Rags To Riches Chapter 175-176

 Chapter 175

On the 15th floor of the Century Building, there is a boxing club where Qin Ming and a sinister looking Cao Xiangliang arrived.

                The two men were standing in the boxing ring.

                Cao Xiangliang said he wanted to fight Qin Ming one-on-one, but Qin Ming, who had been fighting since childhood, was not afraid of him.

                Cao Xiangliang is furious, he has been "courting" Nie Haitang for two years and has lost face over it, asking no one from the city's celebrities to steal from him.

                The Cao family is a real powerhouse in Guangzhou, with an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars, three generations and many connections in official circles.

                This threat is really useful, as long as the powerful families that are not on par with the Cao family do not quite dare to offend this crazy Cao second youngster.

                After all, in the circles of the upper class and powerful, Cao's second young man was known to be a fop, crazy, stubborn and philandering.

                It was well known that this oddball of the Cao family, Cao Xiangliang, was bound to be present at any such banquet and was bound to come to pester Nie Haitang and shout everywhere that he would not marry him, which was widely known.

                He has become the butt of jokes among the rich and powerful, and Cao's family has let him get away with it, as long as he doesn't break the law or commit rape and pillage.

                The strange thing about Cao Xiangliang is that when he can't pick up Nie Haitang, he goes crazy and spends money to find some starlets, young models, internet celebrities and club beauties, playing around and getting high, changing his girlfriends one after another.

                He also shamelessly said that those were just women for fun and that he would not marry Nie Haitang.

                So when Nie Haitang sees this strange dude, she gets a headache.

                A real rich and famous person would not be as flamboyant as Cao Xiangliang? Nor would they be as shameless and crazy as he is.

                In Guangzhou, the Mu family, the Hou family and some other talented men from wealthy families have also courted Nie Haitang, who, after all, has become a new and powerful family in the city, and who is known in her circle as a good daughter-in-law because of her beauty and good education.

                Many rich and wealthy wives want their sons to marry Nie Haitang and have taken the initiative to ask her about it.

                However, Nie Haitang politely and explicitly refused, saying that it was not advisable to fall in love as her studies were the main focus.

                They all want to save face, so if they are rejected, they can't just let it go. After all, good girls are not unique.

                So when Cao Xiangliang said that because of his warning no one dared to pursue Nie Haitang in the university, Nie Haitang was so angry that she didn't freak out.

                Those words were just his bragging, as if he had stolen the fact that Qin Ming had defeated Wang Chenghu's father and son, and was bragging about his skills and annoying people.

                Nie Haitang was still afraid that Qin Ming would misunderstand her, so she was really anxious that she was a hot pot.

                Qin Ming's face was expressionless, but inside he was angry that such an asshole was going around tarnishing his girlfriend's reputation. He couldn't care less if he and Nie Haitang weren't a couple before, but not now.

                Qin Ming asked, "You asked me to come here, to compare what? A fight?"

                Cao Xiangliang grinned coldly, "It's not a fight, it's a boxing match. To tell you the truth, I am an amateur in free combat and have practiced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Chinese martial arts."

                Qin Ming twisted his arms and legs, relaxing his muscles, and said, "Oh, quite a lot."

                Cao Xiangliang laughed wildly, "Haha, scared, are you?"

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "Intimidation tactics, did you just try it on me with what happened to Wang Chenghu and his father? Have you ever seen me frown? After all, you are a man who brags so much that I am ashamed of myself."

                Cao Xiangliang's smile froze, of course he knew he was bragging, but he couldn't figure out how this Qin Ming knew he was bragging.

                Cao Xiangliang was annoyed, and with a wave of his hand, he said, "Fuck you, go."

                As soon as he finished speaking, the four bodyguards around him immediately jumped into the ring and pounced on Qin Ming.

                Wasn't this a one-on-one duel? Surprisingly, it was an underhanded attack.

                "Grass!" Qin Ming cursed, "You despicable and shameless thing."

                Cao Xiangliang lit a cigar, exhaled a smoke ring and laughed hideously, "Hahahahaha, did I say that you should compete with me? Are you a poor student worthy of being compared to me? Who do you think you are? I was born with a golden key in my mouth and my blood is worth more than yours. You've been cheated, hahaha."

