Rags To Riches Chapter 129-130

 Chapter 129

"Boss Nian, you know this kid?" Wang Youcai asked tentatively.

                Wang Youcai's question was not loud, but the scene was so quiet that everyone could hear it clearly, while their arrogant aura was instantly reduced by more than half.

                The reason is that Nian Lao Liu is the big backer of Wang Youcai's father and son, and when Wang Youcai encounters someone in trouble, he will ask Nian Lao Liu to help.

                Wang Youcai gave the money and Nian Lao Liu did the work, and there was always no disadvantage.

                Wang Chenghu also asked innocently, "Boss Nian, what's wrong? Are you worried that you can't beat him? That guy next to Qin Ming seems to have been a soldier, but you have a lot of fierce men under you, so it shouldn't be hard to deal with."

                Old Six Nian did not say anything, he ate fat but dressed tastefully, his face was covered in frost and his aura naturally radiated when he stood there.

                Although he was obese, he gave off a sense of fierceness.

                Naturally, Nian Lao Liu remembered Qin Ming, who had asked him for a woman who owed him usury last time, when Qin Ming had put him on the phone, Hou Qing's phone.

                Hou Qing was still very powerful in Guangzhou City, who didn't know him in both black and white? Who from the upper class didn't suck up to him?

                And Hou Qing said to Nian Lao Liu very seriously at that time that if he dared to disobey Qin Ming, he would let him and his men disappear within one hour.

                So, at that time, Nian Lao Liu was very frightened and listened to Qin Ming's words and let Sister Bai go.

                And as for Ah Long, Nian Lao Liu also knew him.

                There was some conflict between Nian Lao Liu's business and Sunshine Green Bird Credit Company, and conflicts had broken out between the two sides, but Sunshine Green Bird Credit Company had Ah Long, a super fighter at that time, and was not afraid of Nian Lao Liu's people at all.

                Seeing this situation at the scene, Nian Lao Liu had obviously thought of something.

                Ah Long was so obviously protecting Qin Ming, and he could see that it was obvious that Qin Ming was not as poor as Wang Chenghu had said? Pan Jun? Cook? Υννga squat pie slit Wood

                Nian Lao Liu thought to himself, "Could he be Hou Qing's illegitimate son?"

                Nian Lao Liu looked at Wang Youcai and his father, thinking that these two fathers and sons have done much injustice and have caused trouble everywhere He expected that there would be a day when they would fall, but he did not expect it to come so quickly.

                Nian Lao Liu walked forward and said, "Ah Long, you follow him?"

                Ah Long nodded without denying it.

                Nian Lao Liu added, "Mr. Qin, can you let me talk to Mr. Hou on the phone once more?"

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "No, you only have two choices, either go against me or disappear immediately."

                The crowd was shocked, Qin Ming was talking so trolly.

                One by one, the surrounding minions revealed a playful gaze, "Is this man crazy? How dare he speak to Boss Nian like that?"

                "Boss Nian looks gentle, but once he decides to do something, it's thunderous and unscrupulous."

                "Don't look at Boss Nian now, but once he is confrontational, he can destroy everything and no one can ever resist him."

                "Are you crazy, Qin Ming? Boss Nian will let you know what pain is later."

                "Why don't you call for someone? With just the two of you, we won't be able to enjoy the fight later."

                Wang Chenghu's minions, each thinking they had flipped the tables, looked at Qin Ming playfully, expecting to hang him up and beat him up later.

                But Wang Youcai was more sensitive, and he seemed to hear something about a man called Chief Hou, who seemed to be known to Qin Ming, and Nian Lao Liu was somewhat intimidated.

                At this time, Ah Long made a call and said, "Nian Lao Liu, Chief Hou has been temporarily transferred to work overseas, but the person who will replace him is Chief Qi, do you need to talk to Chief Qi?"

                Nian Lao Liu was puzzled, "Qi Yundong?"

                Ah Long responded, "Not bad."

                Old Six of the Year took the phone in disbelief, followed by a couple of words to the person on the phone, and his obese body suddenly shook, the aura on his body was all gone, as if he had turned into a simple, honest and cute fat person.

                He returned Ah Long's phone with both hands, while saying gratefully, "Ah Long, thank you so much. Although it was a casual acquaintance, I never thought you would save me."

