Rags To Riches Chapter 143-144

 Chapter 143

Qin Ming held his head high and plugged his nostrils with a tissue.

                He couldn't have imagined that only half a month after breaking up with Li Meng, he had become so angry, his nose was bleeding at the sight of a woman's body?

                Liao Qingxuan was also sitting aside in shame, by now she had put on a white blouse and black dance skirt, her cheeks were as red as a fever.

                She asked with a stern face, "Did you see all that?"

                Qin Ming held his head high and was also quite embarrassed, having somehow suffered a bloodbath ah.

                He nodded and said, "Good looking, with just the right proportions and not a hint of fat."

                He didn't have to lie, his nose was bleeding, so it would be pretentious to lie again, he admitted it graciously and let it go, Liao Qingxuan could still ask him to be responsible? That's force majeure.

                "Enough, you don't need to comment." Liao Qingxuan was even more ashamed, grabbing her chopsticks and poking at the eggs in the bowl. She had expected this outcome, but she had somehow been at a disadvantage, her body.

                If it had been a young, handsome man, she would have found it a bit more acceptable.

                Liao Qingxuan tried her best to maintain restraint and said, "It's better for you, you're just a hairless little kid anyway. However, don't tell anyone about this, got it? Otherwise I won't let you go."

                Qin Ming vowed, "Don't worry, Miss Liao, I won't tell anyone. As compensation, I'll introduce a rich boss to you, and maybe I can help you invest in a dance class."

                Liao Qingxuan looked sideways at Qin Ming, she was indeed short of money and still owed more than 200,000 yuan to her bank credit card.

                She said, "What I want to run is not an ordinary dance training course, it's training for dance performances for various events on major TV stations, and the investment is huge. You're a poor student and you need my mother's help for your internship, so don't brag about yourself."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I really can."

                When Liao Qingxuan saw Qin Ming's playful look, she felt unreliable and didn't believe it in her heart, she said with irritation and anger, "If you can help me, I will promise you one thing."

                Qin Ming was happy, he didn't expect Liao Qingxuan to be quite angry, he also joked, "What can I do you, Miss Liao? I can't ask you to show me your body again, can I?"

                Liao Qingxuan swung her chopsticks and hit him, saying, "Tsk, I didn't expect you to be a little villain, not studying properly at a young age, but having such a dirty mind."

                Qin Ming said as he dodged, "If you don't believe me, I'll call someone. He will be here later."

                When Liao Qingxuan saw Qin Ming's unbeatable appearance, she became very angry, yet she was a bit expectant, did this poor boy really know some big boss?

                She said, still very distrustful, "Fine, I promise you, if you can find someone to invest in me, I'll show you this little brat again."

                Qin Ming laughed and didn't take it seriously, he was just doing a favour, there was a return on investment and he didn't spend money for nothing.

                The two of them arranged to meet at the entrance of the district.

                Not long after, Qi Minghui drove up with the Chery.

                When Liao Qingxuan saw the Chery, she instantly turned blue, she said with amusement: "The Aizeri 5 is only a few tens of thousands of dollars, such a person can invest millions in me for a training course? Qin Ming you ...... have expectations of you I'm really crazy."

                Liao Qingxuan head did not return, angrily stopped a taxi on the side and walked away directly.

                Qin Ming said, "Hey hey, teacher Liao, really can ah."

                Liao Qingxuan poked her head out of the car and cursed in anger, "You've lost your mind, have you, trying to cheat me? I thought it wouldn't be that easy, so don't even appear in front of me again."

                Qi Minghui came out of the car and asked in a very strange manner, "Young master, is there any investment to be made? Why did that man leave?"

                Qin Ming put his hands together, "The car you drove was too inferior, so he didn't like it and ran away."

                "Huh?" Qi Minghui said he was helpless, he was just trying to follow Qin Ming's example and keep a low profile, but he didn't know that it would ruin things.

                However, he took out another VIP invitation letter and a stack of tickets and said, "Young master, my father said that there is a Huayi Night elle Blue Sky Charity Gala this weekend, if young master is interested, you can go and have fun. There will also be a lot of people from the Northern Chamber of Commerce that day, they should have approached my dad through my brother and want to meet Young Master."

                Qin Ming had met all the heads of the industries in southern China, and he felt that it was time to meet the heads of the industries in the north as well.

                Qin Ming collected his ticket and said, "All right, I will consider attending."

                Qin Ming sent Qi Minghui off to take his brother to do his business before he himself hurried back to school to attend classes.

                However, as he walked to the entrance of the school, he noticed a suitcase in the rubbish pile that stood out.

                Qin Ming frowned in confusion, he took out his mobile phone, he remembered that Zhang Xiaoyan had sent a photo of her suitcase in the class group, and in comparison, wasn't it the suitcase that Zhang Xiaoyan had disappeared?

                Qin Ming picked the suitcase up and found it empty, and there were words written on the edge of the suitcase, the words 'Zhang Xiaoyan of the Economics class'.

                The suitcase was still there, but the money was gone.

