Rags To Riches Chapter 109-110

 Chapter 109

Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream, the title changed to 'Apologize to the majority of fans'.

                Her eyes were red and swollen, and she was in an extremely bad mood.

                "Wow, Princess Yeon is live-streaming so early this morning? I'm at work and when I hear Princess Yeon's voice, I'm motivated a hundred times."

                "Tch, who bullied our cute little Yeon? I can't believe she's crying, but she's still cute."

                "The title of this live stream, what's going on?"

                "Did the donation fail? For our lovely Princess Xiaoyan, I donated 500 yuan, so I'll have to eat instant noodles again this month."

                "Five hundred is nothing, I rewarded a rocket, master just for Xiaoyan."

                "Baby, who's bullying you? Tell hubby."

                "The self-proclaimed husband in front draws his sword."

                Many netizens in the live broadcast room were watering down their comments, and everyone was curious as to what the title of this live broadcast meant today.

                "It can't be telling us that the money for the donation got lost, right?"

                "How could it be? Princess Yeon wouldn't be so underhanded."

                "Who knows, why else would she apologise? Wasn't the donation live today?"

                "Oh, the rhythm of pretending to be a failure? Then it's time for us black fans to work."

                "Today we agreed to go to the charity fund to donate ah, apologize for life black."

                The rhythm of the live broadcast room also gradually rose, most notably because Zhang Xiaoyan did not say a word, intensifying the viewers' suspicions.

                Qin Ming didn't know what Zhang Xiaoyan was thinking, did she look like she was planning to apologize and admit her mistake?

                But then she said that she would let Zhao Fu Gui wait for a reply?

                At this moment the students in the class group were all relatively quiet and seemed to know about it, half a million was not something they ordinary students could take out, so let's not intervene and let Zhang Xiaoyan carry it on her own.

                Anyway, it's all gifts from fans and platform sharing, it's not illegal to run out of money, it's just that the reputation is notorious.

                Qin Ming felt that this was bad, we are all classmates, we should work together to come up with ideas to tide over the difficulties, but everyone's indifferent attitude made him very powerless.

                The capable Zhao Fugui even blackmails Zhang Xiaoyan into getting a room with this incident, which is even more odious.

                In the class group, Li Meng, who had been suspended from school, suddenly spoke up, "What's wrong? What seems to have happened to Zhang Xiaoyan?"

                Qin Ming was angry at the sight of her, not only did she coax his sister to be silly, but she almost stole the money from his bank card.

                Ma Fei said in the class group, "Xiaoyan got half a million stolen, that's what she's earned from live-streaming over the past few years, and the call for fans to reward her, intending to donate and get a ticket into the venue for the Huayi Night elle Charity Gala event."

                Li Meng sent a gloating emoji and said, "Oh ...... must be near Qin Ming more, bad luck after bad luck."

                Qin Ming's face darkened as he sent a bombshell in the class group, angrily saying, "Li Meng, what happened in front of the pharmacy over the weekend was forgotten so quickly?"

                Li Meng directly ignored it and said, "Zhang Xiaoyan, you're scamming oh, you're privy to your own money and then selling a cry, selling a scam fan, circling money."

                In the class group, Zhang Xiaoyan immediately replied, "I didn't cheat!!!"

                The three exclamation marks were resounding, declaring Zhang Xiaoyan's inner agitation and anger.

                But Li Meng didn't say anything more, instead she ran inside Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream and brought up the tempo: "I'm Zhang Xiaoyan's classmate, she cheated. She faked a donation to Huayi Night's Blue Sky Charity Foundation to trick everyone's sympathy, but in reality, she swallowed all the money herself."

                "You her classmate? I'm still her husband, bullshit you, our Xiaoyan is not like that."

                "Look, I told you the money was gone for no reason."

                "Half a million, that's a lot of money our fans have contributed over the years. You act like you're passionate about charity in person, but you don't donate afterwards, liar!"

