Rags To Riches Chapter 173-174

 Chapter 173

Zhang Xiaoyan and that Maruzi were superficially polite for a while, and after they separated, they asked, "Qin Ming where did you go just now?"

                Qin Ming returned, "I was in the back negotiating with Mariko's assistant, telling them not to come over and make trouble, but it's so good that you have a valuable person to help you, that Mariko and the girls wouldn't dare to make trouble again."

                Zhang Xiaoyan nuzzled her chin and said, "In fact, just now Super Management told me that that Maruzi's female anchor, because she had some negative news, has long since become not as popular as before, and can only be considered a second-tier anchor. The real big anchors don't even play with her, and the platform said it would give priority to supporting potential anchors like me who don't have any histrionics. It also told me not to worry about being smeared by the water army, and that going forward my live stream would have some special pop-up filters."

                Qin Ming nodded, this seafood station was good at doing favours, he didn't want his good friend to be put in small shoes, it wasn't in vain that he had rewarded so much money.

                He laughed and said, "Haha, then aren't you going to go from being a small anchor, to a big anchor? Reaching the achievement of 'a certain anchor live shopping and earning a million a month' early on."

                Zhang Xiaoyan grinned and said, "How can I, I still have the support and help of that 'Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor' big boss, otherwise I am still a small anchor who is not in the mainstream and can't get the support of the platform at all. He feels he must be someone I know but keeps it to himself, Qin Ming what do you think?"

                Qin Ming was at a loss for words, he really wanted to help Zhang Xiaoyan but did not want to reveal his status as the richest person in the world as he liked to keep a low profile as a person.

                Looking at Qin Ming's expression, Zhang Xiaoyan laughed and patted him on the shoulder, saying, "Haha, look at how nervous you are, are you worried that I will go to that big boss tycoon and ignore you?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan hugged her arms in anger again and said, "I won't, that boss doesn't even ignore me, he doesn't reply to many messages he sends, what a strange person."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's adoring expression said, "He's so powerful, he saved my reputation and also made Mariko and the girls bow down and admit their mistakes."

                Qin Ming was a little embarrassed to hear the praise, it was all the power of money, the power of money was too powerful.

                Zhang Xiaoyan said, "Qin Ming, it's almost time for me to broadcast live, I can do it alone when I buy the exhibits later. I've been hogging you for a long time too, so go and join your girlfriend. Save her from getting jealous."

                Qin Ming asked, "You really don't want me? I'm afraid that something will happen again later."

                Zhang Xiaoyan brushed her lips and whispered, "Of course I want you to stay with me tonight, but you have a girlfriend and I don't want to be a bad woman."

                Qin Ming asked, "Hmm? What did you say?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan hurriedly said, "Nothing, I said, I have to go and communicate with the platform staff about something later on. I will also suspend the live broadcast. You can go about your business. Oh yeah, we'll split the revenue from today's live broadcast equally, and I'll give it to you when the platform pays out."

                Qin Ming wondered, "That's the money you earned from live streaming, why share it with me?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan said as she walked, "Today is your live broadcast with me, it has a special meaning. I just want to share it with you."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and didn't bother with the small amount of money, since he didn't need to be a bodyguard anymore, he needed to go to Nie Haitang as well.

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked at Qin Ming's background and muttered, "Sharing that much money doesn't elicit any mood swings at all. Qin Ming, are you still the same Qin Ming who used to work part-time every day? Are you really not the person behind the id on the internet?"

                Although Zhang Xiaoyan was very suspicious, she had no proof, so she finally pursed her lips and smiled, saying, "It doesn't matter, you're my good friend anyway. I hope you meet a good girl this time, it's just a pity that I missed you for the second time, I'm such a coward."

                The conversation was split into two, Qin Ming arrived at the tenth floor, which was a luxuriously decorated upscale bar room.

                Not everyone who attended the party was into watching the propaganda about focusing on children with leukaemia, more people came to relax and date.

