Rags To Riches Chapter 159-160

 Chapter 159

The crowd was about to disperse when Li Meng dragged a policewoman out and said, "Comrade police, he is the one who stole money from the company's clients, his boss's secretary is arresting him everywhere, you should arrest him quickly."

                The crowd was stunned, this young man stole money from the company's clients? It didn't seem like it, this young man looked quite decent.

                Qin Susu was so scared that her face turned white, she never expected Li Meng to get the police to arrest Qin Ming.

                Li Meng laughed in triumph: "Hahahaha, Qin Ming you're finished, you can't escape. Soon the gap in status between us will grow wider and wider, I am a senior student from a prestigious school, you are a prisoner, a social underclass like you is not even worthy to carry my shoes."

                Qin Susu questioned with a sobbing voice, "Sister Li Meng, why are you doing this?"

                Li Meng immediately sneered back, "Why did I do it? Because I'm happy. This stinking? Pan Shell Sole? The quality is worth a lot of money. The more he gets better, the worse I get?"

                "If he's well, I'm in for a bolt from the blue."

                "I thought he had made some money from stock trading, then he said he had won the lottery, but in the end he stole money from a client.

                Qin Susu looked at Li Meng's arrogant and smug face and felt a pang of heartache, she felt that she had caused Qin Ming's death, it was all because she had been following Li Meng's dream of being some kind of internet celebrity and kept asking Qin Ming for money, which led Qin Ming to take the risk.

                Qin Susu bit her lip and said, "I've almost paid back the money, I'm still short of 10,000 yuan."

                Li Meng laughed, "What do I care how much you are short? Misappropriating clients' money is a crime and should be sanctioned by the law. In future, Qin Ming will not be able to hold up his head as a human being."

                Li Meng took out her mobile phone and said, "I have to tell the good news to the people in my class at the first opportunity."

                Qin Ming also opened the class group and saw Li Meng saying in the class group, "Big event, Qin Ming bragged about winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in the lottery, but it turns out that he stole money from a client, his internship is going to be ruined and he is afraid that he will go to jail, I was there."

                "The reason was to get the money to buy me a bag and clothes and beg to get back together. Gee, I only found out later that he's this low, so? Pan joon? pantry set pie send stand? barrel seed 郏? The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a good deal. What are the reasons for this? What's the deal? What are the details? The actual police officer is a good person.

                The actual police officer's plate is a picture of the woman who went up and questioned the situation.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. There are so many people at the scene."

                "No way? Qin Ming wouldn't do such a thing."

                "Oh, another accident?"

                "Li Meng, you don't have to say anything. Two sentences now, you're still suspended from school."

                "Gank.jg from an ex-girlfriend."

                "Come on, this morning it was said that Qin Ming stole Zhang Xiaoyan's money, and what happened? It wasn't Zhao Fugui who stole it?"

                "The actual fact is, Yang Wei, Li Meng, Zhao Fugui, Ma Fei, Wang Meixia, Li Wan, you people, don't spend all day tormenting Qin Ming, you have nothing to do, why don't you have a group p in a room and let off some steam?"

                "It's true that Qin Ming is not in the same world as you guys, he is in the world of the school bully and you guys are in the world of gold worship."

                "The actual fact is that you've got a lot of time for you to get a lot of money, and you've got a lot of time for you to get a lot of money. This morning's Zhao Fugui is your downfall."

                Li Meng froze, how come no one in the class group responded to her?

                Also, what was the matter with Zhao Fu Gui's downfall this morning? Did she miss something?

                Qin Ming typed in the class group, "What Li Meng said is not true, if it were true, she would still be blabbing about it in the group in ten minutes, everyone just wait ten minutes."

                The class group was quiet for a while, and then various students posted all kinds of funny pictures.

                "It's still the ex-boyfriend who understands you.jpg."

                "Haha, that makes sense."

                "Li Meng usually ejaculates prematurely."

                "Since the two broke up, Qin Ming has gotten better and better though? People Nie Haitang is defending Qin Ming in public as a superficial couple."

                "Envy ah."

                "Qin Ming, does Nie Haitang have any other good girlfriends? Let her introduce you. She has to be of good character, not like Li Meng."


