Rags To Riches Chapter 127-128

 Chapter 127

Inside the fast food restaurant, it was a mess, Bai Yu Chun was scared like a rabbit surrounded by wolves, at a loss and helpless, despair spread out from her eyes.

                But she was even more worried about Qin Ming outside. She didn't know why Qin Ming had to come to her rescue, she obviously didn't have much to do with him, and if Qin Ming was hurt because of her, she would feel bad about it.

                But the few times she tried to rush out, she was pushed back by Zhou Yun.

                The three women showed a fierce sneer and said, "Show me how arrogant you are, see how proud you are? What? So what if your man is here? He was still crippled by my Tiger's twenty-odd men?"

                Zhou Yun brought a bottle of soy sauce from the kitchen and poured it over Bai Yuchun's head, "Sisters, wash Miss Bai well, Brother Tiger is going to sleep with her later."

                The other two housemates also brought drinks, chilli oil and flour and poured them all over Bai Yuchun's body, making her all dirty.

                The weak Bai Yuchun couldn't resist, she just kept begging, "Please, it's all because of me, please don't hurt Qin Ming, he's innocent."

                Boom, Zhou Yun smashed a soy sauce bottle and pointed at Bai Yuchun's face and threatened, "If Tiger hadn't named you to sleep with, do you think I would have let you get away with it? Now I've condescended to let you serve Brother Tiger with me, and you're still thinking about that poor? You're still thinking about that poor man? The first thing you need to do is to get a job. What do you think? What do you think? What is the animal? The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The company has a wide range of products and services, including  The scourge!

                "If you know what you're doing, you'll serve Tiger well, and if you're happy, you and I will both benefit."

                "Take the driving rain from the hotel and give our Miss White a full meal so that she has the strength to sleep with Brother Tiger later. That's a pretty face, and those tits are really nice. I've educated you well, and Brother Tiger might reward me with a BMW for it."

                Zhou Yun laughed maniacally, and the two girls around her immediately went into the back kitchen to serve the dirty, smelly driving rain.

                Bai Yuchun pulled Zhou Yun in a panic and said, "Is it true that if I agree to be his girlfriend, he will let Qin Ming go? Okay then, I agree, go and tell Wang Chenghu to stop, don't hurt Qin Ming, and never bother him again, and I'll promise him."

                Zhou Yun was furious, her face twisted and she pinched Bai Yu Chun's chin and said, "Damn it, you bitch, I told you not to mention this poor Qin Ming anymore? The woman's face was twisted, and she squeezed Bai Yu-chun's chin and said, "Damn it, you bitch, I told you not to mention this poor Qin Ming anymore? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The magpie is not a good idea. The woman's wife is a woman. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website. The company's main business is to promote the development of the company's products and services. The government has been working on a number of projects to improve the quality of life in the country. The government has a lot of money to spend. Subterranean alleyway bad facsimile!

                "Who did you say you scrapped?"

                Coldly, Qin Ming's voice came from behind.

                Zhou Yun was stunned, she looked back strangely and found that Qin Ming had actually come in the fast food restaurant? And he was unharmed? Where were Wang Cheng Hu's minions outside?

                At this moment, two girls came out from the back kitchen carrying a big plate of smelly driving rain, laughing viciously: "Driving rain is here, hahaha, Bai Yu Chun you bitch, eat pig food ...... ah ah ah ah!"

                Qin Ming saw this aside, and without waiting for them to finish, he started to raise his hand and overturned the face plate, and a large plate of driving rain was thrown at the two women, and they were covered with driving rain.

                "Ahhhhh! It stinks, it stinks!!! Aaaah!!! Vomit~!"

                "Help, help! Cough cough, I can't breathe ...... Hi vomit!"

                The two pampered girls let out a pig-killing scream of terror and fainted from the stench of the driving rain.

                Zhou Yun and Bai Yuchun both looked dumbfounded, what was going on? They were still trying to deal with Bai Yuchun, but it turned out that Qin Ming easily took care of her two followers.

                Qin Ming treated them like air, found a stool and sat down slowly.

                He asked, "Are you hurt, Pure?"

