Rags To Riches Chapter 125-126

 Chapter 125

Qin Ming hurriedly arrived at a street outside the school. The road, which was usually crowded, now looked rather deserted.

                A few student-like people pulled up a banner, placed a bunch of ice-cream buckets and put up a sign saying 'Road collapse, repair in progress'.

                Qin Ming tried to go in, but was stopped.

                Wang Chenghu's junior said with an iron bar, "This road is closed, go away."

                Qin Ming was immediately furious, putting out people like fire, he kicked out and sent the little brother flying, growling, "Then let's see who gets out!"

                The other boys looked at him and said, "Oh no? They were bored and immediately gathered around.

                Qin Ming saw that there were quite a few of them, six more, so he would have to take a bit of time and get a bit of colour to clean up.

                "Hmph, kid, are you tired of living? Go back to your studies, nerd."

                "Too late, now let's teach you a good lesson."

                "This kind of nerd is just untidy."

                Qin Ming looked cold and stern, his anger could no longer be contained, and walked past without hiding.

                Some passers-by who were curious as to why the road was closed persuaded, "Are you crazy, young man? What are you messing with when the road collapses in front of you?"

                "That's right, isn't that giving the staff a hard time?"

                "College students are so lawless nowadays, is it hard to take a detour?"

                "Yah, is this kid an idiot?"

                Qin Ming turned a deaf ear to the sneers and misunderstandings of the passers-by as he just walked on.

                Those who attempted to attack him only raised their hands before they were lifted up from behind like chickens by Qin Ming's bodyguards and thrown aside, punched and kicked, and couldn't stand up.

                The only person who rushed to Qin Ming was kicked away by Ah Long, who had been following him, and his ribs were shattered, leaving him sprawled on the ground spitting blood and foam.

                Those passers-by who had just come together were dumbfounded and shut their mouths one by one, while their hearts had already set off waves, thinking that it was so cool that Qin Ming had helpers, that he did nothing but walk straight past and his opponents were all taken care of by his men.

                Ah Long grunted, "These people are really bold, posing as government workers and forcing a road closure, do they really think they are the King of Heaven?"

                Qin Ming remained silent and quickly rushed towards the small shop where Bai Yu Chun was working.

                After Qin Ming walked past, one of the junior brothers endured the pain, lying on the ground and took out his mobile phone, calling Wang Chenghu: "Hello? Brother Tiger, someone has broken in, it seems to be that Qin Ming, and he has three helpers. You have to be careful, we can't beat them."

                On the other end of the phone, Wang Chenghu cursed, "What? You can't beat him? They can't even beat the three doggy bastards in their dormitory, what a waste."

                Wang Chenghu hung up the phone and looked at Bai Yuchun with a hideous smile, saying, "Haha, it took no effort to get here after stepping through iron shoes, that bastard Qin Ming is coming over, I've prepared a big gift for him."

                Boom boom!

                On the side, Wang Chenghu's boys rode several modified motorbikes, throttling up and putting a rope on the rear rack, apparently to tie up Qin Ming and drag him to the street.

                Bai Yuchun was so frightened that her skin was as white as snow.

                She didn't care anymore and took out her mobile phone to call 911.

                But with a snap, she was kicked away by Zhou Yun, who said angrily, "You bitch, you still want to call the police? Yuck, dream on."


                Zhou Yun's high heels shattered that Vivo's thousand-dollar phone with one foot.

                Bai Yuchun's heart trembled as she looked at the phone that had been turned into pieces, a gift from Qin Ming. The moment the phone shattered, it was as if her connection with Qin Ming had been cut off, and a feeling of suffocation spread throughout her body.

                Bai Yuchun flew up and held the shattered phone in her hands with trembling hands, "My phone."

                Zhou Yun said disdainfully, "A rubbish domestic machine, look how precious you are, really poor people with poor insight."

                Wang Chenghu took a puff of his cigarette and said in a sarcastic voice, "Yo, the main character is here, a good show is on, hahaha."

                The boys around him burst into laughter, and they all took out their weapons, either water pipes, golf clubs or baseball bats, and gathered around them in an exaggerated manner.

