Rags To Riches Chapter 161-162

 Chapter 161


                Chang Huan's cronies? Hidden in the heads of the northern industries?

                Last time he looked at the list given by Song Ying, there were thirty-six people who were qualified to visit him, five important leaders, and hundreds of other people accompanying him.

                But there was one important thing, and that was that they would all come to meet Qin Ming on the day of the weekend charity gala, and Qin Ming had to meet with those people.

                People had come all the way here, and it would be unjustifiable for you, the heir apparent, to suddenly say no to a meeting.

                But those people were mixed with Chang Huan's cronies, and once he failed to control the traitors, his identity would be exposed.

                No, his whereabouts had already been revealed.

                Earlier, when he had encountered one of the foreign mercenaries sent by Chang Huan, he had used a ruse to draw their attention to Beijing, so he had kept the city of Canton quiet for a while.

                Now that the traitor was mixed in with the head of the northern industry, he must have received the news that he, Qin Ming, would 100% appear at the charity gala this weekend.

                Then, the weekend charity party is the perfect opportunity to get rid of Qin Ming.

                The first time he thought of this, Qin Ming inexplicably felt a lot of pressure in his heart, this is not a charity party, it is simply a Hongmen Banquet.

                The company's main goal was to get the best out of the company's business.

                Qin Ming's head was spinning and he muttered, "Where did these four group elders come from? There is nothing in the information given by Xiao Ying. Isn't the highest ranking below the level of godfather the president of each continent?"

                Qin Ming pursed his lips and thought: "But this business in China is huge and accounts for a lot of weight in the World Wide Century Group. Once I get it all done, I will have a solid foundation. Instead of the group's four patriarchs watching, how about everyone watching? How much power do I have as the heir apparent."

                Qin Ming first called Song Ying and asked her to send more men, the assassination squad would not be enough with just one of Bi Yuan's team, but if he sent more, he was afraid that word would get out and he would fall into passivity.

                After some deliberation, Song Ying dispatched the money leopard and Xuan Yuan Wu from the assassination squad to Guangcheng.

                In the days leading up to the charity gala, Qin Ming kept a low profile every day, either attending classes or studying, and apart from the activities of the badminton club, he was basically in his dormitory, as if he had returned to the ordinary and plain Qin Ming of old.

                And from Song Ying's mouth, he didn't hear anything happening in Guangcheng, everything was normal, calm and terribly quiet.

                The three experienced assassination captains, Xuanyuan Wu, Qianpao and Bi Yuan, had not found any news of foreign mercenaries either, and they all found it rare and incomparable, fearing that it was the eve of a storm.

                The fact that the city of Canton was too quiet made Qin Ming even more worried.

                The world's largest fortune, Chang Hongxi's three sons and two daughters, each of them feared they would want to inherit it all, and now Qin Ming was the only heir, the heads of industries around the world, the ceo's, the mercenary teams, were all following Chang Hongxi's orders and approving Qin Ming as the successor.

                But as soon as Qin Ming dies, Chang Hongxi's efforts will be in vain, and Chang Hongxi is nearing the end of his life due to cancer.

                Then the possibilities of who will inherit this legacy will again become endless.

                The only good news is that Nie Haitang's family, which has not received any special attention, and the matter of Hou Qing being ordered to come to the rescue of the Nie family also seems to have passed and is no longer taken seriously by the outside world.

                The day of the Huayi Night Charity Gala was in the afternoon.

                The three dormitory brothers were all dressing up, wearing their rented designer suits, each excited beyond belief.

                And Qin Ming was in the dormitory, repeatedly watching the security measures for the charity gala, and the various contingency plans.

                The Huayi Night elle Blue Sky Foundation Charity Gala is a gala that involves the sale of various artworks, with the proceeds donated to the Blue Sky Charity Association for the treatment of children afflicted by leukaemia.

