Rags To Riches Chapter 147-148

  Chapter 147

By the side of the tree-lined school road, Qin Ming was holding Nie Haitang's catkin hand as they strolled leisurely.

                Qin Ming asked with great confusion, "Haitang, aren't you getting yourself into trouble by making our relationship public like this? You're a big topic of conversation within the school, I remember once when you changed your hairstyle twice, there were quite a few people posting about it on the school internet forum."

                Nie Haitang pouted nervously, "Those are all fake things, they're not useful to me at all. What? Are you still unhappy about disclosing your relationship? Are you having an affair with another woman? That Zhang Xiaoyan called so affectionately, and that policewoman is quite pretty ah, and remembered you."

                Qin Ming cried and laughed, reaching out to pinch Nie Haitang's face and jokingly said, "Phew, is our beauty Haitang still a jealous woman? Xiao Yan and I have a good relationship, so it makes sense for you to be jealous. But that policewoman I don't even know her name, what are you jealous of?"

                Nie Haitang suddenly punched Qin Ming with her small fist in shame and said, "Fine, you Qin Ming, I'm angry, hum, if you don't make me happy, I'll ignore you."

                Qin Ming laughed and pulled Nie Haitang into a hug, "Just ignore me, you can't get away anyway."

                Nie Haitang was shy as Qin Ming forced her into a hug, biting her lip and saying, "Nasty, you big bad egg."

                Since there was no class at noon, Qin Ming planned to go shopping for a dress for the weekend party. Since he was going, he should prepare properly so as not to make a joke, he did not want to make a fool of himself and make Nie Haitang lose face as well.

                When Qin Ming suggested going to buy a dress, Nie Haitang shook her head a bit torn and said, "Qin Ming, why don't we rent one? It's too expensive to buy a dress when you're only going to the party once anyway."

                Qin Ming said doubtfully, "How can that work, how embarrassing for you."

                Nie Haitang smiled and snuggled up to Qin Ming, saying, "What status do I have? I'm just an ordinary person. I have no honour, no education, no wealth, the only thing I have is you."

                I can't stand the way Nie Haitang talks about love, I want to give her everything I have.

                Qin Ming wrapped his arm around Nie Haitang's waist, feeling the youthful energy emanating from her young body and smelling the fragrance of her hair, his mood naturally became very good, he said, "Haitang, don't worry, I won't let you suffer. I'll buy you a brand new dress."

                Nie Haitang shook her head, "Good dresses are very expensive, and originally I wasn't short of that kind of money, but my family is currently in trouble again. It's not a foregone conclusion, but it's really hard to say if we can get over this hurdle this time."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, he actually knew it in his heart but couldn't say anything, everything was done to make the Nie family recognise Qin Ming, he was also giving Nie Zhengming a lesson and had to do it.

                But Qin Ming also felt more or less guilty in his heart, he was the one who caused the Nie family to get into such a situation.

                But is Nie Zhengming a fool? Qi Minghui had hung him out to dry for so long, and he couldn't remember that he had offended Qin Ming? And then come over to apologize pathetically?

                The last time he misunderstood Nie Haitang and kidnapped her, Nie Zhengming didn't apologize at the hotel, but he was really a rich kid.

                Nie Haitang pursed her lips and said, "If I were to become a girl from an ordinary family, would you dislike me?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "No matter how poor you become, I won't dislike you."

                Nie Haitang was very happy to hear these sweet and honeyed words, "Qin Ming, I knew it, you are different. However, it's okay to rent the dress, I don't want to waste money. My dad went to that charity party, also to pull strings with the Qi family, but the Qi family is very influential in Guang City, we simply can't compete, it's not easy to say whether people will see us or not."

                Qin Ming took a hand and said, "Don't worry, everything will be fine."

                Nie Haitang was still worried, "But those wealth magazines, the gossip media, even the proper Guangcheng Daily are all starting to say that our Nie family is in big trouble this time, and that the second young master of the Qi family is targeting us with unclear intentions. This isn't on the same level as the He family."

                Qin Ming suddenly asked, "Your family didn't ask you to join up again, did they?"

                Nie Haitang shook her head and said, "No, we haven't even met anyone from the Qi family, and the second youngest of the Qi family is only willing to see my brother, as if my brother has offended someone, but my brother can't remember. If my brother doesn't solve this trouble and the second youngest of the Qi family sells those shares to Yanghe Group, then our family's bathroom group will have to change hands."

                Qin Ming was also speechless, his existence in Nie Zhengming's heart was that low?

                Hadn't it been made very clear that day? If he dared to accept his hundred thousand dollars, he would be in big trouble, and he couldn't think of anything else?

                Qin Ming continued soothingly, "Don't worry, I'll raise you in the future."

