Rags To Riches Chapter 11-12

 Chapter 11

The small bamboo forest on campus, quite large, both deep and dark, is actually the place where many couples come to make out at night.

Thanks to the small bamboo forest in front of the stone statue of Confucius sage, really want to envy the ancients ah.

Qin Ming came early, looked around, crashed through a lot of embarrassing scenes, but also attracted a lot of white eyes of couples, he is also more ashamed, not intentionally as a light bulb ah, but Nie Haitang asked him to come here ah.

Seeing so many couples up and down here, lip-synching, Qin Ming mood is low, once upon a time, he and Li Meng also come here twice a day to promote feelings, very exciting.

Suddenly, there was an angry rebuke from behind "ah, Qin Ming you cheap ah?"

Turning back to look, it was actually Yang Wei, and his ex-girlfriend Li Meng, this is really a series of bad luck, to come here can meet them.

Li Meng disgustedly said "you tracked me to here? You are really a typical dog licker, I have said that it is impossible between us, A Wei is the most suitable man for me."

Yang Wei also laughed "Qin Ming, didn't I warn you? You do not come back to pester my Meng Meng, or I will not be polite. You are so silk? Being dumped and still rushing over pathetically, what a shaggy dog."

Qin Ming did not bother to pay attention to these two dogs and men, said "Heh, self-serving, I wait for people."

"Tsk, really dead chicken support rice cover, mouth hard." Li Meng deliberately pulled out her Apple phone to show off, said "look at you, left me is a single dog, I heard that you are so poor today to go to the library to steal someone else's breakfast, ha ha ha, laughing dead. The school girl was caught red-handed taking pictures of a beautiful woman in the business school, but she was also magnanimous enough not to see eye to eye with you. I say how you do not grow up at all? The poorer you are, the less ambition you have."

Qin Ming speechless, this rumor stops at the wise, apparently the two in front of the IQ worry.

Yang Wei laughed, touching Li Meng's fat buttocks, said "not it. I said that the poorer the person is, the more cheap is this truth, no character at all. Follow such a man, is a disgrace."

Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this Yang Wei is deliberate!

In front of him, so directly and roughly touching Li Meng, trying to stimulate him.

"Aiya, Ah Wei you made me that." Li Meng gasped twice, aware of Qin Ming watching, shyly angry.

Yang Wei, on the other hand, became more excited and said, "What are you afraid of? Let him watch, poor silk does not deserve to have a woman, only with hands. His father is also a dead poor man, if not my father and his father is a classmate, pity their family poor, give them a job as a watchman, huh."

Qin Ming fist clenched, said in a deep voice "Yang Wei, you seek death."

Yang Wei shivered, he knew that Qin Ming actually fights quite powerful, he hurriedly did not dare to say the father and mother.

He also put his hand deep inside Li Meng's clothes, some rubbing, carnally said "What? You can fight, hit me ah? You are just jealous of me, jealous that I am richer than you. Jealous that I got Li Meng's heart and stole your girlfriend, isn't it? That's my ability, you don't have it. Can you find a prettier and better woman than Li Meng? You only deserve to go back to your village and find an ugly village girl and muddle through your life."

"That's enough! You shut up."

Suddenly, a girl on the side of the road wearing a white spun gown with long fluttering hair shouted and walked up to Qin Ming and intimately reached out to hold him, saying "Qin Ming, I've kept you waiting."

Qin Ming saw Nie Haitang, she seems to have dressed up today, extraordinarily beautiful.

Nie Haitang took Qin Ming's arm and scolded, "Please don't hurt my boyfriend, otherwise I Nie Haitang will not be polite to you."

Yang Wei blurted out "How is it possible!"

Li Meng was stunned on the spot "This is not possible!"

How long has it been since we broke up? How long has it been since we broke up? Who better to find than Nie Haitang, one of the top three school girls of China University of Technology.

She is a rich girl that everyone knows!

On the first day of school, her father got more than 20 luxury cars to line the whole school road, and also rolled out the red carpet to give her publicity, telling everyone that she, Nie Haitang, is rich and beautiful.

Although Li Meng is good-looking, but compared to Nie Haitang, regardless of appearance, body, family, and even voice are not as good.

Such a woman, how can look at Qin Ming such a stinking silk ah?

Li Meng pinched his arm "why ah? Impossible ah! This must be a dream."