                This kind of charity event attracts the attention of all walks of life, and is attended by people from the upper class in Guangzhou, as well as celebrities from other places, and even celebrities sitting in, making it a very lively party.

                The venue is the Century Building, a landmark building in Guangzhou, which is owned by Qin Ming.

                While Qin Ming was thinking about where Chang Huan's men would be, the three dormitory brothers came out of the dormitory balcony as if they were catwalking, tossing their heads flirtatiously, spraying their perfume and shaking their expensive rented suits.

                Zhao Li Niu tossed his hair with both hands and said, "Brother will not come back to sleep tonight, hey, come on baby~."

                Sun Zhipeng also showed a cheap smile: "Set I have brought ten, war a pain."

                The three of them have girlfriends, but they are not interested in picking up girls like the two of them, and said, "Zhao Menghua and I are not coming back tonight either, but I have asked my family for money, so I will spend the night in the Dream Suite on the 88th floor of Century Tower."

                When Qin Ming saw the three brothers in the dormitory thinking like this, they all smiled heartily and said, "Look at how horny you guys are, people who don't know you think the three perverts are out of jail."

                At the entrance of the school, Chen Mulin and Zhao Menghua had also arrived.

                Chen Mulin saw that Qin Ming was also in an anima suit, his whole spirit and aura was different, plus his already good face, which was also a bit handsome, she couldn't help but look at him twice more.

                She muttered under her breath, "I think the four went to rent the suit together, but they are quite good at picking them out, this one is quite new."

                Zhao Meng Hua stepped forward and took her boyfriend's hand, saying, "Do you have a car? Mu Ling's family has a car, but it's an ordinary BMW suv, it can't seat so many people."

                Qin Ming said, "I'll go with the others, after all, we agreed to help."

                "Who is it? Nie Haitang?" Chen Mulin couldn't help but be curious, after all, after Qin Ming had clearly said last time that he wasn't interested in her, Chen Mulin had been torn up inside.

                Instead, she remembered Qin Ming.

                She kept browsing the school net for information about Qin Ming, and she realised that she didn't know anything about him, and she also learnt that she had misunderstood him when she saw him by the rubbish heap that morning and didn't steal his classmate's money.

                Moreover, he was the boyfriend of Nie Haitang, the big school beauty, and now the school's internet users were still wailing.

                Qin Ming had Nie Haitang as his girlfriend, how could he still have thoughts about her?

                Nie Haitang's status is beyond Chen Mulin's reach, and her face is even more so. Poor her, she still thinks from time to time that Qin Ming creates chance encounters to stalk her, and she feels ashamed of her own self-righteousness.

                Qin Ming shook his head and responded, "No, it's a girl in my class who does live broadcasts and is afraid of the crowds, so she asked me to go as a bodyguard."

                Chen Mulin oh, heart and a little lost, without Nie Haitang there is that notorious face huge breast anchorwoman Zhang Xiaoyan, can really not worry about no company.

                Zhao Meng Hua smiled and approached Chen Mulin, saying: "What? Are you regretting it now? All our tickets were given by Qin Ming, who is a bit poor but still quite capable. You don't care about it, but the other girls do."

                Chen Mulin blushed and hurriedly explained, "I don't think so. I was just curious to ask, let's go."

                After sending off the dormitory brothers, Zhang Xiaoyan also came out, and she was alone.

                Qin Ming wondered, "Didn't you have someone to help you with the live broadcast?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan made a red face and spat her tongue out, saying, "Originally Wang Meixia was with me, but that day he attacked you and laughed at you like that, so I fell out with her and gave the other tickets to someone else, so I had to join you. Will your girlfriend be jealous?"

                Qin Ming smiled, "I told her earlier, after all, I promised you first, and she understands. Let's go, I have a car appointment."

                Zhang Xiaoyan hurriedly said, "Wait a minute, I'll start the live stream first ...... Qin Ming you are following me live, right? What's your internet id?"

