Medical Genius Chapter 998

 Binzi lowered his head and dared not speak, and Old Black even gritted his teeth with a stubborn look on his face.

                "If you don't want to talk, then you don't have to!"

                Lin Mo coldly shouted, suddenly taking a step forward, a sticky mountain lean, and directly ramming into Old Black.

                Old Black's face changed rapidly, he didn't expect that Lin Mo hadn't fought with Bagua Fist before? Why did it suddenly turn into a Baji Fist again?

                Before he could react, he was directly hit by Lin Mo.

                As if he had been hit by a speeding truck, he flew straight backwards and crashed heavily into the van behind him.

                The van shook so violently that the door dented directly.

                As for Old Black, his body was broken in many places and he almost died here on the spot.

                Even if he could be rescued, his martial arts skills would be completely ruined!

                At this moment, Old Black regretted it.

                He should have answered directly just now, trying to be tough and ending up like this.

                Lin Mo called Tiger and asked him to come and clean up the scene.

                In less than five minutes, Tiger brought a group of people over.

                Lin Mo first had someone send Xu Hanxia back.

                Seeing the scene, Tiger's men, who were clean, began to tidy up the scene.

                "Brother Lin, these people, are they going to die or live?"

                Tiger asked.

                Binzi shuddered at the sound of this, what kind of people had he provoked?

                Lin Mo glanced at them, "Just a bunch of little minions, no harm done."

                Tiger nodded, greeted the men and threw them to the side of the road, after which he no longer cared about them.

                As for that Binzi, Lin Mo specifically instructed that Tiger should take him back first.

                This man, he must have helped to bully Fang Qian before as well, and his score would have to be settled slowly.

                Looking at the group of men around Tiger, Binzi fell to his knees in fear and begged for mercy, but no one paid any attention to him.

                A few of the hans held his arms and dragged him stiffly to the car.

                Lin Mo: "Tiger, do you know a man called Liu Lin?"

                Tiger thought for a moment, "Over in University City, right?"

                "I know, this guy, he's the illegitimate son of Liu Tianzuo, the head of the Liu family."

                "Liu Tianzuo dotes on him, this son of a bitch, especially horny, over in University City, has done a lot of things that hurt people!"

                "He opened a few nightclubs in the university town, and the girls who went to his place to play, but whoever he saw, he definitely had to get his hands on."

                "There were several fatalities over this a few years ago, but they were all put right by the Liