Rags To Riches Chapter 131-132

 Chapter 131

In the span of one noon, the Youcai trading house established by Wang Youcai, a recently popular thug in Guangcheng, was gone, as the company was suspected of smuggling activities and the owner, Wang Youcai, was suspected of buying human lives and other crimes, and evidence was provided by enthusiastic citizens, and the police acted quickly to seize all of Wang Youcai's assets and arrest the suspects.

                And the major companies in Guangcheng City annexed Wang Youcai's business, and although the names of the various companies were different, the vested interest behind them was the South China regional headquarters of the Huan Yu Century Group's Huaxia xxx branch.

                And the media reporters soon got the news of Wang Youcai's death, but no one could get the cause of his death, and only Qin Ming and others knew that Wang Chenghu and Wang Youcai turned against each other as father and son in order to live, and attacked each other at the same time, and under the fight, Wang Youcai fell and hit his head on a stone and died.

                And Wang Chenghu survived, but he became a poor man.

                At noon that day, Wang Chenghu's brothers, who were working for the tiger, suddenly disappeared, and no one knew where they had gone, as if they had never existed.

                And when the police came to the scene, Qin Ming had already disappeared quietly with his men.

                After Qin Ming explained something to Song Ying, he mingled inside the crowd of onlookers as if nothing had happened, looking at the long cordon of police officers drawn up.

                Someone asked, "Hey, what's going on?"

                "I don't know, I heard someone say there was a buzz here, so I just came to join in the fun."

                "It seems that Wang Chenghu has been beaten up, and look at the police coming, it seems his family is finished too."

                "Well, that bully has finally been beaten up, who did it? I want to treat him to dinner."

                Qin Ming, who was listening, was a bit embarrassed that he had beaten him up, but even if he was invited to dinner.

                One of the onlookers said, "Oh, who is that man on the stretcher? Wow, he's wearing a gold watch."

                "I don't know, Wang Chenghu looks like this, and the tiger has become a useless tiger. It's a great pleasure."

                "Justice may be late, but it's never absent."

                "How can a man like this still go to university? God is not fair, my girlfriend was bullied by him and she dropped out of school."

                The students gathered around were talking about everything, and out of the ten people watching, eleven were clapping their hands, and one wanted to buy dinner and sing karaoke to celebrate.

                The students had suffered from Wang Chenghu's evil deeds for too long, and they all felt that they were delighted at what had happened to him, and that he deserved what he got.

                That night, Wang Chenghu left the hospital because he could not afford the medical bills.

                He returned to his original home, but saw that it was sealed, as it was the proceeds of Wang Youcai's crime and awaiting auction by the court.

                Although Wang Chenghu survived, he had nowhere to go, he had nothing left and he became like the people he had bullied in the past.

                He called his good brothers, but the result was either a busy signal or an unreachable one, so it could be said that the tree had fallen from the sinking ship.

                "Fuck!" Wang Chenghu smashed his Apple max in anger, what's the use of keeping a phone that can't reach a person?

                Wang Chenghu's eyes were teary, he didn't know why he was so unlucky that this would happen to him? Now he was in pain and starving, but his father was gone, his money was gone, and so were the boys who had surrounded him.

                At night, Wang Chenghu went back to school, seeking revenge on the man who had taken everything from him.

                His face was twisted and grim: "I won't just sit there and wait for death. The humiliation I have suffered today, I will get it back, blood will pay for blood, I Wang Chenghu said!"

                Wang Chenghu had just walked to the school when he saw Qin Ming.

                The way Qin Ming was waiting for someone at the school entrance.

                Wang Chenghu was wildly happy and immediately took out a small knife from his pocket and ran over, he was going to sneak up from behind and then finish off this guy who had taken everything from him.

                Qin Ming had actually spotted Wang Chenghu, after all, with his pig-headed appearance and blood-stained and conspicuous clothes, it was hard not to be spotted, but he didn't move, after all, he was the one who was not what he used to be

                "Wang Chenghu! I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

                "I knew it, this guy is broke, he has nowhere to run to."

                "Wang Chenghu, you don't have to go back to the dormitory, we've robbed your dormitory of everything, Apple computers, two mobile phones, $30,000 in cash and the keys to a Land Rover car, oh, it's all gone."

                "Wang Chenghu, today I am going to take revenge for my girlfriend."

                "Wang Chenghu, you got someone to break my leg last year, you haven't forgotten, have you?"

                "Wang Chenghu, let you taste the taste of how old me was bullied by you that day."

                Before Wang Chenghu could get closer than 50 metres to Qin Ming, he saw a large group of people swarming around him, numbering more than 50, none of whom were spectators, all of whom he had offended and were specifically waiting for him to appear.

                These people had long hated Wang Chenghu to the bone, but before Wang Chenghu had a lot of people, and also had money and power, so they did not dare to make a move.

