Rags To Riches Chapter 149-150

 Chapter 149

Nie Zhengming said as he walked, "Obviously, that Qin Chaoyang is the key, and maybe I don't know when I've offended him. Since he is Qi Minghui's superior, then as long as he opens his mouth, Qi Minghui will not target us again."

                Nie Haitang, however, was puzzled, "Brother, he just said that his brother was here, and his surname is Qin, so he couldn't be Qin Ming's brother, could he? Qin Ming also said he has a supermarket project here, and he's still a partner."

                Nie Zhengming shook his head and said, "It's just the same surname, it's impossible. Qin Ming's kind of poor? Pan Jun? I'm sorry? The same kind of poor man like Qin Ming? The same surname? The main reason for this is that he is not a person who can afford to go to school. What is the meaning of the word "thrush"? What is the best way to get the most out of your time? What is it that makes him a partner? What makes him a partner when you've got a million dollars to invest? If he were a partner, I would chop off my head and give him a stool to sit on."

                The two siblings stopped Qin Chaoyang, while the latter looked puzzled.

                "You guys are looking for me for something?" Qin Chaoyang asked.

                Nie Zhengming said directly, "Mr. Qin, is there something I have done to offend Mr. Qin? Please speak directly to Mr. Qin and I will definitely apologise to Mr. Qin. Please, Mr. Qin, don't sell eleven percent of our Nie's Sanitary Ware to Yang He Group."

                Qin Chaoyang listened feeling unsure of what Nie Zhengming was talking about and said, "What shareholding? What Yanghe Group? I don't know what you're talking about. You've got the wrong person."

                Feeling that they had the wrong person, Qin Chaoyang crossed directly over and walked to the shade, saying, "Brother, you're here? Why don't you go over?"

                Qin Ming said, "Nothing, brother, you learn more from Qi Minghui, I'll be a hands-off boss from now on."

                At this time, Nie Zhengming also followed him over, he saw the two of them chatting so happily and remembered Qi Minghui's words, he still didn't understand? These two are brothers, ah.

                "I go ......," Nie Zhengming's entire body was not good.

                A person that Qi Minghui respected so much was actually a brother to Qin Ming? Isn't Qin Ming just a poor? Pan Ke Xaek Kang Huang? ┦拥那∽ plutonium櫻? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

                Nie Zhengming's heart got a little harder.

                Nie Zhengming walked over, still pride and vanity, and angrily rebuked, "Good for you Qin Ming, you communicated your personal vendetta."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and teased, "What's wrong? Brother-in-law?"

                Nie Zhengming's face turned red and he said, "Go away, who's your brother-in-law?"

                Nie Haitang also glared at Qin Ming, thinking to herself, "Aren't you adding fuel to the fire? But her heart was sweet, but she didn't retort.

                Nie Zhengming shouted angrily, "You two brothers must have been behind this, whispering in Qi Minghui's ear and encouraging him to sell 11 percent of our family's shares to Yanghe Group. Good for you, Qin Ming, so it was all your doing. Aren't you just jealous of my money? How dare you make these little moves?"

                Qin Chaoyang was bewildered and said, "This gentleman, are you mistaken about something? I just joined today, I haven't been at work for long, and I don't know you either."

                Nie Zhengming said, "Don't sing double entendre, still trying to fool me? Qin Ming, do you think you're worthy of Haitang because our Nie family has fallen? Dream on you, I don't agree."

                Qin Ming's face was expressionless as he mocked, "Last time you forced your sister to be a daughter-in-law to the He family, how come you were willing? Maybe the He family has more money. Don't give me the act of loving your sister."

                Nie Zhengming's mouth grew too big to speak, his face flushed red and he couldn't find the words to retort.

                But Nie Haitang stepped forward to defend Qin Ming, saying, "Brother, don't accuse people indiscriminately. It's possible that Qin Ming doesn't know anything. He doesn't know Qi Minghui either. If Qin Ming had anything to do with this incident, he would have told me about it."

                Qin Ming was embarrassed, it was really all his doing.

                Qi Minghui also seemed to feel that his suspicions were untenable.

                However, he suddenly remembered that among the people he had offended recently, it seemed that he had offended Qin Ming.

                He said, "I haven't gotten into any trouble lately, but this Qin Ming had a fight with me before when he paid back 100,000 yuan for Li Meng, he wouldn't use his connections to deliberately screw our family over that little matter, would he?"

                Qin Ming was torn, he really wanted to knock Nie Zhengming because of that little matter, but he didn't think it was a small matter in his eyes, he didn't worry about it.

