Rags To Riches Chapter 167-168

 Chapter 167

Just a moment ago, Qin Ming had quietly informed Qi Minghui that he had been stopped at the entrance of the Eastern District and shouted at him to come and give him a hand.

                The manager and the staff members who were giving Qin Ming a hard time, once they saw that their boss had come down personally, they knew it was going to be bad.

                However, when Qi Minghui received Qin Ming's message, he was puzzled and went straight to the person in charge of the organiser, who immediately came down to deal with the matter personally once he heard about the Qi family's distinguished guest.

                "What's going on?" The chief person in charge was a svelte eyed man, he looked at the organising manager under him with a stern face and scolded, "I have repeatedly told you to do a good job of reception, and this is how you do things? People's tickets are completely normal, but you have to deduct people, what do you mean, a small manager? What do you mean? You want to play with privileges even for this kind of crap?"

                The manager was bitter in his heart, if he had known that Qin Ming was so big, he would not have helped Zhao Fugui, but now it was too late to say everything.

                Qi Minghui was exceptionally angry, Qin Ming was the boss of his whole family.

                Qin Ming came to the party with his friends in a low-profile manner, but he was embarrassed by these petty people, and those tickets were sent by Qi Minghui.

                Wasn't this a slap in his face? Wasn't he being ineffective?

                Qi Minghui said to the person in charge, "Mr Wang, you can take care of this. The treatment of the VIP invitation was just made difficult for more than twenty minutes, I won't stop until you give me an explanation."

                That General Manager Wang waved his hand directly and said, "Chi Er Shao, this time it is my people who have the problem, I will definitely give you an explanation. The few of you go back to the company's finance immediately to collect this month's salary, pack your things and get out."

                The host manager's face was deathly pale and tears were flowing out of his eyes, this was a high paying job, he was a senior executive.

                "Boss, I was wrong, I was wrong, I listened to the slander, I was wrong, boss give me a chance. Please, I've been working for the company for five years."

                "Boss, give me one more chance. I beg you."

                The manager knelt down and begged Wang, but Wang looked at the man with his chin, without any room for manoeuvre, cold to the end.

                In the end, the manager could only leave in disgrace.

                Seeing this scene, the onlookers who had just stayed to watch were stunned, this reversal was too fast, right? Only 20 minutes later, the arrogant organising manager had lost his job in place?

                And that organiser's boss, after firing his subordinate, was apologising to Qin Ming one after another, nodding his head and bowing his back, it was too comical to be true.

                Zhang Xiaoyan, Chen Mulin, Zhao Menghua, Liang Shaoyong, Zhao Fugui, Zhang Qingqing, Zhao Tuo and Xie Guangkun's family were all stunned.

                All these people, who were familiar with Qin Ming at school, never knew that Qin Ming knew so many people in the community.

                Zhang Qingqing and Zhao Tuo did recognise Zhou Yu, after all, they had played together last time at Nanshan Manor, but they did not expect that the two had become so well acquainted.

                In fact, Zhou Yu's rank is only that of Qi Ming Hui's men, and he is purely along to look up to Qin Ming.

                After all, it is convenient to show more faces in front of the boss to get promoted and get a pay rise.

                Chief Wang dispatched a few people over and pointed at Zhao Fugui's group who hadn't left yet, saying, "You few please come over here for a moment, I suspect you are hiding dangerous goods, please re-take the machine inspection."

                What the hell?

                Zhao Fugui, Xie Guangkun and the others were dumbfounded, hadn't they just walked past that testing machine? What could be wrong with it?

                This was deliberate!

                If I had known, I wouldn't have watched the fun just now and walked faster.

                That's right, that Mr Wang was doing it on purpose, he had just asked about the situation and knew that the original manager had faked his way through and conspired with Zhao Fu Gui to make things difficult for Qin Ming and his friends.

                Although he didn't know what Qin Ming's status was, the honoured guest that Qi Minghui himself said was bound to be a big deal, and he wouldn't dare offend the Qi family, which was very influential in the whole of Guangdong Province.

                If Qin Ming was not happy, then Qi Minghui would not be happy, and then his good days as General Manager Wang would come to an end.