                Ah Long said icily, "You may be a villain, but a comrade of mine once received help from you, and I am just returning the favour for him. There won't be a next time. You should behave yourself in the future, and if you fall into my hands, I will definitely clean you up."

                With a wave of his hand, Nian Lao Liu said to his minions, "Retreat."

                One by one, the minions listened to the order and got into the limousine and left quickly, and in an instant, half of the people at the scene were missing.

                Wang Youcai said strangely, "Boss Nian, did something happen? Hey? Boss Nian?"

                Wang Chenghu was in a hurry: "Eh? Boss Nian, what's your emergency? Can you kill these two bastards first?"

                The little brother at the side also said, "Maybe Boss Nian wants to play with this kid, otherwise it's no fun."

                "Heh, just wait, later this kid will know what desperation means."

                From the beginning to the end, Nian Lao Liu never said a word to Wang Youcai and his father.

                He even ran up to Qin Ming and nodded his head and inquired, "Young Qin, I don't know that Wang Youcai very well either, just business dealings, helping him collect debts, fighting occasionally and so on. I hope you don't misunderstand me, and I'm firmly behind you in this matter. Can I do anything for you, Mr. Qin?"

                "Heh heh, of course I know that all the people under young Qin are more powerful than me. But there is a saying that you don't need a bull's-eye to kill a chicken, there are some things that my little brother can do for you."

                Qin Ming said icily, "Get lost."

                Nian Lao Liu immediately gave a deep bow and got into the limousine to quickly flee the scene.

                The crowd was shocked, silent and dumbfounded.

                Wang Chenghu, father and son, as well as their men, were speechless, what the hell had happened here? What was going on here? Was there someone the boss was afraid of?

                How come that Qin Ming had scared away Old Man Nian with a few words and a phone call?

                Isn't Qin Ming just a poor man with no background? Pan Ke Saek

                If it wasn't for Ah Long's help, he would have been lost if he hadn't hesitated for a moment.

                Wang Youcai suddenly realised a serious problem at this time, and he stammered a little and asked, "You, you pretend to be a pig, pig, pig, eat a tiger? What exactly is your origin?"

                Qin Ming took a chair and said calmly, "No, my family is indeed very poor, 50,000 to 60,000 a year is more than that. Many times it's not even 40,000 a year. I was really a poor student in college, and my girlfriend did dump me because I couldn't afford an Apple phone, everything is true."

                Wang Youcai couldn't help but curse, "Facts, you sister. These are the facts, how can you scare away Boss Nian? Here in Guangzhou City, he has a lot of face, and those powerful families can't even touch him. What makes you think you can?"

                Qin Ming smiled without saying anything, did he need to explain to these fish on the chopping block? He didn't need to.

                Suddenly, Wang Chenghu shouted nervously, "Hey, hey, hey? Dad, why are there red spots on your body? Huh? You guys have them on you too."

                Wang Chenghu's group, about thirty people, each had a red dot on their chests, which was the red dot of the sniper rifle's aim.

                One junior was puzzled, "Is it just a sniper's red dot? Where are they ambushed?"

                Wang Youcai strangely touched the red dot on his chest, he was suddenly ice-cold and realised the seriousness of the problem, they had been locked in and with one order from Qin Ming, they would die here.

                Wang Chenghu's face finally changed, no longer the arrogant and domineering look he had at the beginning, no longer the arrogance and contempt, but fear in its place.

                He looked at Qin Ming's calm and smiling eyes, he finally understood, this guy's background was not simple, that's why Nian Lao Liu was scared away, the two of them, father and son, were finished.

                "Dad~ Dad ......" Wang Chenghu's legs trembled as he walked towards Wang Youcai, and before he got close enough he fell to the ground because his legs were weak.

                Wang Youcai wanted to catch his son, but when he pulled his hand, he found that he couldn't get his arm to work because of his inner fear and trembling, and Wang Chenghu fell straight to the ground.

                Wang Youcai held his face red and shouted, "Who the hell are you?"

                Qin Ming did not move too fast, turned on his mobile phone music and played a song called "Cool" for the two fathers and sons.

