Rags To Riches Chapter 181-182

 Chapter 181

In the corner of the dance floor of the party, the scene was very chaotic, Zhao Fu Gui, with the backing of Mu Zhaoyang, simply denied making bad things happen, and directly disliked Qin Ming for being ungrateful and ungrateful, and both sides poured dirty water on each other with your words.

                Qin Ming did not expect even Chen Mulin to come, he said with great gratitude, "President, Chen Mulin thank you for helping me to speak."

                Zhang Qingqing hummed with a tilt of her chin, "I'm not helping you, I'm just helping our Haitang."

                Chen Mulin glanced at Nie Haitang, her mood inexplicably upset, and hummed, "I was also stopped by these people, I was just expressing my anger, not helping you."

                Zhou Yu stepped forward and said, "I was going to go down to get you, but I didn't find it. Zhang Qingqing and Chen Mulin then approached me and wanted to come here to join in the fun, so I took the liberty of bringing them up."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred and he asked in a low voice, "What is it?"

                Zhou Yu lowered his voice and said, "Young Master, Secretary Song asked me to convey to you that those mercenaries posing as waiters have also been caught, twelve in total. According to the confessions of the two groups, they also have a special operations squad, but they don't know where they are hiding. Fearing that something might happen to the person in charge of North China Indeed, Team Leader Qi had more people concentrate on the fifty-eighth floor to hold down the fort, and Secretary Song also went there."

                Qin Ming hadn't expected there to be a third team of assassins, and to be able to plant people in this building that was so closely guarded by his men, Chang Huan's methods were really impressive.

                Since Qi Yundong had gone to pacify the head of the industry in North China, Qin Ming was slightly relieved.

                Qin Ming whispered, "Anyway, let's settle the matter here first."

                While Qin Ming was whispering to Zhou Yu, Li Meng pulled Mu Zhaoyang in for a whisper, and the more he said, the more gloomy his face became.

                The rich merchant next to him was also gradually getting a little impatient and started to complain and whine.

                "What a child's quarrel, what do these people take the party for? Why are all the security personnel missing?"

                "Where's the organiser, Mr Wang?"

                "Mr Wang has gone to fawn over the Qi family, can't you see that Qi Yundong's family is not there? I heard that he was chatting with the secretary of the municipal party committee and some business tycoons from the north on the fifty-eighth floor."

                "Let these kids toss it around, just as a joke anyway."

                "How come even the Nie family's children are involved?"

                "That guy seems to be a waiter, right? Miss Nie likes a waiter?"

                "No way! A poor boy with a princess? Is this an idol drama? This is big news."

                Because the situation had changed, Qin Ming said impatiently, "Forget it, I don't want to bother with you people for now, get out of the way."

                Mu Zhaoyang, however, stopped Qin Ming and said, "What? You want to leave after foxing me? You bully me and my girlfriend and just let it go? Or do you think you can rely on Nie Haitang to help you? So you're just going to do whatever you want?"

                "What did I do?" Qin Ming sneered back, "What you say is evidence?"

                Nie Haitang also did not back down and said, "Young Master Mu, let's be reasonable in all matters, my boyfriend is not something you can slander out of thin air."

                Mu Zhaoyang said angrily, "Aren't these all your schemes and tricks? Bullying Meng Meng, a weak woman. This brat abandoned Meng Meng who didn't mind him being poor in order to climb the ladder of luxury. Later, Meng Meng even helped to take care of his sister, only to be tricked by him. This kind of shameless man is just cheating you out of your feelings, Nie Haitang, I advise you not to fall for it."

                "That day at Wanda Shopping Centre, I saw with my own eyes that this man loves to play tricks and joined hands with others to deliberately tease Meng Meng with money. He even invited someone to beat up Meng Meng to satisfy his inner vanity."

                "That Bai Yu-chun is his school sister, and in order to pick up his school sister followed to work part-time, with his feet in two boats."

                "Such a man is a scum, polish your eyes, Nie Haitang, don't fall into the laughing stock of Guang City's upper class circle."

                Li Meng cried and cried, "Forget it, Zhaoyang, it's all my fault, I shouldn't have come here and spoiled everyone's fun, woo ......"

                Mu Zhaoyang hugged Li Meng in pain and gritted his teeth, "If I hadn't seen Meng Meng who was about to jump off the river and saved her. That would have been a human life. Qin Ming, if you're not a scum, what are you?"

                Nie Haitang was so angry that she was quite speechless, she trusted Qin Ming absolutely.

                Qin Ming was even more shocked by the thickness of Li Meng's cheek.

                Qin Ming knew that there were some words that some people could not reason with, so he said, "Well, since you don't believe in it, it's useless to talk more. What exactly do you want if you don't let go?"

                Mu Zhaoyang pointed at Qin Ming and said, "Apologise and then get lost, immediately. Where there's Li Meng, there's no place for you."

                Nie Haitang and the others chimed in, saying, "On what grounds do you have?"

                Mu Zhaoyang said coldly, "On the basis that I am the youngest member of the Mu family, Nie Haitang, your Nie family has been in so much trouble lately, do you still want to fall out with our Mu family?"

