Rags To Riches Chapter 177-178

 Chapter 177

Bi Yuan, Money Leopard and Xuanyuan Wu, with their intentional sneak attack, also relied on their numerical advantage, if they couldn't catch a few foreign mercenaries like that, then they could kill themselves to thank them.

                Therefore, Qin Ming was not worried that Bi Yuan would fail.

                Qin Ming remembered that Century Tower also sold clothes, right on the seventeenth floor, and walked straight up in the fire escape.

                But when he passed the sixteenth floor, he smelt a whiff of rice and realised that the sixteenth floor was still the kitchen. He did not want to go and join in the fun, but he heard a rude and angry scolding.

                "What the hell are you doing carrying a plate and dropping it? If we weren't short-staffed, we wouldn't want a temporary worker like you. Clean up now, there's still a lot of work to be done, don't you dare slack off and you won't get paid."

                "Sorry, supervisor, I didn't mean to."

                Qin Ming's ears tilted and heard the voice of his schoolmate Bai Yuchun, she was actually working here part-time?

                Qin Ming muttered in his mind, "I think she said she had a big part-time job, so it's here as a serving tray."

                He pushed open the door and found a greasy and wet aisle behind it, opposite the door of a restaurant where the cooks were busy in a frenzy.

                And by the kitchen door, Bai Yu-chun, in her overalls, had spilled some dishes and was struggling to clean them up, only the porcelain was sharp and she had hurt her hand in one accident.

                "Ah!" Bai Yuchun frowned and held up her injured finger, blood gurgling out, and sighed, "Why was I so careless?"

                Seeing this, Qin Ming walked up and said, "Nuo, band-aid."

                "Huh? Qin Ming? Why are you here?" Bai Yu Chun was very surprised as to how Qin Ming had appeared here, she asked, "Could it be that you are also working here part-time?"

                Qin Ming was in tears, he had been invited in.

                Without saying anything, he grabbed Bai Yu-chun's hand, washed it, and then gently dried it with hand towels, then glued on a band-aid, very gently.

                Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming, who was treating the wound carefully, with a warm feeling in her heart, as Qin Ming appeared by her side like a saviour at such times.

                Only after this was done did Qin Ming say, "Do you have any clothes? My clothes have been torn."

                Bai Yu Chun thought for a moment and said, "Yes, because today is the Huayi Night Blue Sky Foundation Charity Gala, so there are many temporary part-timers like me, so there are quite a few clothes prepared."

                In a short while, Qin Ming was given a clean set of clothes, the work uniform for the lowest level of kitchen handyman.

                Bai Yuchun smiled and said, "You really look like a kitchen worker when you wear this, huh huh."

                Qin Ming also joked; "Maybe I used to serve plates too much and got the temperament out of it, hahaha."

                Qin Ming wasn't afraid of being mistaken for a waiter, he didn't care that much either is all, it was better than meeting people bare-chested, right? He felt more humiliated without his clothes on.

                He said, "I'm going up to the 17th floor, I'll leave first."

                He had just turned to go when he saw a supervisor in a suit approaching and said, "Hey, where are you going? The kitchen is busy, there is a shipment of French wine coming in soon, it's too busy now, you guys go and bring the wine up, be careful when you carry it, a bottle costs more than 100,000, you can't afford to pay for it if you lose it."

                Qin Ming sighed to himself that he was a bit unlucky that this could be misunderstood.

                He explained, "I'm not a waiter."

                The supervisor was furious: "You're not a waiter, so I am? If you're done in the kitchen, go and do something else, you'll get paid for it. Go on, both of you together, we'll settle the score if you're late."

                Bai Yuchun took Qin Ming's hand and hurried away, saying, "Forget it, Qin Ming, our supervisor is also busy with a brainache, I'll go alone later, you can go about your business."

                The supervisor cursed and said, "Damn it, didn't I recruit a group of foreigners to be senior waiters? Why are they all gone now? The manager will be looking for me again, where can I find another group of handsome men and women to be senior waiters?"

                Qin Ming pondered over the supervisor's words as he walked.

                He had recruited a group of foreigners to be senior waiters?

                Suddenly disappeared? They couldn't have vanished into thin air, could they?

                Qin Ming was almost certain that it must be the foreign mercenaries that Chang Huan had hired to infiltrate and target him, Qin Ming!

