Rags To Riches Chapter 15-16

 Chapter 15

Boom, as soon as you enter the door you see Zhao Li Niu angry at the table.

Liang Shaoyong saw Qin Ming, said "Xiao Ming you come and see, Zhang Xiaoyan live pk, our classmates are helping to send her gifts to pull popularity, the results of that Yang Wei not to help their own even if, but also deliberately help others, resulting in Zhang Xiaoyan's popularity is almost more than."

Qin Ming came over to the computer to take a look, is the seafood station beauty anchor pk contest, the winner of each pk can get 10,000 yuan big red packet.

And Zhang Xiaoyan is their economics classmates, look very pure, a little bit of Yung Yan feeling, can sing and dance, since the opening of the class many students have gone to support the scene.

Liang Shaoyong pointed to the red side of the live room, another beautiful anchorwoman, the anchorwoman's fan list list is clearly a "big tycoon Yang Wei" name hanging VIP sign, and the screen also shows the "big tycoon Yang Wei" sent a plane.

Qin Ming said strangely, "Yang Wei did not also give Zhang Xiaoyan brush gifts before? Why suddenly not brush?"

Zhao Li Niu said, "Because this morning Zhang Xiaoyan heard Li Meng badmouthing you and ridiculing you, so he said a couple of things when he couldn't stand it. As a result, she was held in a grudge and let Yang Wei not give her a gift."

Liang Shaoyong said, "Yes. Zhang Xiaoyan's live is not hot, but many gifts are Yang Wei and Zhao Fugui brush, they want to pursue Zhang Xiaoyan well, but Zhang Xiaoyan does not care about them. Now Zhao Fugui is not sure who broke his hand and was hospitalized, and Yang Wei found Li Meng, so he did not give her a gift. But not to brush it, but also deliberately brush Xiaoyan's opponent, has caused Xiaoyan to lose twice pk."

Boom, Zhao Li Niu slapped the table and said, "But I hate that we don't have that much money. I only have 3,000 dollars a month to spend, so I can't brush that bastard Yang Wei."

Liang Shaoyong also helplessly said "I just bought Chanel perfume for my girlfriend, also have no money ah."

Sun Zhipeng also sighed helplessly "I swished four thousand, but can not swipe that bastard Yang Wei. This breath does not come out, the body is uncomfortable ah."

They also know that Qin Ming does not have much money, but did not let Qin Ming brush gifts, but only complained about their lack of money.

Qin Ming looked at the conversations in the class group, and it was basically Li Meng justifying Yang Wei's actions.

"My family Wei has plenty of money to brush whoever he wants, what do you guys care? You can also brush ah? Why accuse my family Ah Wei?"

"Doesn't my Wei have the freedom to spend money?"

"Wei didn't give Zhang Xiaoyan much money in the past, right? Does it have to be for life? Is Zhang Xiaoyan as cheap as Qin Ming's stinking silk? Want someone to adopt her?"

Qin Ming looked depressed, how did he become the one who wanted to be adopted? Li Meng also did not give him money to spend ah.

Li Meng continued to say in the group "near the vermilion is red near the ink is black, Xiaoyan you have to understand this truth, you have to apologize to me, I will let my family A Wei back to support you."

The class group is basically only Li Meng a person talking, dislike Zhang Xiaoyan also not on the mouth.

At this time, the hospital, Zhao Fugui's separate ward, Li Meng holding a cell phone proudly raised the corners of his mouth, said "you group of stinking silk, simply not A Wei's opponent. Ah, it's great to be rich."

She said, she kissed Yang Wei on the side.

Yang Wei is very popular, he easily soaked Li Meng, I thought yesterday to take advantage of the small bamboo forest, but ended up running into Qin Ming and Nie Haitang, a disagreement.

So today is also the blood money, with all the way to please Li Meng, tonight to sleep Li Meng.

Li Meng said excitedly, "This Zhang Xiaoyan bitch, against me? And also to Qin Ming that stinking silk say good things? What I am too much? Is it wrong for me to say that? Qin Ming is not a eat soft, can not support the wall of mud? nooneyyoayajb?"

Lying on the bed Zhao Fugui said "Damn, Zhang Xiaoyan actually spoke for Qin Ming? What a self-indulgent bitch, what's so good about that kind of silk?"

Zhao Fugui's little brother Ma Fei also said, "No, it is looking for death to oppose us. Zhang Xiaoyan later live also can not get up, I Qin Ming is also a pest, even people."

At this time the class group Zhao Li Niu angry, said "Yang Wei, do not go too far, deliberately against Xiaoyan has caused her to lose two games. She only helped Xiaoming to say a word, don't be so petty, Li Meng and Xiaoming's matter, why involve others?"

Li Meng looked, immediately fire up, fingers flying input "I just with Qin Ming is incompatible, what? Whoever helps Qin Ming is against me. Zhang Xiaoyan, you said in the group, said Qin Ming is a stink silk deserved, to me to admit fault, my family A Wei immediately help you brush gifts."

Zhao Fugui also typed in the class group, "I'm Zhao Fugui also join, I just asked my father for 50,000 yuan, all for you to brush up no problem. I'm tired of seeing poor people like Qin Ming."

