Rags To Riches Chapter 165-166

 Chapter 165

"This bodyguard is really incompetent, to be outputted by such a face ride, you have the guts to be our Xiaoyan's bodyguard?"

                "Shame on you, being mocked in turn."

                "How could there be a problem with Xiao Yan's vote? The donation on the Blue Sky Charity Foundation homepage isn't fake ah, it must be this man's problem."

                Qin Ming did not care about the accusations in the live stream, but Zhang Xiaoyan was one to exonerate Qin Ming.

                Zhang Xiaoyan said, "Everyone calm down, this has nothing to do with my friend, it's all me, I've offended someone. That's all I can say, but I believe I can get in and my ticket is fine. The leaders of the platform are helping me out too, so everyone wait a moment."

                She glanced at Qin Ming with a look of apology, as Zhang Xiaoyan felt that it was because she had offended Zhao Fugui that Qin Ming's friend couldn't get in either.

                Chen Mulin said angrily, "Qin Ming, do something, I'm really ashamed of myself."

                Qin Ming walked over and said, "I have other tickets, please check them one by one as well."

                The manager of the organiser was delighted and said, "Have you forged a bunch of fake tickets? This Huayi Night Charity Gala is strictly vetted, and the information and details of every invited guest are checked clearly. Although there will be some special tickets given away, but there won't be many."

                Qin Ming interrupted, "Whether it's a forgery or not, you can see for yourself."

                Saying that, Qin Ming took out a bunch of tickets for the general area, those were all given away by Qi Minghui.

                Among them were also those for the senior section, but Qin Ming had sold them because he was angry and didn't take them out directly.

                The staff looked at the stack of tickets, which were as many as a dozen, and also froze, except for individual big bosses and powerful giants who could ask for so many tickets with the organizer, it was simply impossible.



                Zhao Tuo, Zhao Fu Gui, that manager and some people passing by all laughed.

                "So many fake tickets, has this person lost his wits? Head of irony."

                "Qin Ming, what are you doing? I really want to show Yang Wei and Li Meng this scene, you're so humiliated, taking fake tickets with a straight face."

                "Tch, you're here to cause trouble, aren't you?"

                The manager of the organiser took a pile of tickets and threw them on the ground without even looking at them, saying, "They're all pretty good imitations, don't you know that the tickets for our Huayi Night are hard to come by, no one can get so many tickets."

                Looking at the tickets spilled all over the floor, Zhao Fugui and his group laughed even more recklessly.

                "Record it, I want to record it, ahahaha."

                "This is too fucking humiliating. Hahahaha."

                Zhang Xiaoyan, holding a long selfie stick, was also looking over in awe, how did Qin Ming get so many votes?

                And next to her, Chen Mulin and Zhao Meng Hua and the others were speechlessly covering their faces, she didn't know what to do, she always felt humiliated and ashamed.


                Suddenly a Mercedes Maybach arrived, the crowd's eyes were drawn to the luxury car, only to see a beautiful woman in a pink dress coming out of the car, was it not Nie Haitang?

                Nie Haitang had been watching the live broadcast all the way when she arrived and actually knew what was going on, she was furious.

                She was angry because Qin Ming was deliberately blocked by these people, she couldn't care less about dry jealousy, she had to stand up for Qin Ming.

                Lifting her skirt, Nie Haitang rushed over in a very feminine manner and said, "You guys are bullying people too much, Qin Ming's ticket was given to you by our school headmaster, don't you have the headmaster of our China Provincial University of Technology among your invitees? Then see if my ticket is a fake?"

                The crowd was stunned, this beauty had rushed in anger to help this man who had created fake tickets?

                "Crap, this beauty is so pretty, what's the relationship between the two?"

                "Tsk, shouldn't she have walked the red carpet at the main entrance? This dress skirt is sparkling."

                "A flower in a cow dung. What a nice girl, all gone to the pigs."

                The organiser's manager frowned as he noticed that more and more people were paying attention to the place because of Nie Haitang's appearance, which made him a bit unhappy.