                It's true, you have the intention to educate people, but they don't care about you, it can be said that rotten wood can't be carved.

                Nie Haitang's chin nudged Qin Chaoyang and said: "Brother, but just now Qi Minghui said that it might be more useful to find him. Is it actually hinting at Qin Ming? That Qin Ming can help us?"

                Qin Ming said in his heart, "It's still my girlfriend who is smart."

                Qin Ming said, "I can help your family anyway, believe it or not?"

                Nie Zhengming was annoyed and said, "Hmph, I don't believe it. You think our Nie family doesn't have a backer? Last time our Nie family was in the same crisis, we had help from the Hou family, and the Hou family is a truly powerful family in Guangzhou City. It's just a pity that Mr. Hou is away on a business trip right now, otherwise ...... this wouldn't be a problem at all."

                Qin Ming said, "You mean you're not begging me?"

                Nie Zhengming said proudly, "I won't beg you even if I die. There is no need to ask you at all. This is your conspiracy."

                However, Nie Haitang pulled Qin Ming and said, "Alright, Qin Ming, what's going on? You exchanged 100,000 for Li Meng? And you're still hanging out with her? I'm really getting angry."

                Tsk, women's concerns are strange.

                Qin Ming said soothingly, "A debt of gratitude, she took care of my sister and my brother, a favour I returned. But I also want to teach my sister a lesson, she comes from a small place, she can't read people and is easily cheated. Although this Li Meng is full of lies, at least her purpose is clear, it's for money, I want her to learn a lesson so that she won't be afraid of being cheated in the future."

                Nie Haitang listened before she understood and let it go.

                She asked, "So this time it's related to you?"

                Qin Ming dared not admit it and said, "Well, it's not my business, it's probably because the Qi family wanted to mess with your brother. How do you know your brother is not on board?"

                Nie Haitang was puzzled, "But my brother has approached Qi Er Shao many times. Just now he even asked us to find your brother, and said that your brother was his superior."

                Qin Chaoyang smiled, "Then Ming Hui must have been joking with you. It's my first day at work, how can I be his boss?"

                The two siblings were in a quandary again, weren't they being played by Qi Minghui?

                Qin Ming took the opportunity to say, "If you want to bow down to me and admit your mistake, I will beg my brother to go and talk to Qi Minghui, so that he can let you off, for Haitang's sake."

                Qin Chaoyang listened, and although he didn't understand, he hurriedly said, "No problem."

                Nie Zhengming gritted his teeth and said, "Asking me to bow down with you, dream on. Hmph, big deal, I'll kneel down at the door of the Qi family for a long time, sister, don't beg him that this kid is plotting against you."

                Nie Haitang made a red face, Qin Ming wanted to plot against her, several times she was "eaten" by Qin Ming.

                At this moment, an Audi car drove over and came in front of the four of them.

                An unexpected man stepped out, wasn't it Hou Qing, the head of the Guang City team of the Huan Yu Century Group?

                The three of them were surprised, how did Hou Qing suddenly come here?

                Hou Qing got out of the car and immediately ran towards Qin Ming, but when he saw that there were other people there, he stood aside and waited.

                Nie Zhengming said excitedly, "Hahahaha, Qin Ming, what are you so proud of? I never thought I could run into Chief Hou here, last time it was Chief Hou who saved us, this time he can too."

                "Oh, Mr Hou might have come to help us personally. Our Nie family must have someone looking out for us behind the scenes."

                "Qin Ming, I'm not going to apologise to you, let alone bow down to you. I'm not going to go along with you poor? Pan shell??!

                Nie Zhengming was again spirited and smug.

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "I am indifferent, don't you regret it. Do you want to make a bet with me? If you can get Hou Qing to help you, then I'll apologize to you. If I can get Hou Qing to do it, you'll admit that I'm in a relationship with Haitang."

                Nie Zhengming said "You're just blowing it, you're still relying on your brother? Without your brother, you're nothing? I'll bet with you."

                Qin Ming smiled wickedly, "Okay, a man's word is his word, don't go back on it."

Chapter 150

When Nie Zhengming saw Hou Qing, he went forward with a joyful face as if he had seen the saviour and said, "Mr. Hou, I didn't, I didn't expect to see you here. I, I am Nie Zhengming from the Nie family, we met last time when we visited your home."

                Hou Qing gave a faint oh and didn't say much.