                The one-sidedness of the class group made Li Meng's cheeks redden in shame, she angrily turned off her phone and stared at Qin Ming in annoyance, she didn't understand, she had only been away from school for a week or so, how come no one was already laughing with her at Qin Ming and no one was even speaking up for her?

                Over there, the female police officer asked about the situation, looked at Qin Ming in bewilderment, and said, "Student Qin Ming, I can run into you even when I come to patrol at noon, you really can make trouble."

                Qin Ming scratched his nose in embarrassment, the policewoman was the one he met this morning, and said, "Officer, are you sure it's not something that likes to mess with me? I'm so innocent."

                The policewoman said, "Come on, don't be poor. You're wrong to embezzle public money, but since you've returned the goods and paid back the money, you should properly fight for leniency with the original company, and since I haven't received a report from your company yet, I won't arrest you for now."

                Li Meng was depressed and said, "Why not arrest him? He's just breaking the law, and the secretary of his company's boss is the master of the road to arrest him. That's only a matter of time."

                At that moment, Song Ying appeared, and her presence at the scene immediately drew a wave of amazement.

                Because Song Ying is too beautiful, tall figure, cold melon face, a professional dress also wearing black silk stockings, handheld tablet computer, such a woman, very uniform model.

                Which big boss doesn't want to have a female secretary like this? It's too eye catching, just a little bit of kidney damage.

                Li Meng saw Song Ying and immediately shouted: "Beauty, I've caught the man for you, did he embezzle money from a client? Your company wants to fire him and call the police to arrest him."

                Song Ying said calmly, "Qin Ming, sorry, I made a mistake, the client's money turned out to have been handed over by you to Xiao Song, why didn't you tell me? I forgot to tell you that the money in your card was a reward from your boss, you thought it was money invested by a new client, right? Oh, you're mistaken. Take these hundreds of thousands of dollars, spend them as you like, do a good job in the future, the boss appreciates you."

                Qin Ming let out an oh and took the snakeskin bag, shrugging helplessly at Li Meng.

                The people around him were envious for a moment, the boss rewarded his employee with hundreds of thousands of dollars? What kind of big business is this? Usually you only see it on the news, but now you're seeing it with your own eyes.

                The policewoman looked on and saw that it was a misunderstanding, so she didn't say anything more and went back to her patrol.

                And Li Meng was completely speechless, this, this what kind of reversal of the plot?

                "Huh? Ah hum ...... this, this can't be, this is okay?" Li Meng clutched her head in pain, she had lost with hundreds of thousands, had this guy Qin Ming gotten lucky?

                This kind of thing can still be wrong? You a secretary of such a beautiful boss, just a vase?

                Qin Susu protected the money bag and said, "Li Meng, I counted to recognize you as a person, I will never have any spring dream of being an internet celebrity with you again, you are not worthy of my brother, you marry for money."

                Qin Ming was very relieved to see his sister finally understand things, it's really not easy to be a brother.

                He pulled his sister away and said, "Sister, since the boss has rewarded me with so much money, let's buy you new clothes. Oh, and you'll be in college soon, so you'll have to buy a computer. Cosmetics should be bought all natural and harmless, otherwise poor quality chemicals are bad for your skin if you use too many cosmetics. Don't be afraid of being expensive, don't I have money here?"

                As she watched the two siblings walk away, Li Meng thought to herself, "No, all that money should be mine, I have to find a way to cheat my way to it."

                She wanted to go after them, but suddenly the BMW woman stopped Li Meng and pointed at her, "Oh, it's you, you just took a selfie with my husband's car and you want to run away? I'm looking for you to settle the score."


                The BMW woman threw a slap at Li Meng, who was dizzy from the blow, and apparently the BMW woman took all the anger she had just thrown at Li Meng.

                Li Meng was beaten and scampered away: "Ah, hit someone, hit someone."

                The BMW woman slapped and pinched her flesh, punched and kicked her: "It's you who's beaten, you bitch, I can't move those two siblings, I can't move you?"

                Li Meng was beaten and bruised, her face swollen, and she fled the mall in a huff.

