Rags To Riches Chapter 111-112

 Chapter 111

The title of Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream has been changed to "Thank you to every kind-hearted person in the society", which is her way of hinting at Qin Ming who has made a donation in her name.

                Zhang Xiaoyan sang a song called "Thankful Heart" during the live broadcast, and I have to say, it was quite catchy, mainly because her voice was rather soft and cute, which poked many geeks' cute spots.

                However, Qin Ming was not a geek.

                A little money was nothing to him now, more so because watching Zhao Fu Gui's villainous look made him sick, and he could do charity and help people at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

                He was about to leave when a private message from the live streaming platform came in.

                "Hello sir, I'm the general manager of the seafood station, I'll help you upgrade to our live platform's super vip, from now on there's an eighty percent rebate on bounties, and a large number of fish pills every day, and the ability to directly private message every anchor on the platform as well as having the VIP qualification to participate in our live platform's carnival activities ......"

                The private message said, blah blah blah a bunch of benefits, this is to pull him, a tycoon's meaning?

                Qin Ming wasn't really interested, he was simply helping Zhang Xiaoyan.

                He flipped through again, Zhang Xiaoyan also private messaged him and asked, "Hello boss, boss violence reward, Xiaoyan don't know how to thank, can we add a wechat?"

                Qin Ming suddenly smiled, many anchor's WeChat are fake, cheating gifts, there are company staff chatting specifically for operation, but Zhang Xiaoyan this should be real.

                But he couldn't add it, once he added the wechat, wouldn't his identity as the world's richest man be worn out?

                Qin Ming replied back, "What's the matter? Just say it directly."

                Zhang Xiaoyan saw that Qin Ming did not want to add her WeChat, so he should not want to develop a deeper relationship, but wasn't a person who rewarded her with so many gifts her fan?

                What kind of fan doesn't want to interact more with their idol?

                Zhang Xiaoyan couldn't help but have a lot of reverie in her mind about this tycoon: "Could it be that he's older? Has a family, so he doesn't want to be extra nosy? What a responsible man. But I just want to get to know him, too."

                Lest Qin Ming walk away, Zhang Xiaoyan typed quickly in front of the screen, "Boss, eh heh heh, I have a hunch that the donation from the Blue Sky Charity Foundation is also a favor from you, boss. Because, a normal donation wouldn't be posted on the official website in such big letters."

                Qin Ming responded back, "It was a favour from me, you're welcome, you have a heart for public welfare, I appreciate it. I believe in you."

                "Wow! Really." Zhang Xiaoyan saw this reply her heart thumping faster, she touched her soft and full heart, her cheeks reddened, this kind of inexplicable trust, even through the screen there was a heartwarming feeling ah.

                Zhang Xiaoyan boldly asked, "Can I, can I get to know you? Can we meet?"

                Qin Ming smiled, "There's a chance, I have to get busy first, bye."

                When Zhang Xiaoyan saw that Qin Ming was leaving, she was very lost inside, how much she wanted to talk to this tycoon for a few more minutes.

                Zhang Xiaoyan sighed, "He's so rich, it's normal for him to be a busy man. Am I not pretty enough to attract him?"

                Qin Ming put away his phone and looked at the time when it was almost noon, he thought that the headmaster had named him to see him and he had to go there.

                He went to the headmaster's office.

                There was not much space, many documents and files, Liao Qing was grading some documents, when he saw Qin Ming coming, he smiled and said, "Qin Ming, sit down."

                Qin Ming sat down with some restraint.

                Liao Qing said, "Qin Ming, your junior year is almost over, and many people are starting their internships in their senior year.

                In the future? In the future, I think I will be a rich man who is free to be rich.

                Qin Ming said gratefully, "Thank you for your concern, I plan to be a glorious taxpayer for the country in the future."

