Rags To Riches Chapter 117-118

 Chapter 117

The crowd was no longer bothered about who was paying, 300,000 a night for a top luxury manor, that had to be enjoyed.

                Here at the entrance of the villa, there was an experienced butler to greet them, and servants to take the luggage and softly ask if they wanted to take a shower first or eat first.

                The d├ęcor of the villa is rather vintage and the waiters have prepared some top quality brand new silk satin vintage clothing, so you can even cosplay if you like.

                The villa was huge and there were plenty of rooms, but the other six were all sharing a room in pairs, so God knows what they were going to do tonight.

                Qin Ming and Nie Haitang were a bit awkward, they hadn't formally established a relationship yet and were more than friends but not yet lovers.

                It would be too much of a rush to stay in the same room.

                Zhang Qingqing saw that the two were also torn, and her mind became active.

                Her original plan, that is to let each of the three boyfriends brought, from the departure to start taunting, to then show off the rich, and then sarcasm a circle, Qin Ming's impression will be in Nie Haitang will plummet.

                She expected that in the face of the cruel baptism of society, Qin Ming's weak and impotent, poor-to-the-core nature would make Nie Haitang recognise the truth that Qin Ming was not for her.

                As it turned out, Qin Ming inexplicably arrived first, and she was ridiculed by her plastic best friend for her scandalous appearance there in the lobby with Zhao Tuo.

                What a complete miscalculation on her part.

                She felt that her image had also dropped quite a few notches among the crowd, which made it exceptionally difficult for her; the person at the bottom of the pile here had to be Qin Ming, not her.

                She felt that there was a loophole in her plan, and that Qin Ming might have been aware of it, so Qin Ming pretended to deliver the takeaway, but actually arrived a step earlier and took the opportunity to treat him because he had won the jackpot, typical of a rich man's mentality.

                But didn't it become an impression of grandeur in Nie Haitang's eyes?

                Zhang Qingqing lamented, "Scumbag Qin Ming, but he really has a heart. Sisters, get to work."

                The three women acted at the same time, surrounding Nie Haitang and asking if the two of them were sure of their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, if so then convincing her with the fact that women have to be reserved and traditional, if they said no then even more so that they could not share a room, etc.

                They didn't want them to share a room with someone else willingly.

                In the end Nie Haitang was forced by the three women to go up to the first floor, while Qin Ming was asked to stay on the ground floor, under the beautiful name of it being a test for Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was crying and laughing, but he saw that Nie Haitang was also quite shy, so obviously it was not good to be too monkeyish. Nie Haitang was a good girl, and Qin Ming did not want to do anything to hurt her, so he did not care.

                The group went to the hot spring after having a top-notch meal.

                Zhang Qingqing and the other women also changed into various swimming costumes, and the three women showed off their young bodies in various ways, except for Nie Haitang who wore an old-fashioned jacket to cover up to avoid getting naked.

                Although the three women were quite attractive, they were far worse than Nie Haitang who had long hair and a tall figure.

                Qin Ming's mind still recalled that encounter at Century Mansion, and his eyes only fell on Nie Haitang, on the other hand, she was so tightly dressed ah.

                "Damn, it's no fun to be in a hot spring with three big men." Qin Ming thought to himself and quickly sent a message to Nie Haitang on his mobile phone.

                Nie Haitang's mobile phone rang and she picked it up, her cheeks fluttered, and when she turned her head to look at Qin Ming's gentlemanly demeanour, she gave him a shy and annoyed glare, saying, "You're so prudish."

                On Zhang Qingqing's side, the three of them huddled together to discuss countermeasures to defeat the scum Qin Ming.

                "I've already explained to Zhao Tuo that when we get to the hot springs, we should make an effort to show off our family background so that Qin Ming will have an inferiority complex."

                "I've also gotten through to Zhou Yu, he'll show off how much money he can make alone with to undermine Qin Ming's confidence."

                "Don't worry, Zhang Hao Yun will use information about young models and actresses out for sale to tempt Qin Ming who has just won the jackpot, once he takes the bait, the label of poor man or philanderer will not run away."

                Zhang Qingqing nodded excitedly, "Yes, yes, yes, this person is a typical thug, just won the jackpot and can't wait to spend the money, hehehe, also don't weigh yourself as much as possible, spend 300,000 in one go, people are stupid and rich."