                Now that Wang Chenghu was a poor man, they were not afraid. More than 50 people took turns to insult Wang Chenghu, spitting on him, but the more serious ones slapped him and stripped his clothes for video.

                Wang Chenghu never expected that Qin Ming would deal with him, although he was humiliated, but still gave him his last dignity, while these people he had humiliated dealt with him, even his dignity was trampled clean.

                Qin Ming yawned and turned a blind eye to the situation.

                Wang Chenghu could not go anywhere but school now, next he, like Zhou Yun, would experience what they used to bully others, as the saying goes, good has its reward and evil has its reward, not that the time has not come.

                Qin Ming didn't have to wait long before Qi Ming Hui arrived, as Qin Ming had asked him to report on the test of "dealing" with the Nie family.

                He drove up to Qin Ming in an ordinary domestic Chery car.

                Qin Ming was very surprised, why was Qi Minghui so low-key? The car was only a few ten thousand dollars, not quite in line with his status as the second youngest of the Qi family.

                The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. I've never driven a domestic car before, but this one is not bad, and it's good value for money."

                Qin Ming saw that Qi Minghui was tall, handsome and wealthy, and he was a Yale University graduate, less than 30 years old, so he was really a hot commodity.

                The two of them chatted as they walked.

                Qi Minghui said, "Young master, at present the Nie family has felt the pressure because I have released the news that the eleven percent of the equity we hold about Nie's sanitary ware is likely to be sold to the second largest shareholder, Yanghe Group, once it is sold, Yanghe Group will become the majority shareholder, then in future Nie's sanitary ware will not belong to the Nie family."

                "Nie Jianmin is currently actively communicating with me, but I hung him out to dry, so I asked his son Nie Zhengming to come and talk, but every time he came, I asked him if he had done anything wrong recently, and he still didn't look like he understood much."

                "However, everyone in the Nie family has reached a consensus that Nie Zhengming has made trouble and that there is room for manoeuvre."

                "I've already laid out the timeline for the equity betrayal, there's still two days left, if Nie Zhengming doesn't remember to apologise to you, Young Master, I'll remind him again. Of course, I will never sell that equity stake."

                Qin Ming listened, nothing special, but nothing risky either, Qi Minghui seemed to be a steady hand.

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Well, that's how this will be handled. By the way, there are other things I would like to consult Brother Qi about."

                Qi Minghui hurriedly said, "Young master, you should still call me Minghui, big brother really doesn't dare to be."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, then asked, "Brother Ming Hui have you ever thought that I, the heir, would fail?"

                Qi Minghui's heart jumped, what kind of question was this? Was the young master testing him?

Chapter 132

Since the ancient times, when the family assets of powerful families were up for grabs, which one of them was not a bloodbath?

                Not to mention the shadow behind a super giant like the Oneworld Century Group, which has a large global presence and is as wealthy as a nation.

                More and more people now know that Chang Hongxi is not going to make it because of cancer and he has made a will that everything he has will be inherited by Qin Ming in front of him.

                Qi Yundong had told him that Chang Hongxi had already received the support of four highly respected patriarchs of the Huan Yu Century Group, and that Qin Ming's meeting with the four patriarchs had basically sealed the deal.

                Therefore, Qin Ming's succession was a foregone conclusion and there was very little chance of an accident.

                Qi Minghui said: "What are the young master's concerns? Chang Lao's three sons and two daughters, who are not related to Chang Lao, are now well known, and people over in the M country have already started to isolate them."

                "And their previous style and mannerisms were not pleasing to the eye, they were completely foppy and spiteful people, a group as big as Huan Yu was left to them, many people were not convinced. Until the young master suddenly appeared."

                "And the way the young master shook up the assassination squads within China was also spoken about by people within the group, everyone was shocked at the young master's style and said it had the look of Chang Lao's youth."

                "Now the business heads in the northern region are all eager to meet with Young Master, they all inquire about the news from my brother and my father, but without Young Master's permission, we naturally don't dare to reveal half a word."

                Qin Ming was quite happy as he listened to Qi Minghui's words, even though he had already seen these contents from the daily information that Song Ying gave him about his affairs, as Qi Minghui was embracing him by saying it himself.

                But Qin Ming was worried, worried that he would be overjoyed and lose, and then he would have nothing left.

                Wasn't Wang Chenghu, who was now being roundly bullied at the school gate, suddenly losing everything?

                Qin Ming thought back to half a month ago when he had to work three jobs a day, his friends had no way to help him in trouble, Li Meng had become gold-digging and left him, his sister was too poor to buy a mobile phone and was ridiculed by his classmates, his elder brother could not build a house in his hometown because he was poor, and his fiancĂ©e of several years had been taken away for $50,000.

                Qin Ming is not a man who is addicted to money, but his recent experiences have made him feel that money is not everything, but without money it is everything.

                He wanted to get on with the business plan he had created for his elder brother and improve the lives of his family.