                Qin Ming said with a leathery smile, "After listening to the song, you will naturally know."

Chapter 130

The atmosphere was dead silent, with only the sound of Qin Ming's Huawei thousand-dollar phone playing a song called "Cool" and a pressure from Qin Ming himself that forced Wang Chenghu and his minions to catch their breath.

                They neither dared to rashly step forward to make a move, nor did they dare to turn their heads and leave, they were really in a dilemma.

                Especially when their biggest backer, Boss Nian, ran away.

                If it was because of other things, they could still accept it, but it was obvious that they were scared by Qin Ming, especially the respectful way they treated him before leaving, it was really like a grandfather scolding his grandson.

                The people on Wang Chenghu's side had a cloud over their heads, they were not stupid, they all knew that they had kicked the iron plate this time.

                Before that, no one thought that Qin Ming was anything special, especially when they investigated Qin Ming's past information, it was very ordinary, very plain, just a poor student who relied on scholarships and worked every day to study. What's so scary about it?

                Who knew that such an ordinary person hid such a lion heart.

                In Huawei's mobile phone, the song "Cool" finished playing, sarcastically saying that Wang Chenghu's father and son were going to be cool.

                Wang Youcai knew he was planted today. He took a deep breath and ran his hand over his face to stabilise himself emotionally.

                Suddenly, he took out a box of cash from the car and threw it on the ground, saying, "Here's half a million, whoever carries the day off, I still have a million!"

                As the saying goes, like father, like son, two fathers and sons have exactly the same character.

                The desperate Wang Chenghu saw the floor of banknotes, as if he had caught the hope of turning the tide, he said ecstatically, "No one died today either, what are you afraid of? It's only a matter of a few months in the hospital, how big a crime is it? How dare this kid kill us all in front of so many people?"

                Today Wang Chenghu felt doubly insulted, since his family had become rich, he had never tried to bear such a big humiliation, and he was more willing to gamble to the end than to suffer the humiliation of failure.

                Wang Chenghu spat out a mouthful of blood and cursed: "Qin Ming, you punk, don't be arrogant, we're not afraid of you. Hahahaha, I haven't done anything, what am I afraid of? I have money, money is everything."

                "So what if I can't move you? I have money and someone to make a scapegoat for me, what can you do?"

                "I have the money to hire the best lawyer, I'll be acquitted even in court."

                The thought of money made Wang Chenghu swell, he crossed his arms and looked smug.

                Qin Ming didn't say anything, smiled lightly and snapped his fingers.


                A stretch Rolls Royce quickly drove in.

                Immediately afterwards, a young, pretty, professional female white collar in a long white dress came down holding a pile of documents and a briefcase.


                The scene was quiet as these men looked at Song Ying's curvaceous figure and rose with desire, the sound of gulping, and more than one.

                However, Song Ying, so beautiful and capable, stepped on her high heels and walked directly to Qin Ming, handed him a copy of the information and whispered, "Sorry young master, it took a little while, I'm late."

                Qin Ming said, "Not late, just right. By the way, are you ready to take over the business of Wang Youcai's company? Seeing their thuggish air, it should be quite a big business."

                Song Ying smiled slightly, "Qi Yundong is already grabbing Wang Youcai's business, a conservative estimate is that in the future there will be ten million dollars of revenue every month, it's a bit less, but as the saying goes, only when you take in a hundred rivers can you become an ocean of water."

                Qin Ming nodded as he took took a copy of the information and threw it in front of Wang Youcai, saying, "Don't you guys think that money is everything? Take a look at these documents."

                Wang Youcai's smug mouth gradually froze and then became worried as he quickly picked up those documents on the ground.

                "My account has been frozen? Impossible how did the evidence of my years of smuggling appear here?"

                "No, no, the Nie family has urgently announced that they won't be doing business with me?"

                "The Cheng family is no longer doing business with the Budweiser department store either? Impossible ......"

                "Laozi's eighteen shops have been closed? When did ...... grass, thirty minutes ago?"

                "My old man's company's stock ...... stock was checked?"

                "My old man's house ...... was sealed?"

                "My old man's ...... offshore account, how is that possible? That's the World Bank, absolutely guaranteeing customers' money, how is that possible?"

