Rags To Riches Chapter 123-124

 Chapter 123

Under Qin Ming's questioning, Zhao Liniu had to tell the truth.

                "Last night, Wang Chenghu suddenly brought a group of his minions to look for you, but you weren't there, so he took it out on us and beat us up."

                "He also asked for your book table, I thought I was just an average reader and your books were more important, so I reported my location and they smashed my computer and tore up all the books."

                "He said he would get back at you, Ming, how did you mess with that kind of person. That's a bully."

                Qin Ming looked over at Zhao Liniu's desk, the chair was rotten, the desk was written with many insults and the books were all gone.

                Then looking at the bruises on the three brothers' faces, they must have been beaten badly last night.

                Zhao Liniu is the oldest of the four in the dormitory, so everyone respects him more and calls him Brother Niu. Zhao Liniu is also very sympathetic to them, especially knowing that Qin Ming's family is poor, he takes special care of Qin Ming in life.

                When Qin Ming saw Wang Chenghu bullying his best friend of three years in college, he was so angry that he clenched his fist and said, "That scum, don't you have the guts to come at me? Find innocent people to vent, what kind of man is that?"

                Suddenly, Qin Ming's mobile phone rang.

                The bodyguard on the other end of the phone said, "Young master, something is wrong, there are only two of us, I'm afraid we can't protect Miss Bai's safety."

                "What's going on?" Qin Ming frowned, these two people should be the bodyguards who were arranged to secretly protect Bai Yuchun's side, in terms of strength, they had no problem at all, why did they say they couldn't protect her? Wouldn't they escape if they couldn't fight?

                The bodyguard said, "Young master, the situation is a bit complicated, that Wang Chenghu and Zhou Yun have colluded together and played some tricks, it is no longer a problem that can be solved by violence alone. It's better for you to take a look in person, I'm afraid something might happen to Miss Bai if you come late."

                Qin Ming's heart stuttered, that Zhou Yun from Bai Yu Chun's dormitory? She had actually colluded with Wang Chenghu?

                His friends in college, apart from the three brothers in the dormitory, were Zhang Xiaoyan from his class, Bai Yuchun from the business school, and Nie Haitang from the badminton club, all of whom were his classmates, and he was very happy with them, and each of them Qin Ming treasured very much.

                Now, because of him, Wang Chenghu is preying on his friends around him, how can this be tolerated?

                Did he really think that all honest people would die in silence? Did he really think that Qin Ming had no bottom line?

                Qin Ming first called Song Ying and told her to start preparing for what was to follow. He hung up the phone and said, "Brother Niu, don't worry, I will definitely get this justice back for you."

                Zhao Li Niu immediately pulled Qin Ming and said, "Xiao Ming don't, they are bullies, they know people in the society, they are vicious, we can't fight them."

                Liang Shaoyong also said, "Let's hide for a while, when the storm has passed, we can still live our lives the same way. There are some people we can't afford to mess with."

                Sun Zhipeng also said, "We are all injured, so I really don't want to see you get hurt too. I heard that Wang Chenghu chased a girl before, and that girl had a boyfriend, so Wang Chenghu directly broke the girl's boyfriend's leg, and that girl promised Wang Chenghu in order to keep her boyfriend from getting hurt, and as a result, that girl was played with by Wang Chenghu and his boys that night, and even recorded a video. In the end both that girl and the boy dropped out of school. And afterwards they both dared not report the incident for fear of retaliation."

                Qin Ming's face chilled as he listened, what a cruel guy.

                Zhao Li Niu sighed: "The Wang family is a rich family, rich, have connections, many things can be wiped out, can not be wiped out, smashing money, there is always a price to smash the heart of people. A girl from the Mechanical and Electrical College next door was also slept with by Wang Chenghu. The parents came to the school to ask for an explanation, and Wang Chenghu's father settled the matter with two million dollars.

                The more Qin Ming listened, the more he felt shuddered, this lawless guy, in the end, who condoned this?

                Before Qin Ming could walk out of the door, three rascally guys suddenly came to the entrance of the dormitory, they did not look like students of this school.

                The three men were very arrogant and haughty, pointing at Qin Ming and asking, "Huh? There are four losers today, you don't have any injuries on your face, you are Qin Ming, right?"

                Zhao Liniu hurriedly said, "He, he's not, he's the host ...... next door"

                Qin Ming graciously admitted, "I am Qin Ming."

                Oops, the three dormitory brothers all looked chagrined, how could they have admitted it? A good man doesn't want to lose.