                In fact, he was a little annoyed because he hadn't handled the matter of helping the Nie family in a low profile last time, and it had become known, and the Nie family had made a big deal out of it, making it known to everyone, causing people to misunderstand that the Nie family had any connection with him, Hou Qing, which eventually led, to Qin Ming's enemies coming to his door, and also led to him being temporarily transferred away from Guang City by Qin Ming.

                Of course he couldn't blame Qin Ming for letting him take action, he could only blame the Nie family's inability to come across this kind of crap.

                Nie Zhengming said, "Mr. Hou, I'll be straightforward, our Nie family has something to ask of you, I'm begging you to save our lives. I hope you can help our Nie family once more. The eleven percent stake you bought from the He family last time is now being held by Qi Minghui, and if he wants to sell it to Yanghe Group, then we, your Nie family, will be doomed."

                "Didn't you say at the time that you wouldn't sell to Yanghe Group and stand by our side at the shareholders' meeting?"

                Hou Qing blackened his face directly upon hearing this, the last sentence, was meant to be a rebuke?

                He helped out last time, making it necessary for him to leave Guang City temporarily, and this time he still came? Wouldn't he want his life?

                Hou Qing said nonchalantly, "Last time I went out to save your Nie family, I was also entrusted by someone. If someone hadn't asked me, why would I have bothered with your Nie family's affairs? Perhaps your Nie family has done something to upset others."

                Nie Zhengming's expression froze, so that was the case.

                But that day when the Nie family went to their door to give a gift, Hou Qing was clearly happy and enthusiastic, acting as if he wanted to deal with them more in the future, but he didn't expect to tell the truth now that the Nie family was in trouble again.

                Nie Haitang asked aside, "Mr. Hou, please just tell us the truth, please? Who exactly is it?"

                Hou Qing shook his head and said, "I won't say anything."

                Nie Haitang asked, "Is it Qin Ming? Or his brother, Qin Chaoyang?

                Hou Qing froze, and Nie Haitang basically guessed it, but he would not admit it, but was curious, the young master's elder brother?

                When Nie Haitang saw the confusion on Hou Qing's face, she asked, "Doesn't Mr. Hou know that man? Qi Minghui even said he was his boss, and I saw that he was dressed very plainly, so he should be a very low-key person."

                Oops, Hou Qing pursed his lips, chagrined in his heart, secretly annoyed that he had forgotten to bring a gift and had missed the opportunity to get close and let Qi's family get a head start.

                What would he do with his position as head of the Guangcheng team? Qi Yundong, you old cunt, you are unethical.

                Hou Qing said impatiently, "You don't need to look for me, I won't make a move. Qi Yundong is still my old boss, I won't go against him. You guys should leave if you're alright, I'm here for Qin Ming's classmates, don't waste my time."

                Both Nie Zhengming and Nie Haitang felt their faces were shameless as they were directly driven away.

                Nie Zhengming clutched his head in chagrin, "Is that Qin Ming really that capable? So many connections? He's obviously just a poor? Pan Junk?趺慈鲜逗钭苷庋? Thunkakai Song Zhengjun

                Nie Zhengming couldn't figure it out, couldn't understand it, but right now the only way to save the Nie family was for him to bow down and admit his mistake to Qin Ming and admit his relationship with Nie Haitang, ah.

                However, he learned that Hou Qing did not know Qin Chaoyang, and he still had a glimmer of courage, saying: "Qin Ming, Mr. Hou said that he did not know your brother Qin Chaoyang at all, and you can talk to Mr. Hou? Your former backer's name is Dai Gao, right? That used to be one of Mr. Hou's men, and he's been fired. Where did you get the backbone?"

                Qin Ming was very laid back beside him.

                Nie Haitang stepped forward and said, "Qin Ming, you're still like this, look how you've tortured my brother and you're still smiling!"

                Qin Ming said, "It's not because you said you wanted me to take care of your family, so I'm not taking care of your brother first? Didn't your brother despise me? Then let him see my connections, won't he change his mind about me?"

                Nie Haitang's face was tangled up in knots, did she have to be the cause of this incident?

                Nie Haitang regretted it in her heart and said, "If I had known I wouldn't have said that, now that our Nie family's share price has plummeted, many of our old employees are leaving and jumping ship, my dad is annoyed to death every day."

                Qin Ming was stunned, he didn't expect his one word to have such a big impact on the Nie family, almost changing the fate of the Nie family.

                This feeling of having his hand on the life and death of a powerful family, Qin Ming was a bit floored, this was power.