                He led Qi Minghui to a crowded intersection outside the school and pointed to Zhao Fugui's supermarket and asked, "Brother Minghui, let me test you, how can that small supermarket earn 300,000 a year?"

                Qi Minghui knew that Qin Ming wanted to test him, and the better he answered, the higher the position he would be placed in Huan Yu in the future.

                After thinking for a while, Qi Minghui said, "Young master, this supermarket is a supermarket on the road that many universities must pass through, I don't think it may be able to make a profit of three hundred thousand dollars every month, if we talk about sales, that's about right. And it's also highly likely to be during the peak school season every year."

                "I have also done a lot of investment projects, of which there are quite a few canteens, kiosks, micro-supermarkets and chain shops in universities, which basically make money, but the spending power of students is always limited, and this kind of supermarkets do a lot of thin profit, and 300,000 profit per month is exaggerated."

                "According to me it is three hundred thousand sales per month, the profit is around one hundred thousand, the beginning of the school year and summer will be the peak season, the profit will be higher."

                Qin Ming's heart dawned on him, he also studied economics, he had always thought that the 300,000 profit a month from this supermarket run by Zhao Fugui's family was a bit exaggerated, after hearing Qi Minghui say so, his heart was enlightened.

                He also asked: "I have a friend who wants to invest here and asked me for advice on what to do. Can be stable, earn big money do not dare to think, every month follow the supermarket is almost good."

                Qi Minghui lightly smiled: "This is how simple, in this small supermarket opposite, open a large supermarket can not be? Young master you see ......"

                The main reason for this is the fact that it is not easy to get a good deal on the market.

                The conclusion is that Zhao Fugui's supermarket is actually doing well because of the good location, the only supermarket in the area, and the large number of students.

                The service quality of this small supermarket is poor, the guide is listless, the customers have to find something by themselves, the boss's wife is watching the drama by herself, there is no some milk tea, stool chairs and other rest support, so if there is a second supermarket as competition, it must not be able to compete.

                Qin Ming sounded quite right.

                College students come and go every year, maybe some older students don't like to come to the supermarket here and go to the kiosk elsewhere, but every year there are so many new students, that's the demographic dividend, ah, no matter how bad your service is, there is still a constant stream of strangers to shop, there is no need to accumulate such things as word of mouth.

                But if there is a bigger supermarket next door with a clear difference and very good service, then who would bother to take the piss of your small supermarket?

                Qin Ming said, "Wouldn't that kill the shop?"

                Qi Minghui said, "Young master, business is supposed to be a matter of life and death, and businessmen, businesswomen, hurt people the most. If the young master's friend wants to do some small business here and open a larger supermarket, within half a month, this one across the street will have to close down, and then he can still take it over and start a low to medium class moody restaurant and hotel to make money from the couple students."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, words are right, but also see the nature of Qi Minghui's character, he works steadily, at the same time once he has the advantage, will not leave the opponent alive, ruthless ah.

                However, the opposite side is Zhao Fugui's family's shop, he doesn't care if they live or die.

                Qin Ming asked, "How many days will it take to get it up? My friend is not short of money, so name a price and take the money to get it going. Keep any extra you have."

                Qi Minghui smiled sarcastically, "How dare I take a cut of the young master's friend's business, I'll just do it for the young master's friend for free. But we need to rent a place and redecorate, we also need to buy goods and recruit people, we need to invest at least five million in start-up capital, and if there is no accident, it will take three years to return the capital."

                When Qin Ming heard that, he had to invest five million, turtle, what an astronomical figure.

                But it would take three years to pay back the capital, turtle, good money.

                He immediately ordered Qi Minghui to do it, and then he participated in it as a partner.

                This matter was given to Qi Minghui to do, he felt quite good, he could not bother Song Ying with everything, he was a bit heartbroken that Song Ying was so busy.

                Qin Ming was alone and called his sister again to ask how she was doing, and this time she was finally willing to answer the phone.

                Qin Susu was quite resentful and said, "Bastard old brother, you finally remembered that you have a sister?"

                Qin Ming was speechless and said, "It's not because you don't answer my calls? Where have you been all these days? You've grown up too, you can't be as capricious as a child."

                Qin Susu said, "I'm not being capricious, I've been with Sister Li Meng these days. Sister Li Meng wants to become an internet celebrity and I've helped her take photos and pics everywhere. You gave me money to buy an Apple phone, it's quite good for taking pictures."

                Li Meng was going to be a web star?

                It was true that she could still look like that, but she couldn't be popular because Li Meng couldn't sing or dance, she couldn't be funny, and her family was ordinary, so what could she use as a gimmick?

                Qin Ming said, "Don't get involved with Li Meng, I have a big boss who is investing in me as a partner to do business and open a shop in the school, I plan to let you do it with my brother, the shop will open up, tens of thousands of dollars a month is not a problem."

                Qin Susu was amazed and said adoringly, "Wow, so much? Brother, you are amazing. Okay, I'll come over with sister Li Meng right away. You wait for us."