Rags To Riches Chapter 115-116

 Chapter 115

Zhang Qingqing stopped Qin Ming and said, "Good for you, Qin Ming, we invited you to a hot spring, and you actually went to deliver a takeaway? Can you afford to live up to Haitang's expectations?"

                Zhou Yu, Zhang Haoyun and Zhao Tuo were surprised to see Qin Ming, how did a takeaway boy capture Nie Haitang's heart?

                What were his merits?

                "Eh? The head of the society?" Qin Ming found Zhang Qingqing and her group, who were planning to leave for Nanshan Manor, and said, "Sorry, I still have to deliver takeaways, but I'll be there as soon as I'm done, so you guys go first."

                After saying that, Qin Ming rode his bike and hurried away, after all, the takeaway is too late next time people will order another one, Qin Ming knows this very well.

                Zhang Qingqing was very annoyed at being ignored and scolded, "Hey hey, you poor? Pan Jun? Samuel Canyon spit it out?!

                Zhang Qingqing hurriedly took Nie Haitang's hand and said, "Haitang ah, look at him, he's too hateful too, it's more important to earn money than you."

                Nie Haitang said, "He already told me earlier that he had something to do, but he said he would be there in time. Let's get going, or we'll be stuck in traffic."

                Wang Xiaoli said, "No, Haitang, I advise you to ignore this poor man. What's wrong with him? Sulfur? The poor man's house is a very good place. I don't think so. Jun

                Wang Jing also calmly said: "go out to play eating, drinking, pulling up and taking care of all the money that women have to pay, so what is the use of keeping the man? The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

                Zhang Qingqing scolded, "To hell with it, it is Qin Ming who has the cheek to rely on our Haitang, who has not agreed to be his girlfriend and has not even held hands. She has never even held hands with him. Unlike you, you have a lot of knowledge."

                The corners of Wang Jing's mouth twitched and she hummed, "I was just saying that, keep your voice down, Zhang Qingqing."

                Nie Haitang's face was scarlet, what had happened between her and Qin Ming, how would outsiders know?

                But the first kiss was given, and her body seemed to have been looked at somehow.

                Of course, she didn't like Qin Ming because of that mundane factor, but because he was pure-hearted and valued his feelings.

                Zhao Tuo looked at Nie Haitang, his heart was indescribably jealous, the four girls present, although they are all good looking, but Nie Haitang is undoubtedly the most outstanding, he also likes the school girl ah, but he can't chase after her, so he retreated to pursue Zhang Qingqing.

                He also knows Qin Ming, the last time Qin Lou invited people from the badminton club to dinner, Qin Ming also came in wearing the clothes of a waiter and was driven away by him.

                The incident on the yacht a few days ago had more or less changed his opinion of Qin Ming, after all, being able to meet rich people was also a kind of ability.

                But today, when he saw that Qin Ming had managed to pick up Nie Haitang, whom he had also fantasised about, he was extremely unbalanced inside, the kind of poor? The poor? He was so poor that he could not afford to be a part of the family. He was not able to get a job. The stoneware is a very good choice.

                Zhao Tuo said, "Tch, the poor boy got lucky."

                Zhang Qingqing said irritably, "Alright, let's go first then."

                On the other side, Qin Ming was struggling to deliver the takeaway until Bai Yuchun rushed back.

                Bai Yuchun came back panting and said, "Sorry Qin Ming, I'm late, phew, phew ...... didn't delay you, did it?"

                Qin Ming said, "Oh, it's fine, you don't have to work too hard, didn't I arrange a place for my aunt to stay? There should be no pressure on the housing."

                Bai Yuchun said, "Yes, but there is time, you still have to earn money. We're all poor."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "It's okay, I'm just going to have fun, it doesn't matter if I'm early or late, it's not easy to find a part-time job if you lose it."

                Bai Yuchun's heart fluttered and she asked, "Is it, is it with Nie, Nie Haitang?"

                Qin Ming suddenly turned shy and grinned a bit silly as he said, "Yes, how come even you found out, hahaha, it was indeed her."

