Rags To Riches Chapter 105-106

 Chapter 105

"What's going on here? Let me teach someone a lesson? I'm a senior at Yale, and I've been solicited by many people on Wall Street in M. I'm not even going. If it wasn't for you, dad, I'm afraid I would have already made a name for myself on Wall Street."

                Inside the Trans-Asia car, Qi Minghui was a bit resentful, he felt that he had been under-utilised by Qin Ming.

                The dinner party had already passed, and Qin Ming gave Qin Minghui a task to test his ability before deciding whether to appoint him directly.

                Because most of the personnel appointments in Huan Yu Century Group are made from the grassroots level, direct parachuting is either a matter of the upper echelons opening a golden mouth or having connections.

                Qin Ming asked Qi Minghui to be the acting team leader in Guangzhou City, that is impossible, let's try out his strength first.

                Inside the car, Qi Minghui said, "To teach a lesson to the dude young master of the luxury family, is this not nonsense?"

                Qi Miaohui smiled and said, "Maybe our young master and the young master of the Nie family are fighting over a certain woman and are jealous, but they can't fight, so they are looking for you to take it out for him. It's very simple, isn't it? It's easy to get it done, and the position of head of the Guangcheng team will belong to you, isn't it beautiful?"

                Ouyang Qian said happily, "Ah ah, so the young master has agreed to our request? He's really good at talking."

                While both women looked happier, Qi Minghui noticed that his father and brother had a different, more silent attitude.

                He asked, "Dad, is there still something fishy going on here?"

                Qi Yundong glanced at Qi Mingxun on the passenger side and said, "Mingxun, you should have thought of it, right? You explain it."

                Qi Mingxun sighed and said, "This matter, it's very dangerous and troublesome. It's a good thing we're here, otherwise if we let you do it alone, Ming Hui, you'll definitely make a big mistake and get into trouble."

                "How so?" The three in the back seat asked curiously.

                Qi Mingxun explained, "This isn't some dude young master's jealousy fight. Do you understand the Nie family's situation?"

                Qi Minghui frowned and said, "The newest gentry in Guang City, Nie's Bathroom Group is a listed company, doing quite a big business and is currently diversifying. What's going on?"

                Big brother Qi Mingxun shook his head and said, "You haven't done enough homework, so why are you complaining here? When the Nie family's business was in crisis before, it was the young master who ordered Hou Qing to come to their aid. Later on, the Nie family's daughter was kidnapped but was instantly saved, those kidnappers were the youngest master's men, Chang Huan, and in the end only one person survived to go back, and news came from the M country side that those mercenaries had kidnapped the person on the first foot and were all arrested on the second, and not even the young master's face was seen."

                Qi Miao Miao bristled and said, "What does this prove? Young Master Qin he's a great tactician?"

                With a sudden shock, Qi Minghui slapped his thighs and said, "I understand. The young master is in the middle of a storm, and the Nie family is the springboard for those people to find the young master, which is why Hou Qing was transferred away by the young master. The young master's aim in finding trouble with Nie Zhengming was not really to find trouble with him, but to clear the air so that those people would no longer pay attention to the Nie family, thus depriving those who coveted his succession position of a springboard to find the young master. This is a matter of great importance to the young master's safety."

                Qi Yundong smiled gratefully, "Not bad, Ming Hui, you can see that. Don't think of the young master as boring. Young master is under a lot of pressure right now."

                Qi Minghui added: "So I had to do it in a way that would suppress the Nie family to clear their ties and deprive those in M of a springboard to find the young master, while at the same time not exposing the young master's identity and still letting Nie Zhengming know who to go to for an apology. Tsk ...... this can be difficult, if Nie Zhengming can't remember, then wouldn't I be tossing and turning for nothing?"

                Qi Yundong laughed and said, "If it was so easy to handle, would the young master still let you do it? A business as big as Guangzhou City would let you get involved?"

                It was only Ouyang Qian who asked curiously, "Young Master Qin's identity will have to be made public sooner or later, and the more subordinates he meets with, the more likely he will be exposed. What's the purpose and meaning of doing this?"