                Qin Ming followed behind, contacting Bi Yuan as he walked and asked, "Has your side been taken care of?"

                On the fifteenth floor of the Century Tower, Bi Yuan and a large number of Money Leopard's men had the blonde woman and her men under control on the floor.

                Bi Yuan said, "Young master, I'm glad to see you. Seven men and one woman, all taken down. Judging from the tools they were carrying, it looks like they were going to plant time bombs and control circuits and hack into the LAN on the 15th floor so as to take control of our surveillance network. Fortunately, Young Master found them in time, otherwise the consequences would have been unthinkable."

                Qin Ming said, "Get rid of all of them, but don't cause a commotion among the guests. Leave one alive and confess their actions tonight, then you guys mix and match as mercenaries and act with Chang Huan's inner circle."

                As soon as Bi Yuan heard this, he thought that Qin Ming's plan was too brilliant.

                Originally, the enemy was in the dark and he was in the light, but now Qin Ming's unexpected discovery would allow his own people to successfully penetrate the inside, so that he could discover who exactly was the traitor to the heads of the industries visiting from the north.

                Qin Ming added, "Investigate the list of part-time temporary waiters recruited by the organiser, a group of them have disappeared, but the information they had when they joined should be able to be obtained, go and find them."

                On the fifteenth floor of the Century Building, Bi Yuan was somewhat shocked, holding his mobile phone with a sad face.

                The money leopard on the side said with a smug smile, "What's wrong? Isn't this an excellent completion of the task?"

                Bi Yuan said, "Young master has found the enemy again, and was able to blend in with the senior waiters so as to enter the building without any problems."

                We have investigated the temporary workers recruited by the organizer, and there is no problem with their identity."

                Bi Yuan pointed at the foreign mercenaries who were pinned to the ground and said, "Then how do you explain these people? They are also security personnel hired by the organisers and have all their documents. This is a dereliction of duty on our part. The young master has already found two in a row, we must mend our ways or wait to be punished."

                The golden leopard also listened with a stony face and said anxiously, "OK, you deal with these people, I'll go find the roster, I don't believe they can still be disguised."

                On the other side, Qin Ming was in an annoyed mood after hanging up the phone.

                Chang Huan had gone out of his way to involve the entire patrons involved in the party in order to kill Qin Ming, which made Qin Ming exceptionally annoyed.

                Once this had happened, the implications were extensive and a big fuss was made, then even if the assassination failed, his identity would have to be exposed passively, otherwise it would be difficult to quell this chaos and disaster involving the entire Kwang City power elite.

                This Century Mansion was still an estate under his name.

                There was basically no other way out for Qin Ming but to go quietly and solve it perfectly. Chang Huan's plan could be considered to hold the initiative.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but curse angrily, "Damn it."

                Bai Yuchun, who was walking ahead, was startled and cowered, "Qin Ming, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's me, I've dragged you into this. I'll just go and carry the goods myself."

                Qin Ming explained, "It's alright, I was talking to my friend."

                Bai Yuchun blushed again after hearing this and said shyly, "Huh? Yes, I'm sorry, I thought you were angry and scolded me. After all, I'm always bothering you, I'm the sweeper."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Be confident, you're not a sweeper. It's good to trouble me, I like being troubled."

                Bai Yuchun thought Qin Ming was placating her, but she was still happy to hear such words.

                This was true to Qin Ming's heart, because if it wasn't for that supervisor's unintentional remark, Qin Ming wouldn't have been able to spot the problem.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, now that the party had become the centre of a storm, he could not rush, he had to continue to keep a low profile, the lower the profile, then the less the assassins sent by Chang Huan could find him, the better his chances of winning.

                Qin Ming suppressed his anxiety and said to himself, "Let's have a fight then, is this adopted son of yours powerful, or am I the righteous son?"

Chapter 178

Originally, this party was the Hongmen Banquet.

                Qin Ming just did not expect that the person who found the assassins was not the assassination team, but himself. It was also fortunate that those assassins did not know Qin Ming's appearance, otherwise the consequences would have been unthinkable.

                Qin Ming no longer had much of a mind to participate in this gala party, and of the subordinates he met with this time, he was afraid that they did not know what was going on in this building yet.

                He said to himself, "I must keep a low profile, remain undetected as much as possible, and then uncover Chang Huan's inner circle."