                Qin Ming's face was sullen as he walked straight over with his hands empty.

                The two bodyguards had already gone to deal with those who were deliberately blocking the road, and Qin Ming was followed by Ah Long.

                Qin Ming saw that all the shops around were closed, while Bai Yuchun was pulled to the ground by Zhou Yun by her hair, the skin on her left arm was scraped and bleeding, a pang of heartache, she was such a peaceful girl, but she was forced to this side.

                Wang Chenghu arrogantly spat out his smoke: "Qin Ming, you poor? The actual fact is that you can't get a good deal on your own. The first step of the process is to get to the heart of the matter. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. 

                The last time Zhou Yun saw Qin Ming, she remembered the last time she was stormed by Qin Ming, resulting in an injury by her ear, she was extremely hateful inside, but she was now at ease because she had a big backer, Wang Cheng Hu, the school's little bully.

                The little brother at the side also laughed out loud, "Laughing out loud, just two of them, what are they doing if they are not here to die?"

                Zhou Yun arrogantly said, "Brother Tiger, is he afraid he's not here to lick your shoes and beg for mercy? Brother Tiger, later on, I want this kid to kneel in front of me and beg for forgiveness, I want him to drink my urine and eat my shit. And make him watch this bitch Bai Yu Chun get fucked by all the brothers and be helpless to do anything about it. I'll see if he can still pop? I'll see if he can still get up."

                Bai Yuchun looked at Qin Ming who had rushed in, her forehead still a little sweaty, she could no longer hold back, her eyes rushing down like a flood that had broken the bank.

                She choked out, "Qin Ming, you shouldn't have come and left me alone. There are too many of them. For my sake, how can I let you get involved?"

                Zhou Yun pooh-poohed, "Yo, you bitch is still quite smitten? But soon you'll be reunited together in the hospital, don't worry."

                A little brother shouted, "There's no headmaster to save you today, because Principal Liao has been rammed into the hospital by our Brother Tiger looking for someone. Hahahahaha."

                What? This Wang Chenghu had actually laid hands on Principal Liao?

                The anger in Qin Ming's heart could no longer be suppressed, and his fists were almost clenched to bleed.

                His friends, Zhao Liniu, Sun Zhipeng, Liang Shaoyong, Bai Yuchun, his benefactor Principal Liao, had all been bullied by Wang Chenghu while he was away, he felt so sorry for his friends, he was a failure.

                Why did he have to be so kind when he had inherited the richest man in the world and possessed so much ability?

                At the beginning, when he saw Wang Chenghu looking for trouble, wouldn't a phone call have finished him off?

                He let out a long sigh, "I'm really too kind, for trash, one doesn't deserve to give a chance, let alone love to give any pity."

                The minions snorted, "Huh? Is this guy out of his mind? He's too kind?"

                "That day in the dining hall, but he was scolded by Brother Tiger for not daring to do anything for a round."

                "In the end, you still don't rely on women, if it wasn't for that spinster of a headmaster, you, the king of soft rice, would have been killed by Brother Tiger."

                "I'm also drunk when a man can be such a loser as you and still be self-absorbed."

                A blond-haired little brother walked over carrying a water pipe, cocked his head, poked Qin Ming disdainfully and said, "I don't even need Brother Tiger to do it, I'll take you down by myself, you know? Punk, know what's good for you and go to Brother Tiger on your knees and beg for mercy."

                Qin Ming gave him a cold glance, and the blond-haired little brother's heart inexplicably trembled as he took three steps back.

                Qin Ming raised the corner of his mouth and took out something from his trouser pocket and said, "Wang Chenghu, I've come to return something to you, the big tooth that I knocked out of you in the dining hall yesterday."

                When Wang Chenghu saw his big tooth, his face changed and he suddenly threw his cigarette in a rage and said, "Damn you, Qin Ming, you want to die."

Chapter 126

The moment Qin Ming took out Wang Chenghu's big tooth, it was undoubtedly a hard slap in his face, once again disgracing him.

