Rags To Riches Chapter 141-142

 Chapter 141

Wang Feng was so angry that she finally knew she had been cheated when she saw the name on the property deed.

                Qin Ming is obviously rich, but pretending to be poor, deceiving his brother, but also deceiving her Wang Feng, and three times back and forth, so that her gold worshipping Lushan true face was clearly seen by Qin Chaoyang, she wanted to squeeze Qin Chaoyang's value is also impossible.

                She was angry, she was jealous.

                She tried to approach Qin Chaoyang and said, "Chaoyang, actually I ......"

                Although Qin Chaoyang was infatuated and a bit dumb, he had seen Wang Feng's face clearly after these three changes of face and temptations, he waved his hand coldly and said, "Don't touch me, dirty. The house is my brother's, my brother has made a fortune, it has nothing to do with me."

                The big-breasted woman beside Wang Feng immediately said, "Aiya, you scum. For whom did Xiao Feng work so hard to earn money? It's for your future comfort, isn't it? You are incapable of making a woman come out and show her face, and now that she has earned money, you think she is dirty.

                The long-legged woman also said, "That's right, he's a bastard, he's a bastard, he's a bastard, he's a bastard.

                Wang Feng cried and said, "Don't say that about Chaoyang, I'm not worthy of him. I'm not clean anymore, it's normal for him to not want me. I'd better earn money honestly to pay off my debts to my family. I wish you well, Chaoyang, and find a better woman in the future."

                When Qin Chaoyang heard the word "pay off" and saw how poor Wang Feng looked, his heart softened again.

                He couldn't help but take Wang Feng's hand and hesitantly said, "Xiao Feng, you should not do this again ......"

                Bias at this time, Qin Ming picked up the phone and said, "Hey boss, decoration I have been following, well no problem, you can rest assured, will not let the boss's wife find out. The house is temporarily hanging my name, the boss's wife will not find out that you bought a house outside, huh, in the future it will be convenient for you to come and go with sister Li."

                The crowd was shocked again, didn't this house belong to Qin Ming?

                He bought it for his boss? His boss used it to hide his wife in a golden house?

                Qin Chaoyang wondered, "Brother, didn't you buy this house?"

                Qin Ming pretended to hang up the phone and said with a sarcastic smile, "The money of the boss who gave me a lift, the accounts under his name are being watched closely by the boss's wife. I'll buy a house in my name and give it to his secretary for raising a baby later, and after a while, I'll have to go through the closing procedures and the boss will reward me with a thousand dollars."

                Oh, so these two brothers were still poor pussies.

                Wang Feng frowned rather speechlessly and looked at Qin Ming like a demon, goodness you bastard, you've cheated me so badly.

                She roughly shook off Qin Chaoyang's hand and lifted her bag to smack Qin Ming, saying, "I'll spit on you with a mouthful of spittle, you bastard, are you trying to make me happy?"

                Qin Chaoyang was embarrassed and speechless, he slapped himself hard, what was the point of regretting?

                He slapped himself more than ten times in a row.

                At this time, Qin Ming pulled the female police officer's arm and said, "Officer I want to report a case, the three of them are prostitutes, 800 for the night and 500 for the hour. we are all witnesses, and they are still looking for my head."

                The policewoman's eyebrows furrowed as she saw that the three of them were dressed like prostitutes.

                Wang Feng was very anxious and said, "You, you, you are spitting blood. Officer, don't listen to this poor man. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the three of them. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a job. I'm sorry, but I don't know what to say.

                The policewoman said seriously, "Three, please cooperate with the investigation and show your ID cards."

                Wang Feng and the three women were furious, they had thought of calling the police to arrest Qin Ming, but ended up lifting a stone to smash their own feet.

                Wang Feng took out her ID card and handed it over in a very obscure manner, but one of the long-legged women next to her was unusually flustered and spilled the contents of her bag in a careless manner, and a small packet of pills fell out of it.

                It wasn't the usual hospital prescribed pills, ordinary transparent film containing pills, several police officers saw immediately alerted, this is not eaten will shake the head of drugs?

                The policewoman bellowed, "You three, put your hands up and stand aside."

