, so beautiful, a golden girl."

                "Tonight's headliners are confirmed."

                "Tomorrow's headline is confirmed too."

                "This young man is going to be the Nie family's son-in-law."

                Mu Sichen and Li Meng, who was hiding behind the crowd, were blushing as Qin Ming once again stole the limelight as he became the main character of this party.

                I'm afraid that tomorrow's fortune reports will all be positive ones praising Nie Haitang.

                Women all love beauty and want to be the one to get the most attention. Mu Si Chun and Li Meng were jealous.

                But there was nothing they could do but be jealous.

                After the dance, Qin Ming took advantage of the fact that everyone's attention was on him and walked straight to the podium, picked up the mike mad and said, "Ahem, to interrupt everyone's interest, is the Mu family's second young lady Mu Sichen here? Please return the evening gown that you stole from my girlfriend."

                At these words, the party was again astonished.

                "What's going on? Second Miss of the Mu family, stealing clothes?"

                "That can't be right?"

                "Tsk, the Mu family is having a bad day."

                Mu Si Chun was dumbfounded, she could never have imagined that Qin Ming would accuse her of stealing people's clothes, she was instantly furious and said, "Slander, you are slandering."

Chapter 186

Qin Ming's actions had obviously made a big deal out of it, but he was angry and would no longer care about the Mu family's face.

                Because the Mu family had never given him face.

                Qin Ming called Mu Si Chun a thief in public, what a disgrace this was, she immediately jumped out and said: "Qin Ming, you shameless person, don't make believe in what you say, my Mu family is a poor one that you rely on others as your backer? Pan kowtowed to the castellan mould Jun

                "Every guest here, who doesn't know the status and assets of our Mu family in Guang City, I need to steal clothes when I am the Second Miss of the Mu family? This is really a joke."

                "When it comes to Nie Haitang's clothes, aren't they properly in Mrs. Nie's hands now?"

                Everyone looked at what Mu Si Chun was referring to, indeed, the pink dress Nie Haitang was wearing before was in her mother's hands, so how could she say it was stolen?

                "This is an unfounded accusation."

                "Accusing the Mu family of stealing, this kind of thing is going to create a grudge."

                "It's been a while since it died down, why is this person coming out to cause trouble again?"

                Hearing the discontent of the surrounding guests, Mu Sichen immediately said, "Uncles and aunties, you are all elders, you judge. This Qin Ming, relying on others as his backers, first played a trick to block his own classmates from entering the ball. Then he hit on Uncle Cao's second son, Cao Xiangliang. Then he clashed with my brother. Now he's accusing me of stealing clothes, what nonsense."

                "I think he's just here to cause trouble, a spoiler."

                "Do you really think that the Mu family is a freeloader? Do you think you can slander them?"

                Nie Haitang looked at Qin Ming from the stage, she understood that Qin Ming wanted to stand up for her, but was worried about getting into big trouble because of it.

                She said, "Qin Ming, let's forget it? I'm not fine now."

                When Mrs Mu saw Nie Haitang concede, she thought she had caught a break and immediately jumped out, "How can you just forget it? You've slandered the Mu family out of thin air and you're just going to let it go?"

                "I was just about to tell Mr. Nie that it's just a child's quarrel, so parents shouldn't take it too seriously, so that the two children can let go of their differences."

                "You're a good boy, you're not making enough of a scene."

                "Our Mu family's children are all of good character and would never do anything like stealing someone's clothes."

                "You're talking nonsense here, I'll have to call the police to arrest you."

                "Arrest you two shameless things."

                Mrs. Mu spoke harshly, going so far as to call the police to arrest someone.

                It caused the wealthy businessmen around to murmur that today's affair was a big, unbearable mess.

                They were happy to join in the fun and watch the jokes, and to see what kind of surprises this Qin Ming could bring them.

                Qin Ming laughed and said: "You are welcome to call the police, but don't lift a stone and smash your own feet when the time comes. I've spared you once, but not twice."

                After all, Mrs. Mu was a thief and she pulled her daughter and asked, "Daughter, you didn't leave a handle, did you?"

                Mu Si Chun listened to her chest and said, "Mom, don't worry, where is this place? Century Mansion, everything is safe, there is no surveillance in the room, there is in the corridor, but who is he? But who is he? Is he the owner of the building? How can he check the surveillance? Even if we did, it wouldn't be that easy with all those cameras, and it would be too late to find the video."