                Yesterday Qin Ming had knocked him down with one punch and lost a big tooth, and at that time he was a little dizzy and couldn't stand up.

                At that time, Qin Ming was already ready for a fight and a few of his juniors were not able to suppress him.

                Instead of saying that Principal Liao had saved Qin Ming, it would be more appropriate to say that Principal Liao had saved Wang Chenghu.

                However, this morning, Wang Chenghu spent 100,000 yuan to bribe a jobless young man to drive his car and injure Principal Liao, which is really revenge.

                Wang Chenghu hates to lose face, especially in front of his own little brother, twice, how can he stand it?

                He had no choice but to lose face.

                Wang Chenghu grabbed his stick and shouted, "Get this bitch Bai Yuchun into the shop, when I've crippled Qin Ming, the soft-boiled king, I'll grass her in front of this punk, wait for me to grass."

                Zhou Yun and two girls from the same dormitory, immediately pulled Bai Yuchun to the fast food shop, what closed? The group went straight in by banging on the door.

                The street was a stern atmosphere, there was no one around, it was just Qin Ming and Wang Chenghu, two groups of people.

                Wang Chenghu's eyes were about to burst into flames as he walked towards Qin Ming and shouted, "Qin Ming, I want you to die, but I won't let you die so easily, hahahahaha. Two years ago, I tortured a man called Ma Zhitao, I first broke his arms and legs, then hung him up and cut his skin and flesh, piece by piece, like the ancient lynching."

                "Then I poured him into a pile of ants, and his screams of misery were the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard, ahaha."

                "You'll be even worse, the chipping stick have you heard of it? Not only will I abuse Bai Yu Chun in front of you, but I will abuse your family in front of you."

                "Unless you kneel down immediately, crawl in front of me and become my human pet dog, I will consider targeting only you and spare your family."

                The slap was crisp and pleasing to the ear.

                When Qin Ming slapped him, Wang Chenghu, who was shouting vigorously, didn't even react, or didn't even think that Qin Ming would really dare to do it, he had a large number of brothers behind him.

                Wang Chenghu was bewildered by the blow, and he shouted furiously, "Don't you fucking understand human language?"

                Pa pa pa pa~!

                Qin Ming backhanded and slapped him three more times with such force that Wang Chenghu's face turned red.

                The slaps were extremely hard, Wang Chenghu's body deflected, stumbled and fell to the ground.

                He wiped the corner of his mouth, which was bleeding.

                Wang Chenghu finally woke up from the blow, he screamed with an owl and swung his stick to whip over, but Qin Ming flew up and kicked him in the wrist, the stick flew away.

                It fell to the ground with a bang.

                Qin Ming kicked him again with all his might, stepping on Wang Chenghu's chest, and with a poof, his ribs broke and he spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

                Wang Chenghu's mouth was full of blood and he couldn't stand up from the pain.

                This ...... happened suddenly, but for a few seconds, the crowd thought Qin Ming would be knocked down by Wang Chenghu, but they did not expect Wang Chenghu to be stepped on by Qin Ming in three or two strokes.

                Who is Qin Ming? Although he hadn't fought in four years, Qin Ming worked tomorrow, his body was exercised, his fitness was well maintained, and his ruthlessness never disappeared and was always hidden deep inside.

                The son of a wealthy man, Wang Chenghu is nothing but a brutal man who is on the road to sex every day, and has long since emptied his body of alcohol and sex.

                Qin Ming knocked down Wang Chenghu in three or two moves, which was both unexpected and reasonable.

                "You're dead, you're absolutely dead." Wang Chenghu only felt his cheeks burning hot and painful all over his body, he sprayed people with blood in his mouth, "Let's go together and waste this kid."

                The crowd of minions responded with a call, a total of more than twenty people swung various iron bars and rushed towards Qin Ming.

                Ah Long smiled disdainfully and calmly stepped forward to block in front of Qin Ming, saying, "Young master, don't worry, no one can get within one meter of your body."