                Uh? Qin Ming's heart thumped, this is a life-saving question, how can I answer it?

Chapter 162

Qin Ming did not want to reveal his identity as a tycoon, although she did not think Zhang Xiaoyan's attitude towards him had changed in any way, but he was afraid that it would bring Zhang Xiaoyan unexpected danger.

                When Zhang Xiaoyan saw Qin Ming hesitate, she was surprised and asked, "You haven't been to my live room yet, have you? You can't do this, as an old classmate you don't support me either?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course I have, I've sent you fishballs and other things, and I've even given you 666."

                Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her lips and laughed lightly, "Oh, you're still painting 666, I haven't seen you talking in the class group either. Forget it, let's go, where's your car?"

                Qin Ming called Ah Long, while Zhang Xiaoyan, who was on the side, had already taken out her selfie stick, turned on her phone and started live streaming.

                "Hello everyone, your Xiaoyan is starting to go, so excited, so excited, I'll definitely be rubbing it in if I see a big star later."

                "Today it's my classmate looking for a car, oh I don't think it's his, wow, a big Ben hey? What a new car, let me see what model, s600 ...... wow, this is a top of the line Mercedes."

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked at the car Qin Ming had found in awe and asked, "How much do you need to rent this? I don't have that much money."

                Qin Ming said, "What are you worried about if I pay for it?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head and said, "How can I? I agreed to pay for everything, I'm hiring you."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Didn't Zhao Fugui steal your money? Have you paid him back yet?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan nodded and said, "Yes, he is really hypocritical, he stole my money and lost 200,000 yuan in gambling. He was a real loser. You didn't see the way his parents hated him at that time."

                Qin Ming said, "Then you have money, what are you worried about?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked like a wealthy man and said, "I'm worried about Xiao Qian Qian, it's not easy to earn money live. This car is too expensive, you must not be cheap to rent."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Don't worry, this is my friend's car, no charge, go up."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was very happy to hear that she didn't want to pay, and held up her phone as she walked around Big Ben, saying, "Friends of the audience, we're off, hitching a ride with a friend, hehehe."

                Qin Ming opened his mobile phone and looked around, Nima, all asking who exactly Qin Ming is, what is the identity of the two, what is the relationship, the rest said to draw the sword.

                Qin Ming quietly rewarded a rocket.

                Zhang Xiaoyan immediately said, "Thanks to Qin Ming who is not a forensic scientist for rewarding a rocket, ah, Qin Ming you're here?"

                After saying that, she inclined her head to look at Qin Ming in an attempt to discover evidence of Qin Ming operating the live streaming platform, but Qin Ming quickly hid his phone.

                Qin Ming pretended to be surprised and said, "I'm also called Qin Ming, that fan of yours is also called Qin Ming?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan nudged her mouth and said, "Is his id forensic doctor Qin Ming, he might have the same name as you."

                Zhang Xiaoyan did not find any clues from Qin Ming's face, so she let it go, but her woman's sixth sense always makes her is not concerned about Qin Ming, while live talking and singing, which also peeked at Qin Ming from time to time.

                Qin Ming took out his phone to brush the comments and found that they were all cursing him.

                "Where did this guy come from? Anima suit is a rental, right?"

                "Tch, brute, how dare he ride in the same car with Xiao Yan, get lost, let me do it."

                "Kid, you're watching the live pop-ups right. I'm warning you, if you dare to lay a hand on our Xiaoyan, I'll waste you, I'm a member of society."

                "Xiaoyan, please, please go back to the dorm tonight for another live broadcast, don't go back to the dorm."

                "It's not a boyfriend, is it? I'd rather die."

                Qin Ming had a dark face, these people were really relentless in their cursing.

                It was no wonder that many male anchors loved to find female anchors to broadcast outdoors with them, while most female anchors could only find female ones, as it would affect the image in the fans' minds ah.

                But Wang Meixia made a fool of herself and caused public anger.

