Rags To Riches Chapter 133-134

 Chapter 133

In the evening, Qin Ming dormitory.

                Dormitory three brothers heard the news of the fall of Wang Chenghu, about the girls went out to sing to celebrate, originally also counted Qin Ming, Qin Ming excuses to work back quit.

                This is not about the Chen Mulin their small circle?

                Chen Mulin that proud woman, on the basis of their own beautiful, all day long think Qin Ming to soak her, a look this lady is not so good to soak, you this scum do not want the posture, and then some of her side of the plastic girlfriends began to sneer, making fun of him for fun, Qin Ming looked like vomiting, too lazy to deal with.

                He was looking for what excuse to pull his big brother Qin Chaoyang back from the construction site.

                "Knock, knock, knock."

                A knock on the door, Qin Ming thought his sister was looking for him, so he said, "The door is unlocked come in."

                But the person who came in was Zhang Xiaoyan of the same class, she is not tall, less than one meter six, but often with a smile on her face is very charming, especially she ...... ahem, wearing a loose cartoon pattern of the round neck body shirt, chest a swing especially obvious, worthy of a child's face, legitimate loli ah.

                Qin Ming very surprised, said: "Uh? Xiaoyan? Is there something wrong?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan also hit a sudden, how come Qin Ming was the only one in the dormitory?

                But she was not embarrassed, the two were quite close.

                When the first year of college began, Zhang Xiaoyan because of the luggage, can not take up the dormitory, Qin Ming at that time happened to help her carry up, and later found out that is a class.

                Later on, Qin Ming fell in love with Li Meng, often helping Li Meng carry hot water upstairs in winter, also incidentally help Zhang Xiaoyan carry hot water, occasionally Qin Ming buy some snacks, will also buy the whole dormitory girls' share, so the relationship Zhang Xiaoyan also have a good feeling about Qin Ming.

                The previous Li Meng after cheating, for their own reputation in the class group abused Qin Ming, the girls also Zhang Xiaoyan for Qin Ming to say a good word.

                Zhang Xiaoyan took out two tickets, it is this weekend Huayi night elle's charity party admission tickets, said: "live platform sent me some more tickets, I think take more than useless, so bring a few more friends together, you want?"

                Qin Ming cried and laughed, Principal Liao also gave him two tickets yet.

                Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her lips and said, "In fact, I am going to go live that day, in addition to getting help from my girlfriends, but also need a boy to protect us. Of course, travel expenses and food and lodging I covered, there are hard-earned oh. I thought about it, I know, reliable boy is only you."

                Qin Ming did not know whether to be happy or torn, but that day he wanted to go with Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming was about to say no, the door of the dormitory was directly pushed open, and heard Li Meng's voice: "Knock what ah, the door of the man's room directly in order to find the secret, knocking on the door is the same as letting the man hide the secret, nothing can be found, maybe he is inside jerking off."

                Qin Susu should say: "Oh, I know, Li Meng sister."

                Rub miles, Qin Ming listened very unhappy, Li Meng you bitch, do not instill strange ideas to my sister.

                The door opened and Li Meng and her sister Qin Susu found a rather pretty girl sitting next to Qin Ming's seat.

                Qin Susu was shocked and pointed at Zhang Xiaoyan and cursed: "You're the mistress Nie Haitang, right? Are you 18 years old enough? What makes you think you can steal my brother? I tell you, our whole family will not agree."

                Zhang Xiaoyan looked innocent, but was secretly happy to hear Qin Su quality doubt whether she was eighteen years old.

                Qin Ming said, "Sister, don't be ridiculous. Zhang Xiaoyan is my classmate. What are you doing here, Li Meng? Do you have the nerve to come to my place?"

                Li Meng said with a cheeky face: "What? You don't think I'm a human being after the breakup? I've been your classmate for three years, and I've been taking care of your sister for several days, with good food and good housing, and this is your attitude? You think I want to come to your doghouse? If I don't bring your sister here, how can she come here? Halfway through the kidnapping did not know, the mother kindness you as a donkey liver lung?"

                Qin Ming turned to Qin Susu in annoyance and said, "Susu, why do you run to Li Meng's house all day long? It's not like I can't afford to feed you. I recently won the lottery, and now there are hundreds of thousands of dollars. You want to play in Guangzhou, help you rent a house is fine."