                He did know Nie Haitang, after all, the Nie family was an up-and-coming gentry in Guang City, with money, and Nie's Bathroom Group was large in volume, and Fortune Magazine had boasted about Nie Haitang's beauty and learning.

                However, he was questioned by Nie Haitang in front of so many people, and he couldn't face it.

                People who have been in high positions for a long time love to save face. He was at least a manager.

                The manager of the organiser took Nie Haitang's ticket, looked at it casually and said, "Miss Nie, there's something wrong with your ticket too, wait a minute, let's go check it out."

                "Hahahahaha." Zhao Fugui and Xie Tao Xie Tao's family were laughing so hard that they almost fell on the ground.

                "This is really hurting one after another, hahahaha, I'm laughing my ass off."

                "Ah, I can't, I can't stop my tears."

                "Qin Ming you're such a spoilsport, now you can't even eat soft rice."

                Faced with Zhao Fugui and the others' ridicule, Nie Haitang was furious, "You're deliberately making things difficult."

                The manager of the organiser said, "Please don't worry Miss Nie, you will definitely be able to get in, I believe we issued your ticket, but our system is a bit slow and it takes time to check the tickets, please wait a little."

                This was a deliberate attempt to hang Nie Haitang out to dry, saying that there was a system problem when the superiors came and shifting the blame, the usual trick of playing Taiji.

                Zhang Xiaoyan, Zhao Liniu and Chen Mulin all looked at the scene with great despair, thinking that Qin Ming would be able to save the day when Nie Haitang came, but it still didn't work!

                Zhao Tuo pulled Zhang Qingqing and said, "Tsk, this Qin Ming, he can't even eat soft rice anymore. Qingqing, don't worry, Nie Haitang will definitely be able to get in, but Qin Ming will still be taught a lesson by my cousin. You don't feel sorry for Qin Ming, do you?"

                Zhang Qingqing's mouth dropped as she said, "I'm just heartbroken for my bestie. Quickly let your Zhao Fu Gui let people go, standing at the door surrounded, how embarrassing."

                Suddenly, Qin Ming took out another stack of tickets in public and said, "Then take a look at these tickets again."

                The group was shocked, how could Qin Ming still have tickets?

                Moreover, those tickets were obviously of better workmanship and quality, and the people from the organizer recognized them at a glance, weren't they the special invitation tickets at the front entrance that were treated like the various stars, giants and high ranking celebrities, walking the red carpet, signing billboards and receiving filming treatment from major TV stations and other regular media?

                Qin Ming still had ten tickets for the senior section here, all given by Qi Minghui.

                The manager of the organiser took the tickets, his heart clouded with uncertainty, he felt that they were fake, Zhao Fugui had said that such a poor kid who rented a dress and a small anchor from a seafood station could not have reached the upper class people in Guangcheng and got so many tickets.

                Nevertheless, he asked his men to check the ticket stubs.

                Soon, his men came up to the manager and whispered, "Manager, whether the tickets are for the general area or the premium area, they are all genuine. The ticket codes and QR codes are all correct."

                The organiser's manager's face instantly darkened and said, "You guys go, pick up the tickets I just threw on the floor and check them too."

                While checking the tickets here, Qin Ming pulled Nie Haitang's hand and said, "Why are you rushing up here, your skirt is so long, what if you fall?"

                Nie Haitang angrily raised her chin and said, "I'm angry, I saw it all on the live broadcast when I came. Aren't they deliberately making things difficult for people? They even stopped all your friends, even me, didn't they just want you to make a fool of yourself and be embarrassed? This is too bad."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "There's no rush."

                Xie Tao looked on and sneered, "Not in a hurry? You still want my cousin to come out and save you? If we are willing to help, why don't you just ask for a word? You want to save face and let so many people suffer from you."

                Zhao Fugui also scoffed, "Yes, anyway, wait until midnight, we'll be gone and you can go in, there's no rush."

                Qin Ming slowly took out another invitation letter from his pocket and said, "If those tickets don't work, then an invitation letter will do, right?"