                Qin Ming saw Nie Zhengming and Nie Haitang, two siblings, sitting by the glass window of the building, discussing something.

                Qin Ming squeezed through the crowd and walked over saying, "Haitang ......"

                Nie Haitang was very happy to see Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming you're here. My brother has finally agreed not to stop us from being together."

                Qin Ming was stunned, this big brother-in-law had figured it out?

                Nie Zhengming looked up at Qin Ming and said, "Hmph, Qin Ming, you know that I only have one sister, she is the jewel of our whole family, I don't have the whole family to love her."

                Qin Ming was not impressed by this and really felt for Nie Haitang, when the Nie family's shareholding was in crisis, he should not have used her marriage as a bargaining chip to save the family business.

                Qin Ming thought that the Nie family might have loved Nie Haitang, but they could not withstand the temptation of money.

                If Chang Hongxi were to give him a choice now, whether he wanted the world's richest man's inheritance or Nie Haitang, Qin Ming would not hesitate and would definitely choose Nie Haitang.

                He did not say these words directly, to save another unhappy disagreement.

                Nie Zhengming continued: "I am not that concerned about the family's opinion, it doesn't matter if you are poor, anyway, our Nie family is rich, help you start your business, it is not impossible to struggle for twenty years less. This time, Qi Minghui deliberately messed with our Nie family, thanks to your help. I, Nie Zhengming, owe you a favour, I have no objection to you being with my sister."

                Qin Ming's heart was pleased, letting Qi Minghui fix this brother-in-law really worked.

                He has softened up now.

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, I'm willing to give my life to protect Haitang for the rest of her life."

                As Nie Haitang listened, her heart was as sweet as honey, and she shyly snuggled up to Qin Ming.

                Nie Zheng gave him an understanding glance and said, "Don't be too happy, I was angry with Li Meng last time when she made my sister faint. Now, I only have one condition for you, you must protect my sister and not let her get hurt in any way. Otherwise you won't get a second chance for me to acknowledge you."

                Qin Ming assured, "Don't worry, now that our relationship is out in the open, I won't mess around with men and women. I will also take good care of Haitang."

                Nie Zhengming handed over a glass of wine and Qin Ming took it.

                With a bang and a clink of glasses, the two of them drank the wine in one go, releasing their enmity with a glass of wine.

                After drinking his wine, Nie Zhengming patted Qin Ming and said, "Ahem, I do agree. But the hurdle of my parents, you work hard on your own. Once they're both old enough to pass, there's still my grandparents, oh, and grandpa and grandma, and maybe that trouble-loving uncle will have a lot of opinions too."

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, what? Your Nie family's relationship is so complicated? Do I have to go through five hurdles and six generals?

                After taking care of his brother-in-law Nie Zhengming, Qin Ming and Nie Haitang went elsewhere for a stroll together.

                However, they hadn't been shopping for long when they saw a few men stop them, followed by a man in a white suit holding a bouquet of flowers, who came out from the crowd.

                The man walked up in style and said, "Long time no see, sister Haitang. What brings you to the lower level exhibition area? With a word from you, it would not be easy to come to our circle with your parents?"

                The man sniffed the flowers before handing them to Nie Haitang with a sultry smile, "Or, are you deliberately avoiding me? That won't do, everyone in the entire city of Guang knows that you're my fiancée."

Chapter 174

Four bodyguards, one to the left and one to the right, and a man touching a rose in the middle, without much manly masculinity, with a sultry smile, somewhat grim and uncomfortable.

                His lust had been nakedly displayed on his face.

                Nie Haitang's face turned pale and she chided, "Who is your fiancée? Cao Xiangliang you are slandering my reputation, I have nothing to do with you."

                Cao Xiangliang said smugly, "Haitang, when I first met you at school two years ago, I announced that I would not marry you, who in the upper class circles of this city of Guangzhou doesn't know that?"