                The twenty or so people under Wang Chenghu were not only some of the self-serving gangsters from the school, but also some of the socially rotten people who were not capable of anything, but were just acting as accomplices for the tiger by virtue of Wang Chenghu's name.

                Who is Ah Long? The ex-soldier king who easily took down Qin Ming's highly paid professional bodyguards.

                Like a wolf entering a flock of sheep, Ah Long took down these minions with just one punch each, it didn't even take more than that, his fist reached the flesh, breaking bones and breaking skin, those iron bars didn't even have time to swing down before all these minions fell down.




                Wang Chenghu's minions, without even touching Ah Long's flesh, were all knocked to the ground, their bodies in pain so much that they couldn't even crawl up.

                Some of them tried to run over with their motorbikes, but were kicked away by Ah Long after dodging, which was simply lame.

                Wang Chenghu was furious again and pounced on him again, trying to fight with Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming dodged his fist and hit him in the jaw with the same punch, a move that sent Wang Chenghu flying like a leather ball.

                With a loud poof, Wang Chenghu fell to the ground again, losing another big tooth.

                Qin Ming stepped on Wang Chenghu's right foot and with a click, the bone broke.

                "Ahhhhhh!" Wang Chenghu screamed heartbreakingly, his body bowing into a ball as he wailed loudly, "Bastard, you scum, pouncing on the street. Ah, my foot, my foot."

                Qin Ming said with an expressionless face, "Didn't you say you wanted to kill me? Come on, I'm waiting for you, I can't wait for you to fuck me to death."

                Wang Chenghu was not afraid, but angry, angry that he had failed once again, lost to this poor man who had no background and whose clothes and shoes did not amount to a hundred dollars. Pan Jun? The moisture content of the moisture is not a problem. The tax.? He was angry that he had once again lost to this poor man who had no background and whose clothes and shoes were not even a hundred dollars. The first time I saw him, he was a poor man with no background and his clothes and shoes were not even a hundred dollars. The first time I saw him, I was able to see him.

                The first thing I remember is that in the summer of my junior year, my rival found a dozen social youths to deal with me. Oh, to be honest, I got beaten up pretty badly that night, but they couldn't get a good deal, and three of them had their ears bitten off by me."

                "Later, those social youths who had lost their ears, came after me once every three to five days, they got more and more people, at most more than fifty people at one time, it all became a local sensation, only the media was suppressed."

                "More than fifty people beat me up alone, guess what happened to me in the end?"

                Qin Ming deliberately paused as he looked at Wang Chenghu's eyes, which had indeed changed, from anger to a lot more shock, as if realising that he had underestimated Qin Ming as a person.

                Qin Ming continued, "In the end I finished high school and went to university in peace, and cleaned up my act to be a scholar, they are still sitting in jail now, with more than twenty years to go in prison."

                Wang Chenghu's pupils shrank, but then he suddenly laughed out loud, "Hahahaha, you threatened me? Qin Ming you threaten me, huh? You are afraid, afraid that I will retaliate afterwards, hahahaha. Let me tell you, my dad has all the connections and money. The director of the Guangcheng prison had tea with my dad, and the city leaders also gave my dad face. My dad has a lot of money, and for today's incident, I'll dump a vote of money down, a lot of scapegoats, and I'll have nothing to do with it because I have money."

                "I also tell you, the East City's underground bully Nian boss is our family's backer, ahem ...... you poor? Pan Jun? Vantage bun bun play? Our? information star? hydrazine moisture Γ磕阃甑傲恕!


                Qin Ming indifferently threw over a mobile phone and said, "You can try and call over all the backers you find useful. I'll be waiting."

                Wang Chenghu hurriedly picked up the phone and quickly dialed his dad's number, "Hello? Dad, come to the school to save me, I've been seriously injured, the other party is very capable of fighting, tell Boss Nian to send some experts. Hmph ...... hahahaha, Qin Ming you are dead, you are dead. Do you think that Boss Nian's people are the same as students like us? Even if you can fight, you are still dregs in front of a real ruthless person like Boss Nian."

                Qin Ming no longer bothered to look at Wang Chenghu and walked quickly towards the inside of that fast food restaurant.