Rags to Riches Chapter 1-2

 Chapter 1

The dining hall of the University of Technology of the Province of China, in the university city of Guangcheng.

Qin Ming, a junior student who was working part-time at noon to earn his living expenses, was wiping the table, but his movements suddenly froze.

There was a pair of men and women at the table next to him that he knew.

One was his fellow countryman Yang Wei, whom he called his brother, and the other was his girlfriend Li Meng, whom he had been talking to for two years.

Li Meng opened the box of a mobile phone and said with surprise "Wow, Yang Wei, it's really the latest Apple phone, I've wanted it for a long time, you're too good to me, mua-da."

As he watched his girlfriend Li Meng kissing Yang Wei in public, Qin Ming's heart was dripping blood and his eyes were round with anger.

Yang Wei smiled smugly and reached under the table and then through Li Meng's skirt, rubbing her thighs and saying "Li Meng, I'm Yang Wei, I'll do what I say, what's a $10,000 phone? My family can easily earn half a million a year. In the future, if you follow me, you will be guaranteed a good meal."

Qin Ming cupped his hand around the tablecloth, his whole body shaking with anger, they were even cheating on him here behind his back?

Qin Ming swung a plate and smashed it over, hitting the two men on the table.

Yang Wei was shocked and shouted, "My God, are you crazy? You stinking dishwasher ...... ah, Ah Ming, how is it you?"

Li Meng was also panicked when she was caught cheating on her new phone, but she soon regained her composure.

She was concerned about Yang Wei instead and asked, "Are you hurt, Ah Wei?"

Seeing his girlfriend ignore his presence and care for Yang Wei, Qin Ming's heart cracked open.

Qin Ming's neck turned red and he shouted angrily, "Li Meng, I worked so hard at my part-time job to buy you a new phone that you like. How dare you cheat on me behind my back? Yang Wei, how can you be a brother like that? Prying me out of my corner, I don't have a brother like you."

There was a big fuss here and it immediately attracted the attention of the whole dining hall.

Li Meng was also enraged and took the initiative to embrace Yang Wei, proudly showing off "Yes, I did move on, that's because you're poor, I can't stand your poverty anymore. I can't stand your poverty anymore. You're not worthy to be with me, you stinking silk. I didn't expect you to be a dishwasher in the dining hall, tsk, tsk, you're nothing but a white face. A rich young man like Wei is the real man."

Yang Wei wiped the dirty water off his face, the matter had come to this point, the cheating was discovered, he also decided to turn his face, said "Qin Ming, you also do not take a piss to see your poor look? Do you deserve a woman as beautiful as Li Meng? Do you have the money to give Li Meng the life she wants? You're just a table cleaner and dishwasher. Do you know what you are? Brother? I pooh, I only call you brother to get closer to Li Meng."

Qin Ming said undeterred "Li Meng, I'm your boyfriend."

Li Meng said contemptuously, "Yeah, I used to see you as a handsome guy and got carried away. Ever since I saw you washing cars, watching the door, scrubbing dishes, all those jobs that sluts do, I felt disgusted with you. If you're not ashamed of yourself, I'm ashamed of you."

Watchdog material?

These vicious words were like a leaning sword that plunged directly into Qin Ming's heart, destroying his last hope.

At this moment, some of the students who had been enjoying themselves said mockingly, "Indeed, you can't blame others for falling in love if you're not capable, can you? In this day and age, it's normal to fall in love freely, everyone has the right to choose."

Another person said sympathetically, "If you're to blame, you should blame your lack of money. If you had money to buy a fruit machine, wouldn't your girlfriend have run away?"

Another person said, "Brother, if you want to live a decent life, you need to have some green on your head."

"If you don't have money, you can be a bachelor silk ah, jerking off is enough, why should it get in the way of other girls looking for their own happiness?"

Yang Wei was pleasantly surprised that the people around him were actually speaking for him, and yes, in this day and age, laughing at the poor is not a laughing matter.