                Qin Ming remembered that when the money was lost before, Zhang Xiaoyan was very anxious, and almost became a bad anchor who cheated fans out of their rewards and made false donations because of this.

                Now the suitcase had been found, but the half a million dollars inside had disappeared.

                Qin Ming muttered in his heart, "Who the hell did this?"

                Coldly, there was an angry rebuke from the side: "Qin Ming, it was actually you who did it!"

                Qin Ming turned around in surprise, it was his classmates, a large group of people.

                At this time of the day, they should all be in their senior math class, how could they be here?

                Yang Wei said, "Isn't that suitcase Zhang Xiaoyan's? Zhang Xiaoyan lost it, so how did it end up in Qin Ming's hands?"

                Zhao Fugui said loudly, "Ah ah, I was wondering why this kid didn't come to class anymore, so he came to do something bad secretly. Because at this time of the day, we are all in class, so no one can find out that you are up to no good. Oh, but the heavens have eyes, Qin Ming, can't imagine, today Teacher He is sick and our class is gone."

                Ma Fei said loudly, "This is really a crime scene, and it's hitting the gun."

                Because Zhang Xiaoyan had lost money before, and the amount was relatively large, everyone in the class knew about it, and everyone had spontaneously helped to look for it, so they were all very familiar with the luggage.

                Li Wan from the same class pointed at the suitcase and said, "Look, there's Xiaoyan's name on it. I'm in the same dormitory as Xiaoyan. I've seen this suitcase many times before, so I wouldn't be mistaken. Besides, it seems that Wang Chenghu confessed his love to the school girl that day, and there were quite a lot of people there, and at that time, Xiaoyan was also on the air, and she happened to run into Qin Ming, right?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was a bit confused, she nodded her head, she did run into Qin Ming that day, and the two of them even exchanged greetings.

                Qin Ming also remembered that they had met at that time, but what could this prove?

                Zhao Fugui said loudly, "We've caught you with the stolen goods, Qin Ming, you are a thief. Where did you spend the money you stole from your classmates? Everyone catch him, don't let him escape."

                "Qin Ming, you can't get away."

                "Catch him and call the police."

                "Qin Ming, you have to apologise to Zhang Xiaoyan."

                Qin Ming was immediately surrounded by people from the same class, he was so depressed, why were these people so self-absorbed? Zhang Xiaoyan hadn't even spoken yet.

Chapter 144

Qin Ming argued desperately, "I was just passing by and saw Xiao Yan's suitcase being thrown into the rubbish and picked it up."

                "How many times do I have to say it? I didn't steal the money."

                "There are no cameras near the rubbish heap, how can I explain? I'm telling the truth."

                Qin Ming was also angry, it just so happened that the people were all in Zhao Fugui's group now, Zhao Liniu, Liang Shaoyong and the others had all gone elsewhere to have fun and didn't come this way, so all these people were now targeting him.

                Zhao Fugui said disdainfully, "Come on, Qin Ming doesn't need to pretend. Half a million for a poor man like you? What's the matter with you? Zheng Kou Eris Tokyo? Slow flogging? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it. You can't afford to pay for it. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the box.

                Ma Fei also said: "We all saw that you were going to throw away this box. We are all witnesses, if you picked it up, why didn't you tell Zhang Xiaoyan? You're just lying."

                The crowd pulled and pulled, insisting that Qin Ming be arrested and taken to the police station.

                Zhang Xiaoyan seemed a little confused; she had always been good friends with Qin Ming, and even invited him to the Huayi Night Charity Gala with her modest tickets; she could not have imagined that Qin Ming was the culprit who stole her money.

                Or maybe she thought Qin Ming was right and it might be a misunderstanding.

                But the people around her were very enthusiastic in helping her out, and she was indecisive in her mind.

                As the crowd pulled and tugged, the school teacher came over on the news and a number of people gathered around to join in the fun.

                "What's going on?" Wang, the class teacher who rushed over, asked, "Has Zhang Xiaoyan's lost suitcase been found?"

                Zhao Fugui yelled, "Yes, Teacher Wang, look, it was Qin Ming who did it, he stole the money and was about to throw the suitcase away when we found it."

                When Zhao Fugui said this, the students around couldn't help but feel righteous indignation, what could be more hated than a thief?

                It was also very coincidental that among the onlookers, there were also Chen Mulin, Fang Jinsheng, Wang Xiaoli and other people Qin Ming knew.

                Wang Xiaoli couldn't help but shake her head and said, "Aiya, that Qin Ming, he really knows people, he even said before that he invited us to get high at Nanshan Manor and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it turns out that he stole the money, and he even bragged about winning the lottery?"

                Wang Jing said disdainfully, "A rich man is a rich man, he stole the money and spent it all at once."

                Fang Jinsheng said, "Remember this guy, he is a poor man. What's wrong with him? The cabinet? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. The old dense neon stands? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. sulphur? juggling? Tunden? ヅ萱萱ぃ? ugly woman seems to return to the earth seal!