                The leader of the group, a thin face, slapped Zhao Li Niu: "Damn, lying to me? I'm Master Zhang under Brother Tiger, how dare you lie to Master Zhang?"

                With a slap, Zhao Liniu was knocked to the ground, daring to speak out in anger.

                Qin Ming's face was cold to the core as he said, "If you break your own arm and apologise to my brother, I will forgive your rudeness."


                Those three Wang Chenghu's junior brothers had a teasing look on their faces as they laughed, "This kid is a fool, right? No wonder he offended our Brother Tiger. If you kid breaks your own stroke, I won't waste your legs and bring you to Brother Tiger."

                "Hahahaha, Master Zhang, this kid has probably watched too much island anime, it's called middle-aged sickness, many college students have this problem nowadays."

                "I'm laughing my ass off, how dare you ask us to cut our hands off? Wait, I'll rip your head off and give it to Brother Tiger as a chair."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth smiled coldly as he craned his neck and stretched his muscles, his gloomy, icy face exuding an air of street bravery and ruthlessness.

                Wang Chenghu's three little brothers were all startled because Qin Ming's temperament had suddenly changed.

                Originally quite literary and scholarly, he suddenly became like the feeling of a brawler in a fighting arena, giving off a ruthless feeling.

                Qin Ming calmly rubbed his fingers and said, "I once swore to say goodbye to street fighting for good and not to be a gangster. To break your hands today is not to say that I am so great, but anyone who bullies my friends must pay ten times the price."

                That skinny-faced Master Zhang felt shaken by Qin Ming's aura and suddenly became irritated, suddenly shouting, "Grass, do you think you're Chow Yun Fat? Brother, beat him up."

                But he was about to rush up when Qin Ming gave a quicker kick and tucked him out, and with a bang, that Master Zhang crashed into the wall of the corridor outside the dormitory, shattering the bones in his back and causing pain all over his body.

                "Ah, brother help me."

                And the other two, swung to hit over, but Qin Ming's fists were faster, more vicious and more accurate.

                "Ouch, crap."

                "Hmph, this guy is so ruthless."

                Bang, bang, bang, bang, the three wrestled, a melee, their fists hitting Qin Ming as if scratching an itch, while Qin Ming punched to the bone, hitting the three so softly that they could not stand up.

                But after only a minute, the fight was over.

                Qin Ming wiped the blood from his fists, all from the faces of these three yakuza, and said disdainfully, "Unbeatable, not as good as a woman I fought with for years back then."

                He found an iron bar and cut open the hand of the skinny face that had just slapped Zhao Li Niu.

                A student from the next dormitory over asked in awe, "Ah, what are you doing, Qin Ming? This man has already passed out."

                Qin Ming saw that someone was recording the video, but didn't panic; after today, Wang Chenghu and his minions would disappear from Guangcheng City, so it didn't matter to him.

                He said, "You guys just watch, this is what happens when you bully my brothers."


                The iron rod smashed down, and the hand of the thin-faced one at the head broke with a sound.

                "Ahhhh!" That Master Zhang screamed his heart out, screamed his shit out, and his body trembled and shuddered as he actually spasmed and jerked out.

                "You, you ......" Master Zhang looked up at Qin Ming in awe, unable to say a second word for half a day.

                Boom! Qin Ming stomped down on the broken bone, and Master Zhang screamed in pain once again, the sound as desperate as it could be.

                Zhao Liniu and the others in the dormitory watched, instead of feeling that Qin Ming was bloody and brutal, they felt great, how badly they had been beaten last night, how great they felt now.

                Qin Ming asked, "What is Wang Chenghu doing? How is he and Zhou Yun working together and what is he going to do to Bai Yu Chun? Speak, and you will be spared for now; if you don't, your hands and feet will be cut off."

                "I'm telling you, I'm telling you ......" Master Zhang was sweating profusely and his face was pale as he pleaded, "He threatened Bai Yuchun's class with deliberate hostility, all kinds of language mocking her, abusing her, humiliating her, and unless she promised to be Tiger's girlfriend, these situations will not stop."

                "Moreover, Brother Tiger approached the shop where Bai Yuchun worked part-time, looking for people to fetch trouble and wreak havoc, forcing Bai Yuchun to fail to do her part-time job. Unless she agrees to be Tiger's girlfriend."

                "Now Brother Tiger is leading people inside the xx stir-fry shop, causing trouble. However, Brother Tiger has little patience left, he plans to use force today. xx The roads near the stir-fry shop have all been closed by Brother Tiger's men, he has spent a lot of money this time, and we are also hired by him to come in to the school."

                "Brother, I'll say everything, please let me go, I'm just following orders."