                Qin Ming lightly said he had hundreds of thousands of dollars, the three women in the dormitory were shocked.

                Zhang Xiaoyan's heart was shocked and she thought, "Now there is still? What does this mean? Does it mean that he has spent part of his bonus? How much was spent? That 'not forensic Qin Ming' online is Qin Ming him? Otherwise he has come to my live room twice, not at all like a normal fan. I lost my money the day before yesterday, was it Qin Ming who helped me donate?"

                Li Meng was thick with jealousy, she never thought that as soon as she left Qin Ming, Qin Ming made a fortune, more money than before, and his new lover was prettier and had a better background.

                In this way, wouldn't it seem that she, Li Meng, had delayed Qin Ming?

                How can she bear it? Qin Ming should be living more than her, she Li Meng should be a princess, Qin Ming is poor? The actual fact is that you can't be a little bit of a nuisance. The actual fact is that you can't be sure that you're going to be able to get the best out of the actual people. poke play

                Li Meng jealous and questioned: "You think it's so easy to win the lottery, ah? Bragging does not draft, you are not picking up Zhang Xiaoyan's missing money? Showing off here?"

                Qin Ming, embarrassed, looked at Zhang Xiaoyan and asked, "Xiaoyan, did you get that money back?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan shook her head and said, "I've already called the police. But I haven't found it yet, alas, thanks to a tycoon fan who helped me. Hey, Qin Ming, is that you? That id is very similar to your name."

                Zhang Xiaoyan deliberately bent low waist close to Qin Ming's ear, the chest of the meat immediately pressed the clothes collapse, the bulbous outline is too tempting, Qin Ming can not resist.

                He hurriedly moved his eyes away to look at his sister's flying field, will power only slightly recovered.

                Qin Ming said, "Uh, not me, my id at the seafood table is not this."

                Li Meng said jealously: "Tsk, shit luck, with money and then start to fiddle with flowers. Oops, you still say I'm unfaithful, you're not the same."

                Qin Susu immediately clenched her fist and said, "Brother, you've degenerated, you weren't this horny before."

                Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her lips and smiled, she had just lustfully seduced Qin Ming, but it turned out that Qin Ming was still so innocent that he was actually shy.

                As for Li Meng and Qin Susu's words, of course Zhang Xiaoyan would not take them to heart, these two women had a problem with their vision, where was Qin Ming horny? He has clear eyes, no bad thoughts at all, right?

                Zhang Xiaoyan got up and said: "Okay, you take the tickets, then you can also let you on TV Oh, be sure to come ......"

                The words have not fallen, outside suddenly a boy shouted: "check the dormitory!"

                The dormitory inspection, the general university dormitory is not very tightly guarded, in principle, the male dormitory is not allowed to enter the female, but many students are not taken seriously.

                But once the dormitory inspection, the problem will be a big one, small or be dragged to a few hours of discipline, large or a warning.

                Qin Ming poked his head out to see, depressed: "It is He Qiu and class teacher ah. If He Qiu found out you were all in my dorm, he would have made a big deal out of it, he hates me so much."

                Li Meng said proudly, "Who told you to offend him normally? Haha, now it's over, right?"

                Qin Wei gave her a glance and said, "Don't talk nonsense, you are now during the suspension period, you were caught must extend the suspension?"

                Li Meng's heart shot up, yes, she was found, then she would be marked down again, maybe not suspended, but withdrawn from school.

                She immediately crawled towards Qin Ming's bed and covered it with the quilt.

                Qin Ming shouted: "What are you doing?"

                Li Meng shouted in anger: "Hiding for a while, what are you panicking about? I was discovered you will not have the benefit?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan is also anxious, He Qiu teacher is notoriously petty and strict, today's raid on the dormitory, once found they came to the boys' dormitory, not sure what tricks to do.

                The first thing you need to do is to get into Qin Ming's quilt.

                Qin Susu looked at the battle, she is not a student of this school, more afraid, also followed into, three girls so crowded in a bed, bulging.

                Qin Ming speechlessly said: "You guys are too obvious, right? The two bulges are so big that you don't need to lift the quilt to know that a woman is hiding."

                Zhang Xiaoyan blushed, hastily turned to sleep on her side and said shyly, "Where are your eyes, Qin Ming? We are still a trench classmate, no?"

