Rags To Riches Chapter 155-156

 Chapter 155

As soon as Qin Ming arrived at Wanda Plaza, he saw his sister and Li Meng standing next to a BMW car taking pictures, using the DSLR camera Qin Ming had given them.

                Qin Ming was about to go over, when the owner of the BMW came over, a man in a suit, with his girlfriend in his arms, and said, "Where are you taking your mother? Take my car and shoot it. If you don't know, you'll think I'm cheating on you, wife, look, I'm too successful, there are always women coming up to me, I can't even stop them."

                The girlfriend beside the man immediately became annoyed and went forward to slap Li Meng.

                The slap caught Li Meng off guard, she was still posing there.

                "Slut, do you have any fucking idea? You dress so revealing and slutty, seducing men to don't go out, huh? How dare you seduce my man?"

                Li Meng was dumbfounded by the beating, she was a delicate woman, no match for the shrew, and her face was red from the beating.

                But the shrewish woman was not comfortable after hitting Li Meng, she also wanted to hit Qin Susu who was holding her SLR, she took three steps and two steps up to hit her.

                The woman was so scared that she couldn't run, so she stood there.

                A man's hand grabbed the woman's palm.

                Qin Susu turned around and saw that it was her second brother Qin Ming, and immediately shrank and hid behind Qin Ming.

                The shrew froze for a moment, she looked Qin Ming up and down, washed white jeans, a stall top, shoes dirty and old worn out back to the force, the shrew suddenly revealed a look of contempt: "Damn, a bunch of poor bastards. Tired of living?"

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Miss, you have beaten the man, scolded him, and taken out your anger. There's no need to pursue this, we'll delete the photos."

                The shrew still cursed, "What the hell are you? A poor pussy making a deal with me? If you don't have money to buy a nice car, then you take someone else's car and take a sneak peek, shame on you?"

                Qin Ming was about to say more, but Li Meng had already left, he was very annoyed, this Li Meng is always messing up, and when something happens, he runs away first, too damn.

                He also dragged Qin Susu and ran away. The shrewish woman could not outrun the two of them in her high heels, but she was just cursing behind her back.

                The three of them came to the edge of the square, Li Meng said while fanning himself, "What bad luck, that's a BMW 5 series, Susu, how many pictures did you take?"

                Qin Susu said, "Only one shot."

                Qin Ming grabbed the SLR camera and questioned, "What's wrong with you, Li Meng? Don't bring my sister here all day to do such dangerous things."

                Li Meng said in disbelief, "What am I doing that's dangerous? I'm just borrowing someone's car to take a picture, isn't that what those micro-businesses used to do? They went to a 4s shop, pulled a banner, took a picture of a luxury car, and then they could promote it. When I become an internet celebrity, I will give Susu a generous reward."

                Qin Ming said, "It's your business to be a web star, my sister doesn't want to get involved. Susu, don't do this again."

                Qin Susu, however, hesitated and said, "Brother, I also want to help sister Li Meng, who has said that if she can become a weblebrity, she will consider getting back together with you. There would be no need to join that perverted Nie Haitang's family as a son-in-law."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth tilted, what pervert? A son-in-law? Sister, what have you been indoctrinated by this stupid woman?

                Li Meng said smugly, "I already have more than 10,000 followers on Weibo now, with more than 300 daily comments. As long as I continue to show off my wealth and show off all kinds of luxury cars, clothes, and luxury goods, I will soon gather followers, and I will be approached to do shows and live broadcasts."

                Qin Ming heart disdain, Zhang Xiaoyan engaged in three years of live, daily hard live, singing and dancing and platform support, only to earn half a million, is already the envy of everyone, you take a microblogging million zombie powder file is an onion? The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the internet.

                Qin Ming said, "Sister, don't you want to buy new clothes? Let's go to the bank to get the money."

                When she heard about withdrawing money, Li Meng immediately changed her attitude and said, "Qin Ming, you haven't eaten yet, there's no hurry, let's go eat nearby first. Look at you, you're in a sweaty hurry, let me wipe your sweat."

                As she said that, Li Meng came forward with a tissue to wipe Qin Ming's sweat.

