Rags To Riches Chapter 119-120

 Chapter 119

Qin Ming feigned anger and said, "If you don't promise me, I'll say to the public that I'm single."

                Nie Haitang playfully raised her chin and said, "Hmph, just say so. Then I'll say I'm single too, the boys who want to chase me are lining up to the Bund at the pier."

                The two played their little tantrums with each other and smiled at each other again.

                After holding Nie Haitang in the mixed bath for a while, Qin Ming didn't even have time to kiss her mouth when something happened on Zhang Qingqing's side and she called for help.

                The two of them got dressed and rushed to the bowling room in a frenzy.

                Nie Haitang asked, "What's going on?"

                Zhang Qingqing was just crying, covering her face very sadly, her cheek still red with a slap mark.

                Wang Jing said very plainly, "Zhao Tuo, gone."

                Qin Ming said, "Huh? Why did he leave early? What did he say before he left?"

                As soon as Qin Ming said that, Zhang Qingqing cried even louder, the president of the badminton club, who had always shown a proud face, had such a sad look for the first time.

                Wang Xiaoli said with amusement, "Who knows why he left? But before he left I heard them arguing, and Zhao Tuo said, "I don't want to be here to suffer this shit. I'm surprised he didn't spend a penny, the service here is simply first class, whose fucking anger is he suffering?"

                When Qin Ming heard that, he understood.

                Oh, and the taunting of both Zhou Yu and Zhang Hao Yun.

                However, those two were clearly indifferent and were playing bowling by themselves, and when they saw Qin Ming looking over, they even gestured for Qin Ming to come and play with them.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but be saddened by how many couples he had witnessed break up, Yang Wei and Li Meng, Zhou Yun and Wang Dalong, and Zhang Qingqing and Zhao Tuo.

                Qin Ming thought, "This Zhao Tuo is too glassy-eyed, isn't he? Being taunted a few times and then leaving his girlfriend to run away? He was ridiculed and abused every day, but he had to put up with it in order to save some money by having a meal.

                Apart from Nie Haitang, there were not many people who felt sorry for Zhang Qingqing. Nie Haitang said, "Let's play first, I'll go outside with Qingqing to blow off some steam."

                While the crowd played here, Qin Ming went to the tea room to the side to drink kung fu tea.

                At this time, Zhou Yu followed him over, and seeing that no one was around, he bowed ninety degrees very respectfully and said, "Young master."

                Qin Ming was startled and said, "You're from Huan Yu? How do you know me?"

                Zhou Yu's waist did not straighten up, and at that moment there was an old man in a western suit next to him, really the manager of Nanshan Manor, Ma Shaofu, known as Ma Lao.

                When Qin Ming first came to the South Mountain Manor meeting also met Ma Lao, he appeared to be a kind-hearted old man, but Qin Ming had read his profile, it was his assassination team transferred department over, in fact he had hundreds of human lives in his hands over a thousand ruthless characters.

                Ma Shaofu bowed at the same time and said, ''Young master. Please don't blame Zhou Yu, he was only alerted to the young master's identity by the old man. Zhou Yu is currently working at Tiancheng Securities as a senior director, which is also Dai Kuan Ben's position."

                Zhou Yu said sincerely, "Because Young Master fired Dai Gao, my subordinate had the opportunity to be transferred up from the reserve cadre. I have always wanted to be grateful to Young Master, and this time I was reminded by Ma Lao that Zhou Yu was very lucky to meet Young Master's dignity."

                Qin Ming was dazed, so that was the case.

                Qin Ming asked, "And what is your relationship?"

                Ma Shaofu was slightly embarrassed, he was obviously helping Zhou Yu out of selfishness.

                Zhou Yu hurriedly said, "Young master, when I first met you, I did not mean to belittle you, but Ma Lao only told me secretly after we had moved in. Ma Lao is also mindful of my sincere heart for young master ......"

                "Xiao Yu, don't talk useless nonsense." Ma Long chided and said, "What kind of person is Young Master? Loyalty is not something that comes out of your mouth."

                Ma Shaofu said humbly, "Young master, Xiaoyu is the son of my good brother who died. Before he died, my brother wanted me to give him more of a lift. After his father's death, his family fell through the cracks. And Xiaoyu is a very bright boy and his grades have always been good. I was afraid he would make the same mistake as Dai Gao, dog-earing him, so I gave him a lift."

