Rags To Riches Chapter 169-170

 Chapter 169

Nie Zhengming had only just parked his car and rushed up to see Qin Ming pulling his sister, and his heart burst with annoyance.

                He held up the sky-high dream girl dress Qin Ming had bought and threw it straight over, saying, "Your stuff, take it."

                Qin Ming held up the gown and frowned, he remembered that he had sent someone to the Nie family, he had seen Nie Haitang not wearing it at first and did not ask, he thought Nie Haitang could not afford to wear it, but it turned out to be taken by Nie Zhengming?

                Nie Zhengming went forward and took Nie Haitang's hand, saying, "Sister, let's go."

                Nie Haitang was dissatisfied, "Brother! What are you doing? Isn't that dress yours? How come it's Qin Ming's?"

                Nie Zhengming grunted, "He gave it to you, but I stopped it. I don't know where the cheap stuff came from, we don't wear such cheap stuff in the Nie family."

                Chen Mulin was surprised, "How could that be a bargain? Isn't that the dreamy girl on the cover of the last fashion magazine? Swedish designer Vivienne McTerney. The dream girl that was designed by Ms. McTerney and hand-stitched by more than twenty people at Chanel and made a splash at the Paris fashion show."

                Zhao Menghua also said, "Yes, we watched Qin Ming pick it up at Chanel's main shop in Guangzhou that day. Didn't Nie Haitang buy that?"

                Nie Haitang said, "Eh? I, I didn't. Hmph, I'm still mad that Qin Ming and you said you'd buy me a new dress, but it didn't move for days, so in the end my brother bought me this fan dress."

                Nie Zhengming was stunned and asked, "This gown is very expensive?"

                Zhao Li Niu said loudly, "Of course, it's over 800,000 yuan, real diamonds, it's so beautiful and classy. We all thought it was Nie Da Hua who bought it and just asked Qin Ming to get the dress that day."

                The corners of Nie Zhengming's mouth twitched, over eight hundred thousand dollars for a party dress? How much of a tycoon would that be to be willing to buy it, their Nie family wouldn't be so extravagant.

                Nie Zhengming somewhat regretted not opening the dress box to take a look at it.

                He looked at Qin Ming again in surprise, thinking no way, no how, isn't Qin Ming just poor?  The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company. 

                Suddenly, Nie Zhengming felt that Qin Ming had a lot of secrets that were not known to anyone.

                But Qin Ming listened to the conversation between a few people and immediately understood.

                He had sent the party dress to Nie's house, and when it turned out to be received by Nie Zhengming, he became upset and withheld it, leaving Qin Ming's surprise for Nie Haitang gone.

                Qin Ming said angrily, "Nie Zhengming you went back on your word, you promised me that day that you wouldn't object to me being with Haitang if I helped you out with your company's troubles."

                Nie Zhengming grunted, "I'm not against it, but I don't agree with it either."

                You're a big old man, or a dead arrogant one?

                Exasperated by this, Qin Ming said, "He Kun from the He family before, or the second marriage, and strange fetishes. Do you agree that I am worse than He Kun? Is it because I don't have as much family power as He Kun?"

                Nie Zhengming was at a loss for words, he wasn't the kind of person who valued the idea of family too much, it was just that he had a bad impression of Qin Ming from the start, after causing Nie Haitang to faint because of his ex-girlfriend's affair.

                But he was proven wrong afterwards, but he was still uncomfortable in his heart and felt that Qin Ming, a poor? Pan Jun? Non yu stern l eye gap u for clear mythology

                So whatever Qin Ming did after that, he looked at Qin Ming with displeasure.

                Nie Zhengming's handsome face was torn, he didn't know how to refute Qin Ming, but he just didn't approve of him, and in the end, fortunately, he walked away on his own without saying a word.

                Nie Haitang looked at her own brother and then at Qin Ming, in a dilemma.

