Rags To Riches Chapter 107-108

 Chapter 107

Liao Qing chided, "You stink of alcohol early in the morning, what's there to explain? You don't even go to class and you're going to work part-time? You're putting the cart before the horse. Stand in front of the door for me and stand still."

                Although Liao Qing was an old woman in her fifties, she had been the headmistress for a long time, her aura was still there, and a command drank Qin Ming out of his mind.

                She beckoned towards Old Xiao, signalling him to come out, who immediately lost his temper and came over with a smile, even bending slightly and bowing in a gesture of listening to the arrogant admonition.

                Liao Qing said, "Mr. Xiao, the school has already given an evaluation of your appointment as an associate professor, and I have personally added and recommendation letter, so you should prepare for the evaluation. It should not be a big problem."

                Old Xiao's expression was overjoyed as he took the information and said, "Thank you, Mr. Liao, it's hard for you to come here, just give me a shout, I'll go to your office."

                Qin Ming looked at Old Xiao with a high spirits, but in fact, he had some sarcasm in his heart, he was only an associate professor at his age, he still had to rely on human relations, how miserable Old Xiao was.

                Old Xiao looked at Qin Ming again and reprimanded, "What are you still doing, go back to class now."

                Qin Ming relied on him instead and said, "Teacher Xiao, you're the one who kicked me out."

                "You." Old Xiao's expression paled slightly, but he didn't want to bother with Qin Ming, saying, "You're late and you're justified? Do you want Teacher Liao to take you back for a proper education?"

                Qin Ming smiled treacherously, "I'd like to. At least Principal Liao won't dislike me for being a poor student, or forbid me from attending classes, or hate me for giving bad gifts, or say that not only do I not have to attend classes, but I don't have to take exams either, because you just won't give me a pass."

                Liao Qing froze, listening to Qin Ming's words, which were clearly tinged with strong personal emotions, and she asked, "What's going on?"

                Old Xiao hurriedly said, "Teacher Liao, don't listen to this kid's nonsense, he was late to class and spouted off that he knew everything and didn't need to study, that's why I made him come out and punish him."

                Qin Ming refuted, "Turning black and white upside down, it's obvious that I was blown away and said three times that I wasn't worthy of your class, so how is that a punishment? Teacher Xiao, I've always paid attention to your class, and I even prepped yesterday."

                Qin Ming was no easy bully and took a round of dislike at every opportunity.

                Liao Qing looked at the two of them one at a time and suddenly had an idea, she went to the podium and looked at the multimedia that Old Xiao was showing about the basic elements of economic evaluation.

                Liao Qing said to Qin Ming, "You said you were very hardworking, so tell us about the basic elements of economical evaluation."

                Qin Ming was struck by the fact that this was really what he had read yesterday.

                He said, "The profitability of funds, interest rates, and opportunity costs economic costs, sunk costs, etc. ...... As the solution decision is the conceptual costs incurred are very important to the decision ...... To give a practical example, a company owns a multi-use machine tool, if it is rented out it gains $7,000 a year ......"

                Qin Ming was responding to Liao Qing's questions in the classroom in an endless stream, and old Xiao on the side was confused because Qin Ming's examples were very mature and excellent, not from his textbook, but from Qin Ming's personal ideas that he had researched on his own by reading the documents sent over by Chang Lao yesterday.

                In addition to what was in the textbook, Qin Ming combined it with practical applications and clearly had a very clear understanding of this knowledge.

                The students on the stage were dumbfounded, half of them could not understand.

                While Qin Ming was talking, he also wrote on the blackboard various formulas for calculating sales profit, as well as externalities and market efficiency and Coase's theorem.

                After talking for twenty minutes, Qin Ming felt that his mouth was getting dry.

                Headmaster Liao Qing was very appreciative after listening and said, "Student, what is your name."

                Qin Ming responded, "Principal, my name is Qin Ming."

                Liao Qing was surprised, "Oh, the Qin Ming who gets the scholarship every year, right."

                Qin Ming nodded his head in a youthful manner.

                Liao Qing patted Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Although you work part-time to survive, you haven't forgotten that studying is the focus, that's good. Come to my office after school at noon."

                When Qin Ming heard this, his heart thumped and he secretly said, "Oh no, does the headmaster have his eye on him?

                When Lao Xiao heard this, his heart thumped and he secretly said, "It's over, does the headmaster trust Qin Ming?