                The long-legged woman shouted, "Ah, I'm innocent, I didn't know. It was Wang Feng who gave me the stuff."

                Wang Feng's face turned blue as she shouted, "Ah Li you bitch, what I gave you, it's obvious that you wanted to buy it from me, it's yours when it comes into your hands, what are you doing to blame me, watch out I'll ask De to clean you up."

                If you don't say it, you'll become a pill seller.

                A police officer immediately pounced on Wang Feng, picked up the intercom and said, "Call the brigade, there is a situation here."

                Wang Feng seemed to realise that something was wrong and shouted, "I haven't broken the law, you can't arrest me. I still have to go earn money ah. Oooh ...... I don't want to go to jail, Chaoyang, save me, save me."

                Qin Chaoyang don't look away from Wang Feng, he don't want to be cheated again.

                Qin Ming patted his elder brother's shoulder and said, "Brother, Wang Feng her father doesn't have any money at all to owe gambling debts, she cheated you. This kind of woman is not worth it."

                Qin Chaoyang sighed and said, "Brother, thank you. It's thanks to you this time, otherwise brother would have been trapped."

                The two brothers didn't bother with Wang Feng and went upstairs together.

                Later, they learned that Wang Feng and the other women rented the fifth floor with a so-called contractor called De De, and the women went out to sell meat during the day, giving De De a 50 per cent cut of the money earned, and De De also had channels to get drug pills for the three women to sell, and De De took 70 per cent of the profit from the money sold.

                This is a grey chain of interests, which was accidentally discovered by Qin Ming, and then the police ended it all in one pot, and they all went to jail, and later the police station even came to Qin Ming and rewarded him with 500 yuan.

                All this was an afterthought. Qin Ming came to his house, which was being renovated quickly, but was only halfway there.

                He Menggu was cooking in the kitchen and invited the two brothers to eat together. The two were also used to being poor and casually made do with a meal.

                After the meal, Qin Ming asked, "Brother, from now on you can sleep here. The university isn't far from the supermarket, and it's easy to get to and from work."

                Qin Chaoyang asked curiously, "Didn't you just say that this was the house your boss bought for his secretary?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and said, "Our boss has a lot of houses, and his secretary doesn't necessarily live here yet. I'll arrange it for you if you really want to live here. Look, Auntie He is my classmate's her mother, she originally came to Guangshi to see a doctor and stayed to work afterwards, it's too expensive to rent a place outside, even a cheap one costs more than a thousand a month, isn't there more than a thousand dollars left here with me?"

                He Menggu laughed as she washed the dishes and said, "It is the good fortune of our pure ancestors that allowed her to meet classmate Qin, you have helped our pure pure so much, classmate Qin is really a great person."

                Qin Chaoyang was also very proud when he heard others praise Qin Ming, he patted him and said, "Brother, you have made your mark, brother is also very proud. I've figured it out, I want to make money, big money. If you follow the big boss, I will follow you, you will eat meat and my brother will drink soup, it is better than pulling bricks and building cement at the construction site."

                Qin Ming was overjoyed and said, "Brother, don't worry, I won't let you drink the soup."

                Qin Ming gave Qin Chaoyang a phone number and said, "Brother, this is our boss's subordinate, called Qi Minghui. He is in charge of the supermarket, you can usually contact him and do whatever he arranges for you to do, he will arrange for the induction, at least ten thousand dollars a month salary."

                Qin Chaoyang was excited and happy, his eyes inexplicably flooded with tears, and suddenly hugged Qin Ming, a big man crying again.

                Qin Ming was very strange and said with a smile, "What's wrong, brother?"

                Qin Chaoyang choked up and said, "Nothing, let brother hug you for a while and see if you've gained or lost weight compared to before."

                Having arranged for his elder brother's job, Qin Ming's heart was finally satisfied that life at home would gradually improve in the future, without being abrupt and without giving away his current identity.

                Qin Ming chatted idly for a long time before he got up to go back to school.

                But just as Qin Ming walked out of the neighbourhood, he saw a drunken woman wandering around with her bag, surprisingly it was Principal Liao's daughter, Liao Qingxuan? There was a man pulling and pulling beside her saying something about going to a hotel.