                As long as he won this battle beautifully, then he would both gain the approval of the Four Patriarchs and at the same time take in all of his subordinates in the entire Chinese region, as well as showing his strength to the entire Huan Yu Century Group.

                He now thought it would be a good choice to blend in as a waiter. No one would have thought that he, the richest man in the world, would pretend to be an ordinary waiter, right?

                The men were now in the whole building, and although there were many of them, there were many floors in the Century Building, and Qin Ming's men would not have enough manpower if they were spread out.

                Although Chang Huan's men were small in number, it was not easy to find them when they were concentrated in the shadows all the time.

                When they arrived downstairs, the two men carried down several large cases of red wine from the van, and judging from the shipping list and the printing on the boxes, there was nothing wrong with them.

                Qin Ming was afraid that there would be some other deadly weapon hidden inside these red wines, and also opened each case to check, and there was nothing unusual.

                After the two of them delivered the wine, the supervisor said again, "Why are you two moving so slowly, the ball has already started. You guys go to the twenty-eighth floor to take care of it."

                Qin Ming didn't say anything more and went straight to do it.

                The two of them had just arrived at the twenty-eighth floor and found a huge hall domain with a high platform in the middle and a row of seats in front of them, all of the famous and rich people of Guangcheng.

                In the centre, on the podium, a man was making a speech.

                "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the chairman of the Blue Sky Charity Foundation, Wang Zhan, and it is easy to co-organise tonight's charity gala with Mr Li, the owner of CFL Huayi."

                "Doing charity, many people do it, but many people do it and then don't. They don't understand how to do charity to help more people, and I have been studying this subject, but one thing remains the same, and that is to insist on ......"

                The boss of Blue Sky Charity Foundation was talking non-stop on stage, and there would be applause from time to time, while Qin Ming and other waiters were setting up drinks on both sides of the venue, and when they finished talking, they were going to play music and dance.

                After an hour or so of work, they finally finished setting up the venue, and the party officially began on this floor.

                There was no news back from Bi Yuan's side yet, so Qin Ming could only wait.

                Here in the lobby someone was playing live music, and all the dignified people in Guangcheng came, the rich and powerful, the celebrities and literati, either chatting or drinking, so it was a good time.

                Qin Ming stood watching in his waiter's clothes, and saw Qi Yundong's family, but he didn't bother to identify them.

                Seeing that Qin Ming had been helping her, Bai Yuchun was very grateful and overwhelmed and said, "Qin Ming, thank you, without you I would not have been able to finish on my own."

                Qin Ming said calmly, "Oh, it's okay."

                Bai Yuchun looked at the socialites dancing on the dance floor and sighed, "The life of the rich is so good, I can't afford to buy a single piece of clothing they wear even after a lifetime of struggle."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "So it's time for another classic quiz, would you rather sit in a BMW and cry or sit on a bike and laugh?"

                Bai Yuchun bristled and said, "I'm not going to answer you, it always feels like you're trying to trap me, Qin Ming. But if I really have to choose, I'd rather sit on a bicycle and laugh, I'm used to hard times, it's good that I can't starve to death."

                Qin Ming's eyes lit up and he gave Bai Yuchun a thumbs up, he appreciated people who followed their hearts.

                Qin Ming was serving wine in the crowd when he saw Ma Beiyang.

                Was it the same old boss of a certain appearance company that Principal Liao Qing had introduced him to for an internship?

                But after a brief exchange earlier, Qin Ming knew that this Ma Beiyang was no good, deceiving Principal Liao and asking for talent on his lips, but secretly he just wanted female students.

                However, Liao Qingxuan, who was following him, recognised Qin Ming.

                "Qin Ming? Come here." Liao Qingxuan called out, and Qin Ming had to carry the wine over.

                Liao Qingxuan asked in confusion, "You work here part-time?"


                Qin Ming wanted to say no, but dressed in this outfit and carrying a tray of wine, he couldn't deny it even if he wanted to.

                Ma Beiyang laughed, his eyes full of contempt, and said, "Didn't Principal Liao give you tickets? Tsk, you have to be a servant instead of a guest? For one night's part-time pay? You're really a working man's life."

                Qin Ming was displeased and said, "Just don't work for you, Boss Ma, anyway."

