Rags To Riches Chapter 103-104

 Chapter 103

Although it is said that the daylight hours are long in summer, Qi Yundong's family has been waiting for almost an hour and they are still waiting.

                His wife Ouyang Qian has followed him for many years and understands that the Huan Yu Century Group is a world-class behemoth with intricate power inside, and the slightest mistake would require an assassination squad to come and vaporise the world.

                But she also felt for her child and couldn't help but say, "We've arrived, the bodyguards outside know it and so should the people inside, look, the kitchen fumes are wafting out, why don't you let us in? Look at you working for him day and night, managing the company, coming to see him for a while and having to wait at the door. The child suffers along with you."

                Qi Yundong said indifferently, "Stupid. Ah Xun, why do you think I waited?"

                The eldest son, Qi Mingxun, smiled faintly, "Mum, it's only been an hour no, we're not afraid to wait. The young master is the heir handpicked by Elder Chang and will be our ultimate big boss in the future, the fact that he is willing to receive his family is in itself a sign of the importance he attaches to us. Especially this time Ming Hui is also here, this is Ming Hui's chance. Not to mention waiting for just an hour, it's worth waiting for half a day."

                Qi Mingxun looked to a cold and rigid man next to him, his younger brother, Qi Minghui.

                Qi Yundong nodded secretly, approving of his eldest son's analysis, also Qi Mingxun was very clear about the position of their Qi family in front of Qin Ming, so he was at ease, not worried about his son making any mistakes in the future.

                However, his daughter Qi Miao Miao was very unhappy and complained with a pout: "I think he is playing the young master's temper and wants to give dad and big brother a hard time. Tsk, mum and I are suffering along with him."

                Qi Yundong scolded, "Shut up and don't say a word when you see the young master later, if you say anything wrong I'll just slap you."

                Qi Miao Miao was reprimanded by her dad again, she was in an extremely bad mood, she felt that the young master she had never met was at the manor, watching them laugh, it was so vicious and abominable.

                Qi Yundong sighed and pointed to a light bulb by the fence, saying, "See that light bulb?"

                Ouyang Qian nodded her head and said, "What's wrong with a rotten light bulb? They didn't order someone to change it either?"

                Qi Yundong shook his head and said, "Ah Qian, you know Xuan Yuan Wu too, right? We are all old people who have followed Elder Chang in his fight together. Although there are rules that our team leader who is in charge of commerce cannot have too much interaction with Xuanyuan Wu and the others. But he and I are old friends after all. He revealed it to me. The young master used some kind of method to shock those lawless teams."

                Both Qi Mingxun and Qi Minghui's expressions changed, very much expecting their dad to spill the beans on this matter.

                Qi Miao Miao, on the other hand, leaned against the car and played with her mobile phone.

                Qi Yundong said, "The young master is a ruthless man, at that time, Xuan Yuan Wu and the others were afraid of being replaced, so they gave the young master a downward spiral to facilitate the negotiation of terms. But the young master solved all the dao that was drawn against Xuanyuan Wu and the others, and won. In the end, he competed with Money Leopard, that reckless man, in a Russian roulette pistol fight for guts."

                "Hiss!" The three mothers and sons heard this Russian roulette, that wasn't the kind of game played with a group of young models in a certain rich club, but the kind that would kill people.

                "How did it end up?" Qi Mingxun asked, even though reason told him that in the end it must have been Qin Ming who won, otherwise there would be no more of this meal today.

                Qi Yundong said, "When there were two bullets left in the end, Money Leopard and Xuan Yuan Wu and the others were all convinced, and they all knelt down and begged Young Master not to gamble any further. But the young master still fired the fifth shot, which was still empty. And the sixth shot was bound to kill Money Leopard."

                Ouyang Qian and Qi Mingxun and Qi Minghui's faces were horrified; that kind of person who plays with his life can be really ruthless.

                Ouyang Qian asked, "What does this have to do with that rotten light bulb?"

                Qi Yundong, as if he was there at the scene, couldn't help but sigh, saying, "In the end, the young master didn't give the gun to Money Leopard, but shot that lamp. It sort of spared Money Leopard's life. Secretary Song should have deliberately not let anyone fix it, to warn those who dare to neglect the Young Master."

                Qi Miao Miao said disdainfully, "Bragging, it's not that godly. There must be something odd about the gun."

                Qi Yundong shook his head and said, "The gun used Xuan Yuan Wu and the others, how could it have been odd?"

                After finishing the story, Qi Yundong saw that his family members all looked serious and very scared, thinking that the people he would meet later would not get along well.

                Qi Yundong smiled again and said soothingly, "You guys don't need to be too nervous, that's another side of the young master. The usual young master is actually very nice to get along with, the last time we met at Nanshan Manor he was still very approachable, heh, and he can also drink very well."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, a stretch Rolls Royce drove up, with three other big Ben escorts in front and behind.

                Song Ying opened the door and got down, looked at Qi Yundong the same, and lowered her body and said to Qin Ming inside the car, "Young master, the family of Team Leader Qi has arrived. There are no bodyguards with them."

