My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 415

 Xu Dongxue immediately took the two file bags on the table over, "Mom and Dad, here are the keys to your car."

                "Dad, you give me the keys to the BMW."

                Xu Jiangong nodded and took out the keys to the BMW and handed them to Xu Dongxue.

                Xu Dongxue had a joyful face, although this car was not as good as the two luxury cars, but it definitely had face to drive out.

                Xu Hanxia looked confused and said anxiously, "Mom and Dad, you're splitting the three cars like this?"

                "What about me?"

                "What do I drive to work?"

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were both stunned at the words.

                They then remembered that with three cars and the three of them splitting it up, wouldn't Xu Hanxia be left without a car?

                Xu Dongxue was a little vain, and hurriedly said, "Sister, your company is just around here, what kind of car are you driving?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Then you don't even have to work, why are you driving?"

                Xu Dongxue got anxious: "You ...... how do you talk?"

                Xu Jiankong but waved his hand, "Halfsia is right, as the company's president, she does need a car."

                "Otherwise, if we go back out to talk business with someone, should we take a taxi there?"

                "Xue'er, you give that BMW to Hanxia!"

                Xu Dongxue had a reluctant face and was not willing to take out the car keys at all.

                At this moment, Lin Mo said directly, "Mom, it's better to give the Maserati to Hanxia."

                Immediately, as if her tail had been stepped on, Fang Hui screamed, "Lin Mo, what are you talking about?"

                "When did it become your turn to make decisions about my family's affairs?"

                "What, you still want to dictate to me?"

                Lin Mo calmly said, "Mom, this car, being a bit on the younger side, doesn't suit you."

                "Besides, you don't know how to drive, you just ride in the car, that BMW, it's a bit more suitable for you."

                "Hanxia, as the chairman and president of the company, would be most suitable to drive this Maserati!"

                Fang Hui didn't care about the comfort or anything like that, she wanted to save face.

                "How do you know I don't know how to drive?"

                "I don't know how to drive, can't I learn?"

                "Lin Mo, this is my family's business, when did it become your turn to interfere?"

                Fang Hui screamed loudly.

                Xu Hanxia whispered, "Forget it, Lin Mo, it's fine for me to drive a BMW."

                Lin Mo didn't compromise this time and calmly said, "Mom, I'm doing this for your own good."

                "These two cars, they were given to us by the tiger."

                "I'll leave my car alone, after all, I'm close to work and don't need to drive."

                "But, this car, Hanxia, Hanxia needs it badly."

                "Besides, Tiger is now working at Halfsia's company."

                "What do you think Tiger would think if he saw that instead of driving the car he gave her, Halfsia was driving a BMW?"

                "You all know Tiger's temper, and if he gets up to it, no one can stop him."

                "If this really makes a big deal out of it, it's a small matter for him to take the two cars back, maybe if he starts fighting again, it won't be pretty!"

                Hearing this, Fang Hui immediately panicked a little.

                That incident before had shown them how strong Tiger was.

                They still remembered the incident when those people finished all the beer in the hotel.

                To provoke the tiger?

                They really didn't have the guts to do that!

                Xu Jiangong made an immediate decision: "I think Lin Mo is right."

                "You should take that BMW, that car matches your temperament."

                "As the president of the company, Han Xia drives this Maserati S.p.A., it's also very appropriate!"

                Fang Hui looked resigned and muttered in a low voice, "What kind of person is this?"

                "The car was given to my family, how can there be any reason to take it back?"

                "If you're not sincere, then don't give it away."

                "If you do, what do you care what happens to him?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious, and said angrily, "Mom, if you think Tiger shouldn't have given our family a car, then I'll give it back to him right now, okay?"

                Xu Jiangong immediately panicked, Fang Hui's car could not be wanted, but he did not want to give up this big Mercedes G ah.