He laughed loudly, "That's right, you don't have money, that's the original sin. How much money can you make by polishing plates on the side? It was the right choice for Li Meng to give you up in time. My family has money, I can give Li Meng everything she wants, can you?"

Li Meng said with disgust "I was hoping we could have a good time and save you some face, but now I don't have to. You stinking silk, get as far away from me as you can."

Although his family was poor, he worked part-time day and night to buy Li Meng the things she liked, and in the past two years, he had spent more than 20,000 yuan for her.

What happened?

Li Meng had finished enjoying herself and climbed to a higher branch, so she dumped him.

As for fellow villager Yang Wei, he was bullied by his fellow villagers since he was a child, and it was always Qin Ming who took care of him, and used to be his little follower, but since he went to university, he has changed.

But Qin Ming never expected him to become so bad and pry his brother out of his corner!

"Hmph ...... heh heh ......" Qin Ming was greatly irritated and shook his head, dead to these two.

He said with tears in the corners of his eyes, "Li Meng, do you love money that much? Haven't you ever loved me?"

Li Meng hummed, "Yes, I love money. If you had money, I wouldn't have left you. But do you have any? I've been with you for two years, and you've got shit. I've been poor for two years, ah, two years of my youth, I really regret it."

Yang Wei put his arm around Li Meng and arrogantly said "What? Qin Ming, who Li Meng loves is her freedom, you are also a scholar, you know that freedom is the right of every citizen, right? We are all from the same village, I advise you to stop hitting on Li Meng in the future, or I will turn against you. Don't forget that your father works in my shop as a warehouse manager! One phone call from me and I'll tell your dad to lose his job."

Li Meng gave Yang Wei another affectionate kiss and said "Ah Wei, you're really good an. I really didn't pick the wrong person."

The two of them were about to leave when suddenly, Qin Ming bellowed "Wait, there's still a score to settle."

The crowd thought they were done, but Qin Ming was actually going to fight back? But how can you fight back when your new boyfriend is so powerful and wealthy, a dishwasher?

Qin Ming took a deep breath and his eyes were no longer confused and hesitant, instead they were resolute.

He said in a cold voice "Well, since we broke up, I have to pay for the breakup cannon yesterday, so you won't say you're sorry for your two years of youth."

With that, Qin Ming took out a fifty dollar bill and threw it on the ground.

"What do you mean?"

"A breakup fee of fifty dollars?"

"The cheapest breakup fee ever was born."

"This guy is funny, right? Is he stimulated by being dumped?"

Hearing the ridicule of others, Li Meng's became even more arrogant and said disdainfully, "Tsk, all you have is fifty dollars, you're worse than the average dishwasher, and this is still a breakup fee? I'm laughing my ass off, I'll give you a hundred for pity."

Qin Ming said in a deep voice, "Don't misunderstand, this is not a break-up fee, this is the cost of our sex last night. We've been together for two years, 73o days, I'm stronger, I've been with you about four times a week, and I've spent about 20,000 yuan on you, roughly speaking, sleeping with you once is about 48 yuan, I think it's a good deal. That's fifty for the one hit last night, and the remaining two as a tip."

Quietly, there were actually no less than twenty people gathered here in the dining hall.

They were all spectators, but they were all stunned to suddenly hear Qin Ming's so refreshingly uncomplicated cost of breaking up the cannon.

And after the silence passed, the entire dining hall burst into a wave of laughter.

"Pfft, hahahaha hehehe ......"

"This is strong and unbeatable, 48 dollars to sleep once, you can't even sleep for 48o outside, hahaha."

"It's so cheap, tsk."

"With this calculation, why do I think this man is making a lot of money."

"Four times a week, my god, only 48 dollars a time, oooh, pretty girl, let's add a wechat."

"Forty-eight dollars a night? Give me a year's share."