                Liao Qing laughed, "Oh, you brat, the teacher is telling you seriously. You've seen your grades over the past three years, they're all excellent, you've also attended some training, and you know two foreign languages, a very rare talent. You are from a poor family, yet you work tirelessly, your teacher is very pleased."

                Qin Ming slightly owed and said, "It is also because of the school's strong cultivation that I have achieved what I have achieved."

                Liao Qing said taking out a card and said, "I know an entrepreneur here, who is an old friend of mine. The other party is in trade and finance, and he asks me for some people from time to time, and I see that you can. If you want, I can recommend you to work part-time, so that you have time to study and you won't have to worry about living expenses. It's also a good place to go when you graduate later."

                After hearing this, Qin Ming felt in his heart that the teachers at school were really worried about him.

                If it was in the past, Qin Ming would have had to bow ninety degrees in gratitude, but now Qin Ming said that he had to think twice about the Yale University senior student working under him.

                Qin Ming thought about it and left the opportunity to those who needed it, he said, "I appreciate the headmaster's kindness, but I need to think about it."

                Liao Qing nodded and said, "That's right, it's not like you're quitting your part-time job all of a sudden. It just so happens that there is a charity gala next weekend and he will be attending, I have also been invited, but I don't really have the time, so you can go and talk to him first."

                Liao Qing took out two tickets, and when Qin Ming looked at them, weren't they tickets for the Huayi Night elle Charity Gala?

                Qin Ming saw that the headmaster had said this, so he should go and meet him, he could not let the headmaster's hot face stick to his cold butt.

                When Qin Ming left the office, it was noon and he thought he would go to the canteen to have a casual meal with Nie Haitang.

                He dialled Nie Haitang's number and asked, "Haitang, have you eaten yet?"

                Nie Haitang, who was eating with her girlfriends in the dining hall, gave a jolt and hurriedly pushed the rice in front of her away, saying, "I haven't eaten yet."

                Zhang Qingqing, Wang Xiaoli and the other girls all rolled their eyes, as if they all knew what would happen next.

                Qin Ming said, "That's just right, to the dining hall?"

                Nie Haitang said happily, "Sure, I'll be right there."

                Zhang Qingqing hummed, "The dining hall? We're eating at the Qin Building, does the dining hall taste worthy of our status as Haitang?"

                Qin Lou was the highest standard restaurant in their university, usually students would only go for a meal after passing their exams.

                She deliberately said it loudly, wanting Qin Ming to hear it too, but you also Haitang covered her phone with her hand and glared at Zhang Qingqing in shame.

                The women watched Nie Haitang go, shaking their heads and sighing: "What's the charm of this Qin Ming anyway? Poor? Pan pleading goblet? 洗挝揖驮诜固每醇????? The apologetic allied bar? The quality of the quality of the value of the mold? The following is a list of some of the most important things you can do. The insects are not only the most popular, but also the most popular. The only thing you need to know is that you will be able to find a way to get the most out of your business. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. We are not only a company, we are also a company. The Pan Jun!

                A girl disdainfully said: "This is called persona charm, poor boy, a little handsome, good academic performance. Often a good old boy look, is not that the male version of Cinderella? It's a female version of Cinderella. Haitang's family is rich, ah, supplies are not lacking, it is easy to be deceived."

                Zhang Qingqing said speechlessly, "But this is the kind of thing that Miss Qianjin eats. I have persuaded Haitang many times, but to no avail."

                Wang Xiaoli said, "Eh eh eh, I recently met a high wealthy handsome man in a bar, super rich, driving a big Ben, studying abroad, I have his WeChat, why don't we ask them all out, so that this Qin Ming will be defeated and humiliated, so that his self-esteem will collapse and he will leave of his own accord, how about that?"

                Zhang Qingqing immediately came to life and said, "That's fine, ask all of your boyfriends out and move around together to see who man is poor and who is disgraced. It's a bit sorry for Haitang, but for her lifelong happiness, it's necessary to be ruthless for a while."

