Rags To Riches Chapter 13-14

 Chapter 13

Tiancheng Securities Company Hall, the board is a miserable green.

And in the VIP office, Sister Xia screamed "Do not fall again ah, really angry with me this Guoan biological, only up three days, I have not thrown it began to fall half a month? My two million ah, all trapped."

Sister Xia was so angry that she slapped the table and slammed the door to go out for air.

Sister Xia walked down the hall and saw Qin Ming and Nie Haitang looking up at the big screen, she was angry, seeing the beautiful Nie Haitang, she hated women who were prettier than her.

She walked over and said "Hum, there are really poor people who are not afraid to die, sitting all day day dreaming of getting rich overnight, hey, what did you buy ah?"

Qin Ming lazy, Nie Haitang more do not pay attention to this heavy perfume smell of women, pinch the nose and walk away two steps.

Sister Xia is the first time to be ignored looking at these two, they two stink silk actually dare to ignore her Fang Mei Xia?

Fang Mei Xia was so angry that she gritted her teeth and shouted, "Ah Li. Which stock did they buy?"

The female manager with a tablet computer quickly found Nie Haitang's account, quietly said "Century Tianyuan, the stock fell yesterday, after the opening of a small upturn continued to fall, 298 can not sell, it is estimated that the fall. These two are fools."

Fang Meixia a look at the Century Tianyuan stock, a miserable green, suddenly laughed, her former hedge, the two foolish money also hit the water, she was in a good mood.

Fang Meixia arrogantly said "tsk, don't think more read two books to rush to the stock market, ha ha ha, the full set of money into it? The end of the bar? Stupid, right?"

The female manager, Ali, also fanned the flames and said, "Do you need us to lend you ten dollars to take the bus back? We provide the best service for our customers."

Nie Haitang was also very trusting of Qin Ming, but now seeing the market in a miserable green her palms are wet, she said nervously "Qin Ming, is it really possible? Do we still have a chance?"

Qin Ming said confidently, "Don't worry, the market will go up later, believe me."

Fang Meixia a life coach tone said "hahaha, really sweet words, little sister, I tell you, this only bragging man, or not to be, silk no money not to mention, but also not down to earth, the money you pit all in, right? If I were you, I would have dumped him immediately, and spit two."

Qin Ming frowned, this woman is not out of his mind? From the very beginning, she targeted him, what for? Do you really think he has a good temper?

He was about to make, suddenly saw the fat-headed boss with a cell phone hurriedly running downstairs, while running while yelling "all the staff have, the big boss is here, quickly line up."

Fang Meixia a happy, said "Ha, the big boss is here. Stinky silk you see what look? That is the circle you can reach? Contact with the people? Hey, also right, your whole body is not enough to add up to a hundred stinky silk is also worth watching people from afar."

Qin Ming was really angry, he said to Nie Haitang, "Haitang, you sit and watch, I go to the bathroom."

And at this time outside the gate, Fang Meixia holding her man Dai Gao's arm, said "Eh? Two cars, a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes, a man, a woman, who is the big boss? The woman is the big boss mistress?"

Pa, Dai Gao a slap over, scolded "bleep what? Big boss anything can not be discussed, let the big boss heard, who are not good."

Fang Meixia inexplicably beaten, although full of resentment, but did not dare to make, after all, she still have to rely on this man to spend money to support her.

Dai Gao bent over and greeted him with a smile, saying "Mr. Hou, welcome."

However, Hou Qing pushed his hand and cursed, "Block the way, get out of the way. Why so many people? The young master does not like so noisy, all withdrawn."

Dai Gao was slapped, did not dare to squeal, know that the show did not shoot the horse's ass, he hurried to get out of the way, at the same time waved his hand and shouted, "Disperse, all go to work."

Hou Qing scolded Dai Gao, and bent over to open the door for Song Ying, and pleasantly said "Song Secretary, the young master did not come with you?"

Song Ying two snow-white long legs outstretched, a competent professional dress, black show coiled in the back of the head, white and flawless melon face, beautiful as a fairy, but that a pair of sharp eyes are warning everyone who coveted her, she is not easy to mess with.

Song Ying carried a tablet computer, while walking and said "the young master has arrived, waiting inside it."

Hou Qing hit a sudden, nervous, "What? How ...... damn, I really damn, I'm late, Secretary Song later, please plead with the young master for me, I really did not mean to be late."

Song Ying said calmly "It's okay, the young master deliberately came early to inspect the branch only."

Dai Gao and Fang Meixia and the female manager A Li listened to the clouds, dare to say that there are people above the big boss, this beauty is only the young master's secretary, and the young master has long arrived?

But all morning, did not see any young top rich generation to the company ah?