                The crowd set off, the hot springs were divided into male and female baths, and men and women would soak separately.

                "Ah~!" Qin Ming got into the water comfortably and soaked in the pure natural hot spring, there was a young blind girl next to him offering massage services, but Qin Ming refused.

                Zhao Tuo and the other three also washed up and got into the water, saying, "Ahhh, Qin Ming you've made a fortune now, what are you going to do with the money?"

                Qin Ming didn't really win the lottery either, so he casually replied, "Give a little to my parents and a down payment to be a house slave."

                Zhao Tuo laughed: "That's right, a million or so, and after spending 300,000, the rest of the money won't buy a house. After all, the family is still poor, the gap is a gap."

                Qin Ming frowned, what was this guy doing?

                Inviting you to the most high-class leisure manor in Guang City, 300,000 a night to enjoy, eating the mountainous food and soaking in the natural hot spring, and you are still looking for trouble from Laozi?

                Zhao Tuo said to Zhou Yu: "Mr Zhou is young and talented, and Mr Zhang is a big star in the future. Both of them have a promising future. It's not that I don't think highly of you, Qin Ming, you and your Haitang are from two worlds. Have you thought about it?"

                Qin Ming blackened his face and asked, "Thought about what?"

                Zhao Tuo said, "The resistance between the gentry, ah. You haven't watched too many idol dramas, have you? In life there would be no stories of Cinderella with a prince or a poor boy with a thousand-golden lady. The Nie family won't agree easily. After all, if you're so poor and win a jackpot of over a million dollars, they won't put it in their eyes."

                "Qin Ming, you helped me with the yacht last time, how about this, I'll introduce you to an internship, come to my father's company and start from the grassroots, later on a general manager will be considered a person."

                Qin Ming listened, so it was to introduce him to a job.

                Today, Principal Liao also introduced him to a job.

                He said, "Thanks a lot, I'll focus on my studies for now."

                Zhao Tuo said in a condescending tone, "Tsk, you really have no great ambition here. Practice makes perfect, you know? My dad graduated from high school and he's still not the president of a big company? Why? Because he needs talent, he can hire it for a few thousand dollars, and the ability to exploit it is the real thing."

                "There's no point in studying. This society is all about money. A million is not even forbidden to spend, you have no money, do you think you are worthy of Nie Haitang?"

                Qin Ming was not happy, what does it matter to you if he is in love with Nie Haitang? What's wrong with this Zhao Tuo's brain?

                Thinking that we were all going to stay together for another night, Qin Ming was still being nice and saving himself from embarrassing Zhang Qingqing, he was a man who remembered his old feelings, after all, he had known Zhang Qingqing for three years, in the same club.

                Zhao Tuo asked Zhou Yu who was beside him, saying, "Boss Zhou thinks so too, right?"

                Zhou Yu said unexpectedly, "No, I think the idea of gentry is backward and foolish. Money is not everything in this society. Money is only omnipotent in the society of the poor, and in the society of the rich, money is bullshit."

                Zhao Tuo's face changed in that it was appropriate to imply that he, Zhao Tuo, was mixing at a low level?

                Zhao Tuo felt that Zhou Yu despised himself, but he could not say anything, he drove the a6 is a notch below others' a8, and Zhou Yu is earning his own money.

                Zhao Tuo approached Zhang Haoyun again and said, "Zhang Shao, you don't think so too, do you?"

                Zhang Haoyun laughed: "I'll be a public figure in the future, I can't talk nonsense. But my view on love is that it is good if two people love each other. As long as Qin Ming is in love in a proper manner, then there is no problem. On the contrary, I think that Zhao Tuo classmate you ...... have a somewhat improper outlook."

                Zhao Tuo was stunned, what's wrong? You two bastards.

                Didn't Zhang Qingqing already say that they were all through the air? The three of them were united in their anger and disliked this Qin Ming together, so that he would have his self-respect swept away and be ashamed of himself, preferably so ashamed that he would leave the South Mountain Manor that night.

                How come the three of them now dislike him?

Chapter 118

Zhou Yu scoffed, "Zhao Tuo, I see that you have money is not your own money, your father has money, gnawing on the old man don't laugh at people. I heard that you still stole money from your family to buy that Audi A6, your character is also questionable."