                Qi Minghui smiled wisely after thinking it over, "Mom, you don't understand this. Young master he is running against time, running against Chang Lao's time, the later he exposes his identity, the better for young master, the easier it is for him to control the future corporate empire that is Huan Yu."

                Qi Miao Miao skimmed her lips and said, "What the hell, I don't understand it at all."

                If Qin Ming had been there, he would have spat out, "You guys are too brainy, you're really overthinking this.

                He was really just upset with Nie Zhengming, and was simply pressing him so that his brother-in-law would be more restrained and stop stopping him from being with Nie Haitang in the future.

                Inside the Cloud Peak villa, Song Ying sent the five members of the Qi family away and she came to Qin Ming's side.

                She looked at Qin Ming rubbing his forehead with some difficulty, and heartily brought him a tray of hot water and gently wiped his face.

                Song Ying said gently, "Young master, let me give you a massage."

                Qin Ming said, "Good, Song Ying your massage gestures are really a masterpiece, last time I was drunk it was thanks to you rubbing me that I got comfortable."

                Song Ying said, "Young master should drink less wine, it is because master drank too much that his health deteriorated."

                Qin Ming smiled awkwardly, he didn't drink much before, but it was different now, he said, "As much wine as you can drink, you can make as many friends as you want. They are all very important people and I can't lose them now that the big picture is not settled."

                Qin Ming leaned back comfortably, his head resting on Song Ying's breast, he could feel the soft elasticity again, but Song Ying's slender hands, gently soothing the acupuncture points, were too comfortable for him to leave.

                The last time he was drunk he fell asleep on Nie Haitang's lap, but this time he fell asleep on Song Ying's chest.

                In the middle of the night, Qin Ming woke up and found that he was already sleeping in his bed.

                He didn't have the hangover headache at all anymore, or Song Ying's massage technique was great and made him very comfortable.

                He got up to look for water, but saw that the light was still on in the study. Qin Ming walked over to the other end of the long round table, where Song Ying had three computer screens flashing in front of her and a pile of official documents in front of her.

                She herself was so tired that she had fallen asleep on the desk.

                Qin Ming could not help but feel sorry for this woman, as many businesses and tasks were currently being handed over, and the documents previously submitted to Chang Hongxi might be handed over to Qin Ming, who was a hands-off person, while Song Ying was having a hard time.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "It seems that I can't trouble Ying too much in the future."

                After getting along for a long time, Qin Ming could see how hard Song Ying worked and how loyal she was to him, as if she treated Qin Ming's affairs as her own responsibility, so Qin Ming also changed the way he addressed Song Ying.

                Qin Ming looked at Song Ying who was lying on the table asleep, very serene and sleeping in a lovely manner, he couldn't help but bend down ...... to give Song Ying a princess hug and pick her up.

                Qin Ming sent Song Ying back to her room, then returned to the study himself, looking at a large pile of documents waiting to be signed and stamped.

                Most of them were approved by Chang Hongxi, advising Qin Ming on what to do.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but smile bitterly, he was too much of a loser to be a hands-off boss.

                Qin Ming while reading, while guessing and studying the analysis of the instructions, such as why the European mobile phone market is no longer invested, and why the growth rate of the Indian market, how to break the traditional concept of India to open up the consumer market and so on.

                The more Qin Ming looked at it, the more he felt that Chang Hongxi was powerful, and at the same time he was hungry to absorb the knowledge, he was studying economics, so the research was quite smooth.

                The time passed unnoticed, and in the morning Qin Ming yawned and asked Ah Long to take him back to school.

Chapter 106

"Qin Ming, what have you been up to lately? I don't see you all the time. I've got your books, come to classroom 501, it's Lao Xiao's class."

                Qin Ming had just returned to school when he received a message from his dormitory brothers urging him to hurry up and come to his Introduction to Economics class.

                He was also depressed that Lao Xiao, like He Qiu in the higher mathematics class, was a snob and resented the poor and rich, and especially hated poor students like Qin Ming because he hadn't sent gifts for Teachers' Day and Lao Xiao's birthday.