                Qin Ming answered and put down the information to look up, just in time to see Song Ying bowing towards him.

                The collar of her professional dress seemed to be unable to bear the weight of her chest, slightly open, and even more so because of the downward bow, resulting in the exposure of half of her snow-white flesh, and the gully made by the squeeze of the plump flesh.

                This is really boss welfare, no wonder many female white-collar workers usually like to bow to their bosses, nima, which boss can still stand to see this everyday?

                Fortunately, Qin Ming is still studying and does not have to look at this every day, otherwise he really could not stand it.

                When Qin Ming came down and saw Qi Yundong, he walked up, shook hands warmly and said, "Uncle Qi, didn't I say seven o'clock? Why are you here so early?"

                Seeing that Qin Ming had only just arrived, Qi Yundong and his party realised that Qin Ming was not inside the villa, and the initial misunderstanding that Qin Ming was hanging them out to dry dissipated, and some of the discomfort in someone's heart disappeared.

                The masters were all away, there was no neglect.

                At the same time they were all surprised that Qin Ming was very young, no more than twenty years old, the same age as Qi Miao Miao who was on the side.

                They were all surprised to see that such a person was the future heir to the Universe Century Group and would become a figure of influence. They had thought that the young master should be at least in his thirties, mature and stable and at the same time very dominant.

                The first time I saw him, I felt that Qin Ming was a bit of a college student, but his temperament was still a bit down-to-earth, but his eyes were long and narrow and rounded, looking very sharp, and it made Qin Ming's whole temperament go up a notch.

                A strange kind of pressure emanated so naturally that they looked at Qin Ming with an impression of looking ordinary at first glance, but feeling extraordinary on closer inspection.

                Qi Yundong smiled and said, "The young master said seven o'clock, then I must be waiting at six."

                After saying that, Qi Yundong introduced his family members one by one, his wife Ouyang Qian, his eldest son Qi Mingxun, his second son Qi Minghui and his third daughter Qi Miao Miao, the secretary was driven here separately and was not qualified to face the head.

                Among them, the eldest son, Qi Mingxun, is also the head of business in Dongshan Province, and is in charge of the development of many rare metal deposits and the transportation and logistics of the whole Dongshan Province, as well as many pharmaceutical and investment companies.

                Of course, these are all assets of the Huan Yu Century Group, and Qi Mingxun is a subordinate of Qin Ming.

                Qi Mingxun did not state his identity directly, these were all the information Qin Ming had checked when he arrived, and he now had to gradually get in touch with the business leaders over in northern and western China.

                Qin Ming also greeted them one by one, and then invited Qi Yundong's family into the villa.

                Ah Long walked behind, looking at the Qi family, and looked up to have a glance with Qi Ming Hui, both of them frowned at the same time, feeling that they were not on the same page and could not talk.

                Ouyang Qian pulled Qi Yundong and said, "Husband, I think today, in addition to helping our son to say something about affairs, we also have to say something for our daughter."

                Qi Yundong said curiously, "Say what?"

                "Tsk." Ouyang Qian glared at her man with great displeasure and said, "You're stupid, you don't even understand this. Talk about a girlfriend."

Chapter 104

When Qi Yundong heard this, Ouyang Qian actually wanted to introduce her daughter to Qin Ming as his girlfriend?

                Wasn't this nonsense?

                He still remembered when he was at the Nanshan Manor Resort, he had found three beautiful women with the right figure, looks and youth to give to Qin Ming, but Qin Ming had taken away just some leftover fruits on the table.

                From that moment on, Qi Yundong knew that Qin Ming was not a lustful man.

                The last time he met him, he introduced a beautiful woman to him, but this time he introduced his own daughter to him.

                Where could he put his old face, Qi Yundong? The toilet?

                He scolded his wife in a low voice and told her not to make a fool of herself.

                When the Qi family went inside, they looked at the opulent villa and all revealed their envy. What made the villa so aristocratic was not just the lavish decoration and an orchestra to accompany it, but the various extravagant accessories that adorned it and the famous collection of relics.

                Van Gogh's famous paintings, Tibetan dzi beads adorned with corpse wall statues, antique porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties, a large pendulum clock from the European imperial collection, each item is worth a great deal of money, and all are maintained as new.

                The cheapest would be a set of silver cutlery, a level of luxury comparable to that of the palace royal family.

                In a few moments, the kitchen had already prepared the dishes, all of which were Chinese, with a variety of sea and mountain delicacies.

                The chef even came out to have a few words with the group, and when asked, he had cooked for the leaders of Beijing a year ago.

                Qi Yundong and Qi Mingxun are from the Huan Yu Century Group, and they have seen this kind of scene before. This is a very high standard dinner party, reflecting the importance Qin Ming attaches to them, and possibly hinting at Qi Yundong's future status for promotion in the workplace.

                People dining in such an extremely high-class and high-spec environment was very good for their temperament, and even Qi Miao Miao, who complained a lot at first, was docile and inexplicably took a liking to Qin Ming.

                Qi Yundong was very happy because he felt the importance Qin Ming attached to him. He had been an old man for many years and had contributed a lot to the management of so many enterprises for the Huan Yu Century Group, and now it was Qin Ming's turn to take over from Chang Hongxi, who was the second oldest of the dynasties.