                The crowd who didn't know the situation exclaimed, "No way, this one called Qin Ming is so? Pan joon kang hire low? Thumbs up?y that? I don't know what to say. The crowd was shocked, "No way! The crowd exclaimed, "No way! The people around him were so happy to hear Qin Ming's accusations.

                Zhao Fugui was overjoyed to hear the people around him accuse Qin Ming, remembering the humiliation he had previously suffered at the China World Hotel because of Qin Ming, and the fact that the internet id 'Qin Ming who is not a forensic scientist' was also angry at him because his id had the word Qin Ming in it, and now that so many people were accusing Qin Ming, Zhao Fugui was in a particularly good mood.

                He continued, "Qin Ming, you're poor, you don't work hard, but you choose to do this kind of thievery, it's really disgusting. I feel ashamed to be in the same class as you."

                A girl in the class said, "Give all the money back, it was earned by Xiaoyan's hard work on air. It's meant for charity."

                "Yeah, Xiaoyan even invited you to Huayi Night, give back the tickets."

                Chen Mulin stood behind the crowd, secretly shaking her head, very disappointed with Qin Ming as she muttered to herself, "To steal money from a classmate, why did I expect that from him? Was it the time at the hospital when he stood up for me? Or was it the time he saved me on the yacht? Forget it, this kind of person is a liar who is full of lies."

                The girl next to Chen Mulin said, "Forget it Ling Ling, what are you? He is a poor man. He is a poor man. I don't know what to do, but I'm not sure what to do. The most important thing is that you can't be a part of the world. Tengdeng? The court has to be slowed down. You can't do that!

                Chen Mulin shook her head and said, "Let's go, let's go, let's go pick out party dresses."

                Some people left, and some came.

                Nie Haitang, who had arrived at the news, was so angry that she disregarded her goddess image and forcibly pulled everyone away, rushing to Qin Ming's side, shielding him from the stormy whirlwind and questioning loudly, "Who are you to slander people? Carrying a suitcase means you stole money? Where is the evidence?"

                The people around were instantly quiet, not because of any evidence, but because of Nie Haitang.

                Who didn't know Nie Haitang at this university?

                On the first day of school Nie Jianmin drove a dozen luxury cars, rolled out a red carpet and hired a bodyguard to send his daughter to school, high-profile to proclaim his daughter's status and background as the envy of many people's Miss Qianjin.

                Every day Nie Haitang is a beautiful sight wherever she goes, and is said to have turned down many offers from talent scouts and entertainment companies, and the Nie family is still one of the gentry in Guangzhou.

                It is said that Nie's family is one of the most powerful families in Guangzhou, but such a young lady is defending a poor man who is not well known. Pan Jun

                The crowd couldn't help but wonder, what was their relationship?

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at the situation. The last time they were at the China Hotel, they looked like a couple.

                The three biggest school girls in the school, two of them have been picked up by Qin Ming? Wasn't he a bit strong in his social skills? No, Zhao Fugui was exceptionally jealous.

                In fact, not only Zhao Fugui, but also all the boys at the scene had a big "I'm a grass" close-up in their hearts, and it was also the first time that the surrounding boys had seen Nie Haitang so close up.

                But her face was so full of determination to defend Qin Ming that no one dared to speak nonsense.

                Qin Ming was also surprised and said, "Haitang, what brings you here?"

                Nie Haitang said, "I saw someone bad-mouthing you in the WeChat group, so I rushed here."

                She pushed people away and shouted, "Get lost, what are you doing? You're in my way, Zhang Qingqing. Qin Ming is a member of my badminton club, what is he doing, huh? I know best as president. Qin Ming, did you steal the money?"

                Qin Ming said, "No."

                Zhang Qingqing pointed loudly at everyone and scolded, "Hear me, no. My little brother is something you can accuse? He can only be punished by me."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, he thought that Zhang Qingqing had found his conscience and had come to help her, but it turned out that he had come to defend the dignity of her "Old Buddha".

                The boys hesitated, more or less for the sake of the beauty, and kept quiet.

                But the girls were not afraid, they were more jealous of Nie Haitang's status and beauty, and felt that Nie Haitang was asking for trouble by standing up for herself.

                Li Wan clasped her hands and walked forward, saying, "Nie Haitang, this is our class' business, what is your relationship with Qin Ming? Who are you to interfere with our class? He is just a petty thief who stole money, what does it have to do with you? Xiao Yan has lost half a million dollars, and he is a poor? What does it matter to you? What does it matter to you? The first thing you need to do is to get a job.

                The same class of Wang Meixia is more condescending but live to; "Yes, our Xiaoyan live every day how hard ah, those are the gifts sent by fans, years of savings. He Qin Ming stole it without saying a word, the human stolen goods. Did you pay him compensation? Who are you to him?"

                Nie Haitang was so angry at hearing this that she exploded in anger, pulling Qin Ming's hand and exclaiming, "What kind of relationship? I'm his girlfriend, am I qualified to stand up for him? It's only half a million, I'll pay for him!"

                Quiet, the surrounding students were all dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

                A boy broke down and covered his face, "NO, the goddess of my dreams ......"