Rags To Riches Chapter 137-138

 Chapter 137

Although big brother did not let Qin Ming follow to find Wang Feng, but Qin Ming secretly follow, he is afraid that big brother can not stand the stimulation of being abandoned by a woman, will do something stupid.

                Qin Ming this person grew up fighting, there has always been a defiant energy in the heart, he lost love may be sad, but will not admit defeat.

                But he knows very well the character of big brother Qin Chaoyang, easy to carry the pressure, too for the sake of others, too honest, not easy to look ahead.

                Old hometown Uncle Zhao has a used Volkswagen Jetta in Guangcheng, pulling Qin Chaoyang to a neighborhood.

                Qin Ming let Ah Long drive to follow, but this followed, followed to the city Green Island neighborhood, is not the new neighborhood where Qin Ming bought a house?

                Qin Ming saw his big brother standing at the entrance of the neighborhood squatting from afar, seemingly just knowing that Wang Feng now lives here, but not knowing when Wang Feng would appear.

                He secretly shook his head and was planning to use his power to help his big brother find someone out.

                On the side but there are three heavily made-up, revealingly dressed women approaching his car.

                "Wow, big Ben hey, this is, isn't this a Mercedes S500? Take a picture first."

                "Unfortunately, there is actually no water bottle cap, no business."

                "Eh, handsome, alone? Lonely? Want to have fun?"

                Qin Ming looked at three women with exposed breasts and legs, they were rubbing the front of the car in the selfie, one of them is not the same hometown of Wang Feng?

                She now looks completely different from three years ago, no longer a country bumpkin, but a bit like a nightclub princess, legs exposed most of the way, chest exposed most of the way, the small belly also exposed.

                It's hard to imagine that the conservative country girl who wore long shirts and pants in the summer three years ago has become so open.

                Wang Feng apparently did not recognize the passenger Qin Ming, a chat with Ah Long.

                The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

                Qin Ming suddenly asked, "Eh, beautiful, what kind of fun do you have?"

                A heavily made-up woman immediately plopped down next to Qin Ming's window, teasingly squeezing her chest, saying, "Ouch, there's a young handsome boy, still a virgin, right? Sister certainly have fun, let you eat the marrow, how about it? Take us three sisters to get high together, the Imperial City ktv go?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Can you be direct?"

                The woman smiled enchantingly and said, "Oh, the little handsome brother is so eager, huh? The woman said, "I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a job.

                Wang Feng waved aside and said, "Little handsome brother, you will take all of us goblins. Hehehe."

                Qin Ming listened to this, inwardly very angry, Wang Feng this woman even came out to sell.

                He suppressed his emotions and pretended to be surprised: "Ya? Isn't this Sister Wang Feng? I am Yang Wei ah, you do not recognize me? The son of the owner of the town's Wei Yang Auto Care Center, Yang Wei ah."

                That Wang Feng obviously hit a sudden, said: "Ah ...... you are the son of the boss Yang ah. Aigoo, I haven't seen him for years, he's grown so big. You, how are you here?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Qin Chaoyang his brother Qin Ming and I in the same class, he asked me to come to pick up his brother, you see, squatting in front of it, and do not know who to wait."

                Wang Feng's heart amazed, look to the entrance of the district, is really found in love for many years boyfriend Qin Chaoyang.

                Qin Ming said: "Wang Feng sister, what happened? The poor pussy Qin Chaoyang despise it? Come out and do it yourself?"

                Wang Feng did not have a good face: "You kid, I give you a preferential price, you can not go back to the town nonsense."

                Qin Ming deliberately said: "Of course, I will not say anything."

                Wang Feng hummed: "I've been with him for four years, every day in that poor place in White Water Town, is the frog at the bottom of the well. Thanks to my cousin later introduced a contractor I know, take me out to see this world of flowers. Tsk ...... came out, I realized how foolish and backward I used to think. Now this era, is the era of pleasure."

                "And I'm not afraid of your joke, your Phoenix sister I look okay, right? My first night was arranged by that contractor to a rich man, and I earned fifty thousand dollars that night."

                "I gave the money to my family. But my heart no longer wants to stay in a poor place like Baishui Town. I Wang Feng want to live in a house, drive a luxury car, drink champagne. These things, Qin Chaoyang can not give me."

                "You say, that poor pussy, I still with him to live the day of vegetables and white rice?"

                "He works at the construction site only three thousand dollars a month, to buy me a bag is not enough, I sleep with people for a day more than this amount. You want me to live with him? How can I live this life?"

                Qin Ming's inner anger was already very high, but unusually restrained, said: "Hey, then why don't you just break up with him? You see he has found here."

                Before Wang Feng could say anything, the two exposed women next to her laughed cheekily and said, "Of course it's because we have to think about the road ahead."

                Wang Feng said awkwardly: "We are such a youthful meal, easy money, but those rich people have eccentricities, long time body can not stand. I want to do a few years to earn money, go back to town and marry him, the money to live a stable life, only comfortable."