Li Meng's face was extremely ugly, a blue pale, she was so angry that her puffy breasts were trembling, she didn't know what to say for a while because she couldn't refute this fact.

She was all stunned, those words were truly a dragon slaying knife, slaughtering her to shame, she wished she could turn back time, she would run away from here before Qin Ming said that.

She pointed at Qin Ming and stammered, "You, you ...... Qin Ming, you stinking silk! You remember, I, I ...... A Wei, where are you going? Wait for me."

Yang Wei how have the face to stay here, hurry to go, save him too be ridiculed as a shoe picker.

Qin Ming watched the two leave, this breakup farce, he won, but he was not happy at all.

Having lost his love, Qin Ming was in no mood to work. He left the dining hall and sat despondently on the side of the road on the university campus.

As Qin Ming was sulking and sad, he was suddenly surrounded by two imposing men in black.

Qin Ming was stunned as he looked back to see that there was no one else behind him and that the target was indeed him.

He nervously took a step back and said "I don't seem to know you guys, are you mistaken for someone else?"

The man took out a photo and looked at it, then looked at Qin Ming and said "Mr. Qin, our boss is here to see you."

"Who is your boss, and what exactly is that about?" Qin Ming asked resistantly.

The man in black shook his head and said "We are only responsible for inviting you there, we don't know anything else, please don't worry Mr. Qin, we don't do illegal business. If Mr. Qin doesn't have the guts to get in the car, we won't force him."

After saying that, the man made a polite gesture of invitation, and then Qin Ming saw the door of a stretch Grand Prix parked at the roadside being opened.

Qin Ming suddenly smiled "My girlfriend is also gone and I am so poor that I am left with guts, what is worthy of your attempts?"

Soon, Qin Ming saw through the car window that the car had arrived at the top of Guangzhou City's richest villa area, Yunshan Villa, and the car drove all the way to the topmost villa.

Qin Ming swallowed his saliva, how rich did he have to be to live here?

Qin Ming got down from the car and looked at the high metal parapets, the retro layout, the bronze gates, and the two brave stone statues, he would never have thought that he would have the chance to set foot in such a rich place in his life.

"Mr. Qin, please." The man in the black suit continued to look rather polite.

Qin Ming took a deep breath, it was a blessing not a curse, but a curse that could not be avoided, go in.

Chapter 2

Within the villa at the top of Cloud Mountain, opulent and gilded are not enough to describe the luxury of this house, relics and antiques are everywhere, famous Chinese and foreign paintings are on display, so luxurious that I am afraid that even a tile on the floor is enough to pay Qin Ming's salary for a month.

While Qin Ming was thinking, he arrived at the study, a very simple style, a row of bookcases, a row of specimens of hunted animals' heads, and across the flower arrangement of the round table in front of him, there was a dying old man sitting at the other end, as if a candle in the wind.

The old man was leaning back in his chair, his eyes closed.

Behind the old man stood a number of black-clad bodyguards and a young and beautiful female secretary.

Qin Ming frowned and said "Who is this man? Why does he look familiar?"

Suddenly, the bad old man opened his eyes and said "Qin Ming, you're still in such a bad way. What? Have you forgotten about me?"

Suddenly, Qin Ming recalled that two years ago, he had saved a man who had taken his life lightly when he was delivering takeaways on a rainy day.

At that time, he was still in his first summer of college, and in line with the principle of saving people to the end and sending the Buddha to the west, Qin Ming even took care of this man in the hospital for a while, so he was impressed.

"Ah! I remember now, it's you." Qin Ming suddenly stood up and pointed at the other party and said "The uncle who had a terminal illness two years ago and drove a Rolls Royce and lightly died by the river, your name is Chang, Chang Hongxi, right?"

"Oh, yes it's me." Chang Hongxi smiled broadly "We meet again."

Qin Ming took a closer look and said, "No, why have you aged so much, Uncle? Aren't you only in your fifties? You look like you're almost seventy."