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "Haitang, you go in with your brother first, I'll come later."

                Nie Haitang nodded and said, "I'll go and persuade him, Qin Ming you shouldn't hate my brother, he's not usually like this."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, he naturally understood that if he wanted Nie Haitang to be happy, then he must not abet Nie Haitang to fight against her family for something like love, he was confident that he could convince Nie Haitang's family to approve of him, he had asked Qi Minghui to do it before, he felt that not being sincere enough was the key to not succeeding, he needed to do it himself.

                Zhang Xiaoyan asked, "Qin Ming, you're not going after your girlfriend?"

                Qin Ming said, "I promised to help you live, I can't go back on my word. Let's go, I'll show you in."

                The two entered the venue and first watched some publicity about saving children with leukaemia in the reception lobby of the Century Building, how many children with leukaemia suffer from the disease every year, appealing for help from all walks of life and so on.

                Although there were not many people, there was always a bump in the road, so Qin Ming was responsible for helping Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast to run smoothly.

                Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoyan excitedly took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Qin Ming, Qin Ming, just now the superintendent told me that I was on the first page again, and if my popularity exceeded one million, my live stream would have a chance to be recommended on a big channel, telling me to perform well."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "That's a good thing. This is a charity event, you show up here to do a live broadcast, it will definitely attract fans, popularity is rising ah. Then you'll be a big shot on the live streaming platform in no time."

                Zhang Xiaoyan frowned and said, "But, I don't know why there are so many people cursing me in the live stream. It wasn't there just now, what's going on?"

                Qin Ming opened his phone and saw that there were half as many pop-ups as usual, and the live stream was unusually hot, with a bunch of people cursing in addition to the normal live stream pop-ups.

                "This makeup face is ugly, right? And a child's face? How can a twenty-something year old aunt call herself a child's face? Do you want to be ashamed?"

                "I heard that the fraudulent anchor, using fake tickets to muddle into the charity party, I came to observe."

                "These boobs are stuffed with silicone, right? They're so big and fake."

                "How can you compete with Miss Mariko with that kind of looks? You're disgusting, right? Is this ugly bitch stealing our Miss Mariko's chance?"

                "Tsk, our Miss Mariko donated a million and was specially invited by the organizer, and this guy donated half a million?"

                "Who's that guy next to you? He's so ugly. Ugly man, ugly woman, nothing to see. Show me a dance."

                The trolling in the live stream was getting worse and worse, although there were some real fans defending, but they couldn't help but bring the rhythm, once the rhythm was brought up, both sides started cursing their fathers and mothers, cursing their whole families, the originally very peaceful and friendly live stream, instantly became a pandemonium.

                The largest group of viewers in the live stream was still the general audience, and this bickering caused the number of viewers to drop, and even the number of people who rewarded them dropped a bunch.

                However, Qin Ming could see that someone was bringing a female anchor called Mariko up to speed with Zhang Xiaoyan.

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "That female anchor called Maruko, is she also from your platform?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan frowned deeply and said, "She is a big anchor, I heard that the studio and team behind her support, is the first sister of our seafood station, singing, dancing and popular games, very good at everything, very absorbing money, every day many big bosses reward. How could I possibly mess with her?"

                Qin Ming's heart moved and he said, "It seems that Qi Minghui's good intentions have done a disservice, he rewarded you with a million at once, making the platform suddenly pay attention to you. I'm afraid the original channel recommendation was for others, not for you. You've moved other people's interests, ah, so you have to be messed with."

                When Zhang Xiaoyan heard this, she felt even harder: "I, I didn't want to compete with anyone for anything either. Sister Mariko is here too, so I'll go and apologise to her and hope that this will be forgotten."

                Qin Ming wanted to say that the other team was acting, so how could a general apology be useful, but Zhang Xiaoyan was already holding up her phone and going to find someone, so he had to follow.