                The women nodded unanimously and said, "Good, act now and beat the scum Qin Ming."

Chapter 112

In the school canteen, Qin Ming casually ordered a meal and sat with Nie Haitang, in a somewhat nervous and joyful mood.

                It wasn't the first time he had fallen in love. He had noticed that Nie Haitang had a crush on him, and he had approached her boldly, and they were almost at the point of confirming their relationship.

                But after more than a week of not seeing each other and a lot of things happening in between, Qin Ming was more or less shy inside again.

                It was like being nervous and not daring to move around like when you first fall in love.

                Nie Haitang beautifully gave Qin Ming a chicken leg in her bowl, "Qin Ming, you eat the chicken leg, I've been on a diet lately."

                Qin Ming's heart was warmed as he took out two tickets for the charity gala given by Principal Liao and said, "Haitang, there's a charity gala at the weekend, are you going?"

                Nie Haitang took a look at them and said, "Hmm? The Huayi Night Charity Gala? Yes, I'll go with you, right, do you have a formal suit?"

                Qin Ming had never been to one before and asked, "No, do you have to have a suit?"

                Nie Haitang said, "Not really, it's just that I'll be looked down upon."

                Qin Ming was not too happy about this, it was a shame to compare.

                Knowing that Qin Ming didn't have that much money, Nie Haitang said, "Then I want a dress too. What you normally wear is fine, but it's easy to cause gossip. If it's too expensive for you, you can go rent a dress, it's cheap, only a few hundred yuan. We'll rent it together."

                Nie Haitang was trying to look after Qin Ming's emotions, she had the money to buy a gown and knew that Qin Ming wouldn't be willing to buy one, she wanted to be like Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming seemed to sense what Nie Haitang was thinking and said, "Well, it's better to buy one. Have you forgotten that I helped you with your stock speculation and you gave me 100,000 in reward? I still have twenty ...... er, eighty thousand dollars in my card."

                Qin Ming remembered that he had just swiped a lot of gifts for Zhang Xiaoyan, so there wasn't much left.

                As for the black card from Century Bank that Song Ying had given him, he did not intend to use it for the time being for fear of being seen by someone with an agenda, he was now in the middle of a storm and had to be careful with everything.

                The sinner said happily, "Good, let's go pick out clothes this afternoon, hey, in fact, you're not fat, as long as you wear better clothes, you should be fine."

                The word good had not even left Qin Ming's mouth when suddenly three people came next to him.

                "Hey, you get up." A big, thick man in the lead patted the dining table, took out a piece of paper and said to Qin Ming, "Watch and read."

                Qin Ming looked over curiously, only to see the paper read, "Just 998, bring me home."

                Wasn't this the tawdry comment he had made yesterday when he had saved Bai Yuchun and interacted with the onlookers? Then what were these people doing?

                "Pfft." Nie Haitang laughed, clearly understanding what this was for?

                It must be Wang Chenghu who had lost face yesterday but didn't know who the takeaway rider was, so he relied on his voice to identify him and carried out a human search tactic.

                This is really too much of a bullying act.

                One of the minions took his mobile phone and played a video recording, in which came Qin Ming's smug voice: "Just 998, take me home."

                The voice was actually a bit muffled, after all, it was not professional equipment, nor was it a close up recording.

                The young man at the head of the group said, "Kid, read it quickly. What's the point? Believe it or not, I'll beat you up."

                Although Qin Ming's temper was much more restrained than in high school, he was not the kind to be bullied, not to mention that Ah Long was also inside the school.

                But Nie Haitang was worried and pulled his hand, whispering, "There are so many of them, a good man won't eat his words."

                As expected, there were Wang Chenghu's men in other parts of the dining hall, forcing male students to shout the words "Just 998, take me home".

                A tall boy refused to give in, and both sides fought, but Wang Chenghu was a wealthy man with many lapdogs, and that boy could not beat his girlfriend with two fists, and she was also beaten, tearing her clothes, revealing her underwear, and being mocked in various ways.