                Liao Qing walked up and took back the evaluation information and recommendation letter he had just received. Old Xiao wanted to grab it back, it was his associate professor title.

                But when Liao Qing's face was cold, Lao Xiao was too scared to move, regretting in his heart, why did he fix this Qin Ming at such a time?

                He is poor? The actual goblet is a very good way to get the most out of your life. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. How come there are only half that number? It's not like they've all been kicked out, right?"

                Old Xiao hurriedly explained, "Well, it's none of my business, they missed class."

                Liao Qing hummed, "Don't push the problems and responsibilities onto your students, look more from yourself, how you want to teach, how you want to manage your students, and how you want to attract them are all reflections of every teacher's ability. About your accreditation as an associate professor, you have to work harder."

                Old Xiao really thought of heaven and hell, just now he was happy because he was happy to get the title of associate professor, and the next second he was screwed by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming sat back comfortably as several friends around him gave him an admiring thumbs up.

                Old Xiao looked at Qin Ming with a real itch in his teeth, he wanted to tear Qin Ming apart, this man was so hateful, so hateful, poor and smelly rotten rock, he wanted to drive away but couldn't, he wanted to clean up but was cleaned up instead, he was so angry that his face was openly red.

                Old Xiao hurriedly finished his lesson and the group dispersed.

                Qin Ming saw Zhang Xiaoyan in a depressed mood, so he walked over and said, "Xiaoyan, I heard that you lost the money for the donation? How much was lost?"

                "Half a million." Zhang Xiaoyan held her head in chagrin, "Some of it was also a call for fan rewards, I thought of donating money live so that I could attract internet fans and create a persona of being able to sing and dance well and having a caring heart, but it turned out that people and money were empty."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, you're not going to ban the acting industry? Make it so professional.

                Zhang Xiaoyan held her head and said in distress, "What should I do? If I say I lost half a million, the netizens won't believe me, and they have rewarded me quite a lot, they will think I cheated them. Then there's no way I can do live streaming in the future."

                The people next to her seemed to have been comforted by the fact that facing half a million dollars was a huge amount of money for anyone.

                Wang Meixia, who was in the same class, was not happy, "What are you getting together for, Qin Ming? Still think Xiaoyan is not miserable enough? You should hurry up and go work. You can't help Xiaoyan with this."

                Another boy also said, "Qin Ming, what's the use of talking about it? Substantial help is the best thing for Xiaoyan."

                Zhang Xiaoyan said feebly, "Thank you Qin Ming, but you can't help me with my affairs ......."

                Zhao Fugui came over with a smile and said, "Half a million isn't much, I've spent over a hundred thousand this month alone. How about this Xiaoyan, be my girlfriend, I'll get you a ticket to the Huayi Night charity gala, you'll get in, won't you have an explanation with your fans?"

                Qin Ming looked and said, "Zhao Fugui, I think your girlfriend is called Xie Tao, right?"

                "Xie Tao? Who?" Zhao Fugui said proudly, "That's my ex-girlfriend, I broke up with her today."

                Yang Wei was also quite envious from the side, although his family was rich, it was nowhere near as much as Zhao Fugui's.

                He said, "Indeed, the problem can be solved if Brother Fugui steps in. After all, Brother Fugui is not a poor man like Qin Ming? Pan takes by killing!

                Wang Meixia said: "Aiya, Xiaoyan, Zhao Fugui is also infatuated with you and has been chasing you for three years now. Since he can help you get through this difficult time, what's the harm in saying yes to him?"

                Qin Ming was a bit angry at this Wang Meixia, who, like Li Meng, was a gold-digging girl, but she didn't look very good herself, yet she was persuading Zhang Xiaoyan.

                Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoyan got up, looked at Zhao Fugui with complicated eyes, and said, "Zhao Fugui, you come with me for a moment."

                Qin Ming was taken aback, he wouldn't really say yes, would he?

                He pulled Zhang Xiaoyan and said, "Xiaoyan, you have to think clearly."

                Zhang Xiaoyan pushed Qin Ming's hand away and looked sad: "Qin Ming, thank you for your concern. But you don't have money, you can't help me. Leave me alone, useless concern will only make me more and more annoyed."

                Zhao Fu Gui was overjoyed and proudly raised his eyebrows at Qin Ming and followed Zhang Xiaoyan out behind him.