                Qin Ming smiled faintly: "I forgot to tell you, the World Bank is my name property, so the five hundred million you deposited in my house bank, sorry, I laugh at it. After all, you're going to be in jail soon, you've committed enough crimes to be sentenced to life imprisonment, it's useless to keep the money."

                Boom! A thunderbolt from the clear sky, Wang Youcai fainted on the spot.

                "Dad? Dad, what's wrong with you?" Wang Chenghu was dumbfounded, how could his dad, who had carried him arrogantly and infinitely one second, faint after reading a pile of documents?

                A few people worked hard to save Wang Youcai, using artificial respiration, pinching, and slapping.

                The first thing Wang Youcai did when he woke up was to grab his son Wang Chenghu and slap him across the face: "You bastard, you bully boys and girls at school all day long and do nothing wrong. What do you think school is? Is it your backyard? You've ruined our Wang family."

                Wang Chenghu was beaten up, and he asked in a strange voice, "Dad, what are you looking at? We have money, if we have money, we can rise again, as long as we have money, what are we afraid of?"

                Wang Youcai's legs stretched, no longer arrogant and calm at the beginning, but regret and sadness: "We are finished, completely finished. The things I've done, the lives I've bought, they've all been recorded. Once the stuff is handed over to the prosecutor's office, you and I will have to spend the rest of our lives in prison. No, the money is all gone."

                Shake?? , it was as if a sledgehammer had knocked past Wang Chenghu's head, his whole person was not well, disheveled and sitting on the ground, frozen as a wooden chicken.

                He looked incredulously at Qin Ming, the soft-hearted king in his eyes, poor? Pan Jun? pearl? Shuo headstrong? Anti-gadfly which fishy play? The man who is a member of the Chinese government is the only one who has the right to be a member of the Chinese government. An ethnic group

                Wang Youcai pounded his fist with regret and cursed, "I have warned you long ago that there is a limit to messing around, don't bully people too much, there are mountains outside the mountains and people outside the people, but you just don't listen."

                Before he realised the truth, Wang Youcai did not have such an attitude, so what was the point of regretting it now?

                At this moment, the momentum had already gone, and Wang Chenghu's former junior brothers were already drumming in their hearts, and they were all consciously backing away from these two fathers and sons, lest it should affect them.

                They knew that the two fathers were finished, and if they wanted to avoid being affected, they could only leave the area as soon as possible to clear their relationship.

                Wang Chenghu looked at his "brothers" who used to kiss his ass and suck up to him and shunned them, and his heart felt even colder, disillusioned and helpless.

                Wang Youcai fell to his knees and crawled to Qin Ming's feet, kowtowing to him with a thud: "Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin, please give me a chance. We know we're wrong, we really know we're wrong. I will give anything to Mr. Qin, please spare the lives of our father and son. From now on, Mr. Qin is our master, Mr. Qin ...... oooh ...... we really know we are wrong."

                Wang Chenghu was shocked that his dad, who had always been soaring and domineering, was wagging his tail and begging for mercy from Qin Ming, just begging for his life.

                He was proud, he was good at saving face, but he was also afraid of death.

                Wang Chenghu also crawled on his knees to Qin Ming's feet, licked the blood from his lips, and said, "Young Qin, I, I have eyes that are not aware of Tai Shan ...... Young Qin, I will never dare to touch Bai Yu Chun again ......"


                Qin Ming threw a palm over, hitting Wang Chenghu and losing another tooth, lying on the ground and unable to stand up.

                Qin Ming said, "My dormitory friends, they were originally innocent, you even involved them, what kind of man are you? That bitch Zhou Yun said a few words and you want to kill a stranger, how cruel are you? What have you done in the past that is not an outrage to God and man?"

                Wang Youcai cried as he humbly slumped to the ground, "My son knows he's wrong, young Qin, he's still just a child, he's only twenty-three, please, spare us a life, I don't want to go to jail."

                Whoops ...... a siren blaring came from outside the street.

                Qin Ming waved his hand, the red dot aim of the sniper rifle on Wang Chenghu and the others disappeared, and Song Ying walked to the door of the Rolls Royce to open the door for Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming moved to get into the car and said before he left, "You two fathers, whoever walks out of this street alive, I will spare."