Rags To Riches Chapter 121-122

 Chapter 121

Wang Xiaoli was madly tugging at Qin Ming, frothing at the mouth and spewing curses: "It's all because of you, this poor? ##*##..."

                After tugging for a while, Wang Xiaoli found that she could not tug Qin Ming, so she hammered her fist over.

                Wang Jing also had a hard time, her eyes dull, sitting helplessly on the ground.

                She muttered: "Oh, Qin Ming you won the lottery and swell? This kind of problem can be solved by money? People Qi family is a luxury family lack of your little money? Even if you are poor, can you be more mature in your thinking?"

                Zhang Qingqing also said, "Qin Ming, do not blindly get involved, it's not your business, come back. Do you know how to protect yourself? If you piss people off, even we will suffer."

                Qin Ming sighed and said, "Maybe you didn't talk properly, the other side is angry, I'll go over and try, it might work."

                Qin Ming walked over and the doctor was resuscitating the dog.

                Qin Ming asked, "How is it? Can it be saved?"

                The doctor said, "Fortunately, I learned some veterinary medicine, the stab is not a fatal wound, some blood loss, but stop bleeding, should not be life-threatening, but to hurry to send to the veterinary hospital."

                Hearing that the baby pet dog is fine, Ouyang Qian mood immediately much better again, she gratefully said to Qin Ming: "Young master, thank you so much, thanks to you to help me call a doctor. I was also too angry and forgot to resuscitate first. Eh, by the way, young master those people are your friends?"

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "Well ...... sort of. Mrs. Qi, can ......"

                Ouyang Qian hurriedly said, "Yes, of course I can, when the young master opened his golden mouth, of course I can no longer be so capricious. In fact, young master, you do not misunderstand, I grabbed them just to go and scare them, absolutely no intention to hurt them."

                Qi Miao Miao said in surprise, "I was wondering who had bagged the best Royal Pavilion, but it turned out to be you, young master. Since it was the young master who asked, then we won't bother with them."

                Qin Ming went back to the back and said, "Uh, they said they won't pursue it. You guys just don't worry about it."

                "Ah?" The women were stunned, also including Zhang Haoyun, only Zhou Yu had expected it.

                Zhang Qingqing looked surprised: "How is it possible, you convinced them in just a few words? Your mouth iron teeth can not?"

                Wang Xiaoli, who was dizzy from crying, suddenly stopped her tears and got up and tugged Qin Ming, saying, "Really? You didn't lie to me? Really? You convinced them not to pursue the case? Didn't you?"

                Wang Jing's desperate eyes also revealed a little bit of life.

                She said pitifully, "Really?"

                At this time, Ouyang Qian came over and took the hand of Wang Jing, who was scared silly just now, and said soothingly, "Little sister, I was just joking with you, I didn't scare you, right? I was also too sad, behavior is not normal. Then the young man was right, human life and dog life, there is no comparison, I was enlightened. Don't worry, I won't pursue it."

                "Oh, oh." Wang Jing stood dumbfounded, life's ups and downs came too fast, she could not digest it for a while.

                Qi Miao Miao also said: "You have to thank this handsome man. If it wasn't for him, my mother would not have let you go."

                After saying that, Qi Miao Miao also threw a look at Qin Ming, as if she was taking credit.

                Nie Haitang saw this little look from Qi Miao Miao and was angry in her heart, muttering, "Bad woman."

                Zhang Qingqing and other women had incredulity written all over their faces, and they actually praised Qin Ming? To Qin Ming a poor? Pan engraved? Dyed valley emblematic rates spring blanket delicacy playful? The cut window. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

                Ouyang Qian mother and daughter just left, Zhang Qingqing said strangely: "Is it that people are originally good-tempered?"

                Nie Haitang said, "Just now Zhang Haoyun and Zhou Yu said it is useless ah."

                She still did not die and said, "Maybe she suddenly figured it out, really think, human life is at stake, after all, is a person of status, will not be too much, the dog is just a pet, Qin Ming is a blind cat hit a dead mouse."

                To let Zhang Qingqing admit Qin Ming's great, Zhang Qingqing is really not easy, because three years, inside the badminton club, she was hailing Qin Ming, belonged to the bag-carrying, ball-picking, dilly-dallying.

                So? Pan Kang Na Marco Sole? the instep pure support for the ration can be created Mu beech often

                Now facing a magnificent family, they are helpless, Qin Ming three words on the line? Unless the boar will give birth to her believe it.

                At this time, at the entrance of the arena, Ouyang Qian said angrily to her men: "What? The road is blocked, the ambulance is blocked on the road? Then send out a helicopter! You dumb asses, can't you use your brains? If the slowdown delays the rescue of my Chelsea, you will all be buried with it."

                Ouyang Qian that nervous tone, worried look, that lion's roar, scared the men rush to arrange the helicopter, it is clear that Ouyang Qian is still very worried about the safety of the dog.

                Zhang Qingqing and other people looked dumbfounded, said the good great enlightenment it? The promised human life is more important than the dog's life? What the hell is buried with?