Chang Hongxi said casually, "It's just a side effect of chemotherapy for cancer, no matter how good I am, I can't beat old age, sickness and death."

Qin Ming's face sank, he didn't know how to appease a man who was suffering from a disease.

I promised you that I would repay you, and today is the day I repay you," Chang Hongxi said. Sign this document, and you will have everything I have."

As soon as the words left his mouth, the beautiful young female secretary behind him took out an inheritance agreement and handed it to Qin Ming.

"Ah? Inheritance?" Qin Ming felt that this was not quite real, it was like a dream.

He said incomprehensibly "Are you serious? Even if your wife cheated on you and you are terminally ill, I am not related to you, so you don't have to give me the whole inheritance, right? Don't you still have a few children?"

Chang Hongxi suddenly shook his body with excitement and said dully "The three sons and two daughters are not mine, all of them are not my seed ......"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

I spent two years secretly taking back all that they took from me," Chang Hongxi continued. Unfortunately, my death is imminent, and the large corporate empire I have built must be taken over by someone. I still owe you a favour, and if you are willing, everything I have, you will inherit. You can also take a sum of money and leave if you don't want to."

A sudden fortune from heaven was simply better luck than winning the first prize in the sports lottery, simply because of a good deed of saving someone's life two years ago.

But Qin Ming was not stupid, inheriting Chang Hongxi's wealth, but also his enemies and troubles, and these days, people who hated the rich abounded.

However, Qin Ming did not hesitate, he was not going to be pretentious, he needed money, with money his family could live a good life, with money he would not be underestimated, with money he would no longer be a pile of mud in the ground, no longer a stinking silk.

Qin Ming signed his name and put his thumbprint on it.

Chang Hongxi said to the female secretary who was packing up the inheritance agreement, "Song Ying, from now on Qin Ming will be your young master."

Song Ying looked seriously at Qin Ming and bowed reverently, "Young master, Song Ying, from this moment onwards, will become your most loyal personal secretary."

Qin Ming hurriedly said "Eh? My secretary? Song Ying is it. Actually, I ...... am just an ordinary college student, so please take care of me in the future."

Song Ying smiled faintly and said politely "Yes, the young master's character is really humble."

At this moment, Chang Hongxi stretched out his hand, seemingly greeting Qin Ming, who, with gratitude, hurriedly walked forward and half-crouched beside the chair, looking up at this man who had given him an unknown amount of wealth.

Chang Hongxi caressed Qin Ming's head and said, "Remember, my name is Chang Hongxi, an overseas Chinese. Two years ago, when I fell down on myself for a month, it was thanks to your care that I was able to regain my strength. You and I have never known each other, and I give you everything I have, one as a reward for your kindness, and the other as ...... I am lonely, I have no one close to me, not even a friend. You have inherited everything from me, and I hope you will not follow my old path."

Qin Ming's heart moved and was quite touched, this Chang Hongxi was even worse than the emperor in ancient times, a lonely man not to mention being green.

He suddenly had a sour nose and felt a bit of sympathy for this bad old man with a green head, he answered and said "I know, righteous father."

Chang Hongxi suddenly grinned and said, "Sweet talker. However, the doctor said I should be able to last for another six months. Since you have signed the agreement, that means you still have six months to familiarise yourself with the inheritance you are going to inherit, if you are not sure, Song Ying will tell you, I have an important meeting in England tonight, send me to the tarmac."

Qin Ming responded, since he was called his righteous father, he had to do his duty as a righteous son, he pushed his wheelchair to the helicopter outside the villa estate.

After seeing Chang Hongxi off, Qin Ming went back inside the opulent villa, touching the famous Van Gogh paintings, hugging the porcelain unearthed during the Ming Dynasty, and finally throwing himself on the rhinoceros skin soft sand, looking at the ceiling that had the same crystal chandelier of the British royal family, that was a pleasure, the first time in his life he enjoyed it so much.

However, Qin Ming was still a bit confused and asked, "Song Ying, tell me, is this all true?"

