Rags To Riches Chapter 171-172

 Chapter 171

Qin Ming did not expect the female anchor called Mariko to be so arrogant and had no intention of calming the matter down.

                He went back to Zhang Xiaoyan, who had already started her live stream from new, and even though she ignored the words of the spammers, the live stream was still in a pandemonium, full of fans from both sides cursing the streets.

                Qin Ming came over and said, "That Mariko's live stream is very harmonious and getting more and more popular, while this side is dropping in popularity while the rhythm keeps on going, I guess it should be the water army they hired, it should be easy for their studio to contact the water army. The cursing in our live stream rarely interacts, or maybe it's software speaking."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was full of sorrow and said, "But we know, there's nothing we can do about it. The housekeeping seal people are too busy."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I'll go and find someone to kick them out, it's just a matter of words."

                Zhang Xiaoyan said, "Looking for that Qi Minghui? How can you do that? Qin Ming, I appreciate your kindness, but he's your brother's colleague after all, and it's not good for you to owe so many favours back. Especially this kind of unfairness, once it spreads on the internet, it will have a big impact on Qi Minghui's reputation and even the hosting of this party, you can't let me alone affect so many people."

                Qin Ming was slightly surprised, if he exercised the power in his hands, this matter could be solved very well, but he did not expect Zhang Xiaoyan to oppose him to do so, considering the subsequent impact.

                He scratched his head and said, "Then let's also hire a water army and see who has a strong mouth."

                Zhang Xiaoyan deflated and bristled, "Wouldn't that make him a generally black crow with them?"

                Turtle, my beautiful girl, what's the point of talking about principles and boundaries at this time? People are being bullied.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Why don't we buy out the seafood station and just block that pill's live stream?"

                The two of them were discussing how to solve the problem of sprayers piling up in the live stream, when Maruzi came over with her own helper, holding up her phone with a smile on her face.

                With a good sisterly attitude, Mariko said, "Xiaoyan, the viewers keep saying that I'm an old aunt and want to see beautiful women, so I'm coming over to rub your popularity."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's face was all ugly, she had just fallen out, and she wasn't making a face.

                Mariko added, "Everyone go to Xiaoyan's live streaming room more often to reward oh, she is a good sister of our seafood station."

                But people in the live stream were sending out question marks, and then the statements from both live streams were surprisingly consistent.

                "Wow, these boobs are exaggerated, such a petite body with such big boobs? An augmentation, right?"

                "This face is too young, right? There's no such thing as a child's face these days, plastic surgery, right?"

                "I heard that this anchor cheated her fans out of money, saying that she went to do charity and ended up saying that she lost her ow."

                "Just now this anchor was even stopped at the door for using a fake ticket ow, the real deal, fake charity."

                "This dead mother face, it's no match for our Miss Mariko."

                "What's going on? Who are you all? What are you doing in our Xiaoyan's live studio? We Xiaoyan didn't cheat."

                "Yan fans gather, these people are getting too much."

                The live broadcast room had already become a mess, and the netizens also loved to watch the hilarity and didn't mind the trouble.

                The male assistant at the side walked up to Qin Ming and said, "How is it? Have you found a solution? If the live broadcast is abusive for a long time, you will be warned by the superintendent, after all, it is a public platform, the environment is not good, it is not impossible to force the broadcast off."

                Qin Ming was annoyed and said, "Are you here to show off your power?"

                The assistant man poked Qin Ming's chest and said, "Hmph, didn't you guys just show off? I've spent so much money on publicity and promotion, and I've managed to get a ticket to the Huayi Night, for an all-channel promotion, and now you've ruined it all. It's either half a million or wait for the shame to go off air."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Are you guys beggars? A mere half a million is going to ruin a person's live broadcast career. If not for Xiao Yan's kindness, I would have blown you guys out long ago."

                The assistant man said disdainfully, "Do you have half a million? Why don't you take it out? If you don't have money, get lost, what's the big deal? Why don't you just press us if you can? It's all talk but no action."

                Qin Ming said, "Who says I don't have it?"

                He opened his phone, entered Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream, clicked on a super rocket, and randomly filled in the number "500".

                One super rocket was two thousand dollars, five hundred super rockets, that was a million dollars thrown at him.

                The assistant man looked at the super rockets that kept popping up in Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream and was dumbfounded, with a face of disbelief.

                He looked at Qin Ming in surprise and said, "If you have so much money, why do you need ......"

                Qin Ming said lazily, "Nothing, just sending out for fun, another 500."

                The corners of the assistant man's mouth twitched, nothing to send out for fun? A million just thrown out like that? And it was only half a million that they were begging for when they were so ruthless at Maruko Studio.

                Because he had bragged, Pill's initial operating expenses had only cost over 100,000, he had wanted to brag about a million, but fearing that Zhang Xiaoyan wouldn't part with that much money, he decided to blackmail half a million and forget about it.

                But now that he saw Zhang Xiaoyan's male bodyguard beside him, casually rewarding him with a million in gifts, he thought it was crazy.

