Rags To Riches Chapter 151-152

 Chapter 151

There was no choice, his girlfriend had been dragged away by his brother-in-law, so Qin Ming could only go and look at the dresses himself.

                Qin Ming remembered that there was another sky-high dress in the Chanel dress head shop, the Dream Girl, which was really studded with diamonds and cost him almost 900,000, which was really extravagant.

                Although he was fighting with a rich woman he didn't know at the time, it was worth it now that he thought about it, and Nie Haitang would definitely become the centre of attention when she wore it.

                Qin Ming decided to take a look at that Dream Girl set before going to Wanda Square to see the dress that Hou Qing had given him.

                When Qin Ming arrived at that Chanel dress head shop, he very coincidentally ran into the three dormitory brothers, as well as Chen Mulin and Zhao Meng Hua.

                Chen Mulin stood by the window, looking at the set of white pleated dresses that were laid out, strapless and high-cut, with layers of lace that swayed in a flirtatious curve, and a hemline of sparkling diamonds that formed a swirl through the golden hanging spikes, beautiful.

                Chen Mulin was completely captivated by the gown in front of her, her eyes revealing a strong desire: "Wow, this dreamy maiden is so beautiful, it's like a princess' flower wedding, a young girl's dream. If anyone gave me this gown, I'd marry him all I wanted."

                A security guard was also hired next to her and reached out to stop Chen Mulin from getting close to the window, saying, "Miss, please don't get too close. This gown has been ordered and is of great value and cannot be lost."

                Chen Mulin brushed her lips and said, "Just take a look, I wonder which woman is so happy?"

                One of her girlfriends, Song Qiuyan, laughed and said, "Haha, our Ling Ling has been thinking of spring all day, she's crazy about men."

                Another girlfriend, Gao Ping, also laughed and said, "That's right, we've introduced several of them, but none of them look good."

                Zhao Meng Hua asked, "That Qin Ming, are you really not considering him? Didn't he save us last time at the yacht?"

                Gao Ping looked disgusted and said, "Shhh, Zhao Meng Hua, you can stop talking now. That Qin Ming is already a scum, he's coupled with his ex-girlfriend while pursuing Nie Haitang and Bai Yuchun, and he's even been introduced to Ling Ling to hook up with her. Our Ling Ling is not a poor girl like Bai Yu Chun, she is not that easy to cheat."

                Song Qiuyan also kept nodding her head, "That's right, when we came out today. We even saw him stealing money from his classmates. The one in their class, Zhang Xiaoyan, is quite famous for her live streaming. He earned a sum of money to donate to the Blue Sky Charity Foundation, but he stole it and got stuck in a rubbish dump. Now he's probably at the police station."

                Chen Mulin said plainly, "It's nothing, he's just a poor? He's a poor man. The same can be said of the other two. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the market for a long time.

                The two times Qin Ming saved her, she was quite touched at the time, but she thought Qin Ming was just a poor? The first two times she was moved, she thought he was a poor man. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

                The other side of Liang Shaoyong listened, his heart was unusually annoyed, he did not believe that Qin Ming would steal money, they lived together for three years, never lost a penny, even once Liang Shaoyong lost his wallet, or Qin Ming helped him to fish out of the washing machine it.

                If Chen Mulin is biased, then Song Qiuyan and Gao Ping are malicious rumors. These two women are gold-digging snobs who despise Qin Ming, who comes from a poor background, as if they would lose their status if they walked together.

                Especially after the last yacht incident, they were upset that Qin Ming did not save them, but they did not think that the cause of the problem was the rich second generation Zhao Tuo's boat, and Qin Ming had done his best.

                Such a trifling person, on the other hand, Chen Mulin hangs out with them.

                Qin Ming came in and was spotted by Zhao Liniu, who said in surprise, "Xiao Ming what brings you here? Looking for us for something?"

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "I came here to pick up some things. You guys want to buy a dress too?"

                Liang Shaoyong sighed awkwardly, "Meng Hua was invited to attend that Huayi Night Charity Gala at the weekend, and she needs to buy a dress."

                Qin Ming wondered, "Isn't that nice? Why are you sighing? Don't you have enough money? There are cheap ones too."

                Zhao Liniu smiled, "How can we ordinary people have tickets for the gala? Zhao Meng Hua's tickets weren't given by Chen Mulin either, but by a rich second generation."

                Is this ...... not prying a brother out of a corner?

                Qin Ming said, "Then Zhao Menghua also received the tickets?"

                Liang Shaoyong said, "Yes, she said that she could accompany Chen Mulin and that she didn't want it for nothing anyway. She said she wouldn't have any connection with that rich kid."

                This is a lie, who would believe it? Who would believe it? How can you repay a debt of gratitude when you've received a favour from someone?

                Sun Zhipeng hooked Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Xiao Ming, didn't Zhang Xiaoyan also give you tickets? You have to keep a close eye on Young Yong, if Zhao Menghua suffers any losses, you can't just ignore it."