                The action was so skilful that Qin Ming's consciousness drifted off for a while, and Li Meng's fake tenderness stirred up memories of his past again.

                The three of them went to the bank and withdrew 50,000 yuan and handed it to Qin Susu, saying, "Susu, just take it and spend it. We may be from the countryside, but we can't let people look down on us, so dress up nicely."

                Qin Susu took the money and her hands trembled as she saw so much money for the first time.

                She asked worriedly, "Brother, this much money, did you earn it all? It's as much as Mom and Dad earn in a year."

                Qin Ming deliberately dodged his eyes and said, "Yeah, just feel free to spend it, it's fine."

                "Huh? It's fine?" Qin Susu seemed to notice Qin Ming's change and abnormality, but Qin Ming had already turned to leave and said, "I have something to do later, you guys go shopping for clothes. Li Meng I warn you, don't cheat my sister out of her money."

                Li Meng was already unusually excited at the sight of fifty thousand dollars in her heart, but she packed her bags and said, "No problem, I treat Susu as if she were my own sister."

                With that, she dragged Qin Susu into the square to sweep the goods.

                Li Meng's expression was surprised as she said, "Haha, rivers and mountains are easy to change, nature is hard to change, Qin Ming you are still so stupid and foolish. Too easy to trust people. You just won a few hundred thousand dollars in the lottery, what are you so proud of? Both siblings are good at fooling people."

                Qin Susu took the money and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart because she saw Qin Ming's eyes twinkle as if he was lying, and she felt that the money was not easy to come by and that it was because her brother loved her so much that he gave it to her.

                Qin Susu said, "Sister Li Meng, why don't we not buy such expensive ones, okay?"

                Li Meng's face turned cold and she immediately said, "How can that work? Netizens are so powerful, they are all gold essence and fire eyes, if they sell fake and cheap goods to cheat people, how can they become netizens? If you have money and are pretty, it's easy to attract people's eyes. Soso, don't worry, when I get hot later, I will return the money to you originally with interest, and even give you a house."

                She had hurriedly pulled Qin Susu away and said, "Come, come, celine clothes, this celine women's clothing ah, but the top international luxury brand, a genuine dress only six thousand."

                Qin Susu's face changed and she said in surprise, "Six thousand plus? Sister Li Meng, didn't you say that it would be fine to buy two or three thousand?"

                Li Meng said as she selected the clothes, "Oh, those are second-hand, of course they are cheap, but we have money now, we can't wear second-hand goods. Come on, try on this pink dress, it looks good on you, try it on."

                Qin Susu half-heartedly accepted, thinking that the clothes were too expensive, too horrible.

                What she was wearing was only a hundred dollars, and it was only because Qin Ming had given her twenty thousand dollars before that she had been slightly extravagant and bought a women's dress worth just over a hundred dollars.

                Now that she had to buy a dress worth more than six thousand, she felt like her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

                But that one pink dress was really too pretty, along with Li Meng who kept pushing her into the dressing room one after another, and she became wavering.

                While Qin Susu was changing her dress, Li Meng excitedly walked to the next hanger and said to the female shopper, "This one, this one, and this one, wrap them all up for me."

                When the female shopper heard that she had bought three pieces of the latest trendy women's clothing, her commission was not small, so she was overjoyed and immediately helped wrap the clothes up.

                When Qin Susu came out after changing her clothes, Li Meng immediately went up to her and said, "Susu, tsk, it fits very well, it's really different. You've changed a lot, you're much prettier, you don't look like a city girl anymore. Let's take this one. Shopper, put this one on the list."

                "Hey?" Before Qin Susu could react, the female shopper there had already started to calculate the money.

                The shop assistant finished calculating the bill and said, "Four pieces of clothes in total, twenty-eight thousand. Do you have a membership?"

                Qin Susu's face turned blue, how could she have spent 28,000 at once? The three pieces of clothes Li Meng bought were so expensive?

                She looked at the shopper's warm eyes and gentle smile, but inside she was devastated, her face was like a fire, she wanted to say no but couldn't.

                In the end, Qin Susu didn't know how to walk out of the luxury brand shop, but she felt exactly how much cash she was holding in her hand, and it was half as thin.