                Zhang Haoyun laughed, "Stealing money to buy a car? As for that? A6 is not expensive, nowadays, a6 is so cheap that I forgot it was once a luxury car.

                Zhou Yu added: "Qin Ming students but their own winning the lottery, their own money. He is at peace with how he uses it. There's nothing like earning your own money."

                Zhang Haoyun said, "Yes, Qin Ming is also generous enough to treat us to this top-notch resort manor service, oh ...... this living water hot spring is really cool. We've already transferred money to Qin Ming, so it's not good to take advantage of him. Why don't you say anything? It's not enough money, right?"

                Zhao Tuo was mocked into silence, not knowing whether he was blushing from the hot spring or from the mockery.

                He cowered in the corner alone and didn't say anything, his face as ugly as it could be.

                How could he not understand why both of these people did not join him in disliking Qin Ming, but instead taunted him? It was just that Zhao Tuo couldn't match them in terms of wealth and was defeated very thoroughly.

                Qin Ming also found it strange why these two did not mock him for being a poor boy.

                But then he thought about the fact that they were familiar with him and were meeting for the first time, why would they taunt him if they had nothing to do? Not everyone was as low quality as Zhao Tuo.

                When Qin Ming saw Zhao Tuo cowering in a corner, abashed like a quail, he was in a good mood and he found an excuse to leave.

                Of course Qin Ming didn't just leave.

                He remembered that this Royal Forest Pavilion had a mixed bathing pool, and he sent a message to Nie Haitang before he left, saying that he would wait for her in the mixed bathing pool.

                When Qin Ming arrived at the mixed bath pool, he found a pile of slippers already placed here, wasn't it exactly Nie Haitang's pair of rabbit ears slippers?

                When he entered, he locked the door behind him to save others from mixing in.

                "Who?" A startled cry came from the washroom.

                Qin Ming smiled deliberately and said in a pressed voice, "I'm Zhao Tuo, Qing Qing you're here?"

                There was silence, not a single sound in the washroom.

                "Hehehe." Qin Ming snickered for a while.

                He was happy in his heart, this was a hot spring pool with a mixed bath, didn't the fact that Nie Haitang had sent away three of her friends to come here show that Qin Ming was important in Nie Haitang's heart?

                Men like it when the person they like values them.

                Qin Ming tiptoed over and shamelessly muttered, "Qingqing, I'm coming, let's have a hot spring fight later, ouch ......"

                The first time Qin Ming reached the doorway, he was greeted by a ladle of water that hit him on the head with a thud.

                Then Nie Haitang punched him repeatedly with a "dong dong dong dong".

                In fact, he wasn't that bad, but he couldn't just pounce on Nie Haitang, could he?

                Nie Haitang suddenly stopped in the middle of the beating and looked around in confusion, saying: "Qin Ming? Oops, you dead man, you lied to me, you bastard."

                Nie Haitang found out that the person coming was not Zhao Tuo, but Qin Ming, who had just deliberately teased her, so she was angry and poured cold water over Qin Ming.

                "Humph, you scared me to death." Nie Haitang lost her temper and was so angry that she stomped her feet.

                Qin Ming covered his head and laughed, saying, "I'm just testing your reaction to the scene, I'm relieved to see how tough you are."

                Nie Haitang became even more discontented, "You are the one who is tough, your whole family is tough. I don't care about you."

                Nie Haitang walked towards the hot spring built around the pebbles, the water steaming from the spring, and she removed her draped coat to reveal a black bikini swimming costume.

                Qin Ming watched from behind and swallowed hard, a tall figure with a golden ratio, long snow-white legs and a touch of dark hair at the back, just looking at the back was enough to play with for a year.

                Qin Ming bumbled over to her.

                He wanted to lean with Nie Haitang, but as soon as he went over, Nie Haitang left and the two of them chased each other around the whole bath.

                Qin Ming said glumly, "What are you doing?"

                Nie Haitang turned her back to Qin Ming, her face blushing, and said, "I'm not your girlfriend, why should I be so close to you? What if someone sees us? For example, last time you went down to find that pure girl at the hotel."

                Qin Ming was stunned, "Good for you, Nie Haitang, you little cutie still knows how to hold a grudge?