                With a sour feeling in her heart, Bai Yu Chun bit her lip and pretended to be happy as she said, "Well, have a good time then. See you later senior."

                She wondered how many more chances she would have to see Qin Ming in the future, as he belonged to another woman.

                After Qin Ming left the school, Song Ying had arranged the nearest place for Qin Ming to be flown to Nanshan Manor by helicopter.

                When Qin Ming arrived at Nanshan Manor, he found that Nie Haitang and the others had not yet arrived.

                After all, Nanshan Manor was a leisure and tourism resort under the name of the Huan Yu Century Group, and was famous for its extremely luxurious services as well as its natural hot spring eye.

                Qin Ming asked Song Ying, "When my friends come, use the best room, no need for them to pay, I'll treat them."

                Song Ying said, "The Royal Forest Pavilion leisure villa area is the highest specification we have here, decorated in the ancient palace style, and at the same time encompasses the best facilities of Nanshan Manor, and is also the largest hot spring area."

                Qin Ming chose the leisure area, the mobile phone a ring, Nie Haitang called to greet: "Qin Ming, the road is very congested, you wait down do not take the city road, detour to the highway around a corner estimated faster."

                On the other end of the line, Wang Xiaoli scoffed, "Haitang, you should ask him if he's finished delivering the takeaway. Did he earn a hundred dollars?"

                Qin Ming's face darkened, this snobbish woman, I'll scare you later.

                Qin Ming was waiting here at the entrance of the hall playing with his mobile phone, he glanced at Song Ying and remembered that she was busy late into the night from time to time before because of her work, and now she was wasting time blindly here because of her own business.

                He said, "Xiao Ying you go and do your thing, I'll just handle the rest myself."

                Song Ying's delicate body shook and she looked at Qin Ming with some surprise, as Qin Ming's address to her had changed and she was inexplicably happy in her heart.

                She said gently, "Young Master, then I will inform Ma Lao that if there is anything, Ma Lao will take care of it on his behalf."

                Song Ying had just left on her front foot when Zhang Qingqing and her group came in on the back foot.

                As soon as they came in, Zhang Qingqing said, "Oh, this Nanshan Manor is really grand, the air is much fresher. Tsk, those who can come here are all status symbols. There is such a leisure resort manor hidden inside the big city, it's really too lucky to be able to come in and spend money."

                However, after a few people took two steps, they suddenly stopped because they saw Qin Ming, and each of them showed their surprise.

                How could Qin Ming be earlier than them?

                "Huh? Qin Ming?"

                "Wow, can't you fly? How did you get there first?"

                "No way? Faster than us?"

                In the face of everyone's surprise, Qin Ming was proud of himself, a helicopter was much faster, he laughed and said, "I don't know how to fly, take a helicopter."

                Qin Ming was telling the truth, but Zhang Qingqing didn't believe him and said, "You're bluffing, you're still flying in a helicopter? Are you doing this on purpose?"

                Qin Ming asked, "What on purpose?"

                Wang Xiaoli clapped her hands and said, "Oh, I get it. Qin Ming, you deliberately said you were going to deliver a takeaway, but you were actually lying and secretly came here first. Avoiding the embarrassment of you not having a car with a begonia and fearing that we would badmouth you."

                Zhang Qingqing's head nodded like a chicken pecking rice and said, "That's not true. It was originally agreed that men would drive. Qin Ming, you didn't take Haitang with you even when you took the drop, you were afraid of losing face."

                Wang Jing secretly shook her head: "Men, hypocritical, huh."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he propped his forehead speechlessly, these days, even if you say the truth, you have to be questioned, huh? He had really gone to deliver the takeaway, and he had really come by helicopter.

                I should have known to ask Song Ying not to leave first.

                When Nie Haitang saw them questioning Qin Ming like this, she got very upset and said, "Alright, isn't it just as well that we have all the people anyway? Which area do we choose?"

                Qin Ming immediately darkened the room's access card and said, "I've just booked the Royal Forest Pavilion, you can go now ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Zhang Qingqing suddenly exploded and let out a horrible scream, "What? Qin Ming made a death wish, you."