                Qin Ming asked, "Is he willing?"

                Wang Feng said proudly: "He is an honest man, every day just know how to work, do not know anything, how not? He loves me to death, I did not say break up, Qin Chaoyang will never find another woman. When I go back in a few years, I'll make up an excuse, and he'll believe it."

                Qin Ming listened, his heart was dripping blood, his elder brother is so simple person, but because he is too honest, he was used by Wang Feng like this, really deceive people too much.

                Wang Feng said: "Yang Wei, do you want your sisters to give you a meat tonight? The old country price, give you 30% off."

                Qin Ming suddenly became cold, shook his head and said, "No, you'd better go take care of your business before you say anything."

                Wang Feng said cheekily: "Tch, don't, 50% off, your family is now so rich, this big Ben must be more than a million, right? Let me also take a ride, at least the old country ah."

                Ah Long waved his hand to drive away: "All right, let's go. This car is an imported car, more than two million, scuffed you have money to pay?"

                Wang Feng three women were roughly driven away, but the eyes are still full of desire, can not wait to stick themselves in the car.

                Inside the car, Qin Ming exhaled a long breath of foul air, he angrily hammered a fist on the car door, the whole person is not good, his big brother than he is even more unfortunate.

                And at this time the entrance to the community, Wang Chaoyang waited for Wang Feng.

                He hurriedly walked up and said, "Xiao Feng, is it, is it you?"

                Qin Chaoyang did not dare to recognize for a while, because his girlfriend's change is too big, the former dark grid plain girl is gone, replaced by this exposed, heavily made-up woman.

                Wang Feng rolled her eyes, she gestured to the two friends around her to go in first.

                She kicked her feet with her head down, a bored look, and asked, "How did you get here?"

                Qin Chaoyang said, "I was worried about you. Your family said you left with a contractor. I do not believe that you are voluntary, our four-year relationship, I do not believe that those are in vain. Are you really going to break up with me?"

                Wang Feng suddenly covered his face, tears soared out: "I do not want to, but I was forced to no way. Chaoyang, you can consider us broken up. I'm sorry, goodbye ......"

                Said Wang Feng covered her face and sobbed, and walked quickly into the community.

                Qin Chaoyang heard these words, how can not hear the great bitterness inside? He was even more anxious: "Xiao Feng, what are your grievances and tell me, do you need money? I have money, no, my brother has money, I can borrow from him."

                Wang Feng also intended to "kite" a little Qin Chaoyang, suddenly heard Qin Chaoyang said his brother has money, immediately stopped in his tracks.

Chapter 138

Wang Feng have thought about it, since it was discovered by Qin Chaoyang, then you can use Qin Chaoyang's fondness for him to squeeze Qin Chaoyang's use value.

                She deliberately made herself look bitter, then left so that Qin Chaoyang slowly tormented.

                But suddenly heard Qin Chaoyang said that his brother has money, she could not sit down, to really rich, blackmail a sum, their own brother estimated that they do not have to pay back, the future will have a good day, then she can be early "shore", after all, every day to serve a variety of men, she also a bit overwhelmed.

                Especially recently she was pregnant, and I do not know whose, her physique is not good, the doctor said abortion will not be easy to conceive it.

                Wang Feng asked: "Your brother a poor student, how much money can come up with? You just lie to me, you can not help me at all."

                Qin Chaoyang said anxiously, "He said it's easy to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, he gave my little sister 20,000 living expenses last month, and he is now looking for me to engage in a large supermarket."

                Wang Feng's expression changed and he said, "There is a change of plan.

                Qin Chaoyang asked anxiously, "Xiao Feng, what in the end you have to suffer? Tell me, let's face it together."

                Wang Feng wiped tears,: "My father owes a lot of gambling debts, more than a million so. So I have to come out to earn money to pay off the debt. I work as an escort in a bar, and my body has long been unclean, I am sorry for you, Chaoyang, you go away, you deserve a better woman."

                Qin Chaoyang listened to her innocence is gone, the whole person is not good, such as an electric shock, he and Wang Feng love for many years, has never touched her it, thinking of waiting for the realm of marriage that day.

                Qin Chaoyang came from the countryside, did not read any books, thinking is also relatively conservative, heard Wang Feng in the bar with alcohol, but also lost his virginity, can be greatly stimulated, he had thought of the same as most people in Baishui town, with Wang Feng ordinary life.

                Wang Feng said excitedly: "I know, you dislike me, it's normal, but it's okay. This is good, in the future you do not have to look for me. I also work well to pay off my father's gambling debts."

                "No!" Qin Chaoyang suddenly stepped forward and took Wang Feng's hand, saying, "I don't dislike you. It's me, I'm useless, if I can earn more money, you can rely on me. Instead of ...... going down this road."

                Wang Feng was pulled by Qin Chaoyang, her front is proud to make a face, expecting an honest person like Qin Chaoyang will not dislike her.