                So he had to take Zhao Fugui to task.

                A few new staff members heard the boss's order and immediately took Zhao Fugui and his group out, even Zhao Tuo and Zhang Qingqing.

                Xie Guangkun shouted speechlessly, "Hey, you guys ...... how can you do this? Is there any king's law? We've just finished checking the tickets."

                He Menglian screamed even more: "You guys are fake and corrupt."

                Xie Tao cried and cried again, "Call your boss here, I want to complain against you."

                That General Manager Wang's expression instantly turned grim and said, "I am the boss of the Blue Sky Charity Foundation, the general manager of this organizing, if you want to complain about anyone, you can just say."

                At these words, Xie Guangkun's family all shut up.

                They had neither donated nor had deep connections, they were purely relying on the face of Zhao Fugui, a rich second generation.

                They all looked at Zhao Fugui, expecting Zhao Fugui to fight back.

                But there was nothing Zhao Fugui could do, he called his dad Zhao Dongliang for help at the first opportunity.

                Zhao Fugui and Zhao Tuo could see clearly that Qin Ming would retaliate! The way he retaliated was exactly the same as what Zhao Fugui had just done.

                He was kicked out even after he had gone in.

                A passerby on the side made fun of him, "This guy is really funny, he made a fool of himself, and now he's being kicked out instead."

                "Typical of people who do more than their fair share."

                "Oh, why didn't you call his old man to come down?"

                "Thirty years in the east, thirty years in the west, the wind and water are turning, ah."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhao Dongliang and his wife hurried down, saying as they walked away, "What's going on? Who are you to stop my son? I have official tickets."

                Mrs Zhao was even more arrogant and domineering, shouting, "What's wrong with you? I'm very close to your President Wang, believe it or not, I'll call him down and fire you all. You're all blind, how dare you kick my son out?"

                Suddenly, Mr. Wang turned his head, "I don't know you."

                This ...... Zhao Dongliang couple looked at the Blue Sky Charity Foundation's General Manager Wang in shock, how could someone of his stature come down personally?

                Zhao Dongliang hurriedly rubbed his hands and bent his waist to go forward, saying, "Yo, General Wang, you ......"

                Mr. Wang didn't bother with nonsense and said directly, "Have they done the security check yet?"

                The people under his command shook their heads, and Mr. Wang waved his hand and said, "Check it again, how did the people just now do their job? None of them are working carefully."

                The boss gave the order, and several bull-tall staff members, on the grounds of suspicion of concealing dangerous goods, shelved Zhao Dongliang and his wife, not giving them the slightest face to reunite as a family.

                Zhao Dongliang was shocked, angry and ashamed, what was going on here? Who had the Zhao family offended?

                Zhao Dongliang stepped forward and said, "Mr. Wang, there is no need for this, is there? You are a guest at the door. I admit that I used some tactics against my son's rival, but for a poor student, is it a crime?"

                But Mr Wang was determined, and it was more dangerous to offend the Qi family than to lose face.

                Mr. Wang said coldly, "The poor student you are talking about is an honoured guest of the Qi family, and the Qi family has even given him a VIP invitation. Get lost yourself if you're sensible."

                "How is that possible?" Zhao Dongxin's heart was flooded with waves of shock as he looked at Qin Ming at the side, he was actually that big of a deal?

                "Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang~!" Zhao Dongliang hurriedly called out.

                However, Mr. Wang turned around and ignored Zhao Dongliang and his son, instead, he talked to Qin Ming with a smile on his face.

                Zhao Fugui's mother was so anxious that she flung her bag wildly: "Aiya, husband, what should we do?"

                Zhao Fugui and Xie Guangkun's group looked at the last of their backers and were all helpless, completely devastated, this was really being thrown out ah.

                Qin Ming was quite satisfied with this treatment, it was good not to let these people in to disturb his party, and most importantly, the family should be in one piece.

                Qin Ming swept his eyes at Zhao Fugui and the others who were full of shame and powerlessness, and pulled Nie Haitang and was about to go in.

                "Wait a minute." Suddenly, someone behind them called out loudly to stop Qin Ming.