                This time, the women look at Qin Ming's eyes are strange, each cheek like fire, shame ah.

                Especially Wang Xiaoli, just now she was dying to complain about Qin Ming, but now instead of being saved by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming also did not say anything, this can be said to repay the grievance with virtue.

                They then target Qin Ming is too uncouth, too unethical.

                Zhang Haoyun did not help quite embarrassed, said: "Sorry, I'm afraid I have to talk to my agent about this, I have to rush back. Wang Jing, I'll go first."

                "Eh, you." Wang Jing was not happy in her heart because Zhang Hao Yun, who was usually quite licky to her, left her who was getting hurt and ran away for the sake of her own future.

                Zhou Yu although a lot of in front of Qin Ming show their faces, but a look left him a male, immediately said, "just now I took a call, the company has an important customer to discuss business, I also go first."

                Wang Xiaoli face black, which customer will negotiate business with you a man at night ah? You lie to the devil?

                The four girls all stared at Qin Ming, lest he too should run away.

                Four girls like a girl, about boys to the most high-end tourism and leisure manor in Guangzhou City, although the purpose is to deal with Qin Ming, but the results if the boys have run away, then the word out, they face where to put ah? They are not a flood of beasts.

                Qin Ming is also not embarrassed, this is not his business, ah, he did not do anything.

                Nie Haitang happily held Qin Ming's hand, sweetly smiled: "Hmph, in the end, or I have a good eye. Qin Ming is so powerful, you guys don't underestimate him."

                What does this mean, all the women understand, the men they found all left them for various reasons, but Qin Ming not only solved all the problems, but also stayed until the end.

                Zhang Qingqing was in a depressed and unbearable mood, she waved her hand and said, "It's really a sow on a tree and a boar giving birth. Go, sisters, go drink and forget about those stinky men."

                Wang Jing and Wang Xiaoli both empathize, owl said together to go, not to get drunk.

                Qin Ming saw the situation is also crying and laughing, but can not not follow, and later again, it will be the end of the accident.

                However, Qin Ming thought about it, if Nie Haitang is also drunk tonight, will not he have the opportunity to come?

Chapter 122

At night, inside the ancient style decorated villa, Zhang Qingqing and the other women were drunk.

                Zhang Qingqing chided in a domineering manner, "Qin Ming, pour the wine!"

                Qin Ming gave her a glance,, "President, you're already drunk."

                At this time, Wang Xiaoli, who was lying on Qin Ming's shoulder, said, "Hmph, you men are all animals, don't you just want our women's bodies? Hey, hey, we women are not easy to deal with either, I want your money."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, what kind of trivial view was this? Too crooked, right?

                Wang Jing also hugged Qin Ming's waist and rested her head inside his thighs, muttering, "Qin Ming, will you go down on me if I'm drunk?"

                Qin Ming glanced at the slightly drunken Nie Haitang and hurriedly said, "Of course not ......"

                Before the words were finished, Wang Jing sat up and hooked his shoulder, drunkenly burping and puffing over with a mouthful of alcoholic breath, saying, "To fuck you is to be a beast, to not fuck you is to be Yang Wei."

                Qin Ming frowned, Yang Wei? Oh, harmonics.

                In his heart, Qin Ming swore, "If I want to fuck you, I won't fuck you.

                His eyes fell on Nie Haitang, she was lying on the table, her collar slightly open, revealing her white shoulders, a delicate collarbone was unusually noticeable, and her mature full chest squeezed out a tempting curve.

                Qin Ming was also a bit drunk, seeing such a beautiful woman, it would be a lie to say that he did not react.

                Zhang Qingqing also fell down drunk on the table and muttered, "Qin Ming, why have you become so powerful? You're obviously a stinker? Pan Jun? Usually the window is cut. Knocked down and apologised? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a job. No? industry a certain axe??? No? How did you know? The paradox of Jun

                Wang Jing, who had long since fallen down drunk, muttered, "Zhang Qingqing, just you tried to teach someone Qin Ming a lesson, but you ended up being taught a lesson instead ...... puke."

                Qin Ming looked at the four drunken women and shook his head at all of them.

                He picked up Nie Haitang first and went back to ...... his room, hehehehehe.

                Qin Ming put Nie Haitang down, ruffled her hair and examined her face, so beautiful.

                Nie Haitang opened her eyes slightly and said with a blush on her face, "You are not allowed to make a bad move tonight, my first time, wait for the night we get married later."

                Qin Ming's heart warmed and he said, "Don't worry, I'll sleep with you tonight."

                Nie Haitang closed her eyes shyly.

                Qin Ming took the other three women back to their rooms separately and left. These three women were quite impolite when they were drunk, either taking off their clothes for Qin Ming to see, or asking Qin Ming to take off his clothes for them to see, and asking Qin Ming how long that thing was, and they wanted to try it out, saying things that were as yellow as they could be, really unpleasant to the ears.

                In the end, it was hard to get all three women into one room, and Qin Ming was about to leave.

