Rags To Riches Chapter 145-146

 Chapter 145

On this side of the school dump, it could be described as crowded, yet unusually quiet.

                The moment Nie Haitang said, in public, that she was Qin Ming's girlfriend, everyone was stunned.

                Nie Haitang was quite popular both inside and outside the school, after all, she was from a wealthy family and a beautiful woman, many students in the school network touted her, plus she, like Bai Yuchun, hadn't been in love since her studies, no doubt leaving many people with fantasies.

                But today, the fantasy was shattered, Nie Haitang was in love with someone else.

                The crowd all looked at Qin Ming speechlessly, who looked nothing special, and was dressed very cheaply, with a face of oil, hair in a mess like a bird's nest, and jeans that were washed white with patches.

                What a flower in a cow dung.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                Qin Ming was also surprised. Didn't Nie Haitang say that? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

                How come Nie Haitang had just announced it now?

                However, Qin Ming looked down at the hand that was gripping him tightly, her small palm was a little tense, yet very warm.

                A boy angrily clenched his fist and said, "Can I beat up that Qin Ming?"

                Teacher Wang warned, "Students, please remain calm, it's not right to hit others."

                Faced with the strong jealousy emanating from the raging crowd, Qin Ming was helpless, he hadn't even showered last night because of Liao Qingxuan, and had rushed back to school and gotten all sweaty, so of course his whole face was covered in face oil, so he blamed him for being ugly? Infinite

                But Qin Ming feels that no one in this world loves Nie Haitang more than he does.

                Zhang Qingqing was holding her head speechlessly, thinking, "This is the end, my best friend is crazy, she does not know how much influence she has in the school public opinion?

                Maybe Fortune magazine will come to gossip about her love story too.

                This Qin Ming poor? Pan pleasing goblet? The goblet? The magazine will also be interested in her love story. Aoji Saek

                After announcing the relationship between the two, Nie Haitang saw that the people around her shut up and proudly lifted her chin, saying, "Then who is the owner? This money, I'll return it."

                Li Wan and Wang Meixia didn't dare to say anything, it wasn't the money they had lost after all.

                They are more comfortable with Zhao Fugui, because Zhao Fugui often date, go out to spend money is Zhao Fugui cover, and occasionally have a sex also a lot of income, while Qin Ming is a poor? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to afford to pay for their own personalized services. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to afford to pay for their own personalized services. The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

                The eyes of the crowd looked at Zhang Xiaoyan, who was still in a state of confusion.

                The day I lost the money, I did see Qin Ming, but there was little evidence to prove that Qin Ming took it. Just now Qin Ming also said that he was passing by the rubbish dump and found my suitcase, and when he picked it up, the money was already gone."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "I didn't steal the money, Xiaoyan, do you believe me?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked into Qin Ming's eyes and she felt sincerity and concern, something she could not see in other students.

                She said, "Well, I believe Qin Ming. It's better to leave this matter to the teacher."

                Zhao Fugui suddenly became very anxious and said, "No way. This is all stolen goods. Xiao Yan, Qin Ming is lying to you. Leave it to the police to deal with it and convict him."

                Nie Haitang clasped her hands to her chest, held her chin high and said with great dissatisfaction, "Fine, leave it to the police. I trust my boyfriend completely, if the investigation turns out to be something else, I'll sue you for slander, and you can just wait for the lawsuit."

                Hiss, what a fierce little cutie.

                Qin Ming looked at Nie Haitang and his heart melted, he wanted to wrap it up and nibble on those little lips, but there were so many people around, he couldn't mess around.

                But Qin Ming immediately felt the jealousy of the boys around him, and their poisonous stares that attempted to beat him up.

                Zhao Fu Gui was still undeterred and said, "So Qin Ming, what were you doing that day? That day Wang Chenghu confessed his love to Bai Yuchun, the school girl of Pingming, and many people got together. Where did you go after you met up with Xiaoyan? What did you do? You should tell us instead and make it clear."

                Qin Ming frowned, the day he went to the hungry delivery boy and asked for the electric car, then rescued Bai Yuchun.

                Bai Yuchun could then give him as a human witness.

                But, he couldn't say ah.

                His flying car rescue had made such a big deal, if it was published, that would give Bai Yuchun a bad reputation, and, Nie Haitang would also be affected.