                The platform was definitely going to push Zhang Xiaoyan hard, and nothing could stop the rhythm.

                Zhang Xiaoyan's ability to draw money this recent month had already surpassed those first-tier anchors who could take playing ads.

                Qin Ming filled in another 500, and the live stream room was rocketing like crazy.

                That's two million ah.

                The booster guy of Mariko's mentality collapsed, he smacked himself in the mouth in chagrin, he questioned himself, what had he done? Such a big tycoon in front of himself, but actually did not grasp it, but also intend to blackmail money.

                The two women in front of him, holding up their phones live, were confused.

                Because the whole platform was posting horizontal advertisements "Qin Ming, who is not a forensic doctor, has rewarded the lovely Xiao Yan with a thousand super rockets, it's too rich, come and watch." The content.

                Super rockets, the highest level of gifts on the platform, one thousand super rockets, that's two million, giving it away just like that, too rich.

                In an instant, Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream popularity climbed rapidly, the viewers were curious ah, who on earth could attract a tycoon to reward two million? What special talent does she have?

                However, upon entering the live stream room, it was to see a sea of water soldiers hurling abuse.

                "What's going on? Where's this cursing?"

                "These two female anchors, Miss Mariko bringing in newbies?"

                "Strange, why didn't the tycoon say anything?"

                "Platform hype?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was dumbfounded, she was still forcing a smile to deal with Maruzi, but the id "Qin Ming, who is not a forensic doctor", who had been hurting her, rewarded her again, and became even more violent, regaining the first place in the fan list.

                She was so stunned that she couldn't speak.

                She had a lot of rewards, but many of them were planned and run by her own people, as well as those who had negotiated with the platform to boost their popularity, but this Zhang Xiaoyan obviously had a real tycoon's reward, and she was envious as she watched the rocket launch in the live stream.

                This is when Qin Ming spoke up in the live stream: "Who says I don't speak? Originally, our Xiaoyan was doing well live, and suddenly someone came to bring the rhythm, I know who did it."

                "I'll just warn you, certain people, certain water army, get out of my way right now, or else the water army company and the studio will end up in a nest, believe it or not, I have more money."

                "Here is the crazy reward warning."

                The viewers were very curious, what do you mean by a reward warning? What do you mean by a reward warning? Isn't a reward a gift of money?

Chapter 172

At the back of the crowd, Qin Ming was holding a Huawei thousand-dollar phone, constantly pressing the super rocket bounty, a hundred a moment, two hundred a moment, in short, bounty after bounty, as if the system had been hacked.

                After giving away three million crazy bounties, the platform's heat instantly focused on Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream, attracting countless people to watch.

                The popularity had already exceeded ten million, comparable to the popularity of some global competitive events' live streams.

                One should know that when Zhang Xiaoyan started her live broadcast today, her popularity was only less than 500,000 people, this popularity had increased more than ten times.

                Including other people's small rewards, the entire live broadcast room, full of gifts, stuck so much that the server was almost down.

                The superintendent kept sending private messages to Zhang Xiaoyan, praising her for her good live performance.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was really confused, she was just dumbing down and called it a good live broadcast?

                But she recognized that it was the id of the bounty and said to the camera with great joy, "Thank you for the super bounty from Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor, the time of the tycoons Xiaoyan really does not understand, so much money, Xiaoyan has never seen, let me slow down."

                The pill next to her was so envious that she could not wait to bend over Zhang Xiaoyan, she hurried to Zhang Xiaoyan's side and said enthusiastically, "Wow, isn't this the tycoon who often takes care of our Xiaoyan? People are so envious. I've been Xiao Yan's good sister for many years oh, my name is Maruko."

                Qin Ming replied straight back, "The reward warning is still going on, whether you guys have more money to hire water soldiers or I have more money to reward you, we'll see."

                "When you guys don't have money to hire water soldiers, my gift will naturally stop. This is my bounty warning, let's see who spends it all first."

                At these words, Mariko's face turned ugly, she was repenting in her heart, this Zhang Xiaoyan actually knew such a tycoon fan, it was too much.

                The live broadcast room was already in shock, with "6666" pop-ups all over the screen.

                The company's newest product is a new product that will be available in the marketplace.

                This is to highlight the word "trench", the real tycoon, not bad money.

                This may seem like a sulk, but there are many key implications behind it.

                For example, it will attract the attention of the platform, which will make a choice between the two conflicting anchors; or it will be used for publicity, giving Zhang Xiaoyan more promotion resources; and there is also the cult effect in the face of the sky-high bounty, gathering public opinion.

                And Qin Ming's crazy bounty has made public opinion focus on him and start to believe his words, thinking that Qin Ming is right.

                Inside the live broadcast room, the audience was getting bigger and bigger, and the words of the water army cursing the street had been drowned in the spit of the masses.

                "This Maruzi is so disgusting, she obviously hired a water army and pretended to be a good sister, can't you see that our Xiaoyan is ignoring her?"