                He said, "I told you that she lost her mother and the situation was very dangerous. And don't worry, I locked the door, no one will come in, she can't get in even if she's here."

                When Nie Haitang heard that the doors were locked, her mood was pounding and she was so nervous that her hands were shaking.

                Qin Ming sat on a rock in the middle of the pool, looked up at the night sky and said, "Do you know why I asked you to come here?"

                Nie Haitang looked back at the rather affectionate Qin Ming with a questioning look.

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "Because I want to sing you a song, ahem ...... listen up, I'll start."

                Nie Haitang smiled faintly and nodded her head to show that she was listening.

                "I hear your voice, there is a special feeling that makes me keep thinking about it, not daring to forget you again ...... If indeed one day, the ideal of love will come true, I will redouble my efforts to treat you well never change, ...... I will gently whisper in your ear to you ...... to say to you, I love you, love you, like a mouse loves rice, no matter how many storms there are ......"

                After the song "Mice Love Rice", Qin Ming was in a rather nervous mood, not knowing if Nie Haitang liked it or not.

                "Pfft hehehe ......" Nie Haitang looked at him quietly, smiling in a very nice way.

                She asked, "You used to chase Li Meng by going to hot springs and singing love songs with her too, huh?"

                Qin Ming scratched his head in slight embarrassment and said, "Well, at that time, which had money for hot springs, took her to Feng Xiaoshan on the Bund to watch the sunrise, then sang 'You at the Same Table' and bought a bottle of Chanel perfume and picked a bunch of wild flowers."

                Nie Haitang looked jealous and said, "Tsk tsk, you have quite a lot of tricks to coax a girl, you are really a great talent."

                It was Qin Ming's turn to blush this time.

                However, Qin Ming still said with great tenderness, "Haitang, be my girlfriend, I will treat you like my princess, protect you, care for you and cherish you forever."

                Nie Haitang grunted, "Turn around."

                Qin Ming honestly turned around and turned his back to Nie Haitang.

                Suddenly he felt a softness in his back, it was obvious that there were two mountain peaks squeezing on top of his tiger's back, especially the warm touch that made his body tremble, so good.

                Even though he was wearing a bikini swimming costume, the fabric was so thin that it was equal to nothing.

                Qin Ming swallowed, Nie Haitang this hint is ...... oops, it hurts.

                Qin Ming hadn't even started thinking about it, when his shoulder was suddenly bitten, and Nie Haitang was biting very hard.

                For a while, all bitten red, Nie Haitang only let go of her small mouth and whispered in his ear, "No more singing love songs to other women in the future, I will be jealous."

                Qin Ming vowed, "Okay, I won't sing to other women."

                Nie Haitang leaned on Qin Ming's shoulder with a joyful heart as she said tenderly, "I can't promise to be your girlfriend yet."

                Qin Ming was shocked and turned back to ask, "Why is that? You were all set to agree before."

                Nie Haitang pouted and said, "Before was before, now is now, now there is a little test to be added to you. You have to find a way to fix my parents before you can do it. I didn't expect my family to have such a strong opinion of you. I also don't want to get too close to my family because of our affair."

                Qin Ming scratched his head, his heart slightly relieved, and said with a smile, "So it's a small thing like taking care of your parents. I thought I was doing something."

                Instead of being displeased that Nie Haitang attached more importance to her family, Qin Ming was even happier. The fact that she attached importance to her family proved that Nie Haitang had filial piety, and even if she married in the future, she would not dislike Qin Ming's parents and would be filial.

                Qin Ming began to fantasise about the future of the two of them.

                Nie Haitang angrily pinched Qin Ming's waist flesh and said, "Don't laugh, you think it's easy? My dad is more open-minded and easy to deal with, but you have to work hard with my mum. Anyway, when you are done with my mum, I will agree to be your girlfriend. You have one month to do so, or I'm going to be angry."

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously and said, "You said you were disagreeing, yet you're limiting me to a month, why do you think you're in a hurry?"

                Nie Haitang made a big red face and said shyly, "I don't want you to care."

                Qin Ming didn't take it seriously at all, it was easy enough to get rid of Nie Haitang's parents. Qi Minghui was probably almost ready to make his move.