Rags To Riches Chapter 17-18

 Chapter 17

The next day, Qin Ming finished his class and was planning to go to the bank to withdraw some cash.

Zhang Xiaoyan from the same class stopped him and asked, "Qin Ming, honestly, was that internet id 'Qin Ming who is not a forensic doctor' last night you?"

Qin Ming actually received private chat messages from Zhang Xiaoyan yesterday, but he didn't return them because he was tired and went to bed early.

Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Not me, maybe it's a rename."

Zhang Xiaoyan slightly disappointed look, oh, and then said "then in the future when you have time to watch me live oh. By the way, you broke up with Li Meng, I support you ha."

Qin Ming smiled and said a thank you.

Zhang Xiaoyan just turned around and took two steps, the girl next to her said, "Qin Ming is a poor man, Xiaoyan you find him as a fan of what use? You don't really think that the id last night is our class Qin Ming, right? He has the capital to reward 2o million, I will follow his name."

Another friend also said, "No, it's good that you have that not forensic doctor last night. The typical child's face of Xiaoyan, that is not the forensic doctor is not good for you, oh."

"Yes, there is a big moneymaker, not worried about food and drink. I want to have the attention of the big boss is good."

"Then you have to have such a beautiful face and such a raging body as Xiaoyan."

"Xiaoyan, in the future become a big anchor, big star, do not forget that we classmates a ah."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Not to say false, noon Qin Lou dinner, go with the come, my treat."

"Yeah, I'll go."

"Zhang big beautiful treat, I must go ah."

At this time, at the door of the classroom, secretly watching this scene of Li Meng angry gritted her teeth, she was jealous ah, because as the two most beautiful girls in the class, Zhang Xiaoyan is the classmates sought after beauty anchor, she is being ridiculed a gun 48 blocks.

She is mentally unbalanced, although the chest is not as exaggerated as Zhang Xiaoyan, but the height and appearance she is not inferior.

Why do they all follow Zhang Xiaoyan, but ignore her Li Meng?

Li Meng face covered with cloudy, staring at Qin Ming who politely refused to eat Qin Lou, viciously said "it is Qin Ming you bastard stink silk caused, must be eating soft rice, I will definitely catch the evidence. When the time comes to announce the class, hey, see how humiliated you are."

Qin Ming just walked out of the school building and saw Nie Haitang coming to him.

He was surprised and asked, "Haitang, what's wrong?"

"Pay back the money." Nie Haitang handed him a bag and said, "Qing Qing finally asked Qin Lou for the money for that meal back, so he paid it back, but the person who really paid the bill was you, so I sent you the money."

Qin Ming dawned on him, remembering that there was a broad young Zhao Tuo of the Electrical Engineering College who was caught by his parents on the way to invite him to dinner.

He took the bag, took out a stack of bills and put it back with a glance, with cash, but do not need to go to the bank to get money.

Li Meng far from the head to look at, see Qin Ming got so much money, immediately eye, a whole bag of cash, estimated to have a hundred thousand, right? Li Meng grew up and never saw a hundred thousand cash.

Li Meng heart jealousy "good you Qin Ming, really is to eat soft rice, this Nie Haitang blind eyes can, actually look at him? What's so great about him? If only Yang Wei could also give me 100,000."

Yang Wei only has 20,000 pocket money a month, and only a few days after he got well, he spent several tens of thousands on Li Meng.

Although it is already quite good, but she is still not satisfied, she also wants 1v bags, Gucci perfume, Celine clothes, Cartier watches, Dior jewelry, she also wants more and more.

Li Meng said to himself "really angry, why Qin Ming that silk can find a rich white beauty to adopt, but also so much money? Yang Wei guy so impotent? Last night Zhang Xiaoyan live brush not win, today there is no money also avoid me."

"Ah, yes!" Li Meng suddenly had a flash of inspiration, thought of a plot, revealing a treacherous smile "If I go begging for a compound, Qin Ming that stinking silk will certainly agree, then that money is mine."

In the front, Nie Haitang returned the money and said "Qing Qing said badminton club together for dinner, do you go ah?"

Qin Ming felt that he still can not get along with Zhang Qingqing, shook his head and said "No, you go. Tell the president I have a part-time job to do it."

After Qin Ming separated from Nie Haitang, he thought that 88,000 was so much, he had to find a way to remit a little to his family to convince them that he had the ability to earn money.

Suddenly, a figure rushed over and blocked Qin Ming's way.

Qin Ming was stunned to see Li Meng rushing up, his mood was a bit complicated, his first love, but also the woman who hurt him so badly, said "Li Meng, you have something?"

Li Meng suddenly said sadly "Qin Ming, let's get back together."