                When Zhao Fu Gui saw that Qin Ming was silent, he was overjoyed and said, "Hmph, how's that? Nothing more to say, right? You have to pay back the money, and your charge of stealing the money has to be implemented."

                Zhao Fugui's little brother Ma Fei also arrogantly said, "You want to get rid of the charge of thievery by relying on a woman, that's a no-no."

                Nie Haitang had no choice now, the money, she could take it out, but how could she take off the hat of stealing money?

                Although she believed that Qin Ming would not steal the money, she could not stop these people from slandering Qin Ming ah.

                Someone next to her couldn't help but say, "Nie Haitang, I think you'd better not help this poor? Pan caustic tax umbrella k?deng? The overseas couch porridge 11 scar? The paper delicacy tube lax said Bissell? The actual fact is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get a good deal on your own. The black black character!

                "The actual fact is, there are plenty of good men out there, so why look for such a poor man? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not in a good position to get the job done.

                The badminton club's Fang Jinsheng's heart cut like a knife, his crush on the goddess, but with Qin Ming, he was jealous, he wanted to break them up, he said loudly: "This is not with Nie Haitang matter, is Qin Ming sweet mouth, slippery tongue, cheating people. Do you remember what happened on the school website forum? This Qin Ming started a mess and abandoned his first love."

                "Oh, I remember, this guy is a scum."

                "There are times when a goddess' eyes are bad."

                Seeing that these people had been brought up to speed and rehashed old stories, Nie Haitang loudly retorted, "Those are all false, can you tell the truth from the false?"

                But how many people were listening?

                Most of the onlookers were just lively, while those who had the intention to bring the rhythm were simply doing it on purpose.

                Nie Haitang was at her wits' end, and she took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Qin Ming, what should we do? They, they slandered you."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I'm not afraid of the shadow, I haven't done it, so what am I afraid of? Let these people say what they want."

                At this moment, Mr. Wang waved his hand to signal everyone to quiet down, "Alright, alright, everyone, stop arguing, let's disperse and go to class. The teacher will take care of this matter, just now, I received a call from the police station, they said that there is a new development regarding the money lost by Zhang Xiaoyan's classmate, they will be there soon."

                Speaking of Cao Cao, a police car drove in.

                Four able police officers got out of the car, one of them was a pretty young female police officer, surprisingly the same one who had arrested those people from Wang Feng last night.

                The policewoman who fell behind recognised Qin Ming and smiled crookedly: "Classmate, we really have a connection. You were involved in the KFC injury incident last time, you were also involved in the suspected kidnapping of Miss Qianjin at the Guolong Hotel, you were also involved in the arrest of a drug trafficking and prostitution ring yesterday, and you are still involved in a theft case to be solved today. You're not going to get into trouble for a day, are you?"

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, what? He didn't remember having so many encounters with this policewoman.

                Also, what did he mean by trouble? It was all kinds of shit that came to him, right?

                Mr. Wang asked the captain at the head of the group, "Captain Fan, is there any progress in the case? Is there anything under surveillance?"

                A police officer laughed and said, "We don't rely on surveillance alone to solve cases."

                Captain Fan said, "Yes, Mr. Wang, according to the information provided by Zhang Xiaoyan, the cash she withdrew from the bank the night before the theft, a batch of new banknotes, or consecutive numbers, was recorded in the bank. In the last few days, in the construction bank near the university, someone deposited in that batch of consecutive numbered banknotes one after another, the new batch of banknotes that Zhang Xiaoyan had lost."

                Since they knew about the new batch of consecutive numbered banknotes, they naturally knew the bank card where the money was deposited, and they knew the name of the card owner.

                Li Wan and Wang Meixia hurriedly asked, "Is that Qin Ming?"

                The group also quieted down, lest they miss the next key.

                Captain Fan shook his head and said, "It's not this Qin Ming student, he assisted us in solving a big case at the same time last night, he's not depositing money in the bank."

                Nie Haitang asked anxiously, "Then who exactly is it? My boyfriend was vilified like this and he got away with the money, I won't let him off the hook."

                Captain Fan recalled the bank surveillance he had watched yesterday, and his eyes immediately moved to Qin Ming's class, finally settling on ......

Chapter 146

Qin Ming suddenly said, "Ah ah, Zhao Fugui where are you going?"

                The crowd froze and followed Qin Ming's gaze, but they saw that Zhao Fugui had somehow gone from standing in front of people to standing behind them.