                Mrs. Mu secretly gave a thumbs up, "Good daughter, thoughtful."

                Qin Ming held her chin up and said, "You want proof, right? You forced me to do this, so I'll give you the proof."

                Snapping, Qin Ming snapped his fingers.

                A member of the building's staff then, gas the computer behind the podium to operate it, and a clipped video was projected on the big screen.

                It was of Nie Haitang and Mu Sichen talking and laughing in the lower corridor as they entered a room, and a short while later, Mu Sichen, wearing Nie Haitang's gown, quickly escaped out the door with her own.

                She then made her way to the bathroom, and by the time she came out of the bathroom after spending a while, she had already changed into her original gown.

                Once these two videos were shown, there was another flurry of excitement at the party.

                "Isn't this the pit?"

                "There's no need to guess, it must be a resentful and deliberate revenge."

                "There's also talk of dancing and then clearing the air, it's all a bluff."

                "There's no way out, the Mu family is so wealthy and powerful, who dares to offend them easily? Even if they are wronged, most of them will swallow it with their own teeth."

                "The Mu family has lost a lot of face this time."

                "Oh, this Mu Sichen used to look so pretty, but I never thought she was a scheming bitch."

                Mu Sichen and Mrs. Mu opened their mouths, dumbfounded once again, in the face of such evidence, any words they spoke were pale and feeble.

                Mu Hao was even more furious and slapped the two mothers and daughters across the face, "Disgraceful things, disgraceful to my Mu family, get lost now."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted and he said, "Wait a minute. Boss Mu has such a heart for his wife and daughter, what a good husband and father."

                He pointed at Mu Sichen who was blushing ugly and said, "Don't worry, I'm not asking you to apologise. After all, you people in the Mu family know that you are wrong and pretend not to see the evidence when it is clearly in front of you. With such thick skin, it would be futile for me to even ask you to apologise. I would say that you can stay on, and I for one am generous enough to forgive you."

                "But forgiving you for your slander does not forgive you for stealing clothes, it's a matter of principle."

                "I have called the police, and when they come to ask who stole the clothes later, I hope everyone will be a witness."

                Mu Si Chun was so angry that her eyes were tearing up, she had never been so humiliated since she was a child, never been pointed at in such a way.

                She thought it was unbelievable how it happened, what means did this Qin Ming have to get the video footage of this Century Mansion? She was pressed directly to death, with no power to fight back.

                No wonder Zhang Zhen Zhen said that there was a bad omen for our Mu family tonight and it would be better if we didn't come to the party. I didn't believe him at first, but it turns out that he's the one who's in trouble. He's a true monk, he's really accurate."

                Mu Hao stepped forward and said, "Young man, it is my fault that I, Mu Hao, have not taught you well. But this matter, why bother to labour the police. I apologise personally to Miss Nie for what my wife and child have done wrong. Miss Nie, I am sorry. Please forgive my family, I will go back and discipline them properly."

                Mu Hao slightly owed an apology towards Nie Haitang in public, which was the bearing of a powerful family.

                Nie Haitang immediately returned the gesture with a ninety-degree bow and said, "Uncle Mu, I wouldn't dare to. Let's put an end to this matter. Qin Ming, you come down here."

                When Qin Ming saw how quick Mu Hao was to apologise, he also developed a lot of good feelings, thinking that this Mu Hao was a real man with a sense of responsibility.

                He said, "Mr. Mu is more courageous than others who know they have made a mistake and don't apologise. I am not a small-minded person either, since you have apologised. I don't have much to lose either, so this matter can be forgotten."

                Once Mu Hao stepped in, the matter was settled.

                He even invited Qin Ming to have a drink together and chatted intimately, which shocked the surrounding tycoons out of their glasses, Mu Hao's attitude was too generous, right?

                In fact, even Qin Ming was a bit suspicious, could this Mu Hao be an old fox with a deep secret?

                Only when the two of them had chatted for a few minutes, the door of the ballroom was suddenly pushed open and a group of heavily armed thugs poured in, shouting, "Men, left and women, all hands on your heads, you've been kidnapped, damn it."