Rags To Riches Chapter 163-164

 Chapter 163

"Ahem." Zhang Xiaoyan straightened her clothes, her cheeks were scarlet, and she hurriedly apologized to the viewers of the live broadcast.

                Qin Ming took advantage of the situation for nothing, but he was panicking in his heart because Nie Haitang was watching the live broadcast yah, he hurriedly explained that it was because of the driver's emergency braking problem, it had nothing to do with him.

                However, how did Qin Ming feel like he was caught cheating?

                The Century Building, leaning against the riverside of Guangcheng, is also the city's iconic spiral building building, up to a hundred floors high, and when Qin Ming arrived at the scene, it was already crowded with people.

                Stars, journalists, fans, security guards, police officers and so on, each doing their own job, maintaining order at the entrance of the venue.

                At the main entrance was a red carpet, cars could not enter at will, they had to listen to the security guards' dispatch and then enter the venue in order, provided you had a ticket for the premium area.

                The ticket in Zhang Xiaoyan's hand was a ticket for the general area, which meant that she didn't have the chance to walk the red carpet and enter through the small door.

                And the small door side there is not much journalist stars, but there are some anchor doors of live streaming platform, but also some third or fourth-rate small stars, wild models, etc., there are still many people.

                Qin Ming's Mercedes S600 was obviously very eye-catching, and when he came down, he was met with a flurry of envious glances.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was pulling a mobile phone pole around to take pictures, still very enthusiastically introducing some of the venue, and interacting with some familiar anchors from the same platform when he came across them.

                And Qin Ming was the one responsible for carrying bags and water.

                When Qin Ming was waiting on the side, suddenly there was an acquaintance on the side, the president of the badminton club, Zhang Qingqing.

                Zhang Qingqing said speechlessly, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, I say you are really handyman material. You don't carry bags for Haitang, but for other women? Are you cheating on me?"

                Qin Ming explained, "President, how could I have? I promised my classmate about this, so I can't break my word, right? Huh? President, you came with Zhao Tuo again? Didn't you guys break up about the Nanshan Manor?"

                The corner of Zhang Qingqing's mouth lifted, raising the designer bag in her hand, as well as lifting up the long violet backless dress she was wearing, she said, "A beautiful woman like me, he would? I'm the one who dumped him if we want to break up. He apologized to me, and also bought me the bag and dress, a total of more than 100,000, huh, and also enjoyed a night at Century Mansion tonight, humph. I'll forgive him."

                Qin Ming drifted off, the power of money is infinite ah.

                Zhao Tuo pretended to pose with some uncouth entertainers and platform cameramen, and when he was done, he walked over and wrapped his arm around Zhang Qingqing's waist and said, "Qin Ming, is that car yours?"

                Zhang Qingqing said, "How is it possible, a Mercedes S600, or an imported one, how much does it cost? It's even more high-end than Haitang's brother's Maybach. It's a rental, right?"

                Qin Ming laughed, not admitting or denying it.

                But when Zhao Tuo saw it, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief, fearing that it was Qin Ming's car, then it would be more than a face.

                Just then Chen Mulin and his party also arrived, her father Chen Tim with his wife and son a car, Chen Mulin with Zhao Meng Hua, Liang Shaoyong and other people a car.

                When they arrived at the entrance, Chen Mulin's father said something to her, but she was very unhappy, but came towards Qin Ming.

                Zhang Qingqing and Chen Mulin knew each other, after all, they had played together the last time the yacht went sailing.

                After a greeting from the two women, they started talking about perfumes, bags and dresses.

                "Gee your's is so pretty, it's expensive, isn't it?"

                "It's not expensive, it's only 80,000."

                "Tsk, that's expensive, I'm so jealous. I only have one bag that's worth it."

                "Yes, yes, I saw your bag right away, it's super beautiful, it's so classy. It's the shoes that are a bit worse."

                "Yeah, I thought so too. But it's the latest Chanel model this year, 80,000 for a pair does fall short of the mark."

                "Oh ho ho ho ......"

                As the two women chatted, they laughed awkwardly.