Song Ying put his hands below his belly and bowed slightly, saying "Yes, young master, you have inherited all of the young master's property, everything here is yours."

Qin Ming turned around in confusion and asked "Are you part of the property too, Song Ying? Isn't it supposed to be a relationship between the superior and the subordinate these days? Didn't you sign a contract of sale?"

Song Ying respectfully said "It is literally true, Song Ying is the personal secretary chosen by the master for the young master, for this reason, Song Ying was selected from the training camp and trained for an extra two years."

Qin Ming's heart stirred, selected from a training camp?

Qin Ming sized up such a young and beautiful female secretary, tall and curvaceous, she was also a sinking fish, not knowing how many times better than that Li Meng.

Qin Ming was stunned for a couple of seconds, then his expression returned to normal and he said, "Despite wearing professional clothes, she has more charm, she is really beautiful. But it's not polite to keep staring at someone's body, I have to maintain restraint and not be too rustic."

The pretty female secretary was also slightly surprised, she had met many powerful people, most of them couldn't move their eyes when they saw her stunning beauty, while this young man in front of her, who was in his early twenties and just in his blood, was actually only slightly stunned at her, so determined that she immediately had a lot of good feelings towards Qin Ming.

He felt that Qin Ming was different from other men.

Qin Ming looked at Song Ying and thought to himself that if he took Song Ying back and appeared in front of Li Meng, with Song Ying's beauty, the scene would be enough for her to go crazy with jealousy, right?

But then he thought that would be too uncouth, he had become a class rich man, and he still wanted to do that kind of low-level face-punching in urban novels?

But when Qin Ming thought that his two-year relationship had been betrayed, he couldn't bear to think about it.

Seeing the depression on Qin Ming's face, Song Ying said curiously, "Young master, what's bothering you? May I ask if Song Ying can help?"

Qin Ming shook his head and sighed "Nothing, it's just that at noon today, my girlfriend ran away with a rich man and I'm angry."

Song Ying did not understand and asked "Young master is already rich, what kind of woman can't you get? As long as you know that young master has shown his current status and value, the other party will definitely rejoin young master's embrace."

Qin Ming smiled lightly "I don't want to end up like my father. Song Ying, do you know what love means?"

Song Ying blushed and said back "Making ...... love? It's when a man and woman strip naked and join together."

"......" Qin Ming had a dark face, did this young female secretary lack some basic common sense?

He shook his head and said, "Forget it, it's all in the past, don't think about these useless things. By the way, Song Ying, how much money can I inherit from my righteous father?"

When Song Ying heard that he was asking about the business, he immediately took a tablet computer from the car and said while flipping through the report, "I'm very sorry, Young Master, because there are some foreign businesses, the administrative staff there have not submitted the information to me yet, so I can't completely consolidate it. But the information I have so far shows that the companies in China that are making a profit, both large and small, made a net profit of about US$34.5 billion last quarter. As for the total assets, there is not enough information to get a clear picture."

Qin Ming exclaimed, "That much in one quarter?"

Song Ying smiled sweetly and said, "Yes, you are that rich, young master."

Qin Ming joked, "Song Ying, I have so much money, do you think I should continue to study at the university?"

Song Ying tilted her head and said "Young master, if you don't eat, you will be hungry, if you don't study, you will be foolish. Young master has a humble character and should become a man of great wisdom."

Qin Ming's heart twitched, this female secretary felt not simple, these words went straight to his heart.

Yes, what's wrong with being rich? He knew very well the principle of sitting on the mountain and eating the empty one, and only by improving his skills could he keep the golden mountain.

Qin Ming's fist was clenched, "Okay, in order to forget about my lost love as soon as possible, I want to be angry and strong. All right, Song Ying, take me back to school. Oh, by the way, transfer half a million dollars to my card."

"Yes, Young Master." Song Ying smiled faintly and bowed to send Qin Ming out to his car.