Chapter 168

Zhang Qingqing was speechless, she was just watching a hilarious event and was kicked out?

                She looked at Zhao Tuo with some annoyance, this guy had once again dropped the ball, although he was not involved in making things difficult for Qin Ming, he knew it and was still gloating on the sidelines which was equally disgusting.

                Seeing that Qin Ming was ignoring her, she became irritated.

                Zhang Qing Qing was furious and with her arms crossed and her designer bag hanging, she questioned, "Wait a minute, Qin Ming, are you kicking me out too?"

                Only then did Qin Ming remember that Zhang Qingqing had come with that pitiful person Zhao Tuo.

                Nie Haitang also tugged at Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, let Qing Qing in, she's innocent."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Oh, President, how dare I throw you out? I am not in charge of the venue."

                Zhang Qingqing was a bit annoyed and said, "Look at you, you're so proud of yourself, and you're asking me to play dumb? How have I treated you before? Have I ever treated you badly? Do you really want to make me look bad?"

                As soon as Qin Ming finished speaking, the staff next to him was very cooperative and said directly, "Miss, your security check is fine, please enter."

                After Zhang Qingqing came in, she added, "Let Zhao Tuo come in too, although he was gloating on the sidelines, it wasn't him who caused the incident. Besides, you can see that my dress and bag are all gifts from him. That favour has to be returned."

                Qin Ming threw another look to the staff, who understood and immediately let Zhao Tuo in.

                Zhao Tuo was as depressed as if he had eaten shit, but he had to accept Qin Ming's favour and smile with him, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to get in, he already felt humiliated enough, he couldn't be humiliated again.

                Then Xie Guangkun was very anxious: "Little Qin, you should let us in too. We've even had dinner together."

                Qin Ming ignored them completely, not forgetting the taunts they had made at the last dinner table.

                Zhao Dongliang's family and Xie Guangkun's family stared at each other, reduced to laughingstocks, and no matter how much they tried to negotiate, they had all sorts of reasons for not letting them in, so they had to leave.

                Qin Ming was able to take a sigh of relief for his friends.

                Zhang Xiaoyan and Zhao Liniu were also waiting for him. Qin Ming walked over and introduced himself, "This is Qi Minghui, the second young master of the Qi family, who gave me all the tickets. He is also my brother's colleague. This is Zhou Yu, the president and Zhao Tuo you also know, he's the boss of Tiancheng Securities, he's young and talented."

                Chen Mulin and the others were very surprised that Qin Ming knew the second youngest member of the Qi family, it was really surprising.

                Although Chen Mulin was not a rich girl, she was still the daughter of a wealthy family, so she naturally understood that the Qi family was no less influential than the Hou and Mu families in Guangzhou, they were both powerful families, the Nie family had to bow down when they met the Qi family, not to mention her Chen family.

                Chen Mulin suddenly felt that Qin Ming was becoming more and more different, and not so? Pan Ke cripple

                Zhang Qingqing was even more shocked to death.

                Zhao Tuo's face is even more ugly, Zhao Tuo's parents are busy because of work, but did not come is also with his uncle Zhao Dongliang a downfall, bowing to the part.

                He couldn't understand how Qin Ming knew so many powerful and rich people?

                Having money is not scary, what is scary is having money and power, that is not the most scary, if you have money and power, but also huge, that is too scary.

                Zhao Tuo saw Zhou Yu even more embarrassed, only to remember that day in the South Mountain Spa Zhou Yu taunted him, is acquainted with Qin Ming ah.

                Zhao Tuo wanted to befriend Qi Minghui, but Qi Minghui how comparable to more than sad here relationship, Qin Ming cared about friends only Zhang Xiaoyan and the dormitory three brothers only.

                The first thing you need to do is to say a few nice words, although perfunctory, but there is a sense of courtesy.

                The first time he saw Zhang Xiaoyan still holding up her phone live, he smiled and said, "Beauty, what's your live number? I'm going to pay the reward."

                Zhang Xiaoyan froze for a moment and said, "How is this ...... good?"