                Qin Ming had a bad feeling.

Chapter 142

Qin Ming had only just walked out of the neighbourhood when he ran into a drunken Liao Qingxuan, who was accompanied by a svelte man with glasses.

                When Liao Qingxuan walked towards the neighbourhood, the man with glasses dragged him towards a nearby hotel.

                Qin Ming didn't want to care, but Principal Liao was his mentor and he couldn't ignore her daughter's affairs.

                Qin Ming stepped forward and said nonchalantly, "Who are you? Let my sister go."

                The man with the glasses frowned and said, "Kid, even corpse picking is first come first served, how about I'm first and you're second? I'll pay for the hotel room."

                Qin Ming was too lazy to talk and said, "Her name is Liao Qingxuan, she is my sister, if you don't leave I will call the police, if you don't believe me you can talk to the police."

                The man with glasses grunted and slammed Liao Qingxuan down hard, walking away quickly.

                Liao Qingxuan fell to the ground wailing, "Oops, you're hurting me."

                Qin Ming sighed and walked over, saying, "Teacher Liao, you can still walk, right? Go back on your own."

                "It's you? The poor and disobedient bumpkin, Qin Ming." Liao Qingxuan squinted her eyes and recognised Qin Ming, but smiled and climbed up, saying, "Why do you have three? Are you a Sun Monkey? One here, one there, and another one there."

                Qin Ming said speechlessly, "Teacher Liao, I'll go back if you can, goodbye."

                But Qin Ming took two steps, Liao Qingxuan hugged him from behind, her feet clamped down on him like a crab, and then smilingly blew in his ear, "Burp ......"

                Qin Ming depressed, "Rub, what a strong smell of alcohol, yuck ...... Teacher Liao, you're going too far like this."

                Liao Qingxuan said in Qin Ming's ear, "Carry me up and I'll show you my boobs."

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good look at your boobs.

                Qin Ming said, "Will your husband misunderstand you at home?"

                Liao Qingxuan lifted up her hair and giggled, "Uh huh, husband? I, Liao Qingxuan, am a dancer who has appeared in the Spring Festival Gala, what man is worthy of me? I don't have a husband, there are so many suitors, they are lining up in France and have fallen into the sea."

                Pfft, Qin Ming was also amused to hear this drunken spilling of words from Liao Qingxuan.

                Once he was in a good mood, he simply helped carry Liao Qingxuan back.

                After Qin Ming asked which building and how many floors, he walked to the door of the house he bought, and he was amazed that Liao Qingxuan lived opposite her.

                He took out the key and opened the door, and actually went in.

                There were two houses in the building, one big and one small, Qin Ming's side was more than 100 square feet, while this side was more than 70 square feet.

                Qin Ming threw Liao Qingxuan onto the sofa and said, "I won't be looking at your boobs, Miss Liao, I'm leaving."

                However, Liao Qingxuan suddenly reached out and pulled him back, "What are you leaving for? I said I'll show it to you, so I'll show it to you. Nuo, look."

                With that, Liao Qingxuan threw over a project book report.

                Qin Ming bent down and picked it up, but it turned out to be a business plan for a high-grade dance training course, or specifically for a large event such as a TV station.

                Liao Qingxuan giggled: "This is my secret, I have been planning for a long time, wearing this expensive professional shirt, looking for bosses to invest everywhere, drinking with this today, drinking with that tomorrow. But ...... they, they all don't want to help me, they all just want my body."

                Qin Ming couldn't help but smile, so it wasn't a mimi, it was a secret.

                Liao Qingxuan burped again and said, "My mother doesn't know, she thought I was well as a university teacher clothed and living without worries. But she doesn't know that I owe a lot of credit card bills every month just to buy designer clothes, bags, jewellery and enter high-end places. The job I had at university was not enough to pay me back and I still owe over 200,000."

                Qin Ming listened and was very saddened, Liao Qingxuan really looked glamorous on the surface, but was living in debt?

                Qin Ming asked, "Why do you owe so much money if you lower your standard of living a little? One should know how to be content."