                Bai Yuchun asked worriedly, "I, I'm fine, just a little bruised. Are you alright, Qin Ming? They let you go? You should go now."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I've called the police, they don't even dare to mess around anymore."

                Zhou Yun immediately shouted at the top of her lungs, "How can that be? Brother Tiger knows people in the police station, he's not afraid to call the police."

                Qin Ming looked at Zhou Yun like an idiot and said, "I guess the lesson you learned last time wasn't enough, was it? I'm so kind, why should I let you off the hook and give you a chance to change your ways? I thought you were still a student after all, not the same as a social gangster like Wang Dalong. I was really very wrong."

                Zhou Yun fiercely grabbed Bai Yu Chun and held the broken soy sauce bottle against her neck, saying, "You poor? Pan Jun? Turbulent melon supplements? The medical electrons are not only a good way to keep the figurines alive, but also a good way to keep them alive. greeted with a tonic?!

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Oh, kill someone? Do you dare? Have you ever tasted prison? You are at least a university student, do you need me to give you a science lesson on school bullying and vicious intentional homicide other than the death penalty or life imprisonment?"

                When it came to jail, Zhou Yun was a little bit abashed, but she had lost her mind and shouted wildly, "Qin Ming, don't be complacent, when Brother Tiger comes, I'll tell you to try the nuisance of being worse than death too, Brother Tiger has money and can wipe out anything."

                "Ridiculous, what is he? He's just an ordinary man who has been emptied of his body by alcohol and sex.

                Qin Ming crossed his legs and snapped his fingers.

                At the door, two bodyguards came in immediately, they were the ones who had secretly protected Bai Yuchun before, and it was also because of these two people who had secretly made a move many times that Bai Yuchun had nothing to do in the past few days.

                But today Wang Chenghu had gone too far, forcing the whole street to be afraid of him, and making the owner of the shop where Bai Yuchun worked part-time sack Bai Yuchun altogether.

                The two bodyguards were very humiliated because they had not been able to successfully complete the task that Qin Ming had explained, and they were inevitably angry in their hearts.

                Qin Ming said, "Arrest the man for me."

                The two bodyguards acted swiftly, and just a moment after Zhou Yun was surprised, they squeezed Zhou Yun's wrist roughly with the speed of lightning, making the glass bottle in her hand fall to the ground, and then fiercely snapped Zhou Yun's arm upside down and pressed her to the ground.

                Zhou Yun could not struggle and could only scream: "Ah, let go of me, let go of me now. You'll all have to die when Tiger comes, you'll drink my piss and eat my shit, Qin Ming you poor? Pan Jun? The door is blue? Juggle? 8绲暮笮? u匆欢ɑ崛媚愫蠡塚? Li?!"

                Qin Ming stepped forward to hug the shivering Bai Yuchun, painfully said, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I'm too womanly, thinking that we are all students, how ruthless is not ......"

                Bai Yuchun shook his head and choked up, "How can I blame you for this? This would have been my trouble. If only, if only I had been a little uglier and more ordinary looking. I'm just a spoilsport, causing trouble every day. When I was in secondary school, I actually had friends. But because I was always getting into trouble, I got my friends into trouble and they stopped hanging out with me. Now, I'm dragging you into it again, oooh ...... Qin Ming you're my last friend, I can't hurt you anymore."

                Suddenly, Bai Yuchun pushed Qin Ming away, she picked up the glass on the ground and slashed it into her face.

                That white, flawless face would really not be perfect if there was a cut or two.

                Qin Ming quickly reached over and blocked the glass to death, and the shard of glass in Bai Yu Chun's hand stabbed Qin Ming in the palm of his hand.

                "Ah!" Bai Yuchun was shocked and frightened even more, she hurriedly dropped the glass fragment and cried even more: "Qin Ming, I, I didn't mean to, you, oooh ...... I, I ...... am sorry. "

                Qin Ming let the bodyguard give him a simple bandage and gently stroked Bai Yuchun's back, comforting him, "It's okay, I'm a big man, what's a little broken skin? Just don't do anything stupid again."

                Bai Yuchun bit her lip and said with self-pity, "But I, I don't deserve to have such a good friend as you."