Chapter 170

Qin Ming was carrying his bag, still holding the box of his dress, and without paying attention, he missed Zhang Xiaoyan who was in a hurry to apologize.

                He was going to say, "In this kind of competition for resources, how can a general apology be useful? The weaker you are, the more you are bullied, and you have to split the difference to end the conflict.

                However, Zhang Xiaoyan had already gone far away.

                Qin Ming opened the live streaming software and saw Zhang Xiaoyan walking in the floor lobby, unable to distinguish the direction at all.

                The female anchor called Maruzi, on the other hand, was watching a celebrity interview on the fifth floor, but the pop-ups were not any cursing words, they were all positive.

                "Miss Mariko is getting prettier and prettier, and she's also doing charity, conscientious anchor."


                "Miss you are so pretty, my salary is all rewarded to you."

                "Go for it, baby."

                "Maruko is the first sister of singing anchor, no rebuttal accepted."

                "Twenty years of Maru fans coming uninvited."

                Qin Ming looked speechless, why was this anchor's live stream so harmonious?

                On the contrary, Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast room was suddenly a rhythm, even the vocabulary of reproductive organs had exploded, and now the screen was full of asterisk blocking words yet.

                Why is it that these people bring the rhythm and still act as if nothing is wrong?

                This pill can't attract tycoons to reward it, and you can't blame Zhang Xiaoyan for being a strong gold sucker, right?

                When he saw his friend being bullied like this, Qin Ming was really upset and couldn't swallow his anger.

                At this time, Zhang Xiaoyan's figure was seen in that Maruzi's live stream.

                That female anchor Maruzi was very enthusiastic: "hello, Xiaoyan, you're here too. Ahhhhh, your dress looks good, so beautiful."

                Zhang Xiaoyan smiled politely and then greeted the live stream, and was embarrassed to say that she had come to pay her respects to her seniors and rubbed her popularity in the process.

                However, after the two chatted in front of the camera for a while, Mariko's live camera went to the female assistant on the side, and the two disappeared.

                Qin Ming had a bad feeling that they might be negotiating.

                He weaved back and forth through the crowd in the hall and finally saw Zhang Xiaoyan at the unoccupied miscellaneous room corridor.

                She was currently surrounded by a man and a woman, frothing at the mouth and not knowing what to say.

                It seemed that her mobile phone had been switched off, so if she suddenly lost the picture during the broadcast, it would be a live incident.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was being lectured with her head down, and Qin Ming hurriedly pushed his way through the crowd to rush over.

                "Apologize? Apology is useful, is there still a king's law in this world?"

                "Our studio has spent a lot of time and money to get this omni-channel resource promotion for Mariko, and now we've killed such a modest anchor like you out of nowhere, what? You want to be the first sister of the platform, don't you?"

                "I've seen a lot of people compete with me, I've never been afraid of anyone."

                "What do you mean by acting pathetic now? Do you want to show off after you've gotten an advantage? Do you want to see me laugh?"

                "This time, you're good, a tycoon has rewarded you with a million. But we're not easy to mess with either. Is it that easy to be the first sister of the platform? What about the previous ones who were banned? Don't you know what you're capable of?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was unable to intervene, she actually just wanted to come and express her apology, after all, the platform suddenly arranged it, and she could not do anything about it.

                Zhang Xiaoyan said aggrievedly, "Sister Mariko, I really didn't come here to show off, I was also very abrupt about the platform's arrangement, I didn't mean to."

                The man beside Mariko exclaimed, "Enough, doing something like charity is a great promotion. You and I are the only anchors who can come to the Seafood Channel. Would you not know that this is an opportunity? Since you already have the platform's support, don't pretend to be a white lotus."

                Zhang Xiaoyan argued, "I really didn't, I really didn't know. Right now, my live stream is full of you fans leading the rhythm, and I just want the audience to all have a good viewing environment. So, as long as you guys restrain your fans, I can give up the resources given by the platform to promote."