                He said, "Haitang don't be in a hurry, I'll go over and ask, maybe my words will be useful."

                Qin Ming walked up and said, "Hou Qing, you go and talk to Qi Minghui, forget about the Nie family. I can't deliberately screw people over because of my personal business."

                Although Hou Qing did not understand what Qin Ming was up to, he answered and went to do it.

                Not long after, Nie Zhengming's mobile phone called, it was Nie Jianmin's phone, praising him for finally taking care of the matter this time, Qi Minghui promised not to sell the eleven percent shareholding, and asked Nie Zhengming to get along well with Qi Minghui and so on.

                Nie Zhengming was embarrassed, but he hadn't achieved anything.

                With one word from Qin Ming, he had solved the big problem that had been bothering his family for days? Moreover, Qin Ming personally asked Hou Qing to do it.

                The scene was so awkward that Nie Zhengming didn't even know what attitude to use to face Qin Ming.

                But in his heart, Nie Zhengming was relieved that the Nie family's troubles had finally passed.

                Qin Ming spread both hands and said, "How about it? Brother-in-law, willing to bet and accept defeat oh, don't oppose me and Haitang being together again."

                "You ......" Nie Zhengming was furious, but there was nothing he could do, after all, Qin Ming had only helped the Nie family to tide over the difficult times.

                Exasperated, Nie Zhengming dropped a bank card and said, "Pay you back 100,000 yuan, password six one. Sister, come back with me, Dad is looking for us."

                Furious, Nie Zhengming pulled Nie Haitang with him and turned his head to walk away, the Mercedes Maybach engine roaring as he quickly disappeared down the road.

                Qin Ming hurriedly called out, "Hey, you're a big man don't go back on your word ...... Hey, this brother-in-law can be really stubborn."

                After Nie Zhengming's siblings left, Hou Qing hurriedly came forward.

                Qin Ming asked, "What's wrong? Didn't I tell you to leave Guang City for now?"

                Hou Qing said nervously, "Young master, I heard that you are changing the head of the Guang City industry in charge of the group? Actually, I ......"

                After hearing this, Qin Ming laughed out loud, "So it's this matter, Hou Qing you can't let go of the fat job of head of the Guang City team, right?"

                Hou Qing's old face flushed, his mind was guessed by Qin Ming.

                Although Hou Qing had left Guang City, many of the people in the industry were his subordinates, so they would naturally give him information.

                But in terms of income, it is more or less the same than Qi Yundong, but in terms of gift-giving, Hou Qing is much more, and this place in Guangzhou City, he is also a little more scenic, and his words are more useful.

                After all, Guangzhou is the capital of the province and is a first-tier city in China, so it is influential enough.

                Hou Qing said: "Some people say that the young master is going to leave the position of head of the Guangcheng team to Qi Minghui. I would like to come to ...... to confirm this to Young Master. My subordinates will of course obey Young Master's job transfer and arrangement, but there are just some things that need to be prepared and transitioned a bit in advance to avoid having their hands tied when the time comes for the handover, which will affect a lot of business."

                Qin Ming spared a glance at Hou Qing, who was slightly vain.

                He patted Hou Qing and said, "Don't worry, Hou Qing, the position of team leader in Guang City is still yours. When Chang Huan's people are a little less active, you will come back. I'm just testing Qi Minghui as a person now, and he's really a talent. But I have another role to play with him."

                After hearing this, Hou Qing's heart settled and the nervousness on his face was gone as he hastily added, "Young Master, please rest assured that no one will know that I have secretly come back to Guang City this time."

                Looking at this appearance of Hou Qing, Qin Ming could not help but feel emotional about the workplace of Huan Yu Century Group, every position could provoke the coveting of talents from all walks of life, lest they be lost.

                If he couldn't handle it properly, I'm afraid it would cause dissatisfaction from all sides. This way of harnessing people can really be the art of emperors.

                Qin Ming said, "You do your job, I am at ease. You go about your business."

                Hou Qing handed over another invoice and said, "By the way young master, I heard that young master will also go to the Huayi Night Charity Gala at the weekend, so I took the liberty to order two sets of new dresses for the gala for young master, also one for men and one for women, and a batch of diamond jewellery for women, it's at the Dream Place in Wanda Square, young master can collect it directly when you report your name."

                Qin Ming took the invoice nonchalantly, it was an offering from his men, if he didn't accept it, Hou Qing probably wouldn't be able to walk in peace.

                However, Nie Haitang had been taken away by Nie Zhengming, he couldn't go to see the dresses alone, could he?