                If he is reappointed, then it is possible that he will be able to take a step up in the future.

                The meal went smoothly, with music played on the guzheng and strings next to a dedicated person serving next to him.

                As the boss, Qin Ming didn't need to be much of a conversationalist, but Qi Yundong was very good at finding things to talk about, and when Qin Ming said something, he was able to pat himself on the back, and at the same time, he was very good at reading the situation and watching what he was saying, so when Qin Ming was about to say something, he would shut up.

                Qi Yundong was a good drinker, but Qin Ming wasn't too bad either, and the two of them soon drank a bottle of white wine.

                Qin Ming was a little bit drunk, so he put his arm around Qi Yundong's shoulders and said, "Uncle Qi, this time I'm temporarily transferring Hou Qing, so I'll have to rely on you for such a big business and business, as well as my contacts in Guangcheng. I believe in Uncle Qi's ability, so go ahead and do it with confidence and boldness."

                Guang city is a first-tier city and a big piece of fat meat, don't look at Hou Qing is only the head of a city, team leader, but there is a lot of power and oil inside, especially dealing with the government are the provincial party committee compound, the businessmen who befriend Hou Qing are very powerful, usually send a lot of gifts.

                Although he is in charge of the entire South China region, Qi Yundong is mostly responsible for important resources and affairs, and the overall requirement is the stability of business in South China, and will not intervene in detailed matters, so the oil and water is not as much as Hou Qing.

                They are businessmen, not officials, and do not have any hard official specifications, so Hou Qing's family is actually more luxurious than Qi Yundong.

                Although Qi Yundong did not know why Hou Qing was suddenly transferred, he felt that this was an opportunity to arrange for his second son, Qi Minghui, to come over so that he could wait for an opportunity to replace Hou Qing.

                He said, "Young master, I followed Chang's career in the world. The reform and opening up of the world was not long ago, and there were many business opportunities everywhere, so Chang joined the Huan Yu Century Group by chance and was responsible for developing the whole Asian market. This era should still be left to young people like you, young master."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Uncle Qi, you are old and strong, you can still work for at least another 20 to 30 years, hahaha. Even if you quit, your two sons must still be your pride."

                Seeing his chance, Qi Yundong said, "It's Mingxun's luck that he can work for the young master. In ordinary companies, even if one has reached the position of big boss and is worth over a billion dollars, that is not as high and powerful as a municipal team leader inside our Huan Yu, who earns more. Naturally I am not worried about him, how much he will be able to achieve in the future, all depends on you, young master, to bring him up."

                Qin Ming smiled and toasted another glass of wine, he could hear that Qi Yundong was giving his son a good talking to.

                Qi Yundong pointed at Qi Minghui and said, "I am worried about my second son, Qi Minghui, he has graduated from Yale University for several years, he spends all day muddling through and has set up several companies, although he is earning some money, the pressure is great, but not as much as his brother earns in a month."

                Qin Ming has seen Qi Ming Hui's information, m country Yale University senior student, that can be Ivy League members, domestic is not so easy to apply for, must be a superior level of knowledge and relationship.

                Yale University is a world-class university in every respect, and the fact that he graduated from it is a testament to Qi Minghui's level.

                Qi Minghui has founded internet companies and financial investment companies, and has pulled in many investments, and has also made a good deal of money, none of which has been lost, so he is a pretty strong talent.

                But it is really not as much as what Qi Mingxun earns in a month.

                Qi Mingxun, as the head of business in Dongshan Province of the Huanyu Group, earns a fixed salary and a percentage of the profits of each company under his management.

                The two brothers also became rivals because of their financial investments together. As a result, the elder brother Qi Mingxun's words made Qi Minghui's company lose the bid, which was all due to the influence of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                Qin Ming smiled, he was not stupid either, Hou Qing was transferred away by Qin Ming in the front foot, Qi Yundong came over non-stop to send someone, his purpose is self-evident.

                The fact that Hou Qing was doing a good job made Qin Ming very satisfied. He could not chill the hearts of his subordinates, and the position of head of the Guangcheng team still had to be reserved for Hou Qing.

                But he also had to get Qi Yundong to accept his arrangement so that he would not have a problem with it.

                Of course, Qin Ming also wanted this Qi Minghui, if he really had the strength and used it for him.

                As the saying goes, once a king, always a minister, the future Huan Yu Century Group will definitely be a situation where he, Qin Ming, speaks and everyone listens.

                Qin Ming thought about it and tapped his head, "Just in time, I have a matter here, Nie Zhengming of the Nie family has been a bit arrogant recently and has upset me. I have eleven percent of Nie's bathroom group in my hand, and Yanghe Group has already acquired forty-one percent, only seven percent less than the Nie family. Ask Qi Minghui to toss the Nie family and have Nie Zhengming come to me to apologise. See how well he does. Uncle Qi, how's that?"

                Qi Minghui, who had been silent, put down the chopsticks in his hands, his cold face showing disdain.

                But Qi Yundong, on the other hand, was acting quite grave.