                Unbeknownst to her, Song Ying had been following her. Whoosh, Song Ying's sleeves flung, a small knife fell from her sleeves and was held in her hands as she followed behind Li Meng.

Chapter 160

With her knife in hand, Song Ying followed Li Meng, who was wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth while cursing the BMW girl's entire family, oblivious to the fact that she was being followed.

                Song Ying hates people who disrespect Qin Ming or set him up.

                Without Qin Ming, she would still be living a difficult life in the training camp.

                Song Ying had investigated the matter of Li Meng a long time ago, and this time when it hit her, she had to make Li Meng disappear forever and not cause Qin Ming any more trouble.

                She took advantage of the lack of people and was about to go forward to pull Li Meng up and drag her to the entrance of a deserted rubbish alley.

                Qin Ming suddenly flashed out from the side and pulled her hand holding the knife, then pressed Song Ying's whole body against the wall, "Xiao Ying, you shouldn't do such a thing."

                Song Ying was very surprised and said, "Huh? Young master, but she has repeatedly found you in trouble and given you a hard time, you can't spare her like this."

                Qin Ming looked at Li Meng, her face was swollen, her feet were bruised in many places, she had lost her manners long ago, and looked like an ugly woman, very pitiful.

                He shook his head and said, "There are cameras and passers-by everywhere here, you will be found out."

                Song Ying's heart warmed, Qin Ming was worried about her.

                She said, "Young master, don't worry, I have a way to deal with it."

                Qin Ming immediately chided, "Let's not say it's wrong to kill someone, once you do it, you'll get your hands dirty. Li Meng can't help me at all, she's just gold-digging and vain. I don't care about her ridicule because I don't care about money. I care about the safety of those around me. If you are in danger because of Li Meng, I can't accept that. Don't forget, Chang Huan and the others are still trying to get rid of me as the heir at all times."

                Only then did Song Ying realise that she still had to stay by Qin Ming's side to protect him, and could not let some trivial matter cause her situation to become dangerous or leave Qin Ming's side.

                She nodded, "I know young master, let's make it cheaper for her this time. However, I will send someone to give her a little taste of suffering and torture her so that she is exhausted and will not have the heart to harass you, young master."

                Qin Ming said, "As long as no one gets killed, toss her around as you like."

                Qin Ming was relieved to see that Song Ying had promised not to get rid of Li Meng. In fact, because he was a man who remembered his old feelings, he still had some 'first love feelings' for Li Meng, and he had also been a classmate for three years, but he could not do anything to get rid of Li Meng himself.

                Qin Ming is just an ordinary college student, and a beating is punishment enough for Li Meng, so that she can pass away from the money she has been thinking about.

                Of course, the more important reason was that he could not let Song Ying get involved in trouble over such a trivial matter. Once Song Ying was in trouble, he had to send her away, and then Qin Ming would be very passive at the juncture of his inheritance from the world's richest man.

                After Song Ying had calmed down, she said shyly again, "Er, young master ...... passers-by are going to be onlookers."

                Surrounded by spectators? Qin Ming thought to himself that he is an ordinary person what is there to be surrounded by?

                But when he took a closer look, he realized that he had almost walloped Song Ying, pressing her forcefully against the wall, his body pressed so tightly that Song Ying's chest was flattened by him yet, and when he looked down there was a patch of snow-white skin.

                Because of the ambiguous posture, no wonder people around him pointed out that he was indiscreet and showed affection in public.

                The scent of Song Ying's body smelled especially good. Qin Ming looked into Song Ying's beautiful eyes and suddenly had a physical reaction and pressed against Song Ying at once.

                Although she was wearing clothes, Song Ying still felt the wild tension and strong impact under Qin Ming's body, and with a frown, she suddenly whimpered, "Uh~ ah."

                This low murmur was so crispy that Qin Ming's ears were getting pregnant.

                Qin Ming was quite sure that Song Ying's future husband would be very happy and very sexual.

                However, Song Ying seemed to realise that the cry wasn't quite right and immediately blushed, revealing a little daughterly gesture of shame that she wouldn't show to anyone else.