                Qin Ming smiled as he gently wiped away the tears on Bai Yu-chun's face and said, "Then try to make yourself worthy of me, you have to be as tenacious as a little grass, got it? As long as you grow lush enough, then you will be worthy of me to surround yourself with this great tree of mine. Don't ever move to seek death or to hurt yourself."

                Bai Yu Chun's heart trembled, her heart felt a choking touch, her hazel eyes looked at Qin Ming in a daze, touched and joyful, her heart was burning with a hope again, the hope of trying to live tenaciously.

                At that moment, a roar of cars came from outside.

                A middle-aged man then shouted in horror, "Son, who is it? Who has injured you like this? I, Wang Dacai, want him to pay in blood."

Chapter 128

Bai Yuchun was already exhausted after being bullied for a round, plus she hadn't slept well last night. Qin Ming had only hugged her for a while and she fell asleep with peace of mind, and only with Qin Ming around could she sleep so peacefully.

                Qin Ming looked at the bodyguards on the side and ordered, "Take Miss Bai to the hospital, no, to my manor, and have a private doctor come and look at her."

                The bodyguards took orders and went to do so, while Zhou Yun and her two accomplices were already tied aside with their cheeks red and swollen and a dirty stench.

                Qin Ming inquired, "What use are these three women?"

                The bodyguards looked at each other and said, "Young master, we are doing legal business ah, no illegal business."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched and he made a red face, he didn't mean that either, he just wanted to arrange for these three women to do some hard work like digging coal or moving bricks so that they could be punished.

                "Eh?" Qin Ming suddenly saw the security cameras inside this small shop and suddenly had a bright idea.

                He said, "You guys take away the surveillance here and post the video online, first let these three bitches experience what it's like to be a street rat, and then when they've had enough of the bullying they've been giving others to encounter, then one hand each and they'll be barred from entering Guang City forever, or else they'll be killed without mercy."

                The bodyguard responded, "Yes."

                The same day, once Qin Ming's video was put on the Internet, it caused an uproar, the hall of a prestigious school actually happened a campus bullying incident, the key Zhou Yun three girls bullying not only Bai Yu Chun, there are some other female students, many girls have appeared to speak, accusing Zhou Yun of viciousness.

                And Zhou Yun three girls immediately became a street rat, everyone shouted, in the school began a miserable life, until a few months later could not stand to take the initiative to withdraw from school, only to be punished again by Qin Ming's bodyguards, has been scared like a rat in a ditch, this life never dared to return to the city of Canton.

                Qin Ming finished his business in the small shop before he walked out.

                There were quite a few people outside the door, Wang Dacai had come to save his son, and there was also a man Qin Ming had met once, the owner of a bar, Nian Lao Liu.

                These people were each driving luxury cars, Porsches, Maseratis, big Ben, BMWs, Lincolns ......

                The group of black-clad bodyguards who came down from the cars were also all very stout, with sharp movements and cold faces, and a powerful fierce aura emanated from them, which made a small number of passers-by who ran over to see what was going on scared their legs, not daring to stay much longer and hurrying to turn around and leave to save themselves from being affected by the ripples.

                "Turtle, who has that boy offended? The other side is very aggressive."

                "It seems that his girlfriend was taken by Wang Chenghu, so he came to fight with his best buddies, tsk, I'm not saying, how can two people beat these trained fighters of theirs?"

                "Ouch, what's that kid's name? So stupid? Is it worth putting your life on the line for a woman?"

                "Who knows what his name is, but after tonight, his family will probably be fishing for his body in the Pearl River."

                "Forget it, we can't afford to mess with him, let's stay away."

                Wang Chenghu was very happy to see his old man and Boss Nian coming, and lay on the ground and shouted, "Dad, Boss Nian, you're here, quick, help me clean up that kid."

                The crowd's eyes followed Wang Chenghu's finger and looked towards Qin Ming.

                Ah Long approached and said, "Young master, Nian Lao Liu is a loan shark in the Eastern District and has many ruthless men under him, not the same as these petty fighters like Wang Cheng Hu. However, they are all the same in front of me. I am worried that they have hidden firearms, and I am afraid that young master may be in danger, so please go first."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said confidently, "I'm standing in front of my people, he, Nian Lao Liu, wouldn't even dare to make a move on me."