                He was called by Qin Ming, and instead of walking away, he quickened his pace.

                But Zhao Fugui hadn't gone far when he was stopped by the young female policeman, saying, "You are Zhao Fugui? Why are you so panicked?"

                Zhao Fugui's face was tense as he stammered, "My stomach hurts, I, I'm going to the toilet."

                Captain Fan said, "There is no hurry, there are toilets in the police station. Mr. Wang, Zhang Xiaoyan, the card owner who deposited that batch of consecutive tickets is Zhao Fugui, and after our investigation, he is a student of your school. But only two hundred thousand he deposited into the bank, there is another three hundred thousand somewhere."

                "Wow!" The crowd was shocked that the truth had finally come out and they all looked at Zhao Fugui.

                Some in the class who were not on good terms with Zhao Fugui immediately mocked, "Hmph, this guy just screamed the loudest and had to convict Qin Ming, and said something about people getting the stolen goods, it's really funny, in the end it was him who did it."

                Yang Wei and Ma Fei were both embarrassed to stand a little further away, to save themselves from being seen standing with Zhao Fugui and being implicated.

                "Zhao Fugui, no wonder you were screaming so loudly just now, trying to set Qin Ming to death, so it was you who did it."

                "I can't imagine that a rich second generation like Zhao Fu Gui would be greedy for his classmate's money."

                "Oh, he just has a bit of money in his family, there will still be a big gap compared to the real rich second generation."

                "Tsk, really, the more you scream, the bigger the problem, thanks to him slandering Qin Ming like that just now. Qin Ming is the one who is innocent."

                "Things are reversing, is that school girl posing as a girlfriend simply to help her friend? In fact, Nie Haitang is just Qin Ming's shield."

                Nie Haitang happily held Qin Ming's hand but said with a smile, "I am his girlfriend."

                Mr. Wang walked up to Zhao Fugui and said in a long and serious voice, "Zhao Fugui, tell me honestly, did you pick it up? Now the police have got the evidence, if you refuse to admit it, the consequences will not be simple."

                Zhao Fugui looked at the police officers and panicked, his legs kept shivering.

                Returning the money was a small matter, but being convicted was a big matter.

                It was true that he had found the money, because when Qin Ming drove the electric car to take away Bai Yuchun, there was chaos at the scene, and Zhang Xiaoyan was also concerned about chasing after the live broadcast, forgetting about the money box beside him, and he happened to pass by and took it by hand.

                Zhao Fugui nodded in silence.

                He had also saved a batch of money one after another, then threw away the suitcase while there were fewer people this morning, then had the sanitation rubbish truck send it away, not wanting Qin Ming to pass by and stumble upon it.

                When the crowd saw him nod, they also finally knew the truth, that they had misunderstood Qin Ming.

                But not one of them gave Qin Ming an apology.

                Especially Wang Meixia, Li Wan, Yang Wei and Ma Fei who had shouted the fiercest earlier.

                Nie Haitang said angrily, "You guys just threw all kinds of dirty water over here, and now not even one of you has apologised? Do you think my boyfriend is easy to bully?"

                Wang Meixia gritted her teeth and said disdainfully, "What did I say? Can't I even be suspicious? Cut, everyone was suspicious at that time, so who are you to say that we are? Why don't you let others apologise? If I don't apologise, why don't you hit me?"

                Ma Fei put up his middle finger and said, "Why apologise? Are you guilty of being suspicious now? Who told Qin Ming to press the suitcase? She hasn't even said a word to Xiaoyan."

                Li Wan became even more arrogant: "Is it a big deal to be rich? You can do whatever you want with money? Are you going to sue us for slander?"

                This was really shameless, Zhang Xiaoyan had believed in Qin Ming from the beginning.

                Qin Ming also shook his head and said, "Forget it, Haitang, they usually play around with Zhao Fugui, they won't apologize. Besides, I don't even care about these so-called vilifications, I'm not a child."

                Nie Haitang couldn't be angry, Qin Ming had been vilified like this, a trumped up charge that could make a lot of people stink, and she couldn't stand this anger.

                "Classmate Qin Ming, I'm sorry."

                Suddenly, a boy next to her who she did not know spoke up.

                The crowd was very strange, and Qin Ming was even stranger, he didn't know this guy at all.