He is a stinking silk, leaving her is nothing, he Qin Ming only deserve to live in the chagrin and misery of losing Li Meng every day, only deserve to follow her, peeping at her from afar is right.

Li Meng's inner vanity makes her excited whenever she sees Qin Ming down and out, she Li Meng is right to dump Qin Ming, proving she has a good eye.

However, seeing Qin Ming living better than her, looking for a woman better than her, she was anxious inside, she could not be compared.

How can Qin Ming have a better life than her? How could he have a better woman than her?

He must be worse off than she is.

She pushed Yang Wei's arm "A Wei, say something."

But Yang Wei throat "grunt", swallowed saliva, his eyes have been staring at Nie Haitang, too beautiful, so beautiful that he could not move his eyes, he actually also had a crush on Nie Haitang, just think that the gap between the two is too big, do not dare to pursue.

In fact, he is also the first time so close to see Nie Haitang, the white skin ice muscle, curved willow eyebrows, a smile are so charming, especially the slim waistline, the two groups of mature peaks, full of charming temptation.

Li Meng saw his man staring at Qin Ming's "girlfriend" like this, she was more angry inside, doubly humiliated, Qin Ming left her, but found a better one? Who can accept this?

"You can see for yourself, I'm going back."

Li Meng angrily flung her hand and left, she could not stay.

Yang Wei just woke up like a dream, the woman opposite him can only be seen from afar, Li Meng is his girlfriend, said "Eh? Meng Meng, you listen to my explanation."

Qin Ming shook his head, it is really self-defeating.

He also asked "When did I become your boyfriend?"

Nie Haitang let go of his hand and slapped Qin Ming, feigning anger, "Where are you, not thanking me but questioning me? I just came to see you being ridiculed and sarcastic, to help you out."

Qin Ming smiled sarcastically "Yes, I want to thank you, twice, once at the badminton court at noon and once just now. Say, what do you want? I can satisfy you."

Nie Haitang giggled "Yes, I really want to ask you a favor."

Qin Ming said without thinking, "What kind of favor?"

Nie Haitang pursed her lips and said, "My family has recently encountered some trouble, my living expenses are limited. You said you know how to speculate in stocks? Can you teach me?"

Chapter 12

In the boys' dormitory, Qin Ming got his SLR back, most of the photos inside were deleted, leaving only one, which was Nie Haitang doing a scissor hand selfie, which was obviously a photo that Nie Haitang had specially left for Qin Ming.

Qin Ming was so happy that he saved the photo to his phone as wallpaper.

"Don't you know how to speculate in stocks? Teach me."

The mind recalled Nie Haitang's words and would actually ask to teach him to speculate in stocks.

I didn't expect that a lie from him would make Nie Haitang misunderstand that he was a stock speculation expert.

He remembered that the person in charge of Huan Yu Century's industrial business in Guang City was Hou Qing, which also managed several securities companies and and investment foundations.

The next morning, Qin Ming gave a greeting to Song Ying and asked her to order Hou Qing to make some preparations, and he was going to the more famous Tiancheng Securities Company in Guangcheng City.

In front of the school, Qin Ming and Nie Haitang took a drip and drove all the way to Tiancheng Securities Company.

Drip car master see two young, could not help but persuade "young man, to go to speculation? Listen to Uncle a word of advice, the sea of stocks is endless, turn back is the shore. Uncle was previously engaged in trade, worth millions, since the stock market for three years, it has become open drops."

"Pfft." Nie Haitang could not help but laugh when she heard this.

She said, "That's different, he is very powerful, only recently earned 100,000 yuan."

The master said disdainfully "100,000 is nothing? My peak in the stock market earned two million, and now I am still not open drops? The water in the stock market is deep, it is the territory of predators, we are fat sheep, every year there are a number of fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered."

Qin Ming just smiled and did not say anything, he is a global wealthy son of the righteousness of the need to play hard to get on such occasions?

But Nie Haitang is dissatisfied "that is you, not on his behalf."

The master shook his head, feel their own golden words, but can not persuade these young people who are looking forward to a huge fortune "Oh, I came here to suggest that you do not listen, when the time comes all set to regret."

Arrived at the Tiancheng Securities Company, but the entrance was crowded, the staff were out in line, but also repeated the practice of the slogan to meet the big man.

Qin Ming and they were blocked from entering.

Qin Ming said, "Please, give way, we have to go to open an account."

The female manager looked back and saw that Qin Ming was dressed in a stall, his trouser pockets were empty, and she was depressed.