Chapter 116

The crowd was a bit dazed by Zhang Qingqing's river roar, and Nie Haitang quickly asked, "What's wrong Qingqing? Is the Royal Forest Pavilion not good? I've been here once, the hot spring area there is the biggest ah, there is also a hundred year old big ginkgo tree, it's beautiful."

                Zhang Qingqing was a little flustered, even at a loss for words, as she paced back and forth and said, "Of course I know that the Royal Forest Pavilion is the best location in this Nanshan Manor, with a peaceful environment, complete amenities and all kinds of entertainment facilities. But, but it's also the most expensive place. Entertainment costs three hundred thousand dollars a night. Ordinary vip cards cannot be offset against the 8.80% discount."

                It turned out that Qin Ming had ordered the best and most expensive leisure villa area of the manor, and the price had tripled.

                Originally, it was split between four men, plus the vip discount card, which was about 20,000 each, which wasn't expensive for them, the rich people.

                Now well, the spending was raised to over seventy thousand all of a sudden, which was a bit expensive.

                Wang Xiaoli's face sank as he watched Zhou Yu's brow furrow slightly, as if the expensive was too much not too keen to accept.

                She didn't have any money, and on account of her good looks, her usual designer bags, clothes and lipsticks were all given to her by her spare parts. She had managed to befriend a wealthy seafaring high roller, and she was afraid that if Zhou Yu was not happy and suddenly left, then she wouldn't have the chance to enjoy it.

                Zhang Haoyun was very calm and said, "It doesn't matter, it's not much more expensive."

                When Wang Jing saw Zhang Haoyun say this, her heart also settled down, she breathed a long sigh of relief, not bad for a starlet, people in the entertainment industry have a lot of money, and they love to save face.

                Zhao Tuo was unhappy, he had broken his family's yacht and had an accident, the yacht was still being held by the marine police, his family had a lot of restrictions on his pocket money, he only had 50,000 yuan on him, he couldn't get more.

                Nie Haitang also frowned and said, "The extra part I can ......"

                "Qin Ming are you an idiot?" Zhao Tuo scolded up loudly and said, "Who told you to take matters into your own hands? Inviting you to the hot spring, you take yourself as a person don't you? You drive such an expensive villa area, do you have money you? Poor? Panke is suffering? Ding!

                Zhang Qingqing was equally unbearable, she was different from Nie Haitang, Nie Haitang had money and she didn't. The amount of money Zhao Tuo can spend at the moment is not much, and she knows it very well.

                When the time came that she couldn't pay Zhang, wouldn't she be embarrassed? Would she have to borrow money from Nie Haitang again?

                Zhang Qingqing could no longer bear the humiliation she had felt at the Qin Lou Hotel. She would rather be shot dead than be asked by a waiter "Do you have no money?

                She didn't care to scold Qin Ming, she grabbed her access card and hurried to the front desk, saying, "Hello, I want to check out, we don't want to choose the Royal Forest Pavilion, we'll choose the Summer Special, the Jade Pavilion on the edge of the Western District."

                The receptionist said curiously, "Are you serious, miss? The money has already been paid, if you change to a lower grade villa area, you can't make up for the refund oh."

                Zhang Qingqing exclaimed, "No refund, I'll change ...... eh, wait a minute. What did you just say?"

                The waitress smiled and said, "If you insist on changing to another grade of villa, Miss, then the money you have already paid cannot be refunded retroactively. Besides, the Royal Forest Court villa is the best relaxation area we have here, so I suggest you don't change it for the better."

                "Already, already paid for?" Zhang Qingqing asked with wide eyes very surprised.

                Zhao Tuo also came up to confirm, "You guys check and make sure it's already paid for?"

                The waitress still said patiently, "Yes sir, please rest assured that everything you spend during the service is included in the 300,000. And it's already paid for."

                Zhao Tuo took out his mobile phone and said in a very tasteless manner, "No, I want to record the video, say it again to save you from swindling us."

                Poof, the people around laughed, people have said it twice and you still don't believe it, and you want to record it, it's too unmanly, right?

                Zhao Tuo made a red face, and looking at the others' contemptuous glances, he didn't video it.

