Rags To Riches Chapter 183-184

 Chapter 183

Qin Ming looked around at the crowd and said, "They all say that the Mu family is a powerful family in Guang City, but I see that they are all blind and blind-hearted hypocrites who bully the strong and bully the weak. You came up here to slander my girlfriend, and now you know the truth and deny it. How can a person like you be charitable? How else can you convince people but by using your family's power to oppress them?"

                Mrs Mu was so angry that she was speechless, she had nothing to say when her mockery of Nie Haitang resulted in a strong clarification by Qin Ming.

                But to ask her to apologise, that was impossible.

                The entertainment reporters around her were secretly taking pictures, no one was allowed to take pictures at the party, but they couldn't help but take pictures secretly, and those people were even thinking of headlines for the next few days.

                Nie Haitang was so happy to have gotten one back that she looked at Qin Ming with affection, causing envy all around.

                But her mother is depressed. If she offends the Mu family, the Nie family will have a hard time in the future.

                What is this Qin Ming capable of? Does he have the ability to talk? It's not as good as real money, is it?

                Mu Zhaoyang couldn't help but say, "My mother just heard what she heard and was deceived. It's not her fault."

                Qin Ming sneered, "Then it's your fault, Mu Zhaoyang. Ask Zhao Fugui and his son, who started off by announcing their personal vendetta, stopping our group of people with tickets at the entrance and deliberately humiliating them. They were the ones who started the trouble, so how come in your eyes, we are guilty and Zhao Fugui and his family are not guilty? Oh, Young Master Mu is a bit strong at reversing black and white."

                The crowd looked at Zhao Fugui's father and son and the Write Guangkun family at the side, who all lowered their heads in embarrassment, their shame exactly confirming Qin Ming's words.

                They would never have thought that Qin Ming could carry the Mu family, not at all afraid of the Mu family's retaliation afterwards?

                Mrs. Mu was so furious that she couldn't return the spray she had just received. If it wasn't for my son, he wouldn't have been able to get in, are you blind?"

                Several security guards immediately stepped forward and drove Zhao Fugui and Xie Tao's family out.

                "Hey hey hey? How come ...... young Mu again, didn't you say it was okay?"

                "Li Meng, save me, I just came in. I don't want to be driven away twice."

                "Qin Ming, I was wrong, I was being cautious, I was the one who wanted to deal with you, please forgive me."

                "Qin Ming, at least we are Bai Yu Chun's relatives."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Wait a minute."

                Mrs Mu turned back in shame, is this kid deliberately working against me? I kicked someone out, and you left them behind.

                She sneered, "Who do you think you are? Saying wait and wait?"

                When Qin Ming said this, those security personnel froze and seemed to realise what they had done wrong, immediately stopping their hands.

                Qin Ming walked forward and waved his hand to shoo away the security personnel on this floor, after all, they were all his people, who didn't know him?

                Qin Ming patted Zhao Fugui's clothes and asked, "Zhao Fugui, we are also a classmate, usually we have small fights and sneers are not uncommon. But what have you done, why don't you tell us? Lest people think that I am bullying my classmates."

                Zhao Fugui was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot and pleaded, "I was the one who put you in small shoes at first and deliberately found trouble with you. Later we were begging Li Meng to help us come up from the front door there."

                "But we really didn't mean to get you into trouble again, it was Li Meng who asked us to smear you with rumours, or else she would throw us all out."

                "I made up what I accused Qin Ming of just now, I'm sorry. I really don't want to go against you anymore, it was all Li Meng who instigated me."

                Zhao Fugui's bitter face looked so close to kneeling down to Qin Ming.

                When Mu Zhaoyang heard this, he was furious and said, "Ungrateful things, security guards, kick them out."

                However, where was the security guard to act? All of them did not move a muscle.

                The crowd was suddenly shocked, since when did the words of the Mu family not work?

                Qin Ming opened his hand and said, "Listen, who is right and who is wrong? Who is blind?"

                Someone couldn't help but echo: "Young Master Mu is blind, hahaha."

                "Hahahaha ......"

                There was a lot of laughter, the Mu family had lost face this time.

                The Mu family's mother and son's faces were unusually ugly as they looked at Qin Ming, an ordinary man in a maid's uniform, who had taken control of the whole atmosphere, it was unbelievable.