Every year, this kind of greedy new, playful to open an account of people like cattle hair, not even understand what the stock is to open an account, a waste of time.

Today the big boss is coming, but also accompanied by a distinguished guest, their bosses are rushed back from the field to meet, and the entire staff of Tiancheng Securities have to come out to meet the big boss, which has time to greet the idle?

The female manager said disgustedly, "I'm not available today, go to another house."

What? Your securities company opened its doors to do business, there is no time for this statement?

Nie Haitang is dissatisfied, said "We are here to open an account, what attitude you?"

The female manager said impatiently "I have this attitude, what is wrong? How much money do you have? Half a million there? Take a couple of thousand to speculate in the stock market, play house? We have a big client today, we don't have time for poor people like you. Either wait or go to another place. How much money does your man have?"

Nie Haitang was angry, but she had brought her own personal money today, only 100,000 yuan, so she was really underestimated.

But Qin Ming and Song Ying and Hou Qing appointment is here, it is not good to go to another home, can only appease "forget about it and so on."

Less than five minutes, two BMW parked at the door, the female manager looked at the card, hurriedly ran over to open the door, bowed "Sister Xia, boss."

Other employees have also bowed and saluted, in unison, "Welcome boss, welcome Sister Xia."

This is a really grand battle.

The car came down with a long-legged woman with heavy makeup and a short, fat middle-aged man with big ears, both of whom waited for the staff to salute before leaving.

Nie Haitang whispered, "Show off."

This voice is not loud, but let that sister Xia heard, sister Xia frowned "tsk, where is the wild girl?"

The female manager hurriedly smiled; "Sister Xia, just two young people, want to open an account to speculate in stocks, there is not much money, just for fun."

Sister Xia glance fell on Qin Ming, because Qin Ming dress is particularly ordinary, Sister Xia is used to seeing the rich and famous, feel Qin Ming special eyesore, she sneered "Oh, I know, learn people pretend, come to the securities company to take a picture, the circle of friends and then pick up girls, ha ha ha, this kind of silk is really more these days."

The fat-headed boss touched Xia's waist and said "wife, what do you care about these inferior people? The big boss is coming, I heard that the people behind the big boss will also come, then we will be able to see the higher level of the circle, the future is not a matter of flying."

Xia held the pig's head face a kiss down "husband, you are really capable."

After saying that, and turned back to look at Nie Haitang jealously, she is also a woman, how can not see that Nie Haitang is many times more beautiful than her, and just now her man eyes wandering in Nie Haitang?

But what's the point of being pretty? Your man has my man's ability? The pearls are also not light when you are looking for an old man.

She sneered from on high "See? All women, you and I so big gap, know why? Because you find a smelly silk, hahaha."

The surrounding staff also followed the laugh, but most of them are awkward laugh, only the female manager look deeply thought, and echoed "Sister Xia is right, but this silk is also thick skin, actually can wait until now, huh."

Sister Xia said funny "wait a long time? Hubby, you see how powerful and famous the company you manage, people are waiting to go in and open an account to invest."

The fat-headed boss was happy and said, "Is that so? The kid is so sincere for your sake, give you a chance, go in. A Li, go to him to open an account, see how much money he has to speculate in stocks."

Nie Haitang pulled Qin Ming and said, "Qin Ming, don't, I can't stand it, what kind of people are these? Let's go somewhere else."

Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Forget it, don't be normal with these people. I also have an appointment here, I can't let people change places, right?"

Nie Haitang heard that Qin Ming also had an appointment, then there is no choice but to follow.

Entering the Tiancheng Securities Company, the early arrivals were already in the lobby staring at the board, however the board was a miserable green, with a few red ones occasionally.

Fill out the information, the female manager asked "their own speculation or find our agent, I said first, our agent commission is the most expensive in the industry, but our investment level is the best in the industry, no 500,000 we do not accept agents."

This is Nie Haitang to speculate in stocks, she only has 100,000 yuan, once she heard the agent principal to start from 500,000, suddenly some rash.

The manager laughed at her appearance "Tsk, what a joke, no money to learn how to speculate? You think this is a casino? Your man is so useless, he can't even take out half a million. If I were you, I would leave of my own accord and save myself the embarrassment of staying."

Qin Ming took the information and got up and said, "Shame is my own business, I am here to earn money."

The female manager smiled contemptuously "What are you capable of? And shamelessly. I'll watch and see how you earn."