                "Take down, unsubscribe, and block unscrupulous anchors."

                "Mr. Whoring is the conscience of the anchor world, Pippi Hope Primary School is all built up."

                "Wow, so easy to become the platform of the mid-stream live, make your own death ah."

                "And cry what? Do you think crying our wise people will believe you?"

                "Webcasts don't have tears. Pay it back."

                Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream room with rhythm is getting more and more, Zhang Xiaoyan looks anxious and sad, covering her face, wiping her tears from time to time, not saying a word, the more she doesn't say anything, the more rhythm there is.

                In fact, Zhang Xiaoyan did not know what she should say, she was afraid that the more she described, the darker the internet comments would directly swallow her up.

                Qin Ming looked angry and disliked Li Meng in the class group, saying: "Li Meng what are you mad about? You want to target your own classmates too? You know nothing about people making rumours here, it's too much."

                Li Meng replied quickly, "What did I do? I didn't do anything, you ask your sister."

                Qin Ming hummed, "Do your words have any credibility?"

                In the live broadcast room, the tirade had gradually drowned out all the pop-ups, and even viewers who were not fans came to join in the fun.

                All sorts of words like cheater anchor, trash, bitch, disgusting, unsubscribe, blocked, etc. filled the room, which made Zhang Xiaoyan completely lack the courage to speak, and her mind collapsed as she watched such pop-ups.

                Zhang Xiaoyan was in great pain inside, she could either choose to go to a room with the nasty Zhao Fugui in exchange for tickets, or idle fans to apologise and quit her favourite live streaming career from now on.

                Either way, she was desperate, and it just so happened that no one could save her.

                Suddenly, in the live stream, a gift-giving pop-up screen showed up

                "Not Forensic Qin Ming gives the lovely Xiaoyan a rocket"

                A rocket was two thousand dollars, not a tycoon wouldn't swipe it, the anchor's live stream could have one or two tycoons, it was enough to mix and mingle.

                Not forensic doctor Qin Ming the id still hanging in the live broadcast room fan list first position of the.

                Zhang Xiaoyan raised her head, that budding face covered with tear marks, she looked at this pop-up screen in surprise, she was surprised, why at this kind of time, this not forensic doctor Qin Ming netizen, still willing to believe her?

                It was clear that she hadn't appeared since the last reward.

                Zhang Xiaoyan had thought that the tycoon had just happened to be playing around in the first place, but she hadn't expected her to show up again at the most difficult time.

                "Thank you, thank you ...... Mr. Qin Ming ......'s, fire ......." Zhang Xiaoyan choked out her thanks, not even pronouncing her screen name fully because she was crying so hard, but this was pronounced correctly.

                Qin Ming would smile, Zhang Xiaoyan did not finish his words, the live broadcast room is another rocket rising.

                "Not Forensic Qin Ming gives the lovely Xiaoyan a rocket x50"

                As with the last bounty, another 100,000!

                Surprisingly, Zhang Xiaoyan's live broadcast room curses all the absolute stash, a piece of ellipsis went by, it seems that people do not understand what operation such as tycoon.

                The first thing that happened was that he was not able to get the money he needed.

                He wanted to shut some people up, it would be so much easier if money could solve it ah.

                Someone typed on the screen, saying; "Landlord, you've been cheated, this is a cheater anchor."

                Qin Ming then also typed on the screen, "Don't get carried away, everyone, Xiao Yan has been live for three years, old fans should have watched her step by step, we all know very well how she is as a person. It's not like she doesn't have donations, it's just that she encountered a bit of sadness today, and you're all speculating here."

                When Zhang Xiaoyan saw this, she smiled sadly inwardly, she thought that 'Not Forensic Qinming', a tycoon netizen, believed her and did not know that she had really lost the money.

                Zhang Xiaoyan sighed inwardly, "I'm afraid he'll hate me even if I have to tell the truth about what happened later, right?"