Many students in the class group looked at such tit-for-tat words, are very speechless.

Boom, Zhao Li Niu and angry to slap the table, cursing "rich great ah, grass. It's too much, kill the heart."

In the live room, Zhang Xiaoyan just finished singing a song, looking at their blue "power bar" only one third left, popularity and gifts are not as good as the opponent, looking to lose, she took out her phone, in the class group typed "Li Meng, you have not said break up with Qin Ming cheated, indeed you are not right, I will not apologize. "

Li Meng a look, immediately exploded, angry gritted teeth, in the class group a sneer emoji package.

Li Meng said "A Wei, Fu Gui brother, Zhang Xiaoyan this bitch must be against me, you help me out of this bad breath ah? The woman, Zhang Xiaoyan, she is not a rich woman, because of these years live to earn a little money to think very big? It's not because of Wei and Fugui. Without your gifts, what is she?"

Zhao Fugui and Yang Wei hummed, "No problem, it's just money, my father will still give me."

The two people with cell phones continue to give Zhang Xiaoyan to the pk female anchor swish gifts, gradually Zhang Xiaoyan's popularity is getting lower and lower, everyone ran to the next door to see the tycoon.

The actual fact is that the actual people are not only the most popular, but also the most popular.

"Big tycoon Yang Wei yo yo yo ......"

"Thank you Fugui brother's thirty airplanes ......"

"Haha, that female anchor called Xiaoyan lost, this is only three minutes of pk, her 'power bar' is left at ten tenths, this level still participate in pk, is it not self-defeating?"

Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast room, she watched her "power bar" getting lower and lower, her face was unusually ugly, but there was nothing she could do, she was not a full-time anchor, not so many high viscosity fans.

When Li Meng saw Zhang Xiaoyan's ugly expression, he laughed out loud, "Zhang Xiaoyan, you're stupid now, right? You can't fight anymore, right? You deserve to lose because you can't even stand in a team, you'll lose any more pk, besides losing face."

"Later without the big gold master, you can't get up live, you also became a silk girl like Qin Ming, really a pair of oh."

"Your attitude is not very tough? Tough one more I see ah?"

"You talk to Qin Ming, Qin Ming can help you? He is a waste of stinking silk, now estimated in the bar to people watching the door. Ha ha."

These words Li Meng directly in Zhang Xiaoyan live typing, a sarcastic words, so Zhang Xiaoyan greatly stimulated, tears in the eyes straight play.

But the reality is cruel, five minutes of pk time is not over, her blue "power bar" has bottomed out, can be too miserable but.

The background of Zhang Xiaoyan's live room, the tube also came a message "Zhang Xiaoyan, how did you get? The pk is not a decent gift, or a page recommendation, no dirt fans should not apply for this pk, the platform will not waste resources on you."

Zhang Xiaoyan endured the aggravation, silently typed in the background to the tube "Sorry."

Dingdong, suddenly Zhang Xiaoyan's live room popped up a reward announcement is not forensic Qin Ming gave the lovely Xiaoyan a rocket.

Chapter 16

"Oh huh~?"

The class group one by one students had surprised emojis, because Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast room brushed out one by one rocket, and the fireworks of that rocket rising to the sky was very dazzling.

"Who is so rich? A rocket is two thousand dollars, compared to a hundred dollars of airplane cowhide more."

"My God is still brushing, still brushing."

"Not the forensic Qin Ming, who is this id really ah?"

"Hahahaha, someone can't look away, is it someone from the class?"

"It's not Qin Ming, right?"

"Qin Ming should be working part-time right now."

"Is it someone who is impersonating Qin Ming?"

The original class group where only Li Meng was talking, suddenly various students started chatting because the rocket brush was too strong.

"Qin Ming, who is not a forensic scientist, has sent out 50 rockets, everyone go to the lovely Xiaoyan's live broadcast room to watch" This system pop-up was forcibly pushed to every anchor's live broadcast room.

The original is lost Zhang Xiaoyan also confused, she never thought in the last minute of the pk, actually someone strong reward.

The female anchor with Zhang Xiaoyan pk is also silly, this is a stable win situation, she sang and danced, the result suddenly out of the blue?

Yang Wei and Li Meng is also speechless, who is against them ah?

Lying on the hospital bed Zhao Fugui cursed "Damn, who is this person? One hundred thousand dollars at the first offer?"

Her live background tube emergency message "finally a tycoon brush gifts, Zhang Xiaoyan your chance to come, can seize this opportunity, interact with the tycoon more, more brush gifts, I will help you arrange to the page, singing and dancing or something, to please each other, got it?"

Zhang Xiaoyan hurriedly gave the tube back the word "good."

Zhang Xiaoyan said to Mike crazy happy "Thank you not forensic Qin Ming, the boss you are too generous, Xiaoyan are a little heartwarming it, the boss want Xiaoyan singing? Or dance? Or would you like to chat with Xiaoyan?"

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

At this time, Qin Ming's dormitory, Zhao Li Niu, Liang Shaoyong and Sun Zhipeng all turned back to Qin Ming and asked, "Is this id you?"

This is indeed the gift Qin Ming brushed, he was surprised that the usual relationship ordinary Zhang Xiaoyan will be for him, and Li Meng backtalk, but also caused her to lose two past big gold master.

For this reason, Qin Ming wants Zhang Xiaoyan to win.

Li Meng does not like money? Thinking that money can beat everything? Then Qin Ming let her lose at the feet of money.

However, Qin Ming did not honestly answer the housemates' questions, he shook his head and said, "Not me, where do I have money? A few hundred, but not a hundred thousand."

The three people in the dorm also felt that it was impossible.

Zhao Li Niu said "This is a coincidence, right, the name is the same as you."

Sun Zhipeng said "also, the name Qin Ming is very common ah."

Liang Shaoyong said "Anyway, this time there is a good show, ahaha, Li Meng and Yang Wei they want to eat defeat, this kind of hand on 100,000 reward is not the average rich ah."

So, the dormitory three people began to take turns typing sarcasm in the class group.

Zhao Li Niu frantically typed "Yang Wei, continue to brush ah? What? What? You've met your match and you can't do it? You said you were a rich kid? Not driving an Audi?"

Liang Shaoyong also said "Oh, that's just an Audi A3, what class can it be?"

Sun Zhipeng is also not willing to lag behind "so many people still can not brush a person, really the more useless the more arrogant ah."

Looking at the sarcasm in the class group, Li Meng was so angry that she blew up, dragging Yang Wei and shouting, "Ah Wei, brush it up, brush that little bitch Zhang Xiaoyan down."

Yang Wei's face was a bit ugly, he had already spent 40,000 yuan on three games, and his pocket money was almost at the bottom, just to help Li Meng out.

But Li Meng is not happy, it will not give him sleep, he pursued to Li Meng can not have the opportunity to open a room ah.

She can not give up the child set not wolf, Yang Wei continued to brush, ruthlessly brush five rockets.

But on the other hand, Qin Ming quietly brushed another fifty rockets as a retort.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Even other female anchors on the platform also followed in "Hello Xiaoyan, I'm anchor Bai Sugar, you're beautiful, your live room is very lively, I'm here to dip into the European air."

"White sugar sent out a plane, everyone go to the lovely Xiao Yan live room to watch."

Another platform anchor came in "Hello Xiaoyan beauty, I am the game anchor Master Tiger, come to dip in the air."

"Master Tiger sent out a plane, everyone go to the lovely Xiaoyan live room to watch."

All of a sudden, Zhang Xiaoyan's live room became hot, Qin Ming see these people brush gifts to Zhang Xiaoyan, also want to rub his fortune, he is not stingy, turn around and give these anchors five planes each, five times back.

In the class group of the economics class, the students all paid attention to this live pk show, everyone looked crazy, a five-minute live broadcast, brushed more than 200,000 gifts.

"Xiao Yan is so powerful, to be among the first-line anchor, rely on themselves is always better than those who rely on others."

"Hahaha, five to fifty, this gap is simply a world of difference, see what is the second generation of rich, Yang Wei you this level do not say you are the second generation of rich, lose the face of all the second generation of rich."

"Zhao Fugui, your level is like the rich generation in the small village met the rich generation in the big city, can not be compared."

"Justice may be late, but never absent."

"Li Meng, you're a fool now, right? Yang Wei has money? How can he not be able to brush others with money?"

In the hospital, Li Meng cried in anger as the whole class mocked her.

Zhao Fugui and Yang Wei had tried their best to brush 30,000 after feeling completely unable to brush and gave up.

After the live pk, Zhang Xiaoyan said in the class group "I always feel that even though love is free, but not break up cheating is wrong."

Li Meng's palm slapped Yang Wei in anger, shaking with anger "Look, look at her, this bitch is sticking her nose in the air, why are you so useless? This little thing I have to be aggrieved, Zhang Xiaoyan that little bitch is now going to die of complacency."

Indeed, Zhang Xiaoyan found an excuse to drink water and was jumping around with excitement outside the live camera.

However, Yang Wei could not help but say "I'm all out of money."

Li Meng was speechless, so angry she gritted her teeth "you can not let me a long face? You really pissed me off. Following you I suffer from this nasty gas every day, Qin Ming did not let me suffer from this nasty gas."

Zhao Fugui on the hospital bed puzzled "Who is this Qin Ming who is not a forensic scientist? It is not really Qin Ming that stinking silk, right?"

Yang Wei did not think so, said "impossible, it happens to be a rename, Qin Ming how poor, who does not know ah? Now it is estimated that still working part-time."

Li Meng heard this, the heart moved, it is not really Qin Ming, right?

Because Qin Ming climbed high Nie Haitang, eat soft rice, so rich ah.

"Yes, it must be like that." Li Meng heart firmly insisted that, otherwise by virtue of Qin Ming working part-time, where to get so much money ah?

Li Meng once thought of here, and inexplicably feel better inside "Ha, Qin Ming you a soft rice eater. The previous stinking silk one is still self-reliant, now degenerate to eat soft rice, really more and more people despise."