                "All along, many people wanted to chase you, but since I declared that I would not marry you, they were afraid of my Cao family and were deterred because they all knew that you would marry me, Cao Xiangliang, didn't they? Ask anyone in Canton who would dare you to think otherwise?"

                Nie Haitang clenched her fist in anger and said, "Yes, my ass. Don't be wishful thinking, I've only met you a few times at some parties."

                Lest Qin Ming misunderstood, Nie Haitang hurriedly explained, "Qin Ming, don't listen to his nonsense, I'm not engaged to anyone. It's just that I always have to go along with my dad's business friends, favours and birthday parties, and since I've met this guy, he's been haunting me, and I've turned him down countless times."

                Qin Ming immediately pulled Nie Haitang and shielded her behind himself, saying, "Haitang is my girlfriend, and her name is already owned, please behave yourself, sir."

                "What? Your girlfriend?" Cao Xiangliang's face changed slightly as he said with amusement, "Tsk, it's only been a year since I graduated, and you're already surrounded by so many insensitive flies? Kid, do you know who I am?"

                Qin Ming said, "I don't know who you are, I only know who I am, I am Haitang's boyfriend, his family knows and approves of it, ask Nie Zhengming if you don't believe me."

                The family has approved?

                Cao Xiangliang's face changed again as he watched Qin Ming speak with conviction, the flowers he was handing out had nowhere to rest, and the strange stares of the people around him made him extremely uncomfortable, his cheeks burning with embarrassment.

                He shouted in annoyance, "Kid, who doesn't know me, Cao Xiangliang, in this circle of the powerful and noble circles in Guangzhou? Haitang didn't get any of you stinkers at the university? Pan overstabbed 11? The world's most powerful people. The world's most popular and most popular city in the world. 

                Qin Ming froze and said, "I know, he has nothing left, what's wrong?"

                Cao Xiangliang said arrogantly and proudly, "That's my little brother, only a while ago he pissed me off, and with a word I sent someone to end his whole family and kill his old man, and now he's living like a dog in a funeral home at school. Do you want to end up like him too?"

                Wang Chenghu's story was so publicized that more than half of the school knew about it, and naturally Nie Haitang knew about it too.

                Hearing this threat, Nie Haitang grabbed Qin Ming's hand with some concern and said, "Cao Xiangliang, I'm warning you not to act recklessly."

                She was worried that Qin Ming would also be messed up and become like Wang Chenghu.

                Qin Ming was speechless. He had taken care of Wang Chenghu, which was relatively low-profile and less known, and finally handed it over to the police to severely punish Wang Chenghu and his son for breaking the law, but how did it become the work of this Cao Xiangliang? You are a loser who steals the fruits of victory from others.

                When Cao Xiangliang saw that Qin Ming didn't say anything, he shifted his body proudly: "Hey, hey, hey, what? You're scared, right? Haitang, you see, this kind of spineless man can't protect you. Quickly break up with him."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "What a load of nonsense, Wang Chenghu and his son are sanctioned by the law."

                Cao Xiangliang said in a pretentious manner, "I regret it, I only warned those rich and powerful people, after all, I Cao Xiangliang was born with the golden key, know people who are not rich, inevitably a little narrow-minded, did not find some common people poor? I don't know if I've ever seen a poor man or a poor woman. I don't think so. The actual "mythical" animal is a very good one!

                Nie Haitang rolled her eyes speechlessly and cursed: "Don't be presumptuous. Many people in the university have pursued me and I have turned them down. They are more normal and don't bother me if they are rejected. You're the odd one out, Cao Xiangliang! You're a weirdo! You're a constant ghost."

                Cao Xiangliang still felt good about himself and said smilingly, "Haitang, you're just being reserved. This is called persistence. A poor man like him doesn't even have the money to buy you a bag, so why should he give you happiness?"

                Nie Haitang got annoyed and said, "Who are you calling poor? This outfit of Qin Ming's is not worse than yours, it was bought by Qin Ming himself with his own money."