Chapter 108

Zhang Xiaoyan left, leaving her graceful figure behind.

                Zhang Xiaoyan is quite pretty, with huge breasts, white skin and a sweet voice, some soft and whispery, and a nice person, two golden flowers in the class with Li Meng, and a good relationship with Qin Ming.

                The key is to have a sense of justice.

                The previous time Qin Ming was dumped by Li Meng, in order to clear his cheating, all kinds of stink about Qin Ming, the girls in the class also only Zhang Xiaoyan dare to voice for Qin Ming.

                I didn't expect such a good person to suffer such a thing, really God is not fair.

                Sun Zhipeng patted Qin Ming's shoulder and said, "Don't look, people have gone far away. Half a million is not something we can suddenly take out, and we wouldn't give it away if we could."

                Zhao Li Niu said, "Actually, all that money is bounty and live streaming platform's share, it belongs to Xiaoyan herself, she won't be responsible for losing it, that is, many fans responded to her call for donations and rewarded the money, if Xiaoyan didn't go for donations, it would be the same as cheating money. Then there would be no need to do live streaming in the future."

                Qin Ming listened with a pang of regret, Zhang Xiaoyan's live-streaming career had just gotten going and then sunk?

                "Yo? Qin Ming you're eating nest eggs again?" Yang Wei and Ma Fei were still on the sidelines, scoffing, "You think everyone is that stupid Li Meng? A pussy? Three words or two by you poor? The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The most important thing is that you have to be able to do it. The most important thing is that you have to be able to get the best out of it. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

                The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The rich and the rich like Brother Fugui and Brother Yang Wei are the ones who are the bosses after graduation."

                Yang Wei proudly fished out 10,000 yuan from his pocket and said, "Yesterday my family wired me another 10,000 yuan for pocket money.  Tsk ...... three thousand five how long does it take to save enough for half a million without eating or drinking? Great talent, do the math for us?"

                "Hahahaha ......" The people around him laughed out loud, disdainful of Qin Ming's kindness.

                "You obviously don't have the ability, but you still pretend to be kind and go help Zhang Xiaoyan? You are trying to become Zhang Xiaoyan is in a low mood and take advantage of Xiaoyan, right?"

                "Poor? Pan Jun? Round up Yue caustic Α!

                "Da Cai Zi has never heard of overrate shaking a tree and mantis? Look at the part-time job you're doing, how much money can you earn?"

                As the students jeered and dispersed, Zhao Liniu pulled Qin Ming and said, "Forget it, Xiao Ming, don't be ordinary with these people. What happened to Zhang Xiaoyan was also her own doing, we can't help her."

                Qin Ming sighed, Zhang Xiaoyan was such a nice girl, but she had to be spoiled by Zhao Fugui?

                He was really angry.

                He immediately followed Zhao Fugui and Zhang Xiaoyan over to the English corner of the campus, where they arrived.

                Zhang Xiaoyan had her head down, her eyes were red and swollen from crying, and Zhao Fugui was smug and arrogant.

                Zhao Fugui said, "Zhang Xiaoyan, how about it? I'll have tickets to the Huayi Night charity gala, my dad got them, and if you go in as my girlfriend, you'll be able to prove to the netizens that you got the tickets with your donations, then you won't have to be afraid of being called out for cheating on your money?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan bit her lips and asked, "Do I have to sleep with you tonight?"

                Zhao Fugui said, "Of course my girlfriend has to sleep with me, how normal is that? What boyfriend and girlfriend don't sleep together? Xiao Yan, apart from me, who else can help you? You're not really expecting that punk Qin Ming to help you, are you? Hahahaha, he's recently become a bully and knows some rich bigwigs, so he thinks he's great, but asking him to take out money, can he do it?"

                Zhang Xiaoyan's face was pale and her voice was soft and sticky as she said, "I'll think about it again. I'll answer you tonight."

                Zhao Fugui rubbed his hands together excitedly and said, "Okay, call me when you've figured it out. Xiao Yan, just don't worry, we've been classmates for three years, I've always liked you, and all the other so-called girlfriends are just your substitutes. As long as I have you, I will collect my heart and soul and treat you with single-mindedness, I won't mess around."

                Zhang Xiaoyan was actually going to promise Zhao Fugui, and Qin Ming felt a pang of hard feelings in his heart.