                Liao Qingxuan's body slid down to the ground, her face flushed with wine and even more beautiful, she lifted her hanging hair and said, "Satisfaction? Why do those rich people, live in big villas, while I live in this kind of commodity building and still have to pay the mortgage? Those rich people have planes, yachts and luxury cars when they go out, but I have to go to the underground? Take the bus? How do you expect me to be satisfied? Why are you poor? Why are you poor? Why are you poor? The strainer? The man's milk? ぴ都苹? What's going on? What's the best way to get involved? What's left? Presidential goblet!

                After saying that, Liao Qingxuan flopped down on the sofa and dozed off.

                Qin Ming licked his lips and said: "Upward mobility does not necessarily mean success, and there are many people who lose. It is only right to cherish the present moment. A young woman in a boudoir knows no sorrow, and regrets teaching her husband to look for a marquis."

                Qin Ming carried Liao Qingxuan into the room, covered her with the blanket and turned to leave.

                Suddenly Liao Qingxuan's hand grabbed him and muttered, "Don't go, I don't want to be alone every day, you stay with me."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Teacher Liao, I have a girlfriend, she is beautiful and treats me very well."

                But Liao Qingxuan didn't respond and had already started snoring.

                Qin Ming shook his hand off, but he couldn't get it off, and Liao Qingxuan's grip was unexpectedly tight.

                Qin Ming was torn, he changed his position, but failed in several attempts, Liao Qingxuan just slept like a baby, but she wouldn't let go of him.

                After an hour of tossing and turning, Qin Ming slumped on the edge of the bed, speechless, Liao Qingxuan's hands were surprisingly strong, and if he was any rougher, he would have to hurt her.

                She was a dance teacher and it would be very troublesome to get her hands dirty.

                Qin Ming thought about it, so he gave in and fell asleep on the edge of the bed.

                The next morning, Qin Ming woke up and found himself still lying on his back, while his wrists were red from scratching, which showed how hard Liao Qingxuan had scratched him last night, and that Liao Qingxuan was no longer in bed.

                But Qin Ming heard a scattering of sounds in the toilet.

                He called out, "Teacher Liao, you're up? I'm leaving haha."

                With a click, the bathroom door opened.

                Liao Qingxuan came out draped in a white bath towel, her hair dripping wet, revealing her delicate shoulders, and long legs.

                It had to be said that women who practiced dancing really had a great figure.

                She said, "Why are you leaving? At least you saved me last night and stayed with me all night. You are also my mother's student, let me fix you a breakfast."

                Qin Ming was puzzled and asked, "Miss Liao, do you know how to cook? It won't be dark cuisine, right?"

                Liao Qingxuan immediately put on a stern face and said, "I'm a big beautiful woman cooking for you, and you still dislike it? What a straight man, love to eat or not, don't eat and leave."

                Qin Ming touched his stomach, he was just hungry, and said, "Then let's eat."

                Liao Qingxuan didn't change her clothes either, so she hung a large bath towel, wrapping it around her waistline and only covering her chest and buttocks, and walked around the kitchen without the slightest scruple.

                Qin Ming looked at the large bath towel that could not cover her chest, and whether she would see half of her meatballs, he was a bit apoplectic.

                Qin Ming said, "Teacher Liao, you'd better put on your clothes first."

                Liao Qingxuan said with amusement, "Hey, you brat, you're not even hairy, what do you know? I'm twenty-six this year, I'm not younger than you, in my eyes you're just a brat, or a poor and proud brat."

                Qin Ming sighed in his heart, "I'm twenty too," he said.

                Liao Qingxuan suddenly turned around with the flat pan in her hand and said, "What? Can't help seeing my long legs? Does the teacher have a nice figure?"

                Liao Qingxuan even shivered proudly, but as she did so, the large bath towel wrapped around her body suddenly slipped off.

                Qin Ming watched as the white bath towel fell to the ground, and Liao Qingxuan's figure was completely revealed in front of him, which could be described as an unobstructed view.

                Liao Qingxuan was still smug and her expression froze.

                And Qin Ming froze for a moment and directly spilled a line of nosebleeds.

                "Ah!" The room immediately exploded with Liao Qingxuan's shameful screams.