                In fact, Qin Ming had sent a gift at first, a fountain pen of more than fifty dollars, which Qin Ming thought was very expensive, but it turned out that the cheapest among Old Xiao's gifts was Qin Ming's fountain pen.

                Zhao Fugui led the ridicule of Qin Ming at that time, causing him to lose face.

                Although Qin Ming was in a hurry to get back, he was still late. Qin Ming stood at the door and shouted a report, but saw that only half of the people in the classroom had come.

                Qin Ming's heart was together, better late than never. Old Xiao's economics class was very dull, many people couldn't listen to it and came to doze off, so it was a great honour for Qin Ming to arrive.

                He had a gloomy look on his face, so he was in a bad mood today.

                Old Xiao deliberately left Qin Ming hanging for ten minutes before he glanced at him indifferently and said indifferently, "Go in."

                Qin Ming came to where his brothers were, but it was to see the big beauty in the class, Zhang Xiaoyan, crying and sobbing, her eyes red.

                Qin Ming asked, "Who bullied the class flower? Old Xiao?"

                Zhao Liniu shook his head, "No, Xiaoyan, she's lost her money."

                Qin Ming let out a sigh and asked, "Isn't she doing a great job with the live broadcast? Not bad for money, right?"

                Liang Shaoyong smiled helplessly and said, "She took the money out yesterday and put it in a big suitcase, seemingly intending to make a donation, as if Guang City was holding a Huayi Night charity party and she went to make a donation. However, yesterday wasn't someone making a row at the school to pursue the civilian school girl, there were many people, she pulled the suitcase to get together, and as a result, the suitcase disappeared, the money was gone."

                The corner of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, could it be that he had caused a commotion yesterday, causing Zhang Xiaoyan to lose that money?

                He also didn't expect that Zhang Xiaoyan was so caring, having made money from live streaming, she actually went to donate, and now that the money was lost, she was probably very sad.

                Suddenly, Old Xiao loudly rebuked, "Qin Ming, Liang Shaoyong, what are you muttering about? Did you come to class just to chat? What do you think my classroom is? You can leave if you don't want to come. The last time you were late for class, Mr. He of the higher mathematics class also complained about you, ignoring your teachers and being late for class every time. You'll get a ten point deduction for Introduction to Economics this term."


                Qin Ming was a black question mark, he was only late once, those who are always absent from class, you do not know how to scold me? And deduct ten points? It was too hateful.

                However, the other party was a teacher, so Qin Ming could only bristle and attend class honestly.

                "Teacher, this is where you're wrong." Zhao Fugui suddenly said in a loud voice, "Qin Ming has to work part-time, and working part-time is important. Look at him, he reeks of alcohol and is in poor spirits, he must have been at a party yesterday."

                Yang Wei gloated, "Oh, he doesn't know which bar he's going to be a waiter in again."

                Zhao Fugui teased, "Yang Wei, you are wrong, Qin Ming is now very powerful. He knows some rich big bosses who speculate in stocks and goes to fawn over them every day. To be honest, there is nothing you can teach him, teacher. He goes to drink with the big bosses and doesn't return to the dormitory. If it wasn't for the people in the dormitory urging him, he probably wouldn't even come to class."

                This is a really murderous thing to say.

                He hated missing class the most, so when Qin Ming was late, he didn't get angry.

                But Zhao Fugui's words were clearly saying that Qin Ming despised Lao Xiao, and Lao Xiao's self-esteem had been severely scraped.

                Old Xiao sneered and said: "Is that so? Qin Ming it turns out that you already know all about it. Then what are you doing in my class? Just go straight to the exam. The teacher can just give you full marks straight away."

                Qin Ming rolled his eyes, attendance counted for points too, okay.

                "Get out!" Old Xiao directly and nonchalantly blasted Qin Ming away.

                Qin Ming was directly confused and said, "Teacher, I don't know any big boss, what Zhao Fu Gui said cannot be trusted."