                Qin Ming said in a deep voice, "Then you should know that the less people know about my identity now, the better."

                Ma Shaofu said nervously, "The old slave has served Elder Chang for many years, and now that the young master has inherited the group, Elder Chang has also approached the old slave for a chat, and the old slave has absolutely no second thoughts. And Xiao Yu is the one I grew up with, he is a reserve cadre of the group, with a clean base, in principle he can be introduced to the young master. Now the situation is special and I know the risks involved, but I couldn't help myself because I was afraid that he, a stupid donkey, would make a mistake, offend the young master and bury his promising career. The old slave vouches for everything he has and is prepared to be punished."

                With that, Ma Lao took out a special document, where his family's fortune and connections were all there.

                Suddenly, Zhou Yu, who bowed ninety degrees, knelt down on both knees as he said, "Young Master, please don't chastise Ma Lao, in fact, my subordinate had met Young Master a long time ago. After taking over Tiancheng Securities, I heard about Dai Gao being fired for offending the young master. I was curious about what the young master looked like, so I searched for the video footage within the company at that time, but I couldn't find it. But my subordinate had the bright idea to look for footage near the street, found it, and saw the young master's real face."

                "At first when I saw the young master, I had my suspicions, but was not quite sure, fearing that I might be mistaken, and would have liked to test the waters. It wasn't until Elder Ma came to admonish me that I was completely sure."

                "So, without Ma Lao saying anything, my subordinate could also guess the young master's true identity."

                Tuning the surveillance ...... Qin Ming listened to this Zhou Yu's operation and could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth, if he had malicious intent, I am afraid Qin Ming's identity would have been exposed long ago.

                Qin Ming rubbed his forehead and said, "Sit down, all of you."

                The two men sat down separately, but both looked rushed and uncomfortable.

                Qin Ming looked at Ma Shaofu and said, "I trust you Ma Lao. Zhou Yu, you should not let down Ma Lao's trust and expectations of you either. I'll forgive you this time, next time for such things, make sure to report to your superiors, understand?"

                Ma Shaofu was so grateful that he stood up again and bowed, "Thank you for your generosity, Young Master."

                Zhou Yu was also very excited and got up, "Thank you, Young Master. My subordinates will definitely do their best to manage the company for young master in the future."

                Qin Ming saw that Ma Shaofu had put up everything he had as a guarantee, and did not want to be an evil person, moreover, he trusted Bi Yuan's security capabilities in Guangcheng.

                Why not go along with the water and do a personal favour, both to draw in the older generation of subordinates and to make the newcomers grateful to him?

                Qin Ming did not make a mistake with this move, and years later, Zhou Yu also became an important member of the team helping Qin Ming in managing his business in China.

                The three of them chatted a bit and Qin Ming asked curiously again, "Zhou Yu, that Zhang Hao Yun, how come he didn't taunt me like Zhao Tuo did?"

                Zhou Yu was also curious: "Wang Xiaoli instructed me to taunt and taunt the young master, to hurt his pride and get him to leave Miss Nie's side. I was angry at the time, but didn't want to make a big deal out of it, so I made a false statement. When I got to the spa, I naturally spoke up for the young master. What was the situation with that Zhang Haoyun, I wasn't sure."

                Qin Ming couldn't help but feel a little more kindly towards Zhang Haoyun in his heart, this guy's quality could be ah.

                Qin Ming was curious again, "What, Zhou Yu, you don't like Wang Xiaoli? She's also a snob and once threatened that men are all ATMs."

                Zhou Yu shook his head and said, "Of course I don't really like her, she's the one who wanted to seduce me, so I was free and heard that I was coming to Nanshan to take a dip in the hot springs, so I came along to have some fun and pay a visit to Ma Lao by the way."

                Suddenly there was a scream from the bowling alley, "Ah! Who are you and what do you want? Don't mess around."

Chapter 120

When Qin Ming heard the scream, he immediately rushed back to the bowling alley, but saw that quite a few people had come, all dressed in black as bodyguards.

                At the scene Zhang Haoyun, Wang Xiaoli, Wang Jing, Nie Haitang and Zhang Qingqing four women were also present, and there was a puddle of dog's blood on the ground.