                Qin Ming kicked this Master Zhang unconscious and quickly carved towards a fast food restaurant outside the school.

                He was not afraid of any fish slipping through the net, because, today would be the day that Wang Chenghu's gang would be destroyed.

Chapter 124

It was noon in a small fast food restaurant off the university campus, and it was a crowded time, but today's customers were rather special, not like they were here to eat.

                Bai Yuchun is helping to order food in the shop, but she is obviously a bit trembling today because there are too many immodest people in the shop, especially when she sees Wang Chenghu, who once confessed his love to her in public and stalked her after being rejected.

                She had already lost two part-time jobs last night because of Wang Chenghu's deliberate disruption, and if she lost this one today, she would be cut off from her living expenses.

                At the widest table in the shop, a woman dressed up in a flamboyant way was none other than Bai Yu-chun's housemate Zhou Yun.

                She arrogantly slapped the table and said, "Yah, why is it so slow? I'm starving to death, Bai Yuchun, how did you become a waitress? You're a loser, do you know that? Still from the same school as me, and you're actually working as a lowly job like a waiter, hey puke, bad luck."

                Zhou Yun was deliberately looking for trouble, Bai Yuchun knew very well that she used to find trouble with her like this too.

                She also didn't understand why Zhou Yun had hooked up with Wang Chenghu.

                Bai Yuchun timidly but said, "The kitchen is still doing it."

                With a bang, Zhou Yun smashed the cup in front of Bai Yuchun and said in a domineering manner, "Serve the food, are you fucking deaf? What? Do you believe I'll smack you for being so stingy?"

                Zhou Yun got up and approached Bai Yuchun step by step, pointing at the bruises on her cheeks and ears, and yelling like a madman, "You're a scourge, ever since I lived in the same dormitory with you, I haven't had a single day of comfort, and I even got my face blown up by that Qin Ming because of you."

                Zhou Yun's two female followers also gathered around her unkindly, blocking her retreat and preventing her from leaving.

                Zhou Yun walked up with a sardonic smile and yanked out Bai Yu Chun's hair as she said, "Hahaha, you poor pussy. I heard that your man has gone to pick up a rich white girl from the business school again, she has money and a face, what do you have? Apart from this face, what do you have?"

                Zhou Yun roughly pushed Bai Yuchun to the ground. Bai Yuchun shrank her shoulders in fear and whispered, "Please, please, please, please."

                When Zhou Yun saw the scared and frightened Bai Yuchun, her heart was overwhelmed with excitement as she tugged on Bai Yuchun's hair and cursed, "I've already dumped that useless trash Wang Dalong. Damn it, is your man's name Qin Ming? Oh, you think you're great just because you can fight? My boyfriend now is Wang Cheng Hu, he is the school's little bully, one finger of Brother Tiger is enough to poke him to death."

                Zhou Yun dragged this Bai Yu Chun by the hair and pulled her to Wang Cheng Hu.

                Wang Chenghu turned back proudly, nuzzled his chin and laughed, "That's right, it's exactly me, this big master."

                Zhou Yun cupped Bai Yuchun's chin and said, "It's your good fortune in your past life that Brother Tiger has taken a fancy to you. From now on, I will be the big one and you will be the little one. Serve me and Brother Tiger, got it?"

                Bai Yuchun's hair was yanked to the point of pain and she shook her head desperately.

                "Pah," Zhou Yun threw another slap across her face and said angrily, "Shame on you? You're still not satisfied with sharing a man with me? What? Damn, I've bullied a hundred or fifty women in high school, how could I have fallen into your hands? Bitch. I'm always pissed off at your arrogant attitude. You're a poor cunt from the mountains of Sichuan province, and you're being bullied by a bunch of stinkers. How can you be so proud of yourself? I'm sorry. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. If it wasn't for the headmaster yesterday, Brother Tiger would have killed him."

                A junior said proudly, "Hahaha, the principal couldn't come today, and I don't know if he can come later."

                Zhou Yun was overjoyed and gave Wang Chenghu a very adoring look.

                Wang Chenghu smiled lightly, "Oh, a car accident should be laid up for three or two months, it seems that he even broke a hand. I'm not worried about my brother's work, he'll be out in a year and a half after doing a job for 100,000 yuan. Follow me, Wang Chenghu, it's easy to earn money, whoever does it will know."

                The surrounding youngsters cheered, "Brother Tiger is a bully."

                "Brother Tiger is powerful."

                "That old woman Liao Qing deserves to die, she dared to ask our Brother Tiger to punish him for three hours, she is simply the reincarnation of the exterminator."