                The four bodyguards were so well-trained that Qin Ming was unable to break out for a while, and was pulled by their clothes and punched and kicked by them.

                The two sides pulled and tugged, Qin Ming with is not easy to mess with, a few punches out, although caused some impact, but those bodyguards are also resistant to beatings, and climbed up again to grab Qin Ming.

                Nie Haitang was so anxious that she wanted to go up to him, but was stopped by Cao Xiangliang.

                Cao Xiangliang said, "Haitang, look at this punk's IQ, he's a brainiac, what's my status? Would I fight with him? I'll get him killed with a casual word."

                Nie Haitang threw a slap at her in annoyance, "You shameless bastard!"

                However, Cao Xiangliang grabbed her wrist with his backhand and said, "Haitang, take a good look, this loser is useless at all, he doesn't even have a bodyguard when he goes out and can't protect you in case of sudden danger."


                As soon as the words left his mouth, one of Cao Xiangliang's bodyguards was knocked out of the boxing ring by an over-the-shoulder drop from Qin Ming, bowing his body and covering his lower body as he twitched wildly, which stunned Cao Xiangliang's people, a monkey stealing a peach? That was damaging enough.

                It was damaging enough, but it worked.

                Qin Ming slowly stood up surrounded by the three bodyguards.

                His forehead was bleeding, his clothes had been shredded, revealing his bare muscles, and his chest muscles were heaving together under his gasping breath.

                The scars on his body, large and small, were distinctly visible in the light, the medals of a man's past.

                Cao Xiangliang was stunned; Qin Ming's body was far less svelte than his face.

                Nie Haitang worried, "Qin Ming, you're injured."

                Qin Ming wiped the blood from his forehead and said, "It's just a skin scrape. Cao Xiangliang, I suggest you go with your bodyguard, but I see that you are not a man either, I have a woman's dress here, why don't I give it to you to wear?"

                Cao Xiangliang was annoyed and said furiously, "Why don't you go on, what are you waiting for? If you can't even handle an ordinary man, can you afford to pay my money?"

                The three bodyguards were about to attack again, but suddenly a man with strong hands came out of the corner, who was Qin Ming's personal bodyguard, Ah Long.

                It turned out that Ah Long had been secretly following Qin Ming all along, only that he had just gone to the toilet and had not been able to make the first move.

                Without saying a word, Ah Long threw punches like the wind and flew his feet fast, knocking the bodyguards to the ground in seven or eight moves.

                Qin Ming took the opportunity to jump out of the ring and suddenly lunged forward, knocking Cao Xiangliang to the ground and snapping his neck with his arm, shouting, "Who dares to come over? I'll waste him."

                When the four bodyguards got up again, it was already too late, and they were too scared to make a move.

                They were all too scared to make a move, especially with the sudden arrival of Ah Long, who was watching over them with such a strong hand that they were very intimidated.

                Cao Xiangliang was locked in a chokehold and his face paled in fear as he said, "Don't, don't move. Qin Ming you don't mess around, I'm from the Cao family."

                "You shut up." Qin Ming hailed him with a slap on the face, had a punch on his chest and cursed, "I ask you if you are convinced?"

                "I'm not convinced." Cao Xiangliang stiffened his mouth.


                Qin Ming threw a few more punches, causing Cao Xiangliang's mouth to be covered in blood, and asked, "Are you convinced?"

                Cao Xiangliang shouted in pain, "I'm convinced, I'm convinced, don't fight anymore."

                Qin Ming asked again, "Whose fiancĂ©e is Haitang?"

                Cao Xiangliang said, "Mine."


                Qin Ming punched Cao Xiangliang in the abdomen again, causing him to wail in pain, "Yours, it's yours."

                Qin Ming cursed, "I had to beat you up before you would admit it, fucking bitch."

                Qin Ming threw the man and dropped Cao Xiangliang back like a dead fish, Cao Xiangliang's bodyguard immediately helped him up and rushed to the infirmary to treat his injuries.

                "Wait a minute." Cao Xiangliang walked to the door and turned back, his mouth dripping blood as he said, "Your name is Qin Ming, isn't it? Our Cao family will not let you go. Remember this, our Cao family will not let you go. Hahahahaha, just wait and see who gets the last laugh."

Chapter 176

"Oooh, there's a wound ...... I only have band-aids here, will do."

                Nie Haitang was distressed while helping Qin Ming stop the bleeding on his forehead, she blamed herself very much and said, "I'm sorry Qin Ming, it's all because I caused the trouble back. This Cao Xiangliang is a madman, just like that Wang Chenghu, a madman who will do anything to achieve his goal."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "I told you that I would protect you. He's a fop young master, I'm not afraid of him. This is heaven's test of our love."

                Nie Haitang pouted, "I don't want any test, I just want to be ordinary with you. It's a pity that our Nie family is too weak to scare the Cao family."

                Qin Ming's heart warmed as he reached out to embrace Nie Haitang and said, "Don't worry, I'm not that weak, you don't need to rely on your family, just rely on me."

                Nie Haitang smiled sweetly, but was still very angry and said, "No, I want to find my dad, I have to warn Cao Xiangliang properly. My dad is still close to Cao's uncle, and Uncle Cao can restrain Cao Xiangliang. Otherwise, that madman will really do whatever he can to deal with you. Look at someone as lawless as Wang Chenghu, if you upset him, you'll easily get your whole family wiped out."

                Qin Ming's eyes rolled up, why do you believe this?

                He said, "Wang Chenghu was not taken care of by Cao Xiangliang, believe me, it wasn't him."

                Nie Haitang pretended to be angry: "Is it possible that Wang Chenghu was taken care of by a nobody? Qin Ming, if you don't take it to heart like this, things can easily go wrong. You have to be crisis-aware, you know? When dealing with a dude like him, you have to nip trouble in the bud and learn to use your seniority to overpower one level. You wait for me for a while, I'm going to the senior exhibition area to find my dad."

                Nie Haitang couldn't wait a moment, as she didn't know when Cao Xiangliang would go crazy again and make a scene at the banquet was a possibility.

                She knew that Qin Ming was just an ordinary person with no power and no authority.

                Although she knows the second youngest member of the Qi family, the Qi family is not necessarily willing to fall out with the Cao family, a powerful family, for Qin Ming's sake.

                She has seen a lot of sacrifices of favours between the powerful families, all of which are based on interests and are never reliable.

                Her father, Nie Jianmin, had a good relationship with the Cao family, so he might be able to settle things before they exploded into a bigger conflict.

                If Qin Ming gets hurt because of her, Nie Haitang will have a bad conscience.

                When Nie Haitang insisted on going to her father, Qin Ming could not resist her and could only say, "Then be careful. My clothes are all torn up here, I have to find a dress to wear."

                Nie Haitang gave Qin Ming a kiss on the cheek and said shyly, "Well, I'm not a child, I'll take care of myself. You can protect me, and I can protect you in my own way."

                As soon as Nie Haitang left, Ah Long appeared again.

                Qin Ming's face sank and he said, "Ah Long you go and protect Haitang yourself."

                Ah Long disagreed and said, "Young Master, I am your personal bodyguard, your safety is the highest priority."

                Qin Ming said with a stern face, "Go when you are told to, she is your future mistress, nothing can go wrong."

                Seeing Qin Ming's firm words, Ah Long nodded and said, "Fine, I'll ask Bi Yuan to send some men over."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "No, I am an ordinary person now, if I had bodyguards to protect me secretly, that would draw attention to me instead. It's safest for me to be an ordinary party-goer. Understand? Chang Huan's people are lurking inside the party, that can't draw the assassination team's manpower."

                Ah Long wanted to say something else, but looking at Qin Ming with that look in his eyes he knew it was useless to say anything, so he turned around and went forward to protect Nie Haitang.

                The fifteenth floor of the Century Building was empty, just Qin Ming and a pile of rotten clothes.

                He scratched his head and said, "Damn, the Cao family, right? Write it down in a small book first. When I've taken in the heads of the industries in the northern regions and freed up my hands, I'll clean you up."

                Qin Ming made a note of this revenge with indignation in his heart.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming's mobile phone rang, Song Ying called and asked, "Young master, I saw Ah Long come up to the 18th floor, what happened? Did he go AWOL?"