Chapter 156

Li Meng carried her new clothes and said as she walked along, "Susu, this is how it is in the big city. People depend on their clothes and horses depend on their saddles, you have to dress beautifully, otherwise how can you attract men's attention? These days, the internet is full of dead fat nerds, they're willing to pay for virtual idols, so we'll just dress up, be cute and whiny, and they'll invest in us."

                "Wait and buy another batch of Gucci lipstick and Dior perfume."

                "Oh, and to make it easier to broadcast live, buy another Apple max phone, and of course, we'll use all these things together."

                Qin Susu's face was expressionless, it was the first time she had spent so much money.

                Even before Qin Ming had given her 20,000 and she bought an Apple phone, she had hesitated and struggled for many days before she bought it, and she hated to chop her defeated hands afterwards.

                Now being pulled by Li Meng, it felt like money wasn't even money anymore, it was just a bunch of numbers in exchange for all kinds of beautiful clothes and cosmetics.

                After two rounds of walking, things were bought and 50,000 yuan had been spent, and it had only been less than an hour.

                Li Meng was holding two sets of lipstick, three bottles of perfume, and a brand new Apple max phone, and she was still counting one after another, "Tch, we usually walk around and take scenes for filming, we always take the bus, take the underground, how inconvenient, and we are often peeped at by some lecherous men who take advantage of us. It would be nice to have a car."

                Qin Susu looked like a defeated rooster: "Sister Li Meng, we've run out of money."

                Li Meng smiled and said, "Oh, Qin Ming has it, didn't he win the lottery? He said there were hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the grocery cart would only cost a hundred thousand dollars. In the future, you will also come to Guangshi to study at university, and you will need a car to travel. He can use it too. How convenient."

                Qin Susu's face turned white, 100,000 yuan? To buy a car?

                She didn't even dare to think about it, but it became so commonplace in Li Meng's mouth that she was so uncomfortable that her little heart fluttered.

                Li Meng said: "The key is that your brother loves you and is willing to spend money on you. The car is a very ordinary 100,000 yuan car. Don't be afraid, when I become a net star and earn money in the future, I will definitely pay you back."

                With some goading from Li Meng, Qin Susu had to take out her mobile phone to call Qin Ming.

                "Hey, sister, what's wrong?" Qin Ming's voice was a little anxious and breathy.

                A harsh voice was also heard next to her, "Qin Ming, I'm talking to you, where did the client's money go?"

                Qin Susu's heart jumped, what was going on? How come a woman questioned Qin Ming and demanded the client's money? Did Qin Ming take the client's money? Didn't Qin Ming tell her that he had won the lottery and had hundreds of thousands of dollars?

                Qin Ming took a few steps and then said, "Susu, is something wrong?"

                "Brother, I ......" Qin Susu hesitated.

                Next to her, Li Meng hastily opened her mouth to remind her, "Buy a car, 100,000 yuan."

                Qin Susu stammered, "Brother, I, I want to buy ......"

                The last word "car" could not be said, and Li Meng on the side was so anxious that she could not wait to turn herself into Qin Ming's sister.

                Suddenly, the female voice was heard on the other end of the phone: "Qin Ming, where are you going? It's been three days since you disappeared, and your clients are going crazy, where did you put the hundreds of thousands of dollars of your clients?"

                With a thud, Qin Susu's heart was hammered hard, she felt that something had happened to Qin Ming.

                Li Meng on the side urged, "What about it? Did you get the money?"

                Qin Susu said, "It seems that something has happened to my brother."

                Li Meng was stunned and said, "What could have happened to him? Was he even robbed?"

                As soon as the words left her mouth, Song Ying walked past the two women with a few bodyguards and said viciously, "This Qin Ming, how dare he steal the company's money to enrich himself, tsk, thanks to the boss who thinks so highly of him and plans to reappoint him. You guys find him for me right away, he won't get away."

                "Yes." A few bodyguards at the side answered and went to arrest the man.

                Qin Susu was worried when she suddenly heard these words, which seemed to sit right in the middle of Qin Ming's trouble.