The crowd could not help but think of Qin Ming, but then laughed, how could it be him? A body of stall goods, but also with the Huawei thousand-dollar machine, how earthy ah.

The crowd flocked Song Ying up to the office, but saw that there was already Qin Ming sitting inside.

Dai Gao a look, this person is not crazy? He cursed, "Are you crazy? How to mix in? Out, hurry out, security. Security ......"

A slap, Hou Qing a slap in the past, hit Dai Gao dizzy eyes.

Hou Qing scolded "Dai Gao what nerve you have? The young master is also you can scold? Do you want to do it? When a securities company's boss, you think you are an onion?"

Said, Hou Qing three steps forward, ninety degrees bowed, said "Sorry young master, old Hou I came late."


Dai Gao and Fang Meixia and female manager A Li, they are dumbfounded, this young man dressed in such dirt is actually the person behind the big boss?

How is this possible? He came here by drip.

He, he opened the account only 100,000 yuan ah.

Dai Gao's face was white, cold sweat, and suddenly his legs went limp and he knelt down directly.

The Fang Meixia more unbelievable "big boss, you are not the wrong person? This guy is a stinky silk well."


Fang Meixia words were slapped by Song Ying, Song Ying's palm strength is surprisingly large, Fang Meixia was directly knocked out, lying on the ground, teeth popped three, a mouth of blood, head scattered, the whole is not good.

Song Ying frowned and said "Is this person an employee here? How come he's not wearing work clothes?"

Dai Gao Baba stammered "She, she ...... oooh ...... Hou save me ah."

Hou Qing originally did not understand Dai Gao is what the situation, but heard Dai Gao this begging words he understood, must be Qin Ming arrived early, but by Dai Gao neglected, now now Qin Ming identity is noble, regret, but it is too late.

Hou Qing cursed in his heart "this stupid! And burned the fire on me."

He cautiously asked "Young master ......"

Qin Ming raised his palm in vain and said indifferently "immediately operational, pushing up the share price of Century Tianyuan. This thing is not good, you roll your own."

Gulp, Hou Qing swallowed saliva, his heart rose infinite fear, because his glory and wealth, his high position, are pinched in the hands of the man in front of ah.

Chapter 14

Inside the office, Fang Meixia was just slapped by Qin Ming's personal secretary, full of blood, she sat with dull eyes on the ground, too scared to breathe, she saw her man also kneeling on the ground in cold sweat, no dignity.

That female manager Ally is equally scared soft afraid on the ground, can not stand up.

And Dai Gao so respected big boss Hou Qing, got a deadly order to push up the stock price of Century Sky Source, is seriously manipulating a computer, and connected to one phone call after another, mobilizing funds and contacting acquaintances to help.

Fang Meixia, with the benefit of hindsight, realized that the inferior person she ridiculed was actually the superior person to whom her heart yearned.

This is the first time she has seen such a top-notch rich generation, and it is actually so low-key? So low-profile that the whole body is not worth a hundred dollars?

Fang Meixia felt that her three views collapsed, you are not playing a trick on people?

Qin Ming drank a cup of coffee, looked at Fang Meixia, and asked, "Mr. Dai, is it really appropriate to take your wife to and from the workplace?"

Dai Gao a stirring, he can become the head of the Tiancheng Securities, that is also some of the ability to read people's minds, he could see that the big boss behind this young master, seems to be kind-hearted, no intention to drive away, otherwise would not ask him such questions.

Dai Gao lowered his head, carefully returned "young master, Fang Meixia is not my wife, she, she is just my girlfriend only, she has angered the young master, I must also break up with her. This morning I slip of the tongue, please young master punishment, this matter is not at all to blame Hou, Hou he does not know not guilty, I Dai Gao is willing to bear all the mistakes made today."

Qin Ming listened, this Dai Gao is quite good at being a man, supporting his own boss a hand, probably expecting Hou Qing to fish him out.

When Fang Meixia heard this, she knew that she was finished, Dai Gao in order to save himself, to Hou Qing's crime, abandoned her.

She thought of her own glory and wealth all gone, just because of offending such an insignificant young man, Fang Meixia felt the sky fall, cloak and dagger she madly pounced on Qin Ming.

Fang Meixia teeth and claws yelled "you stinking silk, you bastard, you pounced, it's all your fault, if you did not suddenly appear, how would I be Dai Gao abandoned? How could I have lost my glory and fortune? My villa is gone, my BMW is gone, my free life is gone, I'll fight you."

But Song Ying blocked in front of Qin Ming and gently kicked Fang Meixia to the ground.

Qin Ming did not even bother to look at her, this kind of money-worshiping woman, to his shoes are not worthy.