                Qin Ming said, "This ......"

                Suddenly, Zhao Menghu came from behind and said discontentedly, "I am not a child, do I need to be looked after? Liang Shaoyong, what do you mean? I've already said that I'm just taking advantage of Zhang Song and taking tickets to accompany Ling Ling, you don't trust me anymore? Besides, I'm in my fourth year of university, so it's always good to go and meet the business owners to find a job after graduation."

                Liang Shaoyong hurriedly smiled, "No, Meng Hua, how could I not trust you? Zhipeng, he made up his mind."

                Sun Zhipeng hurriedly smiled, "Sister, you are too worried, Qin Ming also has a ticket, so he can go with him to take care of him."

                The company's main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. The only reason for this is to make this poor man? The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company. Good catch? play Jun

                Song Qiuyan scoffed: "Wouldn't want to be a fugitive, right? The actual fact is that our Ling Ling charm is great, this poor? The poor man's heart is in the right place. The poor? Climbing base!

                Qin Ming did not bother to explain, calm are said: "Seeing may not be believing, I can strut down the street, I have a clear conscience."

                Gao Ping said, "Qin Ming, do you want to be shameless? Our Ling Ling has already made it clear that she doesn't like you, so what's the point of coming up here with your cheek? Didn't you go after the commoner school girl, Bai Yuchun?"

                Song Qiuyan laughed, "Wang Chenghu named himself to court Bai Yuchun, he's afraid of being beaten up, right? He ran to Nie Haitang again, and I heard that he was protected by Nie Haitang at the dining hall. Now I guess he can't reach the shore at both ends, he's hated by Bai Yuchun and can't get Nie Haitang, and he's thinking of our Ling Ling."

                Chen Mulin frowned and said, "I won't go to the party with you, Qin Ming, there are some things I want to make clear, you and I are from two worlds, although you have helped me in the past and I am grateful, but you and I are impossible."

                Chen Mulin pointed around and said, "Just talk about the dresses here, Liang Shaoyong can still afford to buy Sister Meng Hua, which one can you afford? Even the cheapest one, you can't afford it."

                She ended by accusing Qin Ming even more overbearingly, "I just don't understand, why do you always have to follow my ass? Don't you even have any dignity? Your presence makes me sick, you know?"

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "I'm here to get my clothes."

                The women were shocked, Qin Ming had ordered a dress here?

                Gao Ping was puzzled, "Just you? Bragging, right? Which one? It's not the ones in the rental area, is it?"

                Qin Ming pointed to the window with a manned window, the set of Dream Girl, and said, "That one."

Chapter 152

The crowd was stunned to see Qin Ming pointing at the dreamy girl set in the window.

                Half a second later Gao Ping, Song Qiuyan, Chen Mulin and even Zhao Meng Hua couldn't help but laugh, they all thought if Qin Ming was stupid to suddenly come here and pretend to be a fool.

                Gao Ping laughed so hard she couldn't see her teeth and said, ''Hahaha, ouch, I really can't stand it. This poor? Pan thirsty to knock the sufferers? The blue ????  The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Can I get a copy of the report? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. 

                The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. Pan Jun????? ? u deep-fried table dome? The moisture content of the moisture is not only a good source of moisture, but also a good source of moisture. 笤耄????? The company's main business is to promote the development of the company. The following is a list of the locations of Faultless locations. 孀晔???? What is the reason for this? The main reason for this is that you can't get any more information on how to use the website.  Erisis all over the world? Panjuan ????? Eris What is the best way to get the most out of your life? Saek Jun

                Chen Mulin shook his head in disappointment and said, "Qin Ming, have you even lied to become a smart person?"

                Zhao Liniu came forward and said, "Xiao Ming, forget it. That Chen Mulin has been brought down by Gao Ping and Song Qiuyan, who are always laughing at people for fun, as if degrading others makes them noble. She's always looking for a sense of existence."

                Sun Zhipeng hummed, "Forget it, Xiaoming, let's go to dinner, I'll treat you."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I'm really here to pick up a dress, waitress."

                The female guide who was busy elsewhere immediately rushed over, and when she arrived, she recognized Qin Ming at a glance and hurriedly turned around and pulled out her makeup box to fix her makeup.

                This is a super-rich man who drives a Rolls Royce and has a vip membership.

                The lady shopper came up enthusiastically after fixing her make-up and said: "Oh, you're here, Mr. Qin, the diamonds of the dress have been embroidered on, and the head shop has returned a message and a letter. This is the chief designer of Chanel, Vivienne McTerney, who personally supervised the completion of the dress. Ms. McTerney, personally supervised the completion and changed the size according to your request. Please come this way."

                Qin Ming came to the window, the security guard opened the window with electronic access control and introduced, "Our counter window is made of bulletproof glass, it cannot be opened without access control."