                "I know Maruzi, she is tired of being played by a rich second generation long ago. She used to be a live streamer in a certain tiger, but she couldn't make it anymore before coming to the seafood station."

                "This is a heartthrob, anchor you have to be careful."

                "Is the disgusting Maruko army back to attack and plot against the new anchor?"

                "Protect Xiaoyan and defeat Mariko."


                That Mariko's assistant man genuinely gave his knees when he saw that things were surprisingly beyond his imagination, and he realised that Qin Ming was a super tycoon ah.

                The mere use of money and making a bounty made the public opinion in the live stream lopsided, a three million dollar bounty was so terrifying that it had to make people worship Qin Ming and thus believe in his words.

                Simply having a rough guide to public opinion turned the predicament of Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream room around, instead allowing the fact that Mariko had endured hiring a water army to smear others to explode out and backfire.

                Although live-streaming platforms often boast that a certain anchor how many billions, how many billions of income, but those are painting the cake, to attract capital and white, you platform round of financing only a few hundred million, under the various anchor income to break a billion? It's a lie.

                In fact, they themselves know how to make a profit, and it is very impressive to have more than a million.

                The fact that Qin Ming is making millions of dollars in bounty, this is simply a crazy act, an act of envy.

                Suddenly, the assistant man really knelt down, he hugged Qin Ming's thigh and said, "Big brother, we were wrong, give us a chance to redeem ourselves. Save some money, after we apologize later, can you give us a little reward for our pills? Ya, brother, your leather shoes are dirty, let me wipe them for you."

                With that, the assistant man knelt on the ground and used his sleeve to wipe Qin Ming's leather shoes.

                Qin Ming shook his head speechlessly, these people were really slaves to money, he thought he had to ask someone to call the top management of the seafood table company, but now he saw that it was not necessary, a casual reward to Zhang Xiaoyan would make them envious.

                Indeed, it was better to befriend a rich man than to offend one, right?

                But the more they were like this, the more Qin Ming despised them.

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Rewarding you? Don't laugh me to death, the super management has contacted me again to upgrade me to a special vip, I told the super management that I would not be happy for one day that the platform has you pills on it, do you think the seafood station will still take you in?"

                The male assistant was taken aback and said, "Huh? Don't. Brother, we know we're wrong. I admit it, I was the one who called and arranged the water army, I will immediately tell them to stop, and as compensation, we will reward Zhang Xiaoyan with one hundred thousand dollars in the name of Mariko, what do you think?"

                Qin Ming listened and said, "Half a million, after all, what you blackmailed us with is also blackmailing half a million."

                Half a million? The male assistant was in pain, it was hard enough for their studio to take half a million out.

                Basically, they would be working for nothing for a year.

                But after offending such a big tycoon, there was no benefit at all to working against him.

                Qin Ming looked forward and Zhang Xiaoyan had a smile back on her face, while that pill had lost his arrogance and confidence just now, and was just trying to please Zhang Xiaoyan.

                He said domineeringly, "You are not qualified to negotiate with me, this is your punishment. The fact that I didn't name you and say that you bought a water army to smear Zhang Xiaoyan is already my greatest mercy, and I have Xiaoyan to thank for that, otherwise I would have blown you out from the start and bought the seafood station to blacklist you, get lost. Oh yeah, and if you don't believe me, you can continue to antagonise us."

                Grunting, the assistant man swallowed, the seemingly plain Qin Ming was so domineering, saying things that he couldn't find a reason to retort.

                They, Pill Studio, could only break their teeth and swallow them in their own stomachs.

                The male assistant still wanted to struggle when he suddenly received a call from the live streaming platform manager, questioning why he was taking Zhang Xiaoyan's beat and warning them that Studio Pill must keep a low profile, and that the platform would never give up on Zhang Xiaoyan as an anchor.

                The male assistant hung up the phone, his face ashen, swallowed hard and said, "Half a million is too much, I need to discuss with Maruzi before deciding, but don't worry, we won't mess up again. There will definitely be an amends gift sent later."

                Qin Ming gave a hint and waited for Zhang Xiaoyan and Mariko to separate from the live broadcast before he walked up and said, "Xiaoyan, it seems to have been dealt with."

                Zhang Xiaoyan said happily, "Yeah, the live stream is back on. Today was a lucky day, someone brought water when I was thirsty, and someone brought a pillow when I was sleepy. Thanks to that boss called "Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor". Unfortunately, I've contacted him several times, but he's ignored me. It's so strange."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Oh, the richer people are, the more eccentric they are, how normal. Anyway, it's fine."

                Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head and said, "No, I feel like I know him, he's like my friend because he seems to know I'm in danger and he always comes out in time every time. Then he's either a pervert who watches me every second of the day, or a friend who is close to me. There's no way a pervert could spend that much money and not contact me, right? Then it must be a friend of mine."

                Qin Ming's eyelids jumped as he looked at Zhang Xiaoyan's deep eyes, as if he wanted to see through Qin Ming's identity, no, it was more like he was asking him.

                This made it very difficult for him to answer ah.