                "Huh?" The crowd was stunned again.

                A gold-edged envelope invitation? And sealed with red wax?

                Those were invitations that only absolute VIPs could have, not even the big names invited, and officially only a few bigwigs from the provincial and municipal committees had them, and they also had the organiser's seal and the private seal of the director of the Blue Sky Foundation, which were absolutely impossible to imitate.

                The third private entrance is usually through a private channel, protected by many bodyguards.

                The crowd thought to themselves, "Is Qin Ming out of his mind? Is he addicted to taking out fake goods?

                However, they looked at the smile on Qin Ming's face and became more and more confident.

Chapter 166

The gold-edged envelope invitation, in addition to the engraved seal and the name of the invitee, is absolutely impossible to imitate.

                This is a representation of the importance that the organizers and the Blue Sky Charity Foundation attach to their valued guests this time, basically they will be received by special people throughout the whole process, and it is simply impossible to go through the channels of the general area.

                If Qin Ming had taken it out at first, this manager would have simply thrown it away without looking at it, but seeing Qin Ming take out so many tickets, he was already stunned.

                The organiser's manager took the invitation letter and saw that there was no mistake about the seal on it, it was an invitation for a VIP.

                The people around him were also dumbfounded, where did Qin Ming get so many tickets?

                Zhao Tuo asked, "Qin Ming is not a scalper, is he? Where else would he get so many tickets?"

                The people from the organizer looked at Zhao Tuo like he was an idiot, this was not a star concert, how could there be scalpers speculating on such tickets?

                Zhao Fugui's smile also froze, this seemed to be some kind of problem, he remembered that Qin Ming knew a big boss and was willing to lend a luxury car to Qin Ming to transport Bai Yu Chun's mother and daughter, did he have a relationship?

                Zhao Fugui thought to himself, "This guy has a knack for buttering people up."

                Qin Ming took out tickets one after another, causing people around him to look over, especially when they saw the organiser's face getting ugly, they all thought they were in for a treat.

                Everyone was curious, could Qin Ming's tickets and invitations be real?

                Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream was also in a mess, some people were still laughing at Qin Ming for taking fake tickets, also laughing at Zhang Xiaoyan for fooling the audience, and some were asking Zhang Xiaoyan to point the camera at Nie Haitang, which really made Zhang Xiaoyan cry and laugh.

                Chen Mulin asked, "Qin Ming, can you do it?"

                Qin Ming calmly responded, "Of course I can, I told you, you will definitely get in, I won't let you lose face."

                Chen Mulin's expression was stunned, although Nie Haitang had come, she hadn't helped either. And Qin Ming was as calm as ever, relying on his own method in solving the problem, which made her feel good about Qin Ming.

                Chen Mulin said, "Just now I was in too much of a hurry and said something bad, I'm sorry then."

                Qin Ming smiled and said that he did not care at all.

                Chen Mulin looked at Qin Ming with this attitude and pouted unhappily, she could feel that Qin Ming was not being generous, but that he did not care about her words from the beginning, which meant that he did not care about her as a whole.

                Chen Mulin was proud, she was pretty and had a good figure, there were many boys who pursued her, but she found that all those men just wanted to have sex with her, so she wanted to find a good man.

                Qin Ming was introduced to her by Zhao Meng Hua and others, and at first launched a courting attack on her, only to run off halfway to have a pair in with Nie Haitang and express her disinterest in her, a fallout that made her feel very bad inside, wasn't she being abandoned?

                Her proud pride made it difficult for her to accept it, but she had to accept it even though she couldn't, because Qin Ming was holding Nie Haitang's hand in public.

                Zhang Qingqing walked up and asked, "Hey, have you guys checked the tickets yet? So many tickets, all fake?"

                That manager wiped the sweat from his forehead, now he didn't know how to answer.

                According to reason, people with status should walk the red carpet where the major media gathered, and if they were low profile, they should walk the special channel by the river.

                Qin Ming smiled: "I forgot, I still have an invitation letter, no, this is the last one, if you don't let me in again, then I can't do anything about it."