Qin Ming's heart moved, Li Meng actually begged for a compound? So suddenly? Last night it was clear that the words were so hard to hear.

Qin Ming said, "Do you think it's possible? I admit that I was not able to give you happiness before, but you did not break up with me and then cheated, you still have the face to ask for a compound?"

Li Meng still said with a sad expression "How impossible? Is it possible that in the past two years, you have not loved me? I originally did not want to break up with you, I just want a newest fruit machine, I do not want you to work so hard, do three part-time jobs a day. But it happened that you showed up, and I was angry in my heart."

Qin Ming laughs, this reason can be really refreshing, he asked funny rhetorical "you cheat caught, you are still angry what?"

Li Meng hands together, put on the chest, suddenly said excitedly "of course I am angry, I was in order to make you less hard, at the expense of sex to cheat Yang Wei, let him buy me an Apple phone, you not only do not understand me, but scold me, I was angry to say those words. I had thought to explain to you afterwards, after all, the fruit machine to hand. But what about you? Say so angry words in public, and also said I a gun 48 pieces, oooh ......"

Speaking of which, Li Meng cried, her tears flowing.

She wiped her eyes tears, and continued, "You humiliated me like that, how can I see people in the future? When I get angry, I simply get along with Yang Wei and forget about it. Qin Ming, you say, when I was with you, you have money? When I gave my body to you, did I dislike you for being poor? Do I not love you?"

"......" Qin Ming listened to the words and could not say.

At that time the breakup did hot blood on the brain, now think back, Li Meng followed him for two years, although not a great wealth, but he has been serving Li Meng as a princess, there is not much loss, right?

Qin Ming is not so gullible, he said "you are with Yang Wei, and still say so many disgusting words, everywhere to denigrate my character, that is the performance of love me?"

Li Meng pretended to pout "because I am angry ah, you do not understand me, and will not go back to coax me, after the matter is also looking for business school Nie Haitang, climbing the high branch of the rich white beauty, do not look up to me, and say love me? Oh, two years of feelings, just talk. I cry alone every night, do you know? Have you ever been sad for me?"

Qin Ming heard, immediately fire "I how not sad? I still haven't gotten over the breakup."

Li Meng suddenly stepped forward and took Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Since you still have me in your heart, let's get back together. Even these days I followed Yang Wei, I have not opened a room with him, because I simply do not like him, I like his money only. I have been with you for two years, have you ever had money?"

Qin Ming listened to the dumbfounded, when the breakup that will, but said can not stand his poverty, now this reason can really be absolute.

Chapter 18

Li Meng's hand is so soft, the touch is so familiar, Qin Ming was once in a trance, thought it was before the breakup.

She said, "Qin Ming, watching you eat soft rice, watching you fall. I can't stand it, you are so good, so good grades, the future will be able to get ahead, why do you want to eat soft rice? What's so great about that rich white girl Nie Haitang? She must have seen you have a few handsome, she spent money to buy you, play you just, tired of playing will not hesitate to dump you, this is true love?"

Qin Ming was stunned, said "Who said I eat soft rice. This money is not given to me by Nie Haitang, it is my own."

Li Meng took the opportunity to open the bag to see, immediately gulped, many stacks of bills ah. If this money is spent on her, 1v bags, Gucci perfume, Celine clothes, Cartier watches, Dior lipsticks, it is not all there?

 Just now I watched Nie Haitang give you money. Last night in the bamboo forest she also said she was your girlfriend, this is not eating soft rice? Qin Ming, I know I was wrong before, too angry, deliberately stimulated you to go with Yang Wei, but I really do not feel for Yang Wei, see you degenerate to eat soft rice, I just feel that you have to stop you, you have to hang a horse."

Qin Ming said "this is my speculation earned money, before lending out some, now Haitang return it."

Li Meng widened her eyes, incredulous, Qin Ming did speculate in stocks before, but he said at the time loss, the original is a fraudulent muffled money?

Li Meng's eyes slithered around and her mind became active "Good for you Qin Ming, actually hide it from me. Oops, I should have known that I waited a while longer, if the breakup later, Qin Ming these money must have been invested in me."

Qin Ming broke his hand and said, "Okay, I'm not afraid to tell you honestly. I am not in love with Haitang, last night because you are aggressive, Haitang is just a favor to me. If it's okay, I'm leaving."

"Hey hey, don't you go." Li Meng was even more shocked to hear this, Qin Ming actually did not climb up Nie Haitang that white rich beauty, but relied on his own ability to earn so much money in the stock market?

That's not even better?

Li Meng heart excited bad "as long as the success of the compound, then Qin Ming's money, is not all spent on me? He used to make a lot of money, but all spent on me."

Qin Ming discontented back, said "Li Meng, what else do you want? You are my first love, I have loved. You cheated on me, I choose to forgive. Honestly, you do not provoke me, I will not disturb your new life."

Li Meng said pitifully "You still don't believe me? I just can't bear the thought of you working so hard to help me save money to buy a new phone. What exactly do you want me to do to believe me? If you don't believe me again, let's go get a room."

As soon as the words left her mouth, Li Meng pulled Qin Ming and ran to the hotel outside the school.

Qin Ming was also stunned, Li Meng really changed his mind?

The first time you have a good room, Li Meng directly lying on the bed, lifting up the dress, revealing a pair of long legs, and black underwear, said "Come on Qin Ming, we are not the first time, you are strong, these days without me, you must be suffocated, right?"

Qin Ming felt that this is really farce, for his hands of this bag of money, Li Meng directly so shameless?

He was not heartbroken, he only heartbroken, his once beloved first love, why would he become a slave to money?

He took out a stack of money, a total of 10,000 yuan, threw it on the bed, said "Li Meng, I promised you that I would save money to buy you the latest Apple phone, although Yang Wei bought it for you, but I also do not want to break my word, I Qin Ming is also a man of his word, this 10,000 yuan for you. I'm leaving."

Li Meng quickly picked up the 10,000 yuan, fingers crossed the bill, her heart was crazy "Qin Ming ah Qin Ming, you really still like me in your heart, really a silk, was dumped and still not fond of, your stupid personality is really too good to cheat, huh, I want to cheat you all."

Qin Ming just walked to the door, Li Meng suddenly hugged him from behind, feel the familiar temperature behind, Qin Ming heart nest a tremor, in the past when in love, he most like Li Meng hugged him from behind.

"Money, I don't want." Li Meng returned the money and said, "Ah Ming, I really love you. I just cheated Yang Wei for money, why don't you believe me? The words that I scolded you, I did not really want to scold, I was just angry, so angry that I lost my mind. If you don't believe me, I don't want the phone Yang Wei gave me."


Li Meng threw the brand new Apple phone on the ground, then the heel of her high heels stepped on it and the screen shattered.

Qin Ming raised his eyebrows, Li Meng really stepped on the phone and shattered it.

At that moment, Qin Ming's heart was shaken.

If Li Meng wants to cheat him, there is no need to stomp on the new Apple phone.

Seeing Qin Ming's wavering eyes, Li Meng's heart became even happier, she was too familiar with Qin Ming, indeed Qin Ming is sometimes very ruthless, but the real Qin Ming, but a more gentle person.

The past two years, she was tired of Qin Ming's poverty, but also is not to give up Qin Ming's gentle, has been dragging not to say break up, until the crash cheating scene.

Women, well, in addition to money, also like to be taken care of by men as babies.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. It belongs to you. If you don't cherish it this time, then you won't have the chance in the future."

Soft, delicate, warm, one hand can not grasp.

Qin Ming's expression was cloudy, he thought in his heart, maybe Li Meng really still loves him, maybe Li Meng really just doesn't want him to work too hard as a part-time job before lying to Yang Wei, maybe Li Meng's previous slanderous words were really just in his anger.

Two years of affection, Qin Ming actually with love to the depths, just after the loss of love, has been hidden and not.

Qin Ming backhandedly hugged Li Meng, softly said "Meng Meng, you really still love me?"

Li Meng also hugged Qin Ming, leaning on his shoulder, eyes wide open, because of the extreme effort to hold back the inner joy, resulting in facial muscles overly distorted.

Li Meng a piece of lightly caress Qin Ming back, while tenderly said "of course Qin Ming, as long as you like, I am always your woman. Because, I always have only you in my heart."

In the afternoon, after rolling the sheets.

Qin Ming threw the two used sets on the bed to the paper basket, looked at the next Li Meng, he embraced the slim and beautiful woman into his arms, said "Meng Meng, I'm so happy, you still love me in your heart."

Li Meng shy smile "of course. You can not say the words angry me again, what 48 yuan a gun, said that people out of the same."

Qin Ming hurriedly palmed his mouth, said "I was also angry words, you do not take it seriously."

Li Meng smiled and said, "Of course I won't take it seriously. But you have to buy a new phone to compensate me, I also want Gucci perfume, 1v bags, Celine clothes, Cartier watches, Dior lipstick, otherwise I will not let you go oh."

Qin Ming touched Li Meng's body and said "No problem, we'll go now, you can buy whatever you want."

Li Meng happily rolled over on Qin Ming's body and asked excitedly "By the way, how much money did you make in total from stock speculation?"

Qin Ming showed a subtle smile and said, "Not much, just these in this bag, eighty-eight thousand."