                Zhao Fugui sneered, "You are full of alcohol and you didn't go back to the dormitory yesterday, so what are you doing there? You and Li Meng have broken up, so you can't go to a small hotel. Is it hard to be a duck?"

                "Oh ......" several students who were with Zhao Fu Gui laughed.

                Old Xiao slapped the table and said, "Listen, look, how well the classmates know you. Qin Ming, you're a poor student, you don't study hard, you think about work all day, and you worship gold, climbing on big bosses and accompanying drinks, how disgraceful you are to university students. You are a disgrace to the university. I am really ashamed to have a student like you. Coming to my class, covered in filth, do you have the slightest respect for me?"

                Qin Ming was angry at being scolded, he didn't change into clean clothes because he was drunk with Qi Yundong yesterday, and when he woke up, he was busy with his office, so he slept for an hour in the morning and rushed to class, and he was annoyed at being misunderstood like this.

                Old Xiao scolded again, "People are really poor, study hard and find a good job in the future is the way out, after going to university and not studying hard, go to work every day, really no talent, get out."

                What's wrong with this old Xiao today? Qin Ming was scolded so much that he was red in the face, and there was no point in staying when he was asked to go out.

                Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoyan popped up, "But teacher, Qin Ming is the best student in the class, ah."

                When Old Xiao heard a student refute him, he was even more furious and said angrily, "Zhang Xiaoyan, are your grades that good? Why don't you go to the art school next door if you're always thinking about live streaming? Come to class crying and wailing in the morning, are you crying and mourning?"

                Old Xiao was afraid that his wife and son had all run away, so he was so angry early in the morning.

                Qin Ming couldn't stand it anymore, he got up and said, "Teacher Xiao, you're too much, Xiao Yan didn't do anything wrong. Who are you to scold her? Although I was late, I studied late yesterday before I was late, it wasn't what Zhao Fugui said, I'm an ordinary person, how can I know any big boss. What makes you believe only his words and not mine?"

                Old Xiao said disdainfully, "You are a poor boy, what is it if you are not going to work already? Every year, your tuition fee is delayed for three or two months, did Zhao Fu Gui's classmate say something wrong? You obviously have a problem, but you still refuse to admit it and blame your classmates. I have seen a lot of poor people, but I have never seen such a shameless one. How dare you refute that? You don't have to take Introduction to Economics this semester, you'll fail it even if you do. I said so."

                "Hehehe ......" Zhao Fu Gui and the others were covering their mouths and laughing evilly, he was in a great mood when his treacherous plan worked.

                Old Xiao said to this point, the others also dare not touch the bad luck, Zhang Xiaoyan also all buried his head did not dare to say a word more.

                Old Xiao roared, "Still not getting out? Do you want me to kick you out myself? Go wash dishes in the restaurant properly and do your very promising job."

                Qin Ming was so angry that he picked up his book and left.

                But just as he reached the door, he ran into the headmaster, an elegant lady in her fifties.

                Qin Ming hurriedly held the headmaster Liao Qing and apologised, "Sorry, headmaster, I didn't see it was you."

                Liao Qing frowned and said, "Student, this is a class, what are you doing there?"

                Inside, Old Xiao said disdainfully, "He said he didn't like my class and went to work."

                "Hahahaha ......" There was a burst of laughter from a few people in the class.

                Zhao Fugui coaxed, "Principal, Qin Ming's family is poor, so if he doesn't work part-time, he won't have money to eat. To him, working part-time is more important than attending classes."

                Yang Wei also said, "That's right, he smells of alcohol, he was working last night and he's going back today. He's an active worker."

                Ma Fei echoed, "Poor bastards don't need to study, they should just finish their compulsory education and go to the construction site to move bricks. A poor bastard will remain a poor bastard for the rest of his life. The headmaster doesn't need to care about him, this kind of person is irredeemable."

                As Liao Qing listened to these people's comments about Qin Ming, his brow furrowed slightly and the way he looked at Qin Ming changed.

                Qin Ming said bitterly, "Headmaster, listen to my explanation."