                Nie Haitang smiled sweetly and pouted, "I can earn my own money, I don't want you to support me."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "You can bring up the child without worrying, earning money is a man's business."

                When Nie Haitang heard this, her cheeks flew up and she said nervously, "What are you talking about? It's still too early to get married."

                Qin Ming smiled playfully, "So you mean you're willing to marry me?"

                "Ah!" Nie Haitang was suddenly shocked and pinched his arm in shame, saying, "Good, Qin Ming, you're trapping me, you're so bad."

                The two of them laughed and laughed, holding hands, and walked out of the school unaware of the sweetness.

                Qin Ming happened to walk to a key intersection outside the school, only to see some engineering surveyors planning something opposite Zhao Fugui's supermarket, and some municipal leaders on the ground, including Qi Minghui and elder brother Qin Chaoyang.

                He pointed over there and said, "Soon there will be a brand new big supermarket here, and the small supermarket across the street won't be able to do it anymore. I am a partner in this supermarket and have changed the bus route in the future, it is also close to the underground entrance, which is simply a great location. Other facilities will be added later, and with so many university students every year, the spending power is very strong, so I won't be a poor boy in the future. So, buy a party dress for my own girlfriend, no less."

                Nie Haitang looked at the front, not only were there the second youngest of the Qi family, but also the mayor and the leaders of the transport department, as well as the leaders of the investment office present, all those people Nie Haitang had met before when she followed her father Nie Jianmin, she had a good memory and remembered them all from the one time she had seen them.

                The only one she didn't recognise was a tall, dark-skinned man with a Chinese face and very ordinary clothes.

                Nie Haitang was surprised and said, "You're not bragging, are you?"

                Qin Ming said, "Do you think I look like someone who loves to brag? Go, go over and say hello."

                The two of them were about to go over when suddenly a Mercedes Maybach stopped by the roadside, wasn't it Nie Zhengming's car?

                He got out of the driver's seat with a very haggard face. He was carrying a briefcase, looked at Nie Haitang and then at Qin Ming, and walked straight over.

Chapter 148

As soon as Nie Zhengming came up, he pulled away from Nie Haitang and pointed at Qin Ming, angrily scolding him, "Qin Ming, how many times have I warned you about you? Stay away from my sister."

                Immediately, Nie Haitang grimaced and took Nie Zhengming's hand with great sorrow, saying, "Aiya, brother~! I'm not a child, why do you care so much about me?"

                Nie Zhengming said, "Sister, don't be fooled by this guy, he's not a good person. Last time you were kidnapped, he was at his leisure and had a presidential suite in a big hotel for prostitution. Instead of being grateful, he forced me to apologise, tsk, he doesn't care about you at all."

                Nie Haitang was speechless, she couldn't explain, she couldn't say that she was still hiding in the sink in the bathroom at that time, could she?

                Wouldn't that be asking her own brother to misunderstand that she was showering with Qin Ming? What? You're talking about the mixed bathing spa at Nanshan Manor? That's a hot spring, can it be the same? Nie Haitang felt in her heart that it was different.

                Qin Ming also rolled his eyes, not bothering to argue with this dumb-ass brother-in-law, sometimes it was good to shut up.

                Nie Zhengming said, "Sister, you come with me for a moment. It took me a lot of effort to find out that the second youngest of the Qi family is here today. He has recently changed his car and his movements have become secretive, so it's hard to find him."

                Nie Haitang looked into the distance and asked, "Brother, what can I do?"

                Nie Zhengming said, "Help say a few good words. My sister is so pretty, so maybe if a pretty girl speaks up people will agree and not mess with selling our family's equity?"

                Qin Ming was displeased and said, "Are there people who sell their sister like that?"

                Nie Zhengming said angrily, "Shut up you poor? Pan Jun? Sulfur? The Sheet? The goblet is a small, but very small, and it's a very small goblet. The goblet of a court of law? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

                He also said, "Am I selling my sister? This is my brother and sister coming together to save the family."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, in the heat of the day, you let Nie Haitang go with you to beg people, this is still your own trouble, you also have the face to say?

                He also did not panic, slowly educate Nie Zhengming, brother-in-law education is good, then it is left mother-in-law.

                At the empty spot at the road junction, Qi Minghui was holding a plan and talking to the mayor and other leaders: "The land was approved so quickly thanks to Mayor Liu, and you even came personally, I really don't dare to."

                Mayor Liu laughed and said, "Oh, you're welcome, Mr. Qi, I still have to call your father an elder. And if you want to invest in Guangzhou City, then we also welcome you. However, only investing a few million is not in line with your style, Second Young Master Qi, we still have a lot of land in the Hi-Tech Park, as well as many channels, and occasional international exhibitions, if you invest in Hi-Tech, that's the way to make big money."