                And Zhang Xiaoyan has known Qin Ming for a long time and is a good friend, this is Zhang Xiaoyan's trust, Qin Ming is happy instead.

                Suddenly, a message from Nie Haitang came to Qin Ming's phone, "Your classmate really knows how to sing."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, he was sure that Nie Haitang must be watching Zhang Xiaoyan live at this moment, while paying attention to him, fortunately he did not behave unruly, secretly breathed a sigh of relief: "Hoo ......"

                WeChat class group is even more lively, students have exclaimed that they sit in the Mercedes, rich are rewarded to support, after all, all know that Zhang Xiaoyan is doing charity to go.

                The class was not interested in Qin Ming at all, they all treated him as poor? Pancan umbrella

                Qin Ming hurriedly returned the message to calm Nie Haitang: "Haitang, I only like you. You know that too. I promised her, I can't break my word."

                "Hmph~!" Nie Haitang sent back an unhappy emoji.

                At this moment, on the Mercedes Maybach in front of Nie's house, Nie Haitang crossed her long legs in a pink girl's dress, her hair was coiled into a piece wearing all kinds of diamond jewellery, and her wrist even added a crystal bracelet, the whole person looked like a princess walking out of a high definition beauty picture.

                Nie Haitang nuzzled her mouth and said to herself, "Although you said so earlier, I'm still jealous."

                At this moment, Nie Zhengming came in holding a dress box and placed it on the passenger seat. Wasn't that the $880,000, industry-famous, sky-high dream girl dress that Qin Ming had bought?

                If Qin Ming was here, he would have questioned why he had asked the dress shop to deliver it to Nie Haitang's house, but it was Nie Zhengming who had taken the goods.

                Nie Zhengming glanced at the dress box and hummed, "Of course my sister wears the dress I bought. Qin Ming, you're a poor boy, I don't know where you got that cheap dress, no need to look at it, it's definitely not as good as the one I bought. I'll return it to you later."

                Nie Zhengming turned back and asked, "Sister, off you go haha."

                Nie Haitang gave a casual oh, still watching Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast, but her eyes were all on Qin Ming who was only half a body length away, she was particularly angry, why was this Zhang Xiaoyan peeking back at Qin Ming while she was live?

                She puffed out her cheeks and said, "Just do your live broadcast properly, don't peek at my boyfriend."

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang let out a scream, scaring Nie Zhengming into turning around and saying, "What's wrong?"

                Nie Haitang's eyes were still watching the live broadcast of her mobile phone, but the live broadcast saw Zhang Xiaoyan fall into Qin Ming's arms, and Qin Ming's hands were restlessly wrapped around Zhang Xiaoyan's small waist.

                But it turned out that Zhang Xiaoyan was doing a live broadcast in the car and had been slightly sideways so that she could take in Qin Ming's half body as well.

                But all of a sudden, Ah Long saw a passerby scurrying out and the car had to suddenly take a sharp brake, and she was caught off guard and fell over to Qin Ming's side.

                Qin Ming also reacted instinctively and immediately reached out to catch Zhang Xiaoyan, otherwise her head would have hit the car door.

                This hug was like Zhang Xiaoyan sitting on Qin Ming's lap and grabbing her waist, how can no one sit on their arms without chaos?

                The pop-ups in the live broadcast room immediately became a mess.

                "Beast fuck off, let me do it."

                "Beast ah."

                "Human flesh, human flesh."

                "Our Xiaoyan has been desecrated."

                Qin Ming was also helpless, Zhang Xiaoyan was petite and felt soft and boneless even when hugging a person, but it was quite comfortable, a different feeling than when hugging other women.

                Qin Ming's evil fire rose up, and suddenly his brain was hot and his nose was bleeding.

                At this moment, Nie Haitang, who was sitting in her brother's car, saw this scene and was even more frantic, clenching her fists and stamping her feet: "Ahhh! Qin Ming you wait for me, humph."