                Why was no one willing to speak up for the Mu family?

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Alright, security guards, kick these two families out. It's a disgrace, I didn't let them in from the start."

                The security guards moved and set the people out in three strokes.

                This ......

                The atmosphere at the scene was a bit bizarre, how come a maid of honor was not properly serving tea and water, as if he had become the main person in charge?

                Is the Nie family his backer? How come it looked like the Nie family wanted to use him as a backer?

                Qin Ming said, "Since it proves my girlfriend's innocence, you guys don't apologize. Then prove my innocence, do you apologize, Young Master Mu?"

                If it wasn't for the crowd, he would have told his bodyguards to beat up Qin Ming. This kid, with his mouth too full, had made him lose face in the upper class circles of Guangzhou City.

                Mrs. Mu walked away in exasperation, saying, "Zhaoyang, go away and leave the place alone."

                "Hey, hold on!" Qin Ming exclaimed, "I still have melons to eat here. Mrs. Mu, if you leave here, how will you let the group watch your hilarious?"

                There was another burst of laughter from the wealthy merchants around them, "Hahahaha ......"

                Qin Ming brought them too many surprises, the hall of the old luxury family, but was scolded by a serving tea to no return, disgraced the luxury family.

                Who dares to look at the Mu family's jokes? No one dared, but Qin Ming dared.

                Qin Ming said: "This girlfriend of your son just insulted me. Am I that easy to bully?"

                Mu Zhaoyang defended Li Meng and said, "How did Meng Meng insult you? Isn't it true that you've been cheating on her? Is it not the truth that you found someone to act and deceive her?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted and he said, "Tsk, Young Master Mu still has the courage, you can ask Li Meng why she needs to pay back 100,000 yuan to Nie Zhengming."

                Li Meng's heart thumped and she said, "No good, it's over.

                She felt that tonight was really outrageous, why could Qin Ming who ate soft rice be so powerful, in the face of the Mu family's power, Nie Haitang and the Nie family already didn't dare to speak.

                Why was Qin Ming still able to be so reckless?

                Wasn't he a soft rice eater? Why did she suffer defeat when her backer was even more powerful? She should have made Qin Ming unattainable, why? She couldn't figure it out.

                Qin Ming found a past issue of Fortune magazine in a corner of the ballroom and threw it in front of the crowd, saying, "Wasn't the so-called smear report on the Nie family's daughter, the one that made such a fuss before, the one that you, Li Meng, stirred up? The aim was to blackmail the Nie family for 100,000 yuan. After the matter was cleared up, the 100,000 was demanded back, and it was me, the ex-boyfriend, who helped you out out of the goodness of my heart. You're really ungrateful for treating me like this now."

                Mu Zhaoyang was shocked, looking at the wealth magazine on the floor, the evidence was overwhelming, he couldn't say anything, Li Meng's picture was still on the magazine.

                Li Meng was also blue in the face.

                "Aiyo, what kind of girlfriend did this Mu Zhaoyang find? Such a heartthrob?"

                "No wonder he was scolded for being blind, Mu Zhaoyang can really be blind this time."

                "This woman is really good at being a demon. Nie Haitang is affectionate and righteous, she hasn't disliked this poor boy."

                "This serving plate is so powerful."

                Qin Ming raised his hand to signal the crowd to be quiet and said, "Alright, I've finished, what do you guys want to say?"

                Silence, the party should have been lively, at this moment, except for the music played, there was no sound at all, Qin Ming won big, one person cleared the Nie family's injustice with his clever tongue, and even more so, he said that the Mu family was speechless.

                Mrs. Mu Zhaoyang, mother and son, had nothing to say, it was the first time she had met someone who did not give her face, so angry that Mrs. Mu's make-up was all blown up, she just said in exasperation, "Let's go."

                Angry at the Mu family, Nie Haitang pulled Qin Ming, full of joy and admiration, "Qin Ming, you're amazing."

                However, Mrs. Nie, who was annoyed, said, "What's so great? The Mu family is an important partner of ours, offending the Mu family will only lead to bitterness. You, you're going to piss me off."

                Qin Ming said, "Auntie, you don't need to rush, I have a way."