                "Chelsea, Chelsea ......" a graceful woman hugged a pet dog that had been stabbed and cried out in great sadness.

                Qin Ming took a look, good guy, brown fur, slender lines, cool like the Egyptian god Anubis. This was a Pharaoh hound with a noble pedigree, a valuable ancient dog breed.

                Qin Ming saw that there was still a bloodied folding knife at Wang Jing's feet, apparently the pet dog had been stabbed, whether this would survive or not, it was still not clear.

                Wang Jing seemed to be scared enough as a whole, her hands were shaking.

                Wang Xiaoli said very arrogantly, "Don't think that because there are so many of you, we are afraid. It was your dog that broke in first and tried to attack people, we were defending ourselves."

                Zhang Qingqing also said, "That's right, it's your fault too."

                The woman looked up and angrily rebuked, "My Chelsea is a Pharaoh Hound, normally very docile and well-behaved, he would not attack a stranger. Unless he was attacked first, I'm asking for surveillance to see who did it first."

                As soon as they said they were looking for surveillance, Wang Xiaoli and the other women presented a hesitant look, seemingly losing their capital to scold each other all of a sudden.

                After the woman raised her head, Qin Ming realised that this was not Qi Yundong's wife, Ouyang Qian?

                At this moment, another group of people came from behind, and Qi Miao Miao came in with more bodyguards.

                Qi Miao Miao's temper exploded and she called out, "Humph, it's them, surround them for me, don't let any of them get away."

                Two rows of bodyguards immediately surrounded the people.

                Qin Ming fell behind, but was covered up and not recognised.

                Attempting to behave, Zhou Yu said, "Young master, why don't you let your subordinates handle it first. That seems to be Team Leader Qi's wife and daughter, I've met them once or twice, perhaps I can calm them down."

                Qin Ming nodded his head to indicate that he should feel free to deal with them.

                When Nie Haitang saw Qin Ming, she walked over and subconsciously took Qin Ming's hand for a sense of security as she said, "Qin Ming, you're here. Just now, when we were playing, a dog suddenly ran in. By Wang Xiaoli and Wang Jing wanted to play a prank and hurt it with a bowling ball, the dog got angry and pounced on it, Wang Jing panicked and took out a folding pocket knife to stab it up, then the dog owner just came."

                This ...... Qin Ming rubbed his forehead speechlessly, these women are really not frugal ah, really will toss.

                Qin Ming said, "Tch, you guys hold steady first, I'll go get a doctor, if it can be saved, then everything is fine."

                The bodyguard's aura was so overwhelming that the women couldn't breathe.

                Qi Miao Miao said, "This Pharaoh King Hound, but my mother bought it back from M country at a high price, even if it is a dog in this breed, it is still a royal bloodline. An ordinary Pharaoh Hound costs more than 100,000, and this Chelsea of my mother's cost more than 200,000 at the beginning. Counting the investment in nurturing and training these people, and the years of bonding, no less than a million dollars was spent."

                Qi Miao Miao paused and said, "Hmph, if you can save it, let you guys pay some money and apologize to the dog and admit your mistake and forget about it. If you can't save it, then you can go and inquire about how capable our Qi family is in Guang City, or even the whole Guang Province."

                Hiss, the crowd couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air, this beauty had such a big mouth.

                The three women looked at Nie Haitang in unison and asked, "Haitang do you know about this Qi family? How does it compare to your family?"

                Nie Haitang looked worried and nodded, "Our family is just a little powerful in Guang City, with a big business and many connections. But in Guangcheng City, it's just barely in the top category. The Qi family ...... has many powerful families in Guangzhou City, and we can't even get in line if we want to. The Qi family has a strong influence in the entire Guangdong province. Anyway, next we have to do our best to beg each other for forgiveness."

                Gollum, the women were dumbfounded by this shock, they had accidentally offended the super gentry, even the Nie family was afraid.

                Wang Xiaoli, who was so arrogant just now, hurriedly said, "Not me, I didn't do it, I didn't do it, it was Wang Jing who did it, it's not my business ah."

                Wang Jing's face was pale, she panicked and took Zhang Haoyun's hand, saying, "Haoyun you quickly think of a way, I, I ......"