                I only heard him laugh, "I was also misled by the real prisoner, misunderstood and scolded you just now. I dared to do it. By the way, I return all the words I just scolded you to the real money thief, Zhao Fu Gui, what a svengali scum. He stole all the money from his own classmates, so much money, won't his conscience hurt?"

                Qin Ming was moved for a moment, there were still more people who understood things ah, he also smiled and said he wouldn't mind.

                "Classmate Qin Ming I'm sorry, I also said something bad just now and misunderstood you, it's all because that bitch Zhao Fu Gui misled us ah."

                "I'm sorry fellow Qin Ming, mistakes have to be admitted, I was wrong too."

                "Qin Ming is sorry ......"

                "So Zhao Fu Gui's accomplices, did they share the spoils? Just now slandered Qin Ming so aggressively, now deadly refuses to apologize, really low character ah."

                "That Wang Meixia I know, a notorious gold-digging girl, loves to hang kaiju, and doesn't take a piss to look at herself, the boys in the circle all say she is a broken shoe."

                "That Yang Wei is also a philandering slag, hehe, with a few stinking money, often harasses girls from other departments."

                "Hey, Zhao Fugui seems to be the son of the owner of that supermarket at the intersection off campus, from now on people don't go to their supermarket to buy things."

                "Wow? You go there to buy things? The service attitude is so bad, I'd rather go to the kiosk on campus and sweep the pedestrian street for what I can't buy, than go to that small supermarket, the attitude is super bad."

                With a start, the people behind them were also very frank in admitting their misunderstandings and mistakes, and then pointed their risqué heads at Zhao Fugui and Wang Meixia and the others, but they were really even picked up on their past.

                They were so ashamed that they were dumbfounded and blushed, and they wanted to find a crack to burrow into.

                Zhang Qingqing pointed directly at Fang Jinsheng who was about to sneak away and said, "Fang Jinsheng, come here, you're all from the same club, you misunderstood Qin Ming, why don't you apologise?"

                Fang Jinsheng was thick-skinned, smiled awkwardly and said, "President, I just said it. Oh, Qin Ming, it's me who misunderstood you, I'm sorry."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, not caring what Fang Jinsheng said, this guy would never sincerely apologise.

                Nie Haitang was very happy and said, "People with quality are the ones who are brave enough to admit their mistakes. People who are in cahoots with thieves are the first to slander good people and then have the cheek to not take it seriously afterwards. Hahaha, it's really true that things come together in groups, you are all classmates yet, be careful not to lose anything in the future."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was also very angry, Wang Meixia was still trying to set her up with Zhao Fugui before, she was completely bought by Zhao Fugui, what a plastic bosom friend.

                Moreover, she had invited Wang Meixia to go to the Huayi Night Charity Gala with her, she now said directly, "Wang Meixia, I suddenly remembered that I don't have enough tickets for the weekend gala, you can't go."

                Zhang Xiaoyan had already said it very euphemistically, which actually meant that she was not taking you to the party so get lost.

                Wang Meixia, Ma Fei and the others were embarrassed, all the people who had slandered Qin Ming had apologized, but they were the only ones who hadn't, didn't this highlight their lack of quality and most likely also their accomplices in stealing money?

                It was a shame.

                Qin Ming said, "If you are righteous, you will not do what you are told, but if you are not right, you will not obey. Let's not make it difficult for them, asking them to admit their mistakes is worse than killing them."

                Wang Meixia roughly pushed the crowd away and said, "Hmph, Qin Ming you don't have to be complacent."

                Ma Fei, Yang Wei and the others immediately followed suit and ran off in a huff.

                Teacher Wang shook his head speechlessly and said, "Kids nowadays have no sense of right and wrong. It's obvious that they are wrong, but they still don't admit it. Admitting your mistakes is also a sign of courage. Classmates, you have all done well, mistakes are not scary, just correct them, what is scary is not having the courage to correct your own mistakes."

                "Yes~!" The crowd was not very interested in listening to the teacher's lecture and replied perfunctorily.

                In the end, Zhao Fugui, who admitted to stealing the money, was taken away by the police, and the money had to be paid back, but it was not known how much he could pay back.

                But more than something like Zhao Fuguo stealing money from his classmates, today the school network exploded with the topic of Nie Haitang's famous flower having a master, and the heat skyrocketed, with many boys going to bars that day to get drunk and stay out all night.

                And Qin Ming is in big trouble because of this.