                Qin Susu also shy annoyed: "Brother where do you put your eyes? Do not look at women other than sister Li Meng."

                Li Meng hummed: "Who he likes to look at is none of my business, just don't bring me down again."

                Qin Ming was annoyed, pointed at Li Meng and scolded: "Li Meng you want to shame? You're the one who came to my dormitory, I didn't ask you to come."

                At this time, at the door of the dormitory, He Qiu's voice was heard: "Open the door, classmate."

                Qin Ming was so anxious that he was ants on a hot pot, this hiding was too obvious, once discovered, he could ruin his reputation, and would it not be more embarrassing to Nie Haitang's ears?

                He hurriedly removed a fever patch over his head, also into his bed.

                "Ah! Brother, what are you doing? You touched me there."

                "Qin Ming, you, you ...... ah, you gently, you hurt me."

                "Qin Ming you get out, I broke up with you, you do not want to take advantage of me again, ah ah."

                Four people in a bed with a quilt to fight to and fro, pressure bracket bed crunching. Qin Ming hands do not know where to put it, in short, where to put it is touching should not touch, the key is not sure whose.

                Suddenly heard a door card opened, three women instantly are afraid to move, nestled in the comforter.

                "Huh? How come no one is there?" The class teacher said suspiciously, "Just now also see someone probing the brain."

Chapter 134

Qin Ming's bed is the top bunk, covered by mosquito nets on all sides, it is quite hidden.

                He poked his head out of the mosquito net, pretending to be seriously ill with a fever, and said, "Teacher Wang, teacher He, you are looking for me? Sorry, I'm sick and can't get up."

                When He Qiu saw Qin Ming, he immediately frowned, his eyes were thick with disdain, smelling heavy of poverty, he stood at the door and did not want to walk in.

                The class teacher, Mr. Wang, asked with concern, "Qin Ming, you don't have to get up if you are sick. Today's inspection of the dormitory, but also have something to say to you, is the daily on and off campus are to idea personal safety, try not to get into conflict with people, do not come back too late at night, daily leave a phone number to classmates to facilitate contact."

                "You should have heard about Wang Chenghu's incident at noon today, right? I heard that Wang Chenghu had trouble with your dormitory, why didn't you tell the teacher at that time? The teacher will do you justice."

                Qin Ming smiled awkwardly and said gratefully, "It's a small fight between classmates, how can I bother the teacher."

                Teacher Wang complained, "This is not a small matter, it is very serious. But fortunately you are not involved in it. Qin Ming, you are a good student, don't mix with those people who don't do anything. Wang Chenghu is also a poor man now, you also do not find him trouble, open-minded, study well is the right way, understand?"

                Qin Ming said, "I know."

                Mr. Wang got up to leave and said, "Okay, the teacher is leaving, sigh? Qin Ming, why are you looking worse and worse?"

                Qin Ming's face was red, unusually uncomfortable, no other, his chest is pressed on a, towards the inside is also hanging a, towards the outside is also pressed a, pressure he could not breathe, uncomfortable wow.

                Mr. Wang said: "fever do not just cover the sweat, this is the wrong way, to keep ventilation."

                Saying that, Mr. Wang helped lift the mosquito net.

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "No, no teacher Wang, really no ...... I'm fine this way, ahem ......"

                A clatter, the mosquito net to pull open, the bulging nest is still quite obvious.

                Teacher Wang mysteriously smiled, and reached out and patted the nest, row to a soft, more is a smile.

                She said: "Qin Ming students, don't mess around when you're sick, it's not good for your body. Ahem, the teacher left."

                Qin Ming so embarrassed, it was discovered, but the class teacher spared him.

                After closing the door with a bang, Qin Ming lifted the nest, found Zhang Xiaoyan pressed on his chest, Li Meng shrunk in his right arm, sister Qin Susu grabbed his left hand, a foot hitched over, so his body was overwhelmed ah.

                Just now so hide, each covered with sweat, but all are good-looking beauty, while looking at Qin Ming, the atmosphere is unusually charming.

                "Ah! Qin Ming you actually ......" suddenly, Zhang Xiaoyan sat up, buttocks moved up, blushing, just now by a certain hard thing top.

                Qin Ming is also very embarrassed, he is a normal man ah, Zhang Xiaoyan a beauty with huge breasts lying on him, where he can not stand? The physiological reaction is normal.