                Qin Chaoyang said, "Xiao Feng, do not do this again, my brother has money, he is a college student, has a career, and a big boss business, but also speculation, but also engaged in investment, he can lend me a little, I first help you pay off gambling debts."

                Wang Feng's heart was overjoyed, she squeezed a few tears, turned around and choked, "Chaoyang, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for you. If my father didn't owe so much gambling debt, we would have gotten married."

                Qin Chaoyang heard the word married and cried with emotion: "Little Feng, these months, you must have had a very hard time."

                Wang Feng nodded: "Yes, I miss you every day, Chaoyang. But I know I am ashamed of you, I dare not look for you, I do not deserve you."

                But Qin Chaoyang hugged Wang Feng tightly and said, "No, I, Qin Chaoyang, want you. Xiao Feng, you are the best woman in the world. You are also forced to do nothing, you are for your father, this filial piety, I can understand. As long as you don't want to do this anymore, I won't mind."

                Wang Feng added: "But I, I'm pregnant. I don't know whose baby it is."

                Qin Chaoyang's tiger body shook again, but still endured and said, "Give birth to it, we will raise it together, I will treat it as my own son."

                Wang Feng listened with great joy, and saved a large sum of money on abortion, without having to hurt his body.

                Wang Feng asked, "You'd better ask your brother first, how much money you can borrow. "

                Qin Chaoyang oh, immediately call Qin Ming over.

                Qin Ming has actually been watching in the Mercedes-Benz, probably guessed what the situation, after all, he came over ah.

                The phone rang, Qin Chaoyang very anxiously asked: "Hey, brother, talk about business. You made money speculating in the stock market before, didn't you? How much money do you have now? I have an urgent need. I'll pay you back when I make money later."

                Qin Ming said, "Brother, I only have 50,000 yuan."

                "Huh?" Qin Chaoyang's heart immediately cooled half, and asked, "Didn't you say that you work with a boss, he invested in a supermarket? The store manager earns tens of thousands a year is not a problem?"

                Qin Ming said: "It is right to say so, but the initial investment is quite a lot, want to return to profit after three years. It is impossible to accumulate any money in the short term."

                "Ah?" Qin Chaoyang's expression immediately cold down.

                This is not completely out of the question?

                Wang Feng on the side listened very disappointed, contemptuously rolled his eyes, questioned: "Fifty thousand dollars? I slept with a rich man for one night on this amount. Fifty thousand dollars you have the nerve to ask me to go with you? Really poor? The problem is that the company is not a good place to live. The problem is that you can't get a good deal.

                Qin Chaoyang saw Wang Feng's attitude to a 180-degree turn, also anxiously said: "No, Xiao Feng, I, I will think of another way."

                Wang Feng has been speechless, originally thought to be profitable, but ended up empty, and also early to tell the script she had thought of, a big loss ah.

                She originally intended to create herself as a, out of the mud and immaculate woman, for some reason, as well as life forced to go in and out of the wind and rain places, but clean, guarded her body waiting for Qin Chaoyang, so as to slowly fishing for her love of Qin Chaoyang, squeeze his money.

                When she has earned enough money, she will "come ashore", quit, take the money back home and live with Qin Chaoyang forget.

                Now well, the original brother of Qin Chaoyang is also a poor pussy who has not seen much money, there is a 50,000 yuan to brag to people everywhere, do not know also think there are five million it.

                This also involves her to make up a good story a brain all out.

                Qin Chaoyang no money, she did not bother to deal with, impatient: "You think of a fart solution? When you go to the construction site to move bricks to earn money? Three thousand a month, do not eat not spend a year on 36,000, ten years only 36 million, what is the use? The down payment for a house in Guangzhou is not enough, what's the use? What can you do except wait for me to earn enough money and be a receiver?"

                Wang Feng angrily cursed: "Just now I thought your brother had at least 500,000 or 600,000 bar, I just made enough expression. But I am now annoyed enough you, two brothers are poor? Pan Jun? The newest and most important thing is to have a good look. The large umbrella? The dissatisfied α Song Yi which is just like the @ Xia Xia Yuan Presidential Institution is private you should shoulder the paradox? The two brothers are both poor. Headstrong!

                Qin Chaoyang froze in place, heard the back of his complete collapse, he is honest? He is a receiver? Is it wrong for him to give his heart?

                Qin Chaoyang painful tears, pulling Wang Feng's hand, said: "Xiao Feng, tell me, these are not true, lie to my gas."

                With a snap, Wang Feng slapped again, annoyed scolded: "All true, I took more than twenty customers today, and earned 10,000, look, 10,000 ah, have you ever seen so much money? You can earn it in a day?"

                Wang Feng's bag pulled out a large stack of bills, red and very eye-catching.

                Qin Chaoyang's heart is dripping blood, the word money is weighing him down, his heart that once simple girl can no longer come back.

                This is the time, Ah Long drove over in a Mercedes S500.

                Qin Ming got down from the car, he had a fire in his belly, he wanted to avenge his big brother.