                Qi Minghui took the phone and said with a smile, "It's okay, I occasionally watch live streams for entertainment and relaxation, well, if you have any trouble later, you can also come to me."

                Only after the reward, Zhang Xiaoyan watched as five hundred super rockets soared out of the live stream, countless super rockets soared in the pop-ups, stunning the crowd.

                Two thousand dollars for a single super rocket, throwing a million dollars at will? That's too rich.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was so shocked that she stammered, "Thank you, thank you, thank you Brother Ming Hui's ...... ahem, five hundred super rockets, Brother Ming Hui you, you're too spendy."

                Not to mention Zhang Xiaoyan, the scene, except for Qin Ming, was terrified.

                Even Zhou Yu, after all, Zhou Yu only accepted the securities company, the first month's salary on a loan to buy a BMW 7 series, in fact, at this time, Zhou Yu is very poor, he was envious jealous of Qi Ming Hui's big hand broad Zhuo.

                Only Qin Ming, nothing like, after all, he light a Chinese industry, a quarterly profit of tens of billions of dollars, a million is really about the same as a dollar, right?

                And the pop-ups in the live stream were horrified.

                "What a tycoon, I want to make friends with a tycoon too."

                "So much reward for the first meeting? Is the tycoon trying to pick up our Xiao Yan?"

                "Xiaoyan begs you to go back to the dormitory and sleep tonight."

                "Is Xiao Yan going to be picked up? I've been chasing so many beautiful anchorwomen, but all of them have been taken away by the rich bastard."

                "Money is the root of all evil, no money is the one who writes and writes sentences."

                "That bodyguard is so facetious? People can't look good yet."

                "Oh, where's the person who was sneering just now? Our Xiaoyan is acquainted with many powerful people."

                Qi Minghui said to Zhang Xiaoyan, "You are Qin Ming's friend, and also my friend, these are just small amounts of money to support your live broadcast. Oh, I have something to do, excuse me."

                Qi Minghui was smart enough not to want to disturb Qin Ming from having fun with his friends, which made Qin Ming feel quite good about him.

                As for why he didn't give Nie Haitang some gifts, that was of course because he didn't want to pat his horse's ass on the hoof, his own boss's woman, he needed to give him gifts? Waiting for the right time to do so, otherwise it would be a ruined future if he displeased his boss.

                Zhang Xiaoyan is a good friend of Qin Ming's, so he sells Zhang Xiaoyan a favour, which will not cause Nie Haitang to resent him, but will also make Qin Ming remember him, so it is a very safe move.

                As soon as he left, Zhao Liniu, Zhang Qingqing and others were all excited, and they all came up to Qin Ming and asked him who Qi Minghui was, what he did, whether he was single, whether he had a good job that paid him a million a year and did nothing every day, and so on.

                This made Qin Ming a bit dizzy and kept explaining that people were just colleagues of his elder brother as a pretext.

                In an instant, Qin Ming became the centre of attention, as if he knew Qin Ming and had the honour of knowing him, after all, Qin Ming knew the big shots in the upper class circles of Guangzhou.

                Nie Haitang, who was very proud of herself, took Qin Ming's arm and pushed the crowd away, humming, "Okay, okay, this is my boyfriend, don't think too much about it. Just knowing a few people, look how rare you all are, that's not even Boss Qin Ming, Boss Qin Ming is even better, give him a bit of insider information on stock speculation, he earned a million for me in one day."


                Qin Ming choked on a mouthful of spittle, how could Nie Haitang still talk about the past, did she really not know or fake not knowing, this could easily reveal itself!

                Chen Mulin and Zhang Qingqing looked at Nie Haitang's happy and proud face and were very envious inside. Women love vanity.

                Especially Chen Mulin, the more she got to know Qin Ming, the harder it was for her to feel that the Qin Ming she used to know was a fake Qin Ming?

                Qin Ming said very modestly, "Alright, alright, you guys don't have to get up in arms either. People are just giving my brother face, so I'm just getting the glory and walking in."

                At the same time, someone behind Qin Ming said, "Wait a minute."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, who would it be again? He turned around and looked, ouch, it's not his brother-in-law Nie Zhengming coming?