                "Huh? Have I turned you down?" Ma Beiyang shook his head very arrogantly, took a glass of wine and said, "Liao Qing is my alumnus, if she asks, I will definitely take care of you, so don't give your face away. Who is this person next to you?"

                Ma Beiyang's eyes immediately fell on Bai Yuchun now, Bai Yuchun listened to their conversation and thought she knew each other, politely said, "Hello, my name is Bai Yuchun. I'm a student of the Department of Electronic Commerce. I went to the same university as Qin Ming."

                Ma Beiyang smiled heartily and said, "Oh. Qin Ming, you are very good. You still remembered what you said last time."

                Qin Ming was about to say something when Liao Qingxuan suddenly pulled him away and said angrily, "Qin Ming, I didn't expect you to be such a person. For the sake of an internship opportunity, you actually pushed your own classmate into the fire. Do you know what kind of person Ma Beiyang is? He's an old lecher, his company recruits college students for internships all year round, the only requirement is young women, and many of the girls who come to his company for internships have been spoiled."

                "Or do you want to use your friend for a manager's position?" Liao Qingxuan angrily poked Qin Ming in the chest.

                Qin Ming asked rhetorically, "Then why is Miss Liao still hanging out with him? Aren't you in danger? Boss Ma also seems to have thoughts about Teacher Liao as well."

                Liao Qingxuan said, "Don't ask children about adult matters, take your friend and leave."

                Liao Qingxuan was also depressed in her heart, she was able to come here for this party because of Ma Beiyang's connections, and she also wanted to find some rich businessmen to invest in her to start a dance training company, but not many people were willing to invest in her because there was a lot of competition and the risk was high.

                However, Ma Beiyang always expressed his interest in her business and wanted to invest in it, intentionally or unintentionally.

                Although Liao Qingxuan knew that Ma Beiyang was only interested in her body, she could not resist the temptation and was hopeful, thinking of trapping Ma Beiyang, so that he could invest in her dance training course while still preserving her chastity.

                So, Liao Qingxuan still circled around Ma Beiyang seeking opportunities.

                Ma Beiyang said, "Classmate Bai Yuchun, it's a pleasure to meet you. Headmaster Liao said to introduce you and Qin Ming to my company for internship, I wonder what you think? Our foreign trade company is also doing big, and we are seriously short of people for many positions. I wonder if you're interested?"

                Bai Yuchun's heart stirred and she said, "With Qin Ming?"

                Ma Beiyang revealed a lecherous gaze and said, "Well ...... yes, both of you can come to my company for an internship, which is also in line with your majors."

                Bai Yuchun's figure and looks were so outstanding that Ma Beiyang was already very excited to see it just now, and Qin Ming had really brought a female classmate along to ask him for a job.

                He thought to himself, "Qin Ming, this poor? I don't think so. The beautiful and troubled 14 ring of minerals and minerals brother so that the forgiveness 5 so Qin food and mist sub Yijun? The people of the country are not in a position to get a job. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. What are the reasons for this? The name of the company is a symbol of the company. 砻厥榘伞!

                Bai Yuchun hesitated and said, "But I've only finished my sophomore year, can I do that too?"

                Ma Beiyang said very easily, "Then the salary might be a little. How about giving you three thousand a month? It's better than your part-time job, how about that? Think about it?"

                Bai Yuchun listened, feeling like she was dreaming. She had lost three part-time jobs in a row before because of Wang Chenghu's affair, and now she had a stable internship job, and she could also work for the same company as Qin Ming, so it couldn't be better.

                Bai Yuchun was very impressed and was about to ask Qin Ming what he thought.

                Suddenly a sharp voice said, "Bai Yuchun, there you are, bring a glass of wine over here."

                A group of people came out from the side, and were they not Bai Yuchun's relatives? Xie Guangkun, Xie Tao and even Zhao Fugui had come up.

                Qin Ming was stunned, why did they come in again? Hadn't they been chased away?

                Qin Ming was confused when he heard a sneer behind him: "Heh, Qin Ming, you poor? What are you doing? The king of the world is a poor man.

                Qin Ming looked back and was surprised to see Li Meng.

                She was holding a tall, wealthy young man by the arm, looking at Qin Ming with a smug look and nostrils in the air, in a condescending posture.

                Qin Ming was even more surprised, how come Li Meng had come in too? What had happened here?