                Qin Ming returned, "No, I let him go, my side is fine. Ying, you should also enjoy the party, just leave the finding of the traitor to the assassination team."

                Song Ying worried, "But young master, you don't have a single person around you, it's too unsafe, not to mention those traitorous people, if there was a regular conflict ......"

                Qin Ming was listening to this when suddenly the door of this floor was pushed open.

                He looked towards the door and a group of foreigners came in with a group of fish, led by a young long legged blonde.

                When Qin Ming saw the blonde, his pupils shrank. Wasn't that the foreign mercenary's female assassin that Chang Hongxi's adopted son, Chang Huan, had sent here before? Qin Ming had even forcibly kissed her before.

                In the beginning, in order to mix things up, Qin Ming had made false information for her to listen to, so that she could attract Chang Huan's people to Beijing.

                It was not expected that she would be involved in this assassination attempt against Qin Ming again.

                With a shocked look on his face, Qin Ming hurriedly hung up the phone to avoid these people growing a smooth ear to hear Song Ying's voice.

                The blonde beauty at the head of the group looked around, noticing that there were no idle people on this floor dedicated to boxing, and glanced at the bare-chested Qin Ming, not considering the relatively miserable Qin Ming as a danger factor.

                She raised an eyebrow and snickered, "Nice body."

                Qin Ming acted surprised and asked, "Are you staff? Just in time, can you get me a shirt? I also need a medical kit."

                But inside he was very cold, thinking, "Heh, you woman really don't remember, last time I let you be the messenger and spared your life, and this time you're looking for death again."

                The man beside the blonde said seriously, "We are security personnel hired by the organiser, we are just here to check if there are any security breaches, please get out."

                Security personnel from the organizer? Qin Ming said in his heart that if he hadn't seen this blonde woman before, he would have really fallen for your trick.

                Qin Ming was secretly shocked, this was how these foreign mercenaries had blended in? How could Bi Yuan and the others not have noticed? Could it be that the organisers had been bribed?

                The fifteenth floor of the Century Tower was a floor dominated by combat sports, but as the charity gala was being held today, naturally no one came here to sweat, so there was basically little security on this floor.

                Qin Ming remembered that in the security plan for the gala that Song Ying had submitted to him, the fifteenth floor was vacant and was not written in.

                Obviously these people were lying, they were definitely not here to do any security measures, most likely they were here to cause havoc.

                Qin Ming walked out and immediately sent a message to the assassination squad, Bi Yuan: "Fifteenth floor, seven men and one woman, kill them all."

                At this moment, Bi Yuan, who was watching the key floor surveillance in the surveillance building, received Qin Ming's message and couldn't help but stare, muttering, "How did Young Master discover the enemy's trail? None of our men have found it yet."

                Next to Bi Yuan were Money Leopard and Xuanyuan Wu, both of whom had read the text message and were also surprised.

                Xuanyuan Wu said, "How did Young Master find them? Our men have been looking for them but haven't found them."

                Money Leopard laughed out loud, "Hahahaha, Young Master that's someone who has the ability, I, Money Leopard, don't obey anyone but Young Master."

                Bi Yuan swept a breathless glance at Qian Bao and said, "Young master is indeed capable, but if you are too capable, doesn't it make us look incompetent? Do you still want your rice bowl?"

                "Er ......" Money Leopard was speechless.

                Xuan Yuan Wu smiled leisurely: "All right, you two stop talking nonsense, in any case, complete the task explained by the young master, that assassination team inside, there is also a place for us. On the fifteenth floor, neither word nor one person should be left out."

                Bi Yuan put on his equipment, with a stern face, took the intercom and said, "p1, q2, c1 gather immediately to the fifteenth floor, pay attention to concealment, this mission only allows success, no failure."

                At this time, after sending the message, Qin Ming had a bit of a headache, where could he get a new suit?

                He thought of going to the gift shop on the seventeenth floor to buy another new outfit. As he walked on foot to the sixteenth floor, he smelled a fragrance of rice, and a banging sound of chopsticks breaking attracted him, then he heard a familiar voice of apology: "Master, supervisor, I'm sorry, I, I, I didn't mean to ......"