                Qin Ming looked on and was very embarrassed, these two women had no real words, but were showing off their stuff.

                At this time, another car came over and the people who came down were Zhao Fugui's family. Zhao Fugui's father had quite an aura and it was obvious that he was a successful businessman.

                Zhao Fugui was dressed in a suit and was quite handsome.

                But because of the loss of money, Zhao Fu Gui's reputation was in tatters. He swept a glance at Zhang Xiaoyan with resentment, but the latter did not even look at him.

                Zhao Fugui pointed at Qin Ming and said, "Dad, it's that kid and that bitch. It's because of him that the money I picked up fell through, and because of him I often suffer losses. Tsk, he still rubbed other people's tickets to get in."

                Zhao Dongliang glanced over at Qin Ming and said, "Isn't that your cousin Zhao Tuo? Call him over."

                Zhao Fugui immediately went over and called Zhao Tuo over.

                Zhao Tuo and Zhao Fugui were still relatives, but their relationship was not very good, and could only be said to be the extent of calling out when they met.

                Zhao Dongliang asked with a sullen face, "Do you know that Qin Ming? What's his name? He bullied your cousin, and you didn't help out?"

                Zhao Tuo spread his hands and said, "Second uncle, you think I haven't taken care of him before? This kind of poor? What kind of poor man is he? What? He's a natural disaster. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The company is a company that has been established in the past. company? What is the reason for this? The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The moisture content of the water and water supply? The company has a lot of experience in the field. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. What are the reasons for this? The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The source of the problem is the fact that the team is not a part of the community. Forgiveness!

                Zhao Fugui disdainfully said, "Just patting the horse's ass with a hand, will lick, really lick the dog."

                Zhao Dongliang said, "A poor boy has made you suffer a lot, what a shame. Although our Zhao family is not a powerful family, we have many connections, how hard is it to fix a poor boy? Watch this."

                Zhao Dongliang made a phone call and in a short while a manager from the organiser came down, talking and laughing at Zhao Dongliang, then patting his chest and promising something.

                Zhao Tuo went back and pulled Zhang Qingqing up, saying, "Qingqing, let's go, there's a good show to watch."

                Zhang Qingqing wondered, "What good show?"

                Zhao Tuo smiled cheaply: "It's none of my business so I'm just going to join in the fun, anyway, Qin Ming this? What's the matter? I don't want to be a part of it!

                With Zhang Qingqing gone, Qin Ming saw that Zhang Xiaoyan had also finished her live broadcast at the door, so he escorted her into the venue.

                But the people from the organizer stopped the duo, saying, "Wait, there's a problem with your tickets, you can't go in."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's heart thumped, her tickets were received by the Seafood Channel from the Blue Sky Charity Foundation, how could there be a problem?

                The staff member said, "There is a problem, we need to investigate, you come over here."

                With that, the staff member reached out to grab Zhang Xiaoyan's arm in full view of everyone.

                Qin Ming immediately dodged and blocked it, saying, "We are here for the party, not a prisoner, we will cooperate with you, but don't hurt her. Be careful of internet fans spraying you to death."

                The staff member froze, but when he saw the phone Zhang Xiaoyan was holding, he became even angrier: "Now you are suspected of having fake tickets, be honest with me."

                Qin Ming questioned loudly, "Who said our tickets were fake?"

                At this point, the manager on the side stepped forward and said, "I said so. I am the manager of the organiser, now you are using fake tickets to muddle through, I have seen this kind of thing a lot, stay aside and wait for us to investigate clearly."

                Faced with the poor attitude of the organiser, both Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan were speechless, and the two were driven to the side of the entrance.

                Chen Mulin and the others were also very surprised, they could all get in, how come Qin Ming couldn't get in? The tickets were all the same, especially Zhao Meng Hua and the three dormitory brothers were even more confused.

                Their tickets were still given by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming looked around and caught a glimpse of Zhao Fugui who was laughing inside, his heart instantly went cold. Oh, looking for death.