At this time Hou Qing wiped his sweat, said nervously "Young master, fortunately. Century Tianyuan stock price is already rising, today can stop. But we also invested 10 million million, but the young master rest assured that as long as the operation is done properly, I can make the money back later. The question is how many days does the young master want this stock to go up?"

Qin Ming pushed Nie Haitang's account forward, shook his head and said "One day is enough, and then credit this account with one million."

Hou Qing responded and credited Nie Haitang's account with one million dollars.

Qin Ming saw the job done, patted Hou Qing on the shoulder, said "This is a good job. Dai Gao is your man, you can handle it yourself. Today's situation, I do not want to see a second time."

Qin Ming palm this pat, pressure Hou Qing that old face a shiver, his status and wealth is preserved.

And he also felt Qin Ming's importance to him, Dai Gao left him to deal with himself, is the best proof.

Qin Ming got up and left the office, Hou Qing and others bowed to see him off.

Qin Ming just left, Hou Qing kicked to Dai Gao, so angry that he cursed "Dai Gao you dog-eyed thing, almost killed me, you go away, as far away as possible, one day I remember you and then get back to me. And you, the lobby manager, get lost as well."

Dai Gao which dare and opinion, his everything is given by Hou Qing, he did not dare to put a fart numb roll away.

He knows that he is impossible to come back, unless until the young master is in a good mood, Hou Qing at the same time remember him to fish for him, otherwise he can not come back.

The female manager A Li heard that she was fired, wow cried out, because Tiancheng Securities is a very famous company in Guangzhou, high wages, stable work, but she has entrusted a lot of relations to come in, this is all gone.

In the securities hall, Nie Haitang folded her hands and held her forehead, praying silently in her heart, praying that the stock market was in a miserable green, the one she bought could go up against the market.

Suddenly, her shoulder was pressed, Nie Haitang turned around to see Qin Ming, immediately anxious tears spinning "is it the end?"

Qin Ming smiled lightly and nudged the screen with his chin, saying, "Look."

Nie Haitang looked up, eyes suddenly bright, that a miserable green plate, Century Tianyuan a stock is really a little red, the share price has risen to 35 yuan, still rising.

A veteran stockholder shocked, "Wow, is there a mistake ah? What makes this Century Tianyuan ah? A milk seller, why the market rose against the ah? It's not a big brand."

Another shareholder tsked, "What a stock market miracle, the market is down, and this Century Sky Source can still rise? Long time to see ah."

Some people questioned "could there be big brother behind the manipulation?"

Some also objected, "Hey, a big brother manipulating a common stock is too much, right? This is a miracle."

Nie Haitang excitedly clapped her hands and said, "It's up, it's up, Qin Ming you're amazing, it's really up, you're amazing."

Once excited, Nie Haitang directly hugged Qin Ming, jumping and praising.

The two groups of softness in her breasts that are ripe for breeding also rubbed Qin Ming's chest, bouncing and bouncing very cool.

Qin Ming cheeks a red, said "hurry up and sell it, speculation can not be greedy chase."

Nie Haitang nodded in agreement and hurried to sell.

In the afternoon, Nie Haitang sold all the stocks, she looked at the balance in the card, surprised, tugged Qin Ming's arm and said "this day earned a million and three thousand. Qin Ming, you are too powerful, simply the god of wealth reincarnation."

The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, fortunately Nie Haitang does not know stocks, otherwise this reveal is too obvious.

But he does not care, a million to him now, and a dollar is no different.

He smiled and said, "You know why it has to be Tiancheng Securities? Because I know a big man in the stock world, he has first-hand information, I follow him to invest on the line, no loss."

Nie Haitang admired, "Wow, you actually know such a great, really unexpected. The real person is really a real person, Qin Ming, I knew you would not suffer for life, good job, that Li Meng abandoned you is her loss."

Qin Ming smiled bitterly and suddenly talked about Li Meng, the can he could never forget, his first love, which he loved and hated.

Nie Haitang saw Qin Ming look gloomy, realized that he said the wrong thing, quickly patted his mouth, said "look at my crow's mouth, let's go back. By the way, today's commission, I'll give you 100,000 yuan. Give me the card number."

Qin Ming also does not care, said "you are not short of money recently? Can not pay back first."

Nie Haitang pouted and said "I am short of money can have you short? You helped me for a day, this commission must be, if I am not really short of money recently, the commission I will give more."

Qin Ming also did not bother to look at the card balance, the two called the drop back to school.

When he returned to the dormitory, it was not too late, Qin Ming just walked to the dormitory, he heard the dormitory three brothers very annoyed cursing "F*ck, really angry, this dog than Yang Wei, this is not based on the money to bully people? I'm so angry."

Qin Ming frowned, this Yang Wei and what did he do?