                Suddenly he was hugged at the back and both his feet were hugged as well, dragging him backwards hard.

                "Mmm ......" Zhang Qingqing's mouth just kissed over, Qin Ming himself was dumbfounded that he had kissed Zhang Qingqing, who had always been proud and despised him? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

                The first thing you need to do is to take off your trousers, and your lower body is cold.

                Qin Ming kicked over, Wang Xiaoli fell to the ground with a sound.


                He was pushed down on the big bed by Wang Jing, a woman who, when drunk, pounced on him like a wolf, rubbing against his body.

                But Qin Ming was also furious, Laozi was not a casual man, he rose to the occasion, invigorated his male style and gradually gained the dominant position.

                He took care of both, grabbing her hands in an unusually ambiguous position, especially as Zhang Qingqing had already undressed, her cheeks blushing with shame and resentment.

                Although not a top beauty, Zhang Qingqing was quite handsome, especially with a good figure.

                She said drunkenly, "Tonight is cheap for you kid, what are you still looking at, hurry up, I have a set in my bag."

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, wasn't she quite sober, President?

                At this moment, Zhang Qingqing was in front of him, but there was no defence, all he had to do was lean down, raise his gun and he could possess this woman.

                To conquer a woman who had mocked him for three years and make her beg for mercy under Qin Ming, it was exciting to think about.

                Zhang Qingqing reached down towards him, and Qin Ming's evil fire instantly flared up, his desire was up.

                Zhang Qingqing's hand was very gentle and enchanted, "You are quite capital."

                But Qin Ming's mind suddenly flashed back to when he was in the hot spring, confessing to Nie Haitang her smile, so innocent, so beautiful.

                Men, keep your lower body in check.

                Although Li Meng's affair was fake, if he were to do it for real this time, Nie Haitang and him would probably be finished for real.

                Zhang Qingqing is Nie Haitang's best friend, so if he really had something going on with Zhang Qingqing, he would definitely be found out, and he would really become a scum.

                If Qin Ming thought about it with his head, he would choose Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming suddenly got up with a black face, he put on his clothes and covered Zhang Qingqing, saying, "President you are drunk, cover up, don't catch a cold."

                Qin Ming walked out of the room and took a long breath, he walked into the bathroom and took a ten minute cold shower before his whole body calmed down and went soft with chicken.

                Qin Ming went back to his room and saw Nie Haitang sleeping, peacefully and quietly, in a very pretty sleeping position, sleeping in an even more serene and lovely way.

                He gently stroked over her fair and flawless face. Qin Ming was grateful for having just kept the bottom line, the woman in front of him, was the only one worthy of his over a billion children and grandchildren's well.

                Nie Haitang suddenly opened her eyes and said tiredly, "You're back? What took you so long?"

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "The three of them were too much trouble, I threw them all in one room, fortunately I came back quickly, otherwise your man would have been eaten by them? Infinite!

                Qin Ming got into bed and gently embraced Nie Haitang, who also obediently lay in his arms and said, "Qin Ming, will you be angry with me if I, I don't give it to you for now? Actually, I think it's best for a woman to give her first time to the man she likes on the night of her wedding."

                Nie Haitang hugged Qin Ming a little tighter again and said, "I think if you like someone you have to end it from one to the other, love is a long run in life and the two of you run together until you die of old age before it can be called the end. If you can't bear a little bit of patience, it's not love."

                Qin Ming's heart was moved, this was quite in line with his view of love.

                He said, "When I, I was with Li Meng two years ago, I thought that I would have children with her for the rest of my life. But she betrayed me."

                Nie Haitang sniggered, "I know, I could always tell that you were truly in love with her. After I went to university, many men's looked at me with lust in their eyes, but not you, so I usually love talking to you. Li Meng is just stupid, you don't even want such a good one."

                Qin Ming gently scraped Nie Haitang's face and said, "Don't worry. I'll take care of your family as soon as I can and get them to acknowledge me. When the time comes, I'll tell everyone that you, Nie Haitang, are my Qin Ming's woman."

                Nie Haitang smiled happily and fell asleep quietly in Qin Ming's arms.

                The next morning, Qin Ming asked the manor staff to get a car to take the women back. The women said they were drunk yesterday and their heads still hurt.

                Qin Ming was at a loss for words and could only keep arguing that they had taken off their clothes themselves.

                The woman's attitude towards Qin Ming was back to her everyday routine, which made Qin Ming feel depressed, thinking to himself, "President, can you at least improve your attitude? I invited you to enjoy a night at the South Mountain Manor last night.

                When Qin Ming returned to school, he was surprised to find that the three brothers in the dormitory all had bruises on their faces.

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "Brother Niu, Young Yong, Young Peng, what happened to you? Who beat you up?"

                Zhao Li Niu covered up and said, "No, no, we got bruised playing ball."

                Liang Shaoyong and Sun Zhipeng also dodged their eyes.

                Qin Ming's face turned gloomy as he asked, "Was it that Wang Chenghu?"