                Qin Ming nodded secretly, he also trusted the shop's protection of his dress.

                The dress was treated without any smell, and the fabric was soft to the touch, unlike ordinary dresses that would bump against the skin.

                However, the swirl of diamonds from work, he will not identify, but Chanel company headquarters provided a diamond identification certificate, are authentic, will not be fake, fake one to compensate for ten, Qin Ming also rest assured.

                The dress is still hanging a piece of diamond when you go to a party, this can be really powerful, it will certainly become the most beautiful one in the whole place.

                Other customers in the shop saw the most expensive and beautiful dream girl in the window being bought, and came over to look at it, each revealing envy.

                "What a beautiful gown, what woman is so happy to be able to wear it?"

                "Wow, this young man is amazing, he can afford this Dream Maiden, I heard it's a sky-high price, the diamonds are real."

                "If I were her girlfriend, I'd die of happiness."

                "What a beautiful dress, which woman can wear it? I guess the temperament has to be raised by dozens of notches."

                The customers next to her said enviously, but it made the three women, Gao Ping, Song Qiuyan and Chen Mulin, blush and their hearts beat faster, this, this was really Qin Ming's?

                Qin Ming said from the beginning that he had come to pick up his clothes, but they didn't believe him and said he was a stalker, because the previous few times Chen Mulin had gone where Qin Ming appeared, giving them misunderstandings and fixed thinking.

                This time, Qin Ming finally had something to do and didn't even bother to explain to them, so they could entertain themselves.

                Chen Mulin was so ashamed that she wanted to find a hole to burrow into, but that dreamy girl was so attractive that she couldn't bear to look away.

                But how could she have the face to ask Qin Ming to touch it and look at it?

                She was so envious, jealous and fascinated that she suddenly had the idea that it would be nice to be Qin Ming's girlfriend at this time, and that the dress would be hers to add.

                The saleswoman said enthusiastically, "Didn't Mr. Qin bring a female companion? You can try it on first."

                The woman said, "I'm not asking for a girlfriend, but even if I sleep with her for one night, I'll get paid a lot of money for it.

                But Qin Ming has a lot of respect for female shoppers, not to look at her half of the chest and cleavage, shaking his head and saying, "No need, be careful to wrap it up."

                At this moment, Liang Shaoyong came up and said, "Wait, Xiao Ming, can I ask you something?"

                Qin Ming smiled, "We're all brothers, do we need to beg? What do you want, Mr. Yong? I'll do it."

                Liang Shaoyong awkwardly pointed back at Zhao Menghua and said, "She said she wanted to touch it and see it up close, I don't know if it's okay, the dress is too beautiful, you know, women are like that, they have no resistance to things like diamonds and clothes."

                Qin Ming still had a good feeling about Zhao Menghua, he smiled and said, "Young Yong is not saying anything, it's just clothes, Sister Menghua can naturally take a look if she wants to."

                As soon as Zhao Menghua heard this, she immediately came over happily, her two eyes were almost like little stars of fervour.

                Zhao Meng Hua scrutinised the set of dreamy girl's dresses, her face was flushed and she said excitedly, "Wow, such comfortable fabric, real diamonds hey ...... just now through the window, it looks even more beautiful up close."

                Zhao Menghua's loving look caused a group of women around her to be incomparably red-eyed, one trying to come over and touch it, but they were all separated by the security guards.

                Suddenly, Chen Mulin couldn't help but say, "That, Qin Ming ...... can I, can I also go over and touch it? Just for a little while, okay?"

                Her voice was not loud and she was still very shy, as if she knew it was something very humiliating.

                Because before all that contempt Qin Ming, taunting him poor boy, the result Qin Ming can actually afford this kind of sky-high dress, she can not even climb high, really scared her.

                However, her heart's desire for this dress overcame her shame and she could not help but softly plead for it.

                Qin Ming was reluctant and was about to refuse when Zhao Meng Hua took his arm and whispered, "Qin Ming, in fact, Mu Ling is not bad by nature, but she has been brought down by Gao Ping and the others. She has liked the dress since just now, so just say yes."

                Since Zhao Meng Hua begged, Qin Ming nodded his head.

                Chen Mulin was overjoyed and looked at Qin Ming differently, without contempt and disdain, because she felt that Qin Ming was still quite generous and did not take his previous words of ridicule to heart, but had more of an appreciation.

                Chen Mulin and Zhao Meng Hua studied it for a while, and took photos together before they were satisfied.

                The shop assistant carefully wrapped it up and handed it to Qin Ming in a long box. Chen Mulin never took her eyes off the dress, and she asked curiously, "Don't you have to pay for it, Qin Ming?"

                The saleswoman smiled and said, "Last time I came here, a very beautiful woman paid for it. Mr. Qin just needs to take it."

                Suddenly, Gao Ping, who had been holding her face, suddenly sucked wildly and said, "Ha, so that's how it is! Qin Ming, you're really not a man."