                Wang Jing neither had the money to compensate nor could she bear the Qi family's anger.

                She was now like a flat boat in the middle of a storm, her heart swirling with fear, then she could only pray to Zhang Haoyun who had been pursuing her.

                Zhang Haoyun is a starlet and has some connections, her last hope.

                However, looking at Zhang Haoyun's face, he was also full of sorrow.

                Zhang Haoyun went up to her with a stiff upper lip and said, "Mrs. Qi, remember me? I am Zhang Haoyun, a contracted trainee of Starlight Entertainment. You were a judge during the auditions before, we met ......"

                Ouyang Qian shouted in grief and anger, "Get lost, a trainee of a crappy entertainment company, what kind of relationship do you climb with me? You are not as good as one of my dogs. Chelsea ...... my Chelsea ......"

                Qi Miao Miao also said, "If you say one more word, tomorrow Starlight Entertainment will not have you as a trainee, stay aside."

                Zhang Hao Yun's face sank and he shook his head at Wang Jing, indicating that he had tried his best.

                A promising starlet, he would not gamble his own future for Wang Jing's sake.

                Wang Jing's face rubbed off as pale as paper, and the aura of the black-clad bodyguards around her became even stronger, weighing her down.

                Ouyang Qian pointed at the crowd and said, "I won't let any of you go, apologise and compensate for my dog."

                Zhang Qingqing and Wang Xiaoli were so scared that they hugged each other into a group, "Don't do anything, don't do anything, we will call the police."

                At this time, Zhou Yu walked up, Qi Miao Miao and Ouyang Qian were a little surprised as they knew the young man in front of them, he had visited their home not long ago and was a subordinate of Qi Yundong.

                Zhou Yu bowed, "Madam, Miss Qi, we meet again. I have also come to plead for their lives. I was not present at that time, if I had been present I would have recognised Che Li and this would not have happened."

                Ouyang Qian's face remained gloomy and ugly as she said, "Zhou Yu are you guilty of owing me such a big favour for these people?"

                Zhou Yu pursed his lips and said, "It was an accident, Madam has always been broad-minded, why let anger add wrinkles to such a young and beautiful face like yours?"

                At the mention of wrinkles, Ouyang Qian really panicked, she hurriedly rubbed the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes, her anger subsided a little and she said, "Fine, you are Yun Dong's subordinate, I will give you a face. Then who has hurt my dog, I will find her can, irrelevant I do not bother. Zhou Yu, this is the biggest concession I can make, again? together? consternation take widow right shoulder? alliance? Yi pro fold n b? alliance? Long cut lips fierce dirty calabash eh blowing straws delicacy Lang thin!

                Zhou Yu went back helplessly, indicating that he had tried his best.

                Zhang Qingqing immediately revealed a joyful smile and breathed a sigh of relief as she took Nie Haitang's hand and said, "Great Haitang, we're fine."

                Wang Xiaoli and Wang Jing, on the other hand, were miserable, frozen in place as they were the ones who had caused this incident.

                Although their families were well fed and clothed, there was a difference between an ant and an elephant when compared to these powerful families.

                Now that they had offended the Qi family, and looking at Ouyang Qian's unkind eyes, there was no telling what kind of torture they would suffer if they had to go with her, they had the heart to die.

                Just then, Qin Ming got a doctor to come over to rescue the dog, and he looked at Zhou Yu's helplessly shaking his head, and knew that he couldn't manage it.

                He said, "Why don't I try?"

                Zhang Qingqing immediately pulled Qin Ming back and said, "What are you doing? Don't make a mess, okay? Don't add fuel to the fire, can't you see that she has already given her grace? It's none of your business, why are you interfering? If you anger them, we will all die."

                Nie Haitang was also worried, "Qin Ming, the other side is too deep, they are lucky to spare us."

                Wang Xiaoli was in pain and despair, and when she saw Qin Ming, she was disgusted, she lost control of her emotions and made a fuss: "It's you, it's you, I'm in this situation because of you, Qin Ming, you stink? You're the reason I'm here today, Qin Ming, you stinking? trousseau? The trousseau? Sole? The company's success has been achieved through a series of initiatives. countenance? international and leech? sc n shake 10 armpits? Yan poke forgiveness!