                Nie Haitang bit her lip, unable to speak, if Cao Xiangliang could still rely on her father's relationship to ease the situation, then the Mu family had nothing to talk about.

                If the Mu family wanted to deal with the Nie family, I'm afraid it wouldn't take much trouble, the Mu family was pressing down on her head like a big mountain, making her feel powerless.

                At this moment, Zhou Yu couldn't hold back and stood out, "Young Master Mu, what right do you have to ask others? Are you relying on your family's good fortune?"

                Mu Zhaoyang frowned, "The new old boss of Tiancheng Securities. Hmph, this Qin Ming is your friend? And who are you? Believe it or not, I'll have your securities company shut down tomorrow?"

                Zhou Yu angled his chin and said, "So what if it closes down, I only do what is right. Qin Ming is right, you guys are wrong, it's as simple as that."

                The corner of Mu Zhaoyang's mouth lifted as he arrogantly said, "Oh, good, Zhou Yu you are young enough to be appreciated by Hou Qing, I thought you were a promising person, but it turns out that you are also an indiscriminate person. How big do you think your face is? Go and get the organising manager and get rid of all these people."

                Suddenly, the crowd lined up a graceful woman and said, "Well, Zhaoyang, what is your status? For the sake of a woman, lowering yourself to argue with a poor waiter?"

                Mu Zhaoyang said, "Mom? Why are you here? Weren't you talking to Mrs. Cao and the others?"

                A young girl beside Mrs. Mu said, "Brother, you are making so much noise here, the people across the hall can hear you. Brother, you rarely lose your temper, what's wrong today?"

                Mu Zhaoyang said, "It's not because of a scumbag who cheats on people."

                Although the word "old" was added to the word "old", the influence was such that no one dared to squeal when the two mothers and sons spoke.

                Bai Yuchun saw that the matter was getting bigger and bigger, and was very worried that Qin Ming would get into big trouble for helping her.

                Those gentry families were very powerful, and since Qin Ming and she were both ordinary students, she could not just watch in vain as Qin Ming was misunderstood and attacked.

                Bai Yuchun didn't know where she got the courage to bite He Menglian's hand and break free from her control.

                He Menglian cursed, "Ouch, Bai Yuchun you dead girl,, how dare you bite me?"

                Bai Yuchun couldn't care less and hurriedly came forward, saying, "I'm sorry, this time the cause was mostly me, I, I don't know how to apologize. Please everyone calm down ......"

                Mrs. Mu swept a glance at Bai Yuchun, who was dressed as a waiter, and scolded, "Is there a place for you to interrupt when I'm talking?"

                Bai Yuchun was scared into silence and just bowed repeatedly to apologize.

                Mrs. Mu looked at Nie Haitang and the others and said disdainfully, "Really, a mobster thinks he's a magnate? Nie Haitang, you're a poor man? You're a poor man? Mang? Eris? You're a poor man? The ram is a very important part of the story. The company's main business is to provide a service to the public. Resume? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. The first thing you need to do is to think about the value of the product. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The actual fact is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal on your own.

                The people around couldn't help but talk about what had happened to the Nie family. The people around the house could not help but talk about what had happened to the Nie family that had emboldened Mrs. Mu like this.

Chapter 182

Mrs. Mu said arrogantly, "It's not too late to apologise to my son and leave now."

                Qin Ming was awe-inspiring and said, "If you apologise like me now, I can consider your Mu family ignorant and suffering from deception and let you off the hook."

                There was shock.

                The rich and powerful people around the venue were stunned, what made Qin Ming, a waiter, dare to say that? He was still holding a few empty cups in his hands? He was still wearing the clothes of a waiter.

                Mu Zhaoyang laughed back in anger: "Humph, really people are shameless under the sun. You must be relying on the fact that there are many people here and we don't dare to do anything to you, right? But a scumbag like you who starts and ends up bullying your classmates, even if I lower myself, I will still make you receive punishment."

                The corners of Mrs Mu's mouth lifted and she said, "Forget it, these two aren't any good birds either. The Nie family, well, they've been doing big business lately, they're just a burgeoning family, and to put it nicely, they're a newly minted magnate, that's because people give him face, but some people, they just give face to shame."

                "Last month, Yanghe Group wanted to buy a big stake in Nie's Sanitary Ware Group, almost succeeded, and in the end that eleven percent, has been withheld in the hands of the He family."

                "Does everyone know? This Miss Nie, for the sake of the eleven percent equity stake, agreed to go and be someone's wife, huh, really guilty of being a bitch."

                "But in the end, she reneged, and beat someone else He Kun into disability, so it can be said that she has no faith in her words, so she probably wants to play the immortal jump."

                "Her elder brother Nie Zhengming, in order to seek help from our Mu family, even broke up with his girlfriend who had been in love for years, and sought a match with my daughter, ouch I go, for money, really women are like clothes. Shame on you, think our Mu family is running a rubbish recycling business?"

                "Boss Nie also begged everywhere, and begged the Hou family to get over the hardship. Oh, the gentry?"