                Wang Da Cai was dressed in gold and silver, with a big belly, a large bunch of keys buckled on his belt, and he could not carry a bag, typical of a rich man's style. How dare you injure my son?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and deliberately said, "My name is Ma Zhitao."

                Wang Dacai froze, then waved his hand and said, "Impossible, Ma Zhitao has been crippled by my son, I paid to settle the matter, there is no way he could ......"

                Halfway through the sentence, Wang Da Cai came back to his senses and immediately turned red and cursed, "You bastard, set me up."

                Qin Ming said, "What? You dare not admit what you have done? Your son bullies boys and girls at school, you as a father wouldn't be unaware of that, would you? Today he wanted to mess with a girl again, but I stopped him."

                Wang Dacai said, "Hmph, your woman?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "A friend of mine. If he dares to mess with my woman, I'll make sure he disappears before he even starts."

                Wang Dacai said disdainfully, "Bah, college students nowadays have such big mouths, they talk like farts. A waste of time from the ivory tower, do you really think you're an onion? Do you know how cruel this society is? Call your father or your backer to me, I'll save you the trouble later, after beating the young one to the old one, I don't have time to rub it in with you."

                Wang Chenghu and the others also helped each other to stand up.

                He laughed in triumph, "Hey, hey, Qin Ming you poor? Pan Jun? 阃炅耍???!

                One of the junior brothers regained his original arrogance and said, "Do you know who the person coming is? This is Boss Nian, the underground overlord who swept through the Eastern District."

                "I'm sure this kid won't be able to take the beating later and will kneel down and beg for mercy."

                "He's scared out of his wits, huh? He dares to go against our Brother Tiger, don't you know that our Brother Tiger has a deep background? Don't you know how powerful Boss Nian's forces are?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Wang Chenghu, are you not taking a lesson? Wang Youcai, are you not taking the mistake your son made seriously? Think it's right for him to bully men and women?"

                Wang Youcai laughed, laughing nonchalantly as he looked at Qin Ming like he was an idiot: "Has this kid been studying stupidly? Hey, hey, hey, haha, isn't this society a man-eating man society? I made my fortune by eating people, didn't I? I taught my tiger son by example, how about that? Only when I am evil will people fear me and I will be able to call the shots. What kind of country bumpkin are you? Your wild father let me take a look?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he hated people using his family to insult him, his family was his bottom line, these two fathers and sons were really irredeemable.

                Wang Chenghu got excited, he rubbed his hands together and said sarcastically, "Dad, Boss Nian, what's the point of talking so much? I can't wait to see this kid kneeling in front of me, wagging his tail and begging for mercy, I want to wipe out my shame, hahaha."

                "Dad, you can rest assured. I've already investigated, this kid has no background, three years of poor school students, just a little ability to read, one of his fellow villagers even said he is just pure? The only thing I can say about him is that he's a pure? The company's business is a very important one. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services to the public. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. The company is a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of California. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The problem is that the two of them are not the same. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The man is a very good man.

                "I had thought he was easy to deal with, so I cleaned up after myself, only to find out that the kid can fight quite well. He also has a good helper, otherwise ...... humph."

                Wang Youcai's mind was set when he heard this... No background? How dare you go against his son? It is really a lantern in the toilet, looking for death (shit) ah.

                Wang Youcai turned back to Nian Lao Liu, who had been silent, and said, "Boss Nian, the guy around this kid looks like he can fight, so I'll leave it to you, and I'll leave that kid to me."

                Nian Lao Liu didn't make a sound, his expression was hesitating.

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "Nian Lao Liu, what are you doing here? Do you want a lesson?"

                Qin Ming's calm question plunged the solemn atmosphere of the scene into an inexplicable awkwardness, Wang Chenghu and Wang Youcai and their junior disciples all looked back at Nian Lao Liu in shock, they knew each other?

                Moreover, Qin Ming's attitude towards Nian Lao Liu was arrogant, what was going on?