                Li Meng looked aghast, "Aiyo, no, Qin Ming actually stole money from a client? Did he lie to us and win the lottery? I told you, it's not that easy to win a lottery?"

                The two women had different expressions, Qin Susu was worried and scared, her body was trembling.

                Li Meng, on the other hand, was ecstatic, "Good for you Qin Ming, you want to save face and suffer now, don't you? I told you, with your skills, you can only work for someone, how can you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars so easily? How can you win the lottery? It turns out that you're stealing money from clients to save face."

                "Tsk, you're still so? Pan Jun? So coincidentally, the Velvet Point bumped against the paradox? Bluff? delicacy road 5? hydra? Captive and? Plague play Jun

                "Ah, in a good mood. You and I were never in the same world."

                "Tsk, gotta get the last of the money out of it too."

                Li Meng had an idea in mind and immediately said, "Susu, hurry up and contact your brother, it'll be over if we get caught."

                Qin Susu was at a loss and hurriedly searched for Qin Ming in the mall.

                The two women contacted Qin Ming as they searched and finally found him in the underground garage.

                At this moment, Qin Ming was carrying a snake skin bag, thickly filled with money.

                When he saw Qin Susu, he said, "Sister, take this money and go right away, quick, save it up and give it to mum and dad."

                Qin Susu was dumbfounded, seeing so much money, and asked, "Brother, where did this money come from? Did you take money from a client?"

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "Yes, I took money from a client and there is no way to turn back. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, I may not be able to earn that much money in my lifetime. In the past, when people died in the town's coal mines, the compensation didn't cost this much. Sister, with this money, our family will be able to change our circumstances. We won't be poor anymore."

                Qin Susu cried in anxiety, "But brother, you'll go to jail."

                Qin Ming pursed his lips and said, "It doesn't matter, as long as you can live a good life in the future. Li Meng, I'll trust you one more time, take my sister away."

                Hearing this, Li Meng's heart burst with joy as she immediately grabbed the money and said, "Qin Ming, don't worry about going, I will take care of your sister."

                With hundreds of thousands of dollars in her hand, Li Meng felt as if she was dreaming.

                Li Meng's expression was a little unnatural because of her ecstasy: "Hahahaha, this Qin Ming is just stupid, stealing money for me to spend, hahaha."

                She tried her best to suppress her joy, but that smile could not be concealed at all.

                Qin Susu watched with a chill, how could Li Meng be like this? If she took the money, her brother would really go to jail.

                However, the appearance of Song Ying's group didn't give Qin Susu any more time to think: "Over there, go after them."

                Song Ying walked over in big strides, her aura aggressive, saying, "Qin Ming, where did you put the client's money? Hand it over immediately, or the police will be called."

                Qin Ming pushed the two women and said, "Quick, she is my boss's secretary, she doesn't know you and won't bother you. Susu, take the money and go, we can't be underestimated just because we are poor."

                Qin Ming turned and ran after he finished speaking, and Song Ying immediately chased after him from behind, "Qin Ming, hand over the client's money, you still have a chance."

                A chance?

                Qin Susu's heart thumped when she heard these words and immediately reached out to grab the snakeskin bag of money with Li Meng.

                Qin Susu said, "Sister Li Meng, that is brother's life-saving money, you can't take it, if you do, my brother will go to jail."

                Li Meng was holding hundreds of thousands of dollars in her hand, how could she be willing to give it away?

                She said fiercely, "This is what Qin Ming gave me personally, he doesn't care about himself, what do you care? Let him go to jail. We'll take the money as our first bucket of gold, and when we get rich as net stars, your brother will be out of jail and have a good life, won't he? To earn your first bucket of money by working? It's harder than climbing to heaven."

                Qin Susu's heart suddenly went half cold and she said, "No, I have to give the money back."

                The more Li Meng grabbed, the more annoyed she became, and suddenly kicked Qin Susu in the small of her back, shouting, "Get lost! Stupid bitch who won't even take the money if she has it, what the hell are you without it? Qin Ming is going to jail anyway, so I'm too lazy to act with you."

                Qin Susu was kicked to the ground and looked at Li Meng who was running away with the money, her heart was desolate: "Sister Li Meng? You, you set me up?"