                This last invitation letter from Qin Ming was really given to him by the organiser, only Song Ying received it on his behalf.

                When that manager saw the only invitation letter in Qin Feng's hand, his pupils shrank and he felt his breathing was a little ragged, as if this sweltering summer heat was going to suffocate him.

                He recognised it, the only top-notch invitation letter for this Huayi Night Blue Sky Foundation Charity Gala, with a white envelope, golden zinnias, black lacquered spicy seal, and a double private seal of the Chairman of Huayi and the Chairman of Blue Sky Foundation.

                The manager still remembered that the leader especially explained that once he saw the person who took out this letter should be received with the highest specifications, and a single bad reception would directly roll away without mercy.

                This kind of invitation letter could not be copied or stolen by anyone, unless that person wanted to go to jail.

                But how could he not figure out that such a distinguished and valuable guest would be such a poor one in front of him? Pan Jun

                The manager hurriedly wiped his sweat and said, "The computer system is back up, you, your tickets are fine. I am very, very, very sorry for the inconvenience. You can, can go in now, this way please, I will take you up."

                Zhao Fugui wondered and said, "Manager, isn't this ...... something you promised my dad you wouldn't let him in?"

                The manager gave Zhao Fugui a vicious glare, now Zhao Dongliang himself was useless, he didn't know if he could keep his job or not.

                Finally they could go inside the building, but judging from the manager's attitude and reaction, the situation between the two sides seemed to have changed.

                Qin Ming said to Chen Mulin, "You can go in now."

                Zhao Liniu was overjoyed and bragged to Zhao Fugui, "Zhao Fugui, you're finished, hey, do you really think you're great just because you're a rich second generation? What can you do if you play smart? It's still the same."

                Sun Zhipeng also teased, "Zhao Fugui? This is your girlfriend? When you were courting Zhang Xiaoyan last time, didn't you swear that you were single? You got rejected by Xiaoyan and now you have a girlfriend?"

                When she said this, Xie Tao's face changed, she had been dumped by Zhao Fu Gui after sleeping with him a few times, but it turned out that she had gone to pick up the anchorwoman next to her, but once she saw Zhang Xiaoyan she felt that she could not beat her, and she had to accept that she was a spare tire.

                Liang Shaoyong laughed: "Zhao Fugui, you grandson can't beat our Xiaoming, our Xiaoming has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Hahahaha, I'll go in now with a big swing."

                Xie Guangkun and He Menglian, seeing that there was no more hilarity, said, "Fugui, forget it, let's go. This poor? Pancan recover? I don't think so.

                Zhao Tuo also felt bored and said, "Qing Qing, let's go, let's take you up there and see what we can see."

                One by one, the crowd went in, but they saw Qin Ming not leaving, still standing there.

                Nie Haitang asked, "Qin Ming, why don't you go in?"

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "Nothing, wait a little longer"

                Nie Haitang sniggered and said, "Waiting for who? My brother? He's parked up, leave him alone."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I can't let you be bullied for nothing. It's fine to bully me, I'm a Buddhist and don't get along with people in general. But bullying my woman, I will be vengeful."

                Although Qin Ming spoke with hatred and extreme hostility, Nie Haitang's ears were filled with words of love, which made her heart very sweet.

                Nie Haitang revealed a happy smile and looked at Qin Ming with affection.

                This scene stunned Nie Zhengming, who had just parked his car and arrived, and left those around him looking stunned at how warm it was.

                Jealousy, full of jealousy emanated from all around, what makes it possible for Qin Ming to pick up such a good woman?

                Zhao Fu Gui sourly hummed: "Qin Ming you don't get complacent, don't think you can do whatever you want just because you took someone else's invitation, it's even more humiliating to go in and then get kicked out."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "I'm just afraid that your prophecy will come true."

                At this moment, Qi Minghui and Zhou Yu came out from inside, along with the top official of the organiser.

                The people there did not know what had happened, but the manager who had stopped Qin Ming earlier turned pale and his legs went limp and he fell to the ground.