                "You think the headmaster is so great? Our Brother Tiger is the one who is rich is the bully."

                Wang Chenghu listened to his men's praise and said smugly, "Nonsense, in this world, there is no problem that money cannot solve. For example, I've closed these two streets, so I'll just spend more money and get more people, and I'll let whoever I want in, and let all those who don't want in go around."

                One of the junior brothers bragged, "Brother Tiger is the king's law, he can close the road when he says so, I am convinced."

                Wang Chenghu looked at Bai Yuchun and said, "We'll do it on the main road later, a threesome on the main road in broad daylight, hahaha, I've never tried it before, it must be exciting. Anyway, I've closed the road, no one will pass by, don't worry, I don't like fucking being watched either."

                Bai Yu Chun's body trembled with fear, she kept shaking her head desperately resisting.

                Even if Zhou Yun she was already Wang Chenghu's woman, she was still a bit trembling in fear when faced with such a perverted preference of his.

                But Zhou Yun clearly understood that her current strength was given by Wang Chenghu, and she could not anger him.

                Otherwise, without Wang Chenghu as her backer, she would have to turn into a respectful situation towards Bai Yu-chun again.

                She stared at Bai Yuchun viciously, thinking, "Isn't he just good-looking? When I get the chance later, I'll slowly torture you bitch."

                At this moment, the shop owner came out somewhat nervously, and he helplessly threw his salary to Bai Yuchun, saying, "Bai student, I'm afraid of you. This is your salary for these few days, so don't come back in the future. Classmates you should not make a scene either. It's not easy for us to run a small business, we're closing down today."

                Wang Chenghu rubbed his fingers together and threatened, "Boss, so many of us brothers haven't eaten yet. After being left out for most of the day by you, do you have to compensate us for the loss of time?"

                The owner of the fast food restaurant shook his head darkly, and looking at the room of punks, he took out 10,000 yuan and handed it to Wang Chenghu, closing the door and leaving.

                In a short while, the other shops along the whole road followed suit and closed down to avoid getting into trouble, and there was only Bai Yuchun and Wang Chenghu's people left in the Noe Long Street.

                It was truly empty.

                Wang Chenghu patted the money in his hand and said, "Bai Yuchun, did you see that? This is me, my skills, my abilities. I call the shots here, I am the king's law. Isn't following me better than that scum Qin Ming? He went to pick up Nie Haitang yesterday, she's a rich white girl, you're just a poor pussy. Qin Ming is a scum, trash, punk, soft-skinned king, coward, wimp, sweeper."

                "Didn't Principal Liao help him yesterday? Today she's in hospital because of a man-made car accident, where is he? He's hiding out, huh? I would have liked to have cleaned him up last night."

                "I don't know where that wimp has gone to watch the door and wash the dishes for someone, but I'll clean up his roommate then. Isn't he a good reader? I'll burn all his books, hahaha."

                "Zhou Yun is now my girlfriend, he hurt my Zhou Yun before, so I want him to pay ten times the price now."

                As soon as Bai Yu Chun heard Wang Cheng Hu insult Qin Ming, she couldn't hold back, originally fearing her, and didn't know where she got the courage to raise her head.

                She gritted her teeth and said, "No, Qin Ming he is excellent, a hundred or ten thousand times better than you. Moreover, I have known for a long time that Qin Ming likes Miss Nie, from the very beginning when we met. But I just liked him, I just couldn't stop liking him, I liked everything about him, I just liked him. I'll say yes to anything he asks. And you, you're the one who's a piece of trash."

                The more Wang Chenghu listened, the hotter he got, what makes a poor man like Qin Ming? Pan Jun???? Zi Yiyi knocked on the Cong not dingke? The more he heard, the more fire he got. The actual fact is that the actual person is not a person. The actual website is a great way to get the most out of your website.

                Wang Chenghu suddenly burst into a rage and shouted, "Laozi is not trash, you are the trash, Laozi hates it when people call me trash!"

                He dragged Bai Yuchun, pulling her to the side of the road, and roared, "Bai Yuchun, today I will make you desperate, unable to live or die. Not to mention Qin Ming, Jesus can't even save you, I Wang Chenghu said so!"

                Wang Chenghu said, "You call him and tell him to come. If he comes, he's a dead dog, if he doesn't come, he's a wimp."

                Bai Yuchun was holding her mobile phone, she was so helpless, what should she do?

                What should she do? Call Qin Ming? She wouldn't dare to call Qin Ming in such a situation, there were so many people in Wang Chenghu, calling Qin Ming to come over, wouldn't that be a disservice to Qin Ming?

                She was determined to call the police.