                Qin Ming looked even more upset inside, his fists squeezed to death.

                Nie Haitang hurriedly took his hand and told him to loosen his fist and said, "Qin Ming, forget it, we can't afford to mess with them. It's better to put things to rest."

                Qin Ming also didn't want Nie Haitang to suffer, so he said, "Just 998, take me home."

                Qin Ming's voice was obviously a change of voice, but those people didn't know Qin Ming either, they didn't sound like him, and seeing that Qin Ming had such a beautiful girlfriend, they thought it couldn't be the person who saved Bai Yu-chun yesterday, so they let it go.

                Only after Wang Chenghu's boys left did Nie Haitang relax and let out a long breath, saying, "They are too domineering, aren't they? It's too bullying to mess around like this in school."

                Qin Ming's face was gloomy as he said, "Bullying? The happier they get, the faster they pounce."

                Suddenly, a disgruntled and angry rebuke came from behind, "Tch, poor? Pan Jun? The door of the house? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get a job. See? The man who is the most important person in the world is the one who is the most important person in the world. The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Finance. The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the University of California. The newest and most popular of all, the newest and most popular of all. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

                Wang Chenghu? Qin Ming didn't realize that this guy was actually not far behind simply and heard his words, rushing in anger.

                Moreover, his face ......

                "Pfft, hehehe ......" Nie Haitang laughed again because Wang Chenghu's face had been run over by a wheel yesterday, a red scar from his chin to his forehead, a bruise that was hilarious after he had applied the salve.

                Wang Chenghu walked forward, very close to Qin Ming, he looked like the old Hong Kong movie gangster, hands in his pockets, head against Qin Ming's forehead, said: "What the hell are you? Fuck you. How dare you curse me? Are you tired of living?"

                If ordinary people were faced with such a school bully, they would have fled in fear.

                But how could Qin Ming be afraid?

                He had been fighting since he was a child.

                He looked into Wang Chenghu's eyes and responded, "Even if you have more people, it doesn't mean you can win."

                Wang Chenghu raised the corners of his mouth arrogantly and said, "Good, kid, you have guts. Then I'll beat you until your mother doesn't even recognise you."

                The two went toe to toe, but Qin Ming's eyes were more calm and collected, and his aura was more domineering, which gave Wang Chenghu a fright, there were very few people in the school who dared to confront him head on.

                There were few people in the school who dared to confront him head-on. Either they had a deep background or they were fools.

                Wang Chenghu knew people with deep backgrounds, but there was no such person as Qin Ming, who he thought was obviously brainless.

                When Nie Haitang saw that there were seven or eight people on Wang Chenghu's side, all of them fierce and fierce, she panicked, afraid that Qin Ming would suffer.

                She hurriedly pulled Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, forget it, we won't eat."

                "Eat, how can you not eat? Beauty ...... tsk, you're so pretty." Wang Chenghu formally looked at Nie Haitang and could not help but light up, his eyes revealing a nasty desire, he whistled and said, "This is not our school? Panke look basking] falcon blowing which gege board;? Saek utter? The school is a very good place to be. Come on brother condyles tax!

                "However, the vision is a bit poor, with a poor? I don't know. The man's eyes are a bit poor. The nightmare? Acyl? Julia? Curtain!

                "Not only is it a poor? Pan Jun? Therefore, I apologize for the mackerel? Frame!

                Wang Chenghu took Qin Ming's rice bowl, poured the rice on the ground, and then stomped on it, saying, "Eat it and I'll let you walk out safely. For the sake of School Girl Nie, let you off the hook."

                The floor of the dining hall was already dirty, and to step on it, to force people to eat it, wasn't that humiliating?

                "Hmph hmph." Wang Chenghu and his group surrounded Qin Ming and Nie Haitang, sneering and smiling, with the stance that if Qin Ming didn't behave himself, he was going to hit someone.