                Qi Minghui smiled sarcastically, "That investment would not be small, the research and development stage would be over a hundred million, that tax can't even be eaten."

                Mayor Liu laughed: "Oh, don't worry, Mr. Qi, we have a policy to reduce the tax for high-tech enterprises. How about investing five hundred million to get it going first?"

                He heard that the supermarket would cost five million, which was an astronomical figure, but now he heard the two of them talking, five hundred million is just for a little bit, the world of the rich is really scary.

                He lamented in his heart, "Qin Ming he knows are big people, ah, hey, my brother can really make a difference, I feel proud of myself."

                Qi Minghui was having a good chat with several city leaders, discussing a meal at the Greater China Hotel later, when suddenly a man and a woman walked next to him, wasn't it Nie Zhengming and Nie Haitang?

                "Uncle Liu, Uncle Zhao, Uncle Wang." Nie Zhengming greeted the city leaders first, and then said to Qi Minghui, "Second young man Qi is also here, what a stroke of luck."

                Mayor Liu just gave an ordinary nod of greeting, the affairs of the Nie family were well known to everyone in the upper class circles of Guangzhou City.

                Qi Minghui had somehow managed to get an eleven percent stake in Nie's Sanitary Ware Group, and as the group's second largest shareholder, Yanghe Group, had always wanted to annex the entire Nie family as the majority shareholder, and right now Qi Minghui intended to sell the stake in his hands, the purpose of Nie Zhengming's search was self-evident.

                Qi Minghui walked to the side, Nie Zhengming immediately followed and said with a smile, "Hui young ......"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. These days of running around have caused him to be mentally and physically exhausted, and his usual pride of being a rich young man has long since gone.

                If he were in the ordinary gentry, he would still have some face, but in front of the Qi family, I am afraid that even Qi Miao Miao would not give him face.

                Nie Haitang stepped forward and said, "Second young man Qi, hello, I am Nie Haitang, can we have a good talk?"

                Qi Minghui's heart moved, in fact he had just noticed Qin Ming who had come nearby and knew that Qin Ming liked Nie Haitang, so he he was not as cold in his attitude as he was towards Nie Zhengming.

                He thought about it and said, "There's nothing to talk about, I've given you enough hints, Nie Zhengming think about what you've offended recently, I'll tell you one more thing, I'm taking it out for someone, as long as the other party is deflated, your Nie family will have to be saved."

                Of course, the most crucial point, to make the foreign ears of the whole Guang city, no longer overly close to the Nie family, no longer from the Nie family to find Qin Ming, so as to protect Qin Ming's whereabouts, is the most important purpose of Qi Ming Hui.

                Although, Qin Ming said in response, "I didn't even know you had such a tawdry plan, in any case you're overthinking it.

                Nie Haitang's eyebrows rose and she looked at Nie Zhengming with some anger, who had this old man offended?

                She was angry at Nie Zhengming for stealing her mobile phone and talking to Qin Ming, which almost caused them to break up, but now she was distressed to see her brother in such a bad shape, and she hadn't even had time to shave.

                Nie Haitang pursued: "Qi Er Shao, please ...... give us another, another hint. My brother is dumb, he may not be able to remember. Who exactly has my brother offended?"

                Qi Minghui shook his head and said, "That won't work, that nobleman himself said to let him think of it himself. If he can't remember, the shares will be sold and put up for sale on the day of the charity gala, and the money from the sale of the shares will be donated to the Blue Sky Foundation to save children with leukaemia."

                The two siblings' hearts trembled as they listened, there were only three days left until the Huayi Night elle Charity Gala at the weekend.

                This was simply a countdown to torment.

                At this moment, Qin Chaoyang walked over and said, "Ming Hui, I've seen my brother, I'll go over and have a chat, I won't go to dinner with you guys."

                Qi Minghui immediately said, "Brother Chaoyang, you go, just leave such things as socializing to me."

                Qin Chaoyang was rather ordinary, but both siblings could see that Qi Minghui respected Qin Chaoyang a lot and called him brother.

                Moreover, going to dinner with the mayor and Qi Minghui was such a rare opportunity, but Qin Chaoyang didn't care?

                Nie Haitang was very curious and said, "Second Younger Qi, that one is ......"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. Inside this big supermarket project, he's considered my superior, I guess."

                Nie Zhengming was stunned that this man, who looked as ordinary, unnamed and a bit mute, was Qi Minghui's superior?

                Qi Minghui was also a bit bored with Nie Zhengming and said, "Don't come to me with your business, you can start with him or it will really be gone if you are late. I've already helped here, if you don't know what to do, you deserve to have your Nie family's estate change hands."

                After hearing this, Nie Zhengming hurried back to find Qin Chaoyang.