Chapter 164

Because the entrance of the charity gala here was stopped by the manager of the organizer, or was it stopped in the middle of the live broadcast.

                Zhang Xiaoyan's live-streaming room has already seen various beats.

                "Fake, I've already said that this anchor is a fraud. She didn't donate any money."

                "Fake tickets hey, we've been cheated?"

                "Report it, complain."

                "Oh, this fraudulent anchor, our Maruko has already gone in, let's go, go to our Maruko and see, already in."

                "A fraudulent anchor, still want to compete with our Maruzi for the new first sister of the platform, is she here to be funny?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was trying to calm down the viewers in the live stream while communicating with the staff, but nothing good came out of it, she was just left to the side.

                Qin Ming saw the grim expression of Zhao Fugui's father and son, and guessed a rough idea, that the manager of the organizer was still passing cigarettes to each other with Zhao Dongliang, heckling.

                This is to give Zhang Xiaoyan and Qin Ming embarrassment, but also a classmate, this kind of people can really careful eyes.

                Zhao Liniu, who had already entered the venue, simply found it unbelievable, their tickets were still given by Qin Ming, how could they be fake?

                Chen Mulin also wondered, "How come they can't get in?"

                Sun Zhipeng walked up to the manager of the organiser and said, "Manager, there is no way that my friends' tickets are faulty."

                The manager took a look at the three of them, and although they were dressed like human beings, their clothes were old, so they were rented in all probability, so he frowned and said, "It's not up to you to decide whether there is a problem. It's up to me."

                Zhao Fugui said aside, "Hey, Sun Zhipeng, Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan just can't get in, I, Zhao Fugui, said so, hahaha."

                Zhao Li Niu angrily pushed Zhao Fu Gui and said, "Zhao Fu Gui, we are at least classmates, there is no need to make these small moves, right?"

                Zhao Fugui fell to the ground as he couldn't stand still.

                Zhao Dongliang immediately stepped forward and scolded, "Who are you people? How can you hit people at will? Security, security!"

                Zhao Fugui said viciously, "Dad, he's one of Qin Ming's gang, and he doesn't have any background."

                When Zhao Dongliang heard that he didn't have any background, he immediately passed a look to the manager of the organizer, who understood it by heart, Zhao Dongliang was the boss of Dongliang Hundred Trade, he was familiar with him, and he always sent gifts to him.

                The manager of the organiser immediately pointed at Zhao Liniu and the others and said, "Your tickets also have problems, go out first, wait until we have checked them clearly."

                "What?" Zhao Liniu and the others heard this, why didn't you say there was a problem just now? He also knew what was going on, this was a deliberate attempt to make things worse.

                Who knows how long he will take to check the tickets? If the party was almost over before he confirmed it clearly, or even didn't let people in, wouldn't that be an embarrassment?

                Zhao Li Niu shouted in anger, "You're holding a personal grudge and are corrupt."

                The manager said frankly and disdainfully, "We are a commercial event, I have the final say on entry. Hmph, a poor cunt with no money, no power and no background, it's not easy to fix you, isn't it?"

                Zhao Liniu and Chen Mulin's group of five people were thus driven out.

                Chen Mulin was so depressed, her parents and brothers had all gone in, but she was kicked out?

                But she didn't dare to say anything, what if her family suffered too? After all, the Chen family is just an ordinary rich family, they can't afford to offend anyone, and they wouldn't dare to cause any negative news in such a place.

                Zhao Meng Hua was so angry that she stomped her feet, "You guys are just talking too much, and you're all being kicked out."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, it will be fine in a minute."

                When Chen Mulin heard this, she was furious and said, "Qin Ming, I am undeservedly implicated by you. When you say wait, how long will it take? You, even if you are poor, why do you still offend so many people? Wouldn't you like to learn how to be flexible? Do you know how to be a man who is able to bend and stretch? You know how to fight people head-on, do you have that kind of capital?"

                Qin Ming was at a disadvantage, so he didn't retort, but said, "Chen Mulin, don't worry, I'll make sure they invite you in."