                Cao Xiangliang shrugged and said, "Haitang, you've been cheated. This suit label is still there, would he dare to cut it off?"

                Saying that, he pointed to the back of Qin Ming's neck and said, "No matter how much you try to hide it, the label on the back of the suit is still exposed, as if no amount of good clothing can hide the fact that he is poor? Pan Kang Nai Bali Po Ding!

                Qin Ming was stunned, he wiped back, wiped miles, and really turned up the tag inside the collar, the tag of this dress was still there, he bought it back and casually washed it, but he was so busy studying and worrying about the security of this party that he forgot to cut it off.

                Cao Xiangliang laughed loudly: "Don't tell me you forgot to cut it off, this is not thinking of coping with tonight and taking it back tomorrow to return it? Tsk, pure? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Tuck na tax ∧ sc!

                Qin Ming said, "I did forget to cut it out."

                Nie Haitang looked closely and the sign was still there, she frowned and said, "Why didn't you tell me you had no clothes? Or did you give me all the money to buy a dress?"

                Qin Ming still said, "I really forgot to cut it off."

                Nie Haitang looked at the dress box Qin Ming had been holding and felt a pang of heartache, saying, "Qin Ming you were willing to spend so much money on a dress for me and not for yourself. Qin Ming, you are too good to me."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, "You're my girlfriend now, why don't you believe my words?

                Shit, there's still this way of picking up girls?

                On the other side, Cao Xiangliang thought Nie Haitang would dislike Qin Ming for being shabby and poor? The company's main business is to provide a service to its customers. We have a lot of people who are interested in the company. What's the point? The company's business is a large business. The company's main business is to provide a service to the public. What is the name of the company? Northwest? The Northwest Territories The company is a member of the board of trustees of the University of Hong Kong. play

                He gritted his teeth in annoyance, clenched his fist and said, "Haitang you ......"

                Nie Haitang said angrily, "Don't call it so intimate, my name is Nie, Haitang and Tong. How many times do I have to say it? I don't know you well. Don't be so presumptuous every time we meet. Qin Ming is my first boyfriend! And my last boyfriend."

                Rubbing miles, Qin Ming listened to these deep words as he looked on, his heart thumping inside, so warm, if it wasn't for the crowd here, he would have picked up Nie Haitang and played spin around in circles.

                The quarrel over here also caused the surrounding people to look around.

                "Oh, Cao Er Shao is still so noisy, where there is Cao Er Shao, there is a quarrel."

                "Tch, another fight and jealousy, who does this Cao's second youngest youngster have his eye on this time, wow, that talented girl from the Nie family, he's been pursuing her for two years and he still hasn't caught up?"

                "Huh? That talented girl from the Nie family seems to be holding a man's hand, who's that guy?"

                "Who cares who he is? Big news, I'm going over for an interview, I'll be the one writing the front page article in Fortune magazine tomorrow."

                "Second youngest Cao is so obsessed with Nie Haitang, it's true that men are all big pigs' feet, the more they can't get, the more they miss, his young model girlfriend is crying in the toilet."

                There were many people around, Cao Xiangliang looked embarrassed, but Nie Haitang was pleased with himself: "Haha, you hear that? Everyone knows how you are perceived in the circle, so go and find your girlfriend."

                Cao Xiangliang said, "That kind of woman is just for fun, how can she compare with you? You are my fiancee."

                Nie Haitang was furious, her chest was heaving, she was quite speechless, "I really ......"

                Suddenly, Qin Ming reached over and pulled her into his arms, saying, "Second youngest Cao, right? I'll give you one last warning, don't pester my girlfriend again, or I'll be rude. Don't go home crying to your parents if something goes wrong. That's all I'm saying, so don't let it go unpunished."

                Cao Xiangliang's brow furrowed and his sinister colour was exposed as he said, "You dare to threaten me? What are you, kid? Dare you fight me?"