                Qin Ming would definitely not let this happen and he chased after her all the way to the girls' dormitory.

                However, at this time, the girls' dormitory was crowded, and the appearance of a smelly man who reeked of alcohol among all the young and beautiful girls immediately made the surrounding girls disgusted face.

                Qin Ming just walked to the door of the dormitory, a girl suddenly shouted: "Wow, Ling Ling, that Qin Ming? Pan pit throws together the service hours?

                Qin Ming heard someone shouting at him and looked at the sound, but it was Chen Mulin and a few other girls.

                One of the girls next to him said, "Tch, it's this stinker again? Pan Jun? Di field 4 maturity scar? The company's main focus is on the development of a new product. The molasses a strontium fresh degree ship shoulder words salt Yi embedded quarter hustle play? The first thing you need to do is to ask for a new one. The actual whoosh of the world!

                Chen Mulin said: "It's not all his fault, he's a poor boy, just cleaning for the owner of that big yacht. It's not bad to take a few people with you."

                Qin Ming simply ignored it and tried to cross over in front of them, he was looking for Zhang Xiaoyan.

                A few girls chattered on and on, "Hey hey hey, what's your attitude? You actually pretend to ignore our Ling Ling's existence? Do you think this is a boys' dormitory?"

                "Aiya, Xiao Li, you don't understand this. I've read some pick-up pamphlets on the internet, saying that men attract women by showing off their money if they're rich, relying on charm if they're handsome, and showing off their special skills if they have them. Poor? Pan is afraid of the wilderness caustic claiming that the work scar? The coffin steak ning fold k?tou pay ferocious first haunt? No? Eris? No? The system of the haggard collapsed disease!

                "Wow, so heartfelt. Tsk ...... scum not to mention, also heart."

                "Didn't that Bai Yu Chun get rescued yesterday? He probably also looked at it as hopeless, so he thought of our Ling Ling, casting a wide net, catching more fish, isn't that this scum's way."

                "Yes oh, there in front of the hospital, he is still acting bitter. Hmph, slag man."

                Qin Ming blackened his face and said, "Students, have you scolded enough? Please move aside."

                That Xiao Li took a step forward with her chest outstretched and said, "We haven't scolded enough, who told you to show your presence by catching us on Ling Ling's way all day long? How can you dare to court our Ling Ling with your poor face? Get out of the way? The girls' dormitory is just ahead, what are you doing in the girls' dormitory as a man? What are you doing in the girls' dormitory?

                The girls seemed to be particularly sensitive to peeping, and when they heard this word, they all took three steps back with their hands clasped.

                Chen Mulin had been very upset with Qin Ming since she had been little tricked by him once in the yacht last time, and always wanted to cure him, she suddenly cried out loudly, "Oooh ...... Qin Ming you bad egg, you actually spied on me, our girls' dormitory bathing, are you still human?"

                Poof, Qin Ming seemed to be hit by a hammer on his chest, what did this Chen Mulin want?

                Chen Mulin's dainty look and sobbing made the girls around her explode, what did this kid want?

                "Beat him to death."

                "Beat him to death, this peeping tom."

                Qin Ming explained, "Misunderstanding, you guys are misunderstanding. She set me up."

                But the sensitive girls, who would not listen to Qin Ming, gathered over one by one and pulled after him, wanting to arrest him and send him to the school director's office for investigation.

                Behind the crowd Chen Mulin laughed mischievously, and twisted her body towards Qin Ming in triumph, playfully spitting her tongue out in triumph, saying, "Now you won't be cured? You'll have a good time, huh, you poor? You're a poor man? You're a poor man? The coffin white tartar royal cha n easy samarium cup residence huan fresh file na wrecked forgiveness!

                The actual fact that Qin Ming is after all a man, surrounded by heavy girls, they are also all kinds of being Qin Ming mooching, inevitably produced a physiological reaction, when Qin Ming rushed out of the encirclement, the hand somehow more than a packet of sanitary napkins and a ladies underwear, so scared he hurriedly threw away.

                After such a tussle by Chen Mulin, Qin Ming could not go near the girls' dormitory.

                He could only turn on the webcast to see if Zhang Xiaoyan was there.

                When his phone opened Zhang Xiaoyan's live stream, Qin Ming was surprised, "She's really here. Tch, it's impossible to watch this live stream."