                Qin Ming hurriedly let go of his hand, straightened his clothes, took a deep breath and pinched the flesh of his arms to slow his body's attention from the ambiguous atmosphere.

                Qin Ming hurriedly changed the subject to break the awkwardness and said, "Right, let's go try on the dress."

                Song Ying asked, "What about the young master's sister? If she doesn't have a gown yet, then let her have the gown and jewellery."

                Qin Ming said, "She was in a bad mood and said she was going back home, so I gave her 100,000 to take back with her. Wait until September when she's at university."

                Hearing this, Song Ying asked again, "Is there any particular university that the young master's sister would like to study at? There are retired people from our group in Jinan, and the University of China Opera University in the university city has some connections, so it's all a matter of words. The other universities will need to be entrusted with, but the problem won't be too big."

                Qin Ming was still very happy about Song Ying's concern.

                But he shook his head and said, "No need, it's not fair to the others. Besides, my sister's grades have always been good, she will definitely get into the university of her choice, let's go."

                The Dream Place General Store, a very famous bespoke dress shop in Guang City, although all domestic designers and connoisseurs, the works of national celebrities are sold here, famous in domestic clothing circles, and the prices are equally not cheap.

                Song Ying looked a bit formal for some reason, different from her original thunderous image, like a little girl shopping with her boyfriend.

                Qin Ming personally picked out a batch of pure and colourless, highest fl grade purity, perfect cut earrings, necklaces, rings, tiaras etc. for Song Ying, the total price of over three million went like that.

                But it was Hou Qing who paid for it, so Qin Ming was not heartbroken. I wanted a few more batches, to give to Nie Haitang as well, but I thought it would be better not to pit his subordinates too much, he was a good boss.

                "Young master ......" Suddenly, Song Ying in the changing room poked out a head, full of shyness.

                Qin Ming walked over and asked, "What's wrong?"

                Song Ying said, "I can't reach my zip at the back, can you come in and help me?"

                Qin Ming gurgled and swallowed, why was this kind of thing, which only appeared on TV, happening to him?

                However, he still went in, it was just pulling a chain.

                The fitting room was quite spacious, Song Ying's back was to him, her whole back was exposed, her slim little waist, but Qin Ming was shocked.

                He had seen Li Meng's back before, it was quite slim and her skin was delicate and fair, but Song Ying was even younger and prettier, but her back was unusually rugged, crisscrossed with scars, the most of which were knife wounds and even two bullet wounds.

                The back was so scarred that there was no normal skin until the shoulders.

                The dress that Song Ying chose was a loose style with a low v-neckline in the front, with hollowed out embroidery covering the arms and a long skirt with a long hemline, that is, a conservative type.

                Faced with this scarred body, Qin Ming did not know what kind of life Song Ying had led before, but inexplicably felt her heart ache.

                The zip on the dress was a little tricky as it was hidden inside. Qin Ming gently pulled it up and the moment his fingers touched the skin, he could clearly feel Song Ying's body trembling.

                Qin Ming suddenly said, "It must have been a hard time before. In the future, if I follow me, I will definitely not let you suffer those hardships again."

                Song Ying turned back in surprise, she listened to Qin Ming's assurance, looked at his face and nodded slightly.

                Song Ying tried on the dress, the white with black fashion dress was special and beautiful, it also attached to Song Ying's temperament.

                Qin Ming said, "It's beautiful, this is the one, right?"

                Song Ying nodded and said, "The young master likes this one, so let's make it this one."

                Having ordered the dress and taken away the jewellery, Song Ying was in a particularly happy mood and even put aside her work tablet, which she never left her hand.

                She kept holding the jewellery box with the sparkling diamonds, which made her not resist at all, not only because it was the first gift she had received in her life, but also because Qin Ming cared for her and she wanted to feel it for a while longer.

                In the afternoon, Qin Ming rushed back to school to go to class, this just sat down, righteous father Chang Hongxi unexpectedly called him?

                "Righteous father ......," Qin Ming whispered.

                The first time I saw him, I was in the middle of the game. The group's fourth patriarch means not to let me tell you, so that you can uncover it yourself and test you, so you do a good job, that's all. Du ......"