                Immediately after Qin Ming finished typing, he called Qi Yundong and asked, "Uncle Qi, is there a Huayi Night elle Charity Gala to be held in Guang City recently?"

Chapter 110

Qi Yundong was slightly surprised and said, "Yes young master, this is a charity gala called by the Blue Sky Charity Foundation for children suffering from leukemia, with Huayi Brothers and ......"

                Qin Ming interrupted, "Alright, I get it, I want to help a friend donate in my personal name, well ...... let's say half a million."

                "No problem." Qi Yundong said with a smile, "A mere half a million, my subordinate will pay for the young master."

                Qin Ming did not want to owe a favor, human debts are too difficult to pay back, he insisted, "No, I will pay for it myself. By the way, the donation has an invitation ticket, right?"

                Qi Yundong said, "There are tickets for donations of 500,000 or more, but they are for the outer venue, you can't meet many celebrities and stars, they are all third or fourth tier starlets and staff of young model brands, etc. You need a ticket to get into the inner venue to get in. I'll give the young master's friends tickets for the inner venue."

                Qin Ming gave a deadly order and said, "Yes, do it now, I want to immediately can to the donation page updated with this information. Send the tickets to my friend."

                Qi Yundong could hear the urgency in Qin Ming's words and immediately replied, "Young master, don't worry, five minutes, five minutes the webpage will definitely be updated with the donation announcement requested by young master."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and went back to the live broadcast room.

                Those who were bringing the rhythm were still there, with all kinds of unpleasant curses.

                Qin Ming just replied back in the live stream, "I will always believe in Zhang Xiaoyan, feel free to bring the rhythm, believe it or not, I will brush another 50 rockets?"

                "You blow, right you? The company behind the fraudulent anchor, right? Hype operation, right?"

                "Brushing five hundred won't change the fact that she cheated us."

                "Brother Qin Ming, there's still you guarding our Princess Yeon, what a blessing."

                "Liar anchor, block and roll."

                "Not forensic doctor Qin Ming gave the lovely Xiaoyan a rocket x 1"

                "Not forensic doctor Qin Ming gave the lovely Xiao Yan a rocket x2"

                "Not forensic doctor Qin Ming gave the lovely Xiaoyan a rocket x3"




                "Not forensic doctor Qin Ming gave the lovely Xiaoyan a rocket x50"

                Another 100,000 gifts were rewarded, each rocket rewarded with a platform-wide advertisement push, Qin Ming had sent a hundred rockets in a row, already attracting a huge amount of heat and traffic, the popularity of the live broadcast room had reached the highest on the platform.

                "I just arrived, can someone tell me what's going on?"

                "Go Princess Yeon."

                "A female anchor is wiping her tears live and earning millions a month?"

                "Tch, what's up with all these people shouting about blocking? Wow, childish boobs hey, what a beautiful anchor."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was also confused, suddenly she was rewarded with so much money, she thought to herself that this 'not forensic doctor Qin Ming' was too tycoon, right?

                In the world of the rich, it was true that money was not money, it was just a life pastime.

                With Qin Ming's 50 rockets of reward encouragement, Zhang Xiaoyan was in a much better mood, she figured out that the sun always shines after the storm, she couldn't agree to Zhao Fugui's request, she didn't want to cheat her fans, even if she was hated by them, she didn't want to.

                Zhang Xiaoyan took a deep breath and stabilised her emotions, she decided to apologise live.

                If she couldn't be forgiven, then she would start all over again, even if it was negative, she couldn't let down her fans.

                Zhang Xiaoyan took out her phone and responded directly in the class group, "Zhao Fugui, even if I lose my reputation, I won't promise you to be your girlfriend."

                Zhao Fugui, who was using his trumpet to bring rhythm to the live stream, sank his face and cursed out, "Zhang Xiaoyan, give shame, you asked for it. Don't regret it. How are you going to get tickets without money?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan was silent and withdrew from the class group.