                The two of them came back rather awkwardly, looking at Qin Ming like they didn't know what to do, as if they were little children who had made a mistake, and were at a loss for words.

                Zhao Tuo deeply regretted, regretted for his outburst just now, how humiliating.

                Zhou Yu, Zhang Haoyun and Nie Haitang were all rich people, he should have been as calm and collected as they were. If he didn't have money, he could just swipe his credit card, so why was he shouting like a madman and showing his embarrassment that he didn't have money to pay the bill?

                Zhang Qingqing was in an even worse state of mind and almost broke down, and kept shouting at Qin Ming, who ended up very calmly bagging the most expensive and best villa area in Nanshan Manor.

                She even misunderstood him and was in a scandalous state.

                And Qin Ming was still so calm, the people around him were looking at him like a miracle, as if they didn't understand how Qin Ming came here earlier, and equally didn't understand why Qin Ming had so much money again?

                Zhang Qingqing's face was on fire, she had wanted to make a fool of Qin Ming, but instead it was her and Zhao Tuo who struck out, and she asked in an aggressive manner, "Qin Ming, it's not possible that you took Haitang's money and came here to pretend, is it?"

                Nie Haitang shook her head dumbly and said, "I didn't."

                Zhao Tuo asked, "Then how did Qin Ming get so much money?"

                Wang Xiaoli also asked curiously, "Three hundred thousand, how could he have it? Is it possible that he picked up 300,000 on the way to his lucky day?"

                Qin Ming was too lazy to bother with these people, they didn't believe him when he told them the truth, but would they believe him when he told them lies?

                Qin Ming simply bragged, "I won the lottery two days ago."

                Nie Haitang said curiously, "So lucky? How much did you win?"

                Qin Ming bragged, "Over a million, I just got the money. Just wanted to treat everyone to a good time."

                More than a million? It was like a huge sum of money falling from the sky.

                The three women were all very envious, Qin Ming had gotten lucky, he had suddenly gotten so much money, but unfortunately it wasn't theirs.

                Wang Xiaoli was envious and jealous at the same time, and said sourly, "No wonder. But that's really too much of a windfall, isn't it? Spending a third of it in one go."

                Wang Jing nodded her head in approval, "Yes, the typical mentality of getting rich, and then to get approval, spending money lavishly."

                Zhou Yu smiled lightly, "It looks like we're the ones taking advantage of the situation. I'll transfer my share of the money to you later."

                Zhang Haoyun also smiled and said, "Qin Ming, how embarrassing is this, I will transfer you 100,000 yuan later too."

                Qin Ming was speechless, no one believed him when he told the truth, but he believed him when he made it up, and really, people like to hear what they think is right.

                Qin Ming quickly waved his hand and said, "No need to pay me. It's really not necessary, just enjoy yourselves, we're all friends of Haitang's, there's no need to worry about such trivial things."

                Qin Ming really didn't care, he was entertaining his friends at his own property, he didn't need to spend any money at all, okay?

                Both men were quite gracious, it was just that he was embarrassed when Zhao Tuo never said anything.

                He only had 50,000, but the other two were so wealthy that they wanted to transfer 100,000.

                Wang Xiaoli and Wang Jing both stared at Zhang Qingqing, meaning what's wrong with your man? He is so blue, why is he so ugly?

                Wang Jing said: "Zhang Qingqing, have you forgotten our purpose? To defeat the scum Qin Ming and make Haitang stop falling for him. We were also told to keep our men in check, why is your man useless?"

                Wang Xiaoli also said, "Yes, now it's Qin Ming's treat, and he still looks like he's not short of money, people who don't know think he's really rich. Why doesn't your boyfriend dislike him back?"

                Zhang Qingqing listened to the two goblins' snide remarks, her heart was furious, she was really a plastic best friend, she stepped on them at every opportunity.

                It was Nie Haitang who helped to relieve the situation, saying, "Alright, stop it, it was Qin Ming who suddenly disrupted everyone's chances. He's not right either."

                Zhang Qingqing was delighted and took Nie Haitang's arm, saying, "No, it's better for Haitang to know what's right, it's all Qin Ming's fault."