                "But a while ago, the Nie family got into trouble with the Qi family again. tsk ...... The company is about to change ownership, the stock is diving all the way down and all the big clients are lost."

                "The mob family a nest of things, do son do daughter also so jump, huh huh, this is to pop? Up to heaven?"

                The Mu family wife said these words in one stream, listening to the surrounding rich and famous businessmen and women shake their heads, these are not good ah.

                Nie Haitang was blushing and nervous, her hands were all sweaty as she gripped Qin Ming, she was scared, she hated being talked about like this.

                Mrs Mu pointed to a short distance away and said, "Alas, Mr Nie and Mrs Nie, won't you come over and have a chat? You're not going to play dumb and not hear, are you?"

                Nie Jianmin, whose back was turned to the crowd, had a tiger shake.

                But because he thought it was too humiliating as it was all between children, he didn't come over for the sake of saving face, thinking that they would soon disperse.

                Who knew that the more trouble they made, the bigger it got and now the whole place was watching.

                The more Nie Jianmin's face is hanging, he can't wait to find a crack to go in, the past is impossible to go over, past shame? The explanation back is too busy to be heard.

                Nie Haitang frowned worriedly, her grandparents were also present, would they be disappointed to see this scene of theirs?

                But even so, she still had no reason to back down, she didn't want to be defeated by money and power.

                Nie Haitang's mother's face sank, knowing that it was not good for her husband to step in, she hurriedly came forward and said with a smile: "Mrs. Mu, our Haitang is still young and doesn't know any better, so it's inevitable that she will be cheated. Please bear with me, I'm sorry for what happened this time, I'm sorry. Haitang, come with me."

                But Nie Haitang refused to go, she knew that the more times like this, the more she could not leave Qin Ming behind, even if she had to lose face again, she had to lose this face with Qin Ming.

                Nie Haitang said, "Mum, Qin Ming is my boyfriend, I know all about him. These people are twisting the facts."

                Old Mother's face turned red with anger and she grunted, "What boyfriend? I don't agree. They're not capable of anything, they're just fooling people and pushing our Nie family into the fire. Your father just had a hard time convincing Mr. Cao that the matter with Cao Xiangliang was only resolved, and now he's messing with the Mu family, this kid is a disaster."

                "That's enough!"

                Qin Ming bellowed with great annoyance and said, "Mrs Mu, you said something about He Kun, then fine, ask He Kun to come out and say something. Let him tell everyone what is going on? But I've just warned you, you've slandered my girlfriend's reputation and you'll pay for it."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, eyes looked in unison towards a corner of the banquet table, where He Kun was drinking mulled wine by himself.

                Qin Ming said loudly, "He Kun, what happened that day, come over and tell Mrs. Mu what happened, if you have half a word wrong, you will really kick you in the balls."

                He Kun clenched his thighs in fear and slunk over.

                The people around him were very confused, "This teenager is as loud-mouthed as ever, so domineering."

                "What's going on? Doesn't he rely on the Nie family? Does he eat soft food?"

                "Are you stupid? Would that soft-head Nie Jianmin dare to come over? Mu Hao's wife doesn't even dare to face him, so what does his Nie family have to fall back on?"

                "Does this mean that this teenager has his own backers?"

                "Lean on the mountain and the mountain will fall, lean on everyone, let's see."

                "I have some admiration for this teenager now, although he is a waiter, there is some temperament that can't be hidden by a hired uniform."

                He Jia had been warned by Hou Qing and simply did not dare to go against Qin Ming.

                He said honestly, "Mrs. Mu, it was me who took the Nie family's eleven percent stake and went to the Nie family and asked Nie Haitang to marry me, and I would sell that stake to the Nie family."

                "Nie Haitang refused and I was so horny I tried to take advantage of her by force, it was her boyfriend who stepped in just in time to protect her."

                "It was me, He Kun, who did this and I never had the chance to apologise solemnly to Miss Nie. Miss Nie, I'm very sorry, but fortunately your boyfriend stopped my mistake with a kick in time and didn't let me go further down the wrong path."

                After saying this, He Kun bowed.

                There was silence all around, He Kun had slapped Mrs Mu's face in public.

                Mrs Mu was so angry that she shivered, how could a mere He Kun dare to go against her? Even if what she knew was false, then you, He Kun, should still be in her favour.

                What a bear's heart and leopard's guts.

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted and he said indifferently, "Hear that? This is the truth. Some people, in order to attack others and distort the truth, rely on the fact that they have a large family and know many people, and then point to the deer as a horse."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Shao He, you can go."

                He Kun nodded with a smile, and inwardly glanced at the Mu family with disdain as he said, "Chief Hou has personally given me a warning, this teenager might be Chief Hou's illegitimate son. Oh, when the Hou family comes forward, your Mu family will be embarrassed."

                Qin Ming held Nie Haitang's hand and said, "You attacked my girlfriend so viciously, why is there no sound now?"

                Mrs Mu was annoyed, "So what if I misunderstood? Do I still need to give you an explanation? I'm curious, you waiter, how are you going to make me pay?"