                Chen Mulin was still angry and mocked, "Oh, wait for Nie Haitang to arrive and beg her? You're a big man and you don't want to work it out yourself? I despise you."

                At this time, some other people entered, but all those who passed by the entrance would take a strange glance at Qin Ming and the others. Beautiful women like Zhang Xiaoyan and Chen Mulin, who were particularly facetious, all felt groundless and very ashamed, and turned their faces away.

                On the contrary, the four people in Qin Ming's dormitory were very casual as they discussed how to dislike things up.

                Zhao Li Niu said, "You have to rely on the people who can get in to help speak up, that manager used the ticket check as the reason, his superiors came, they can also say the system problems, round back."

                Liang Shaoyong was annoyed, "It's just on purpose, this kind of dog's legs are the most difficult to deal with, when the leaders above come, they can't do anything, we just can't find anyone to help."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry I can solve it, I still have ......"

                The words had not fallen, suddenly the car next to another person down, said loudly: "Yo? Isn't this little Qin?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this family has not seen for a long time, Bai Yu Chun's relatives, Xie Guangkun, He Menglian, Xie Tao's family of three.

                Xie Guangkun said, "What? Did you come to the party with Bai Yuchun to work as a waiter? What? You're not going in?"

                Zhao Fugui went forward to greet them and said, "Uncle, auntie, Tao Tao, you're here. Don't worry about them, they faked their tickets and were stopped."

                Peachy Xie said disdainfully, "What's going on? This person is so? Pan Kang Mu Xie Jun

                Zhao Fugui spread both hands and said, "Who says otherwise. They were stopped at the door to show the public, ahaha. Probably waiting for his girlfriend to come, otherwise there's nothing he can do, after all, he eats soft rice."

                The corner of Xie Guangkun's mouth lifted and he sneered, "Poor or poor, without background and status, how would you be qualified to enter and leave such occasions? It's still you, Fugui, who are great, the upper class."

                Xie Tao happily took Zhao Fu Gui's hand and said, "You're great, Fu Gui."

                Zhao Fugui was very proud and satisfied, since he couldn't pick up Zhang Xiaoyan, he went back to pick up Xie Tao. Although Xie Tao was dumped once, he immediately agreed to get back together as soon as Zhao Fugui asked.

                Zhao Fugui went up and said, "Qin Ming. My dad has a relationship with the organizer's manager and is an iron friend. If you ask me, I'll intercede for you. Even if you don't have tickets, I can still help."

                He Menglian said, "Aiya, why don't you quickly thank us more for Fugui? By the way, last time your boss's secretary drove a Leslie, is there still a chance to borrow it, if you want me to go for a ride, we Fugui will help you, after all, I am Fugui's future mother-in-law, my words, work."

                Xie Tao said shyly, "Mom, what are you talking about, the eight words haven't even begun yet."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "No, I have a ticket."

                Zhao Fugui said smugly, "You can't get in if you have a ticket."

                This time Zhang Qingqing also came over and said, "Qin Ming, you're not thinking straight, are you? Why don't you hurry up and beg people to let you go? Can't you see what's going on here? You've implicated Mu Ling. Are you going to be satisfied when Haitang comes and is also implicated by you?"

                Zhao Tuo also came to scoff: "Tsk, you are useless. Why don't you hurry up and think of something? You see several beautiful women are waiting. Are you ashamed of yourself?"

                At this moment, Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast room was filled with pop-ups saying "Shame on you".

                Xie Tao pulled Zhao Fu Gui and said, "Forget it, Fu Gui, we don't care about these poor relatives, they are trying to squeeze into the upper circle from the lower circle all day long, making a fool of themselves. He should go in as a working man like my cousin Bai Yuchun, that should be no problem."

                Zhao Fugui laughed out loud, "Hahahaha, that's right."

                Qin Ming ignored these people's sneers and walked to the ticket gate, the staff recognized Qin Ming, the one the manager had named and wouldn't let in, the staff angrily scolded, "Cool off, don't try to break in."

                The other people also looked at Qin Ming with a strange look on their faces, he wouldn't get violent, would he? What else could he do?