                Mrs. Nie was so angry that she gritted her teeth, "What can you do? You're just a part-time worker, what can you do?"

                Qin Ming took the opportunity to say, "If I can solve this matter, auntie won't object to me being with Haitang, is that possible?"

                Mrs. Nie said, "Sure, you can show me."

Chapter 184

Qin Ming once again blew away Zhao Fugui, and disliked Mu Zhaoyang's mother and son so much that they couldn't return the favour, so he was in the limelight.

                Although she only took advantage of the situation with her mouth.

                But what high society celebrities love is face, because face is often a reflection of authority.

                It was common for them to speak black into white by virtue of their authority. Wasn't it because they were afraid of the Mu family's power that so many wealthy people present chose to watch?

                If someone could make that power bow, then more people would become less fearful.

                The Mu family's second youngest daughter, Mu Sichen, had just been present and was furious when she watched Qin Ming dislike her mother after he disliked her elder brother, leaving her Mu family members with no way to fight back.

                Mu Sichen came back and complained, "Dad, aren't you going to help mum and brother? They're being bullied by a handyman."

                Mu Hao's face was as cold as a knife, and he scolded, "You deserve to lose face for being jealous. What kind of place is this? What is his status? Can't you tell who's right and who's wrong? If it's a big mistake, do you need to make so much noise? I'm talking business with your Uncle Cao, go away."

                Cao Zhengmin, a middle-aged man with a fat head and big ears, smiled broadly, "That waiter is really something, he disliked both our families in one night. My untalented second son was injured by him, and just now Nie Jianmin even came to me to beg for mercy. Oh."

                Mu Hao's heart stirred and asked, "Old Cao, does that kid have any backers? That He Kun of the He family was also towards him just now."

                Cao Zhengmin whispered, "The president of the Blue Sky Foundation, Wang, told me that he is a good friend of Qi Minghui, who seems to think highly of him. You also know that the Qi family is very protective, offending Qi Minghui also undoubtedly offends the entire Qi family."

                Mu Hao and Mu Sichen drifted off, and the way they looked at Qin Ming changed a little, one was wary, the other was despised.

                Mu Sichen bristled and said, "I thought he had some ability. He used the Nie family to deal with the little people, and the Qi family to deal with the big people, isn't he just a fox pretending to be a tiger and a dog fighting for power? The Qi family is so rich and powerful now, he's a real loser."

                Mu Hao said, "It's also a skill to find a backer, you little girl is a good backer to see?"

                Mu Sichen puffed out her lips and said, "I ...... am not convinced, if you don't come forward, I will do it myself. Hmph, I want them to make a fool of themselves."

                After saying that, Mu Sichen turned her head and walked away, Mu Hao was so angry that he stomped his feet, "Hey, you stinky girl, can you be half as mature as your sister?"

                By the dance floor, Nie Haitang was waiting for Qin Ming who had gone to change his clothes.

                However, Nie Jianmin's whole body was not well, he looked at Nie Haitang and wanted to say something several times.

                Nie Haitang said, "Dad, we haven't done anything wrong, why should we be poured out by those people from the Mu family for nothing."

                Mrs. Nie said, "Is the Mu family something we can offend? Even if we are right, we still have to admit our mistakes. Qin Ming caused our family so much trouble, and now he doesn't know where he's gone, he's not in charge."

                Nie Jianmin said, "Let's leave the matter of the Mu family aside for now. But what's going on with you and that Qin Ming? When did you get together?"

                Nie Haitang pursed her lips and said, "We've only been together for a short while. What's wrong? Although Qin Ming is a bit poor, he is sincere with people and is very capable, he will definitely make a name for himself in the future. Brother approves of it too."

                "I'm against it." Mrs. Nie's face was impatient as she said, "If he gets ahead again, how capable can he be? Can you join a powerful family? Daughter, you are marrying down and then marrying down again, and then marrying down again, but you can't marry down a poor rural man? You can't marry a poor rural man. You can't marry a poor rural man. I'm sorry!

                Nie Haitang said, "If they like to laugh, let them laugh, I like Qin Ming anyway. I don't know if the shoe fits until I wear it."