                She took the microphone, cleared her throat and said, "Thank you, thank you to every fan who supported my Zhang Xiaoyan, especially the tycoon around id 'Not Forensic Qin Ming', hello, finally I see you again. Your presence at this time has given me courage and strength, thank you. I have something to tell you today ......"

                "Last week, I saw an ad about the Blue Sky Foundation about focusing on children with leukaemia and I decided to donate together in my name and the names of my fans, so I raised half a million dollars."

                "It was supposed to be a live donation today ......"

                "It's just that ...... oooh ......"

                Zhang Xiaoyan cried again, she really couldn't say it ah.

                Suddenly, a message came from the super management in the background, "Zhang Xiaoyan, what are you crying about? Didn't you just donate half a million? Why are you crying like this, a bitter drama? Nowadays, viewers don't eat this kind of stuff, so just be honest and say it if you've donated. Be humble, pretend like it's nothing and talk about it without thinking, so that viewers are comfortable. You are now on the front page of the website, sing a song and dance for that Qin Ming tycoon, let him reward you some more, crying and crying people tycoons are running away."

                "Hmm?" Zhang Xiaoyan wondered in her heart, "I didn't donate ah."

                The super tube returned, "People have informed the official website of the Blue Sky Foundation and also contacted us to send you tickets, so don't pretend. I'm busy, so hurry up and switch to your usual cute and whiny style."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was dumbfounded, the official website had informed her? You're sending tickets?

                Zhang Xiaoyan opened her browser and typed in the Blue Sky Charity Foundation's homepage, and was instantly shocked.

                The moment the webpage opened, the entire live broadcast room was stunned.

                "Seafood Live platform anchor Zhang Xiaoyan and all fans in the live broadcast room, donate 500,000 to help banish the disease for children with leukaemia"

                A striking bolded headline preceded the official homepage, accompanied by Zhang Xiaoyan's usual live-streaming photos.

                "The real deal."

                "Haha, we are all the fans, we made the list too."

                "Crap, this reversal, it's so sudden, we're so happy."

                "I told you, how could Princess Yeon lie to us?"

                "Where is the person who brought the rhythm? Where did he go? The toilet?"

                "Ouch, get comfortable."

                "Wow, what a beautiful anchorwoman, and so caring, powder."

                In an instant, Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream was all out of rhythm and peaceful, fan bounty skyrocketed, as well as subscriptions also sister Gao Clan.

                Dumbfounded, Zhang Xiaoyan was dumbfounded, the crowd of the economic class was also dumbfounded.

                Didn't Zhang Xiaoyan lose her suitcase? Didn't she run out of money?

                Zhao Liniu laughed loudly in the class group, "Hahahaha, good people have good karma. Zhao Fugui, you're a hammer, and you're threatening Zhang Xiaoyan with a relationship, nasty."

                "Tsk, Xiaoyan is going to be a big star?"

                "Hurry up and take photos and sign autographs, you won't have the chance when you become popular later."

                Zhao Fu Gui squeezed his phone, a great chance to pick up the class girl was gone, he slammed the apple max in his hand in annoyance and cursed, "Grass, who the hell is it? There is no way Zhang Xiaoyan knows any tycoons. Who the hell is this id "not forensic Qin Ming"?

                The youngest brother, Ma Fei, wondered, "It can't be Qin Ming, right?"

                Yang Wei said disdainfully, "How could it be him? He just rewarded 200,000, donated 500,000, 700,000, he still needs to work at the bar in the middle of the night for 700,000?"

                Zhao Fugui said glumly, "Then who the hell is this Qin Ming? He was the one who badgered me last time too."

                Similarly, in the middle of the live stream, Zhang Xiaoyan was also puzzled as she looked at a 'not forensic Qin Ming' background private message, "Next time don't carry so much cash with you."

                Zhang Xiaoyan muttered, "Is this Qin Ming ...... his real name? Is it that Qin Ming?"