                Qin Ming and Zhang Xiaoyan to an eye, both sides are quite embarrassed.

                Qin Ming can only ignore, urged: "I say, you guys also enough ha, quickly go down."

                The women went down in turn, Zhang Xiaoyan fell last, she blushed, said shyly: "If my fans see, they will eat you."

                Qin Ming gave a harrumph and said, "Then it's lucky they can't see."

                Zhang Xiaoyan left the tickets and left, Qin Ming looked at his sister and Li Meng, his heart inexplicably torn.

                He said, "Li Meng, have you forgotten that you owe Nie Zhengming one hundred thousand dollars, I'm the one who settled it for you, so watch your attitude."

                Li Meng hummed, "What's wrong with my attitude? Qin Ming you have a few stinking money and you think you're great? Typical mob mentality, really rich people are very low-key. Never hang their mouths about helping others. As I said, there is no money, there is only one person, meat to pay."

                Qin Ming speechless, this woman now how to become such? You owe money still become a grandfather?

                He pulled his sister to educate: "Sister, look, how crooked she is, you must not follow her example."

                Qin Susu tugged Qin Ming's arm and said excitedly, "I think it's good. The first thing you need to do is to get back together with your second brother, just like before. Brother, sister Li Meng is hinting at you. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't give it to you."

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, sister, you think all women in the world are as conservative as you are?

                Last time Qin Ming got eighty-eight thousand, Li Meng sold her body to deceive him for eighty-eight thousand, until he donated the money to Bai Yu Chun, she only exposed her true face.

                But it seemed good to let his sister be deceived by Li Meng, to eat a bit of suffering, so as to realize that people's hearts are evil, after all, this is only a small setback, the price to pay will not be too big, and the growth gained is very high.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming looked at Li Meng differently, Li Meng actually has such a use?

                She seems to have become his sister's "life experience master" feeling.

                Li Meng felt Qin Ming's eyes, shuddered, nervous: "What? I told you, you do not want to ask me for the 100,000 yuan, I do not have."

                Qin Ming rubbed his chin and thought, "A melon twisted by force is not sweet, my sister is also an adult and has her own ideas. I can't forcefully stop her from being with Li Meng, otherwise she will hate me, it's just as well to let my sister experience a bit, so as not to be cheated worse in the future."

                Qin Ming felt that he as a brother for his sister, really worried about ah.

                Qin Ming took out the old SLR and said, "Don't you want to take pictures? This SLR to lend you."

                Li Meng was delighted and grabbed it with one hand, it was a professional camera, much clearer than the Apple phone shot.

                Qin Susu was immediately happy to hold Qin Ming's arm and said, "Brother, you are so kind."

                Qin Susu asked again, "Hey, brother, didn't you say you were in partnership with someone to do business? You can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month? Do you also have a share?"

                Qin Ming said, "I am a technical participation, belong to the small boss, but the money is invested by others, I am also to work, but I can appoint some people, such as store managers, procurement and other fat positions ...... if the supermarket can get up, more than ten thousand a month is not a problem."

                Once you hear that you can earn more than ten thousand dollars a month block, Li Meng petite body shake, eyes reveal a strong jealousy, she swallowed, continue to pretend to survey the SLR camera, a look of indifference, but in fact, listening carefully.

                She thought to herself, "Qin Ming the stink? Pan Jun? Tokyo Tokyo strong hole patting stern l peony tomb ill? Squeeze 12a forgiveness!

                "Oh, is there a difference with me getting rich off the rich? You laugh at me for being a gold-digging girl, aren't you the king of soft rice?"

                "Or I'm smart, hide a hand, pull in this earth girl sister of his, country people are so easy to cheat. Now Qin Susu is kissable to me, your money bag I can pry through your sister, hahaha, I'm so smart."

                "In the future, your money, Nie Haitang's money, will keep flowing into my pocket, tsk, I'm going to be a rich woman."

                Li Meng looked at Qin Susu, she knew she had bet right this time, Qin Susu was her Li Meng's turnaround bargaining chip.

                She looked at Qin Ming, who was explaining his business plan, and was incomparably proud: "Qin Ming, can't you imagine? You can't escape from my palm. When I eat you dry and take all your wealth, let you kneel in front of me and lick. Oh, hahaha."