                "Ugh~!" Nie Jianmin sighed breathlessly, propped up his forehead and said, "I know he has some connections with the Qi family, and I'm afraid he has connections with the Hou family too, but connections are not the same as assets, and it won't change the fact that he's a poor boy. Waiting for him to make his fortune? I'm afraid you'll be too old for him and he'll be too old for you."

                Nie Haitang was dissatisfied, "Qin Ming is not that kind of person."

                At this moment, Mu Sichen walked over and said with a slight bow, "Uncle, auntie, how are you?"

                When Nie Jianmin looked at her, he immediately stood up enthusiastically and said humbly, "Oh, isn't this Miss Mu? Hello, hello. I'm really sorry for our ungrateful daughter just now, it was all a misunderstanding, we'll come to the door to admit our mistake another day."

                With a harmless expression on her face, Mu Sichen said, "No, that was a misunderstanding because my brother and my mother were tricked. I wasn't affected by it at all. My dad even said that my brother deserved it, so you don't have to take it to heart at all, uncle and aunt."

                Nie Jianmin was in a slightly better mood when he saw Mu Sichen's attitude, "That's good, that's good."

                Mu Sichen smiled and said, "Sister Haitang, I have a small favour to ask you. Can you let me wear it and take a picture of it? Just to post it on my friends' circle to look good."

                Nie Haitang nuzzled her lips, thinking that it wouldn't be good for her family to make too much of a stalemate with the Mu family, so she nodded and said, "Sure."

                The two women went to the room on the lower level dedicated to attacking rest, where they stripped off their party dresses.

                Mu Si Chun smiled as she stared at Nie Haitang's figure and said, "Sister Haitang you have a really good figure. It's cheap to have that poor Qin Ming for nothing? Pan Jun!

                Nie Haitang's willow eyebrows were raised and she said, "Sister Mu, please respect my boyfriend."

                "Fine, fine, I'll just say something." Mu Si Chun immediately said, "I'll wear your dress first, you help take a picture and I'll return the dress to you."

                Once Mu Si Chun had put on Nie Haitang's gala dress, Nie Haitang was looking very sexy in just her underwear and a strapless gown.

                She picked up her phone and was about to take a picture of Mu Sichen.

                At that moment, Mu Sichen grabbed her own black party dress and ran away from the bed.

                Nie Haitang was stunned and called out, "Hey, you ......"

                With a wicked smile on her face, Mu Sichen said without looking back, "That, I suddenly have an urgent matter, I'll leave first, you wait for me to come back haha."

                Boom, the door closed, leaving Nie Haitang alone and dumbfounded, before she realized she had been tricked.

                She had no clothes now and couldn't leave this room?

                No. In this room, there was a set of pyjamas.

                But Nie Haitang couldn't go out in her pyjamas, could she?

                Mu Si Chun returned here to the ballroom in a smug mood, she had changed back into her party dress and walked up to Mrs Mu, taking credit for what had happened.

                The corners of Mrs. Mu's mouth lifted and she hummed, "Well done, my good girl, what is the Nie family? How dare they give us a look, punish them properly."

                Mu Sichen said, "Mum, find an excuse to return Nie Haitang's clothes, and then order someone to invite Nie Haitang to a dance, saying that if you dance, then tonight's matter will be settled. It's guaranteed to embarrass the Nie family, hehehe."

                Mrs. Mu gave a thumbs up and said, "It's still my daughter who is filial and helps her mother out. In all my years, apart from your father, that Qin Ming kid is the only one who dares to hit me in the face and make me look bad. Only the Nie family would dare to be so arrogant to me."

                Mrs Mu felt that her chance to get back on her feet had come, and the two mothers and daughters walked majestically, arm in arm, towards Nie Jianmin and his wife.

                As Mrs. Mu approached, Nie Jianmin stood up first when he saw them and said with a smile on his face, "Mrs. Mu, just now ......"

                But when the two of them looked at the party dress handed over by Mu Sichen, their smiles froze.

                What's going on here? Didn't they go together? How come Mu Sichen came back and Nie Haitang didn't?

                Mrs. Mu raised her arm and said, "Mr. Nie, I misunderstood your girl about what just happened, so I'm sorry. How about this, let us Zhaoyang dance with your daughter, so that everyone can see that our two families have made up, how about that?"

                Nie Jianmin's face sank as he asked, "Miss Mu, didn't our Haitang go out with you just now? Where is she?"