                Mariko said, "Hmph, no one can change what the platform decides, you say you don't want it? You have the backing of a tycoon and the platform treats you like a cash cow."

                The man next to her said angrily, "I say you Zhang Xiaoyan you are pretending to be confused, right? Don't pretend for me, you won, you are great. The promotion opportunity is yours. We admit defeat, okay? But what do we care what the fans do? Do we have to go from fan to fan to persuade them?"

                Mariko raised the corner of her mouth disdainfully, "That's right, it's none of my business if you don't do a good job on air and get scolded? Bringing me up to speed with you, you can't handle it yourself? Your first day as an anchor? Think it's okay to come over and make a smiley face? Don't be naive. But you have money now, you'll have to give me half a million and I'll help you find someone to take care of the spammers. This is our studio's commissioned business oh, you can commission us to do it."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was all speechless: "......"

                She was trying to come to solve the trouble, in the spirit of even if she pushed off the omni-channel support promotion with the super management, she did not want to quarrel with the first sister of the platform, otherwise there would be no peace forever, every day is a rhythm, live are not peaceful.

                The result became to spend half a million to set up those sprayers?

                The man suddenly whispered, said: "Zhang Xiaoyan, we have invested more than half a million this time to help Pills get promotion resources, for the sake of, doing a big exposure, sucking up a wave of powder, the process of returning the capital can be long. Now you suddenly appear and ruin our plan. We Maruko fans are not to be messed with either. Even if we go to appease them, it will take time and effort, and it won't be pleasing, and we'll lose fans, half a million is fair."

                Mariko said while touching up her make-up, "You can give it or not, then I won't care about this. Public opinion is free on the internet, I can't control what they like to say. If you want to spend money to entrust me, I'll try my best to try to persuade those brain-dead fans."

                Isn't this a pit?

                Zhang Xiaoyan wasn't stupid, how could she not see that?

                She even suspected that those spammers and water soldiers were all hired by the studio behind Mariko at a cost, specifically to ruin the atmosphere of other people's live streams, making a mess of it was just the first step, and then the rumors, smearing, p pictures, buying hot searches, appearing on self-publishing, personal attacks, and human flesh would come one after another, and the troubles would be endless.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was hesitant, she didn't know what to do.

                She used to be a small-time anchor, and her live-streaming career was going smoothly, but now she has made too big a leap, from mid-stream anchor to first-line anchor, and her first step is to run into such big trouble, and she doesn't know who to turn to for help.

                Qin Ming came over and said, "Xiaoyan, you should go live first, the fans in the live broadcast room are waiting impatiently, I'll talk to them."

                Zhang Xiaoyan said worriedly, "But Qin Ming, how can I bother you again?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I'm the bodyguard you hired, I have to do my duty. Besides, we've been bullied, so we can't just do nothing, right? Don't worry, I will take care of it."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was so moved that she cried, it was really great to get Qin Ming to help.

                She knew that Qin Ming was very reliable at all times and in all places, and that was why she chose to invite him to the party.

                Because he was a man of honour.

                Qin Ming smiled gently, stroked Zhang Xiaoyan's head and said, "Come on, don't cry. We've been classmates for three years between us, we don't need all that vanity."

                The female anchor, Mariko, frowned, "Who are you? Going to stand up for her?"

                Qin Ming said, "Who cares who I am, I'm warning you, don't think that having a few bucks to hire a water army makes you great."

                Mariko said disdainfully, "Hmph, I don't know what you're talking about, I'm Mariko from the seafood station, an internet celebrity, who doesn't know this name when I say it? I'm a hundred times more popular than her, do I need to use such cheap tricks? You brag so much, why don't you set this right?"

                Qin Ming indifferently held his chin up and said, "I'll settle it for you. Don't regret it when the time comes."

                Mariko and the man next to her also held their chins high in arrogance and said, "We'll wait and see who loses in the end."