Medical Genius Chapter 999

 The tiger was at a loss: "What do you mean?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, this tiger, he could do things, but when it came to using his brain, he really couldn't.

                "Think about it, after something like what happened tonight, would I go and seek revenge on Liu Lin?"

                "Moreover, with the style I always do things in. Liu Lin even dared to hit on my wife, I would at least waste him!"

                "Liu Lin is Liu Tianzuo's illegitimate son, if I abolish Liu Lin, then Liu Tianzuo, will definitely want to fight with me!"

                "In that case, won't the other party be able to lend my hand and kill Liu Tianzuo?"

                Tiger suddenly realized, "So that's what it means!"

                "Brother Lin, so it seems that the other party and the Liu family are enemies, this ...... Liu family won't be sitting in the same boat as us?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "The Liu family, too, is our enemy."

                "Don't you forget, the decoration materials in Guangyang City, can't avoid the Liu family."

                "We can't buy the materials, and in this, there must be the Liu family involved."

                Lao Hu was confused: "Brother Lin, I can't understand this."

                "If the other party wants to kill Liu Tianzuo, then why is the Liu family still dealing with us?"

                Lin Mo smiled and said softly, "Because, the one who is really working with this man behind the curtain is not Liu Tianzuo, but another person from the Liu family!"

                "This person from the Liu family, someone who wants to replace Liu Tianzuo and become the new head of the family!"

                Lao Hu froze for a long moment and exclaimed in a low voice, "Brother Lin, what you mean is that there is a traitor within the Liu family?"

                "This traitor wants to usurp the throne?"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "That's right!"

                Lao Hu scratched his head, "Brother Lin, then could this incident be the result of this traitor in the Liu family? There's no one behind the scenes at all!"

                "This traitor wants to usurp the throne, so, he deliberately restricted us on the decoration materials, and also stirred up this matter of Liu Lin, lending your hand to deal with Liu Tianzuo."

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Impossible!"

                "I've read the Liu family's information, Liu Tianzuo's position in the Liu family is quite solid, relying on this traitor alone, it's not enough to solve Liu Tianzuo!"

                "So, behind this traitor, there must be someone else supporting him!"

                Tiger was a bit confused, "Brother Lin, I don't quite understand."

                "If there's still someone behind him, then this person behind the curtain, just let Liu Tianzuo deal with us directly, why do we need to cultivate a new Liu family head?"

                Lin Mo smiled and said softly, "Maybe this Liu Tianzuo isn't obedient enough, or maybe he's too ambitious."

                "In short, the people behind the curtain felt that Liu Tianzuo was not easy to control, so, they had to replace him with someone who was easier to control."

                "They want to use my hand to get rid of Liu Tianzuo, so that on the one hand, this traitor can ascend to the throne of the Liu family, and on the other hand, it will also allow the Liu family to have an enmity with me and deal with me in a dignified manner."

                "Not only that, if I kill Liu Tianzuo, then the Ten Families will inevitably share the same enemy."

                "At that time, what I have to face will not just be as simple as the Liu Family!"

                Tiger drew in a breath of cold air, "No way?"

                "Who the hell is that? Doing something so sinister?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, he couldn't think of exactly who it was just yet.

                However, in his heart, he already had one of his biggest suspects, and that was the Huo family of Guang Province.

                "You clean up this place, I'm going to meet this Liu Lin!"

                Lin Mo instructed.

                Lao Hu froze for a moment, "Brother Lin, why are you still going to meet Liu Lin?"

                "Didn't you say it was a trap?"

                "If you are going to find Liu Lin, this ...... is not jumping straight into someone's trap?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Since I know what the other party's trap is, then what else do I have to worry about?"

                "Besides, this may seem like a trap, but in fact, for us, it's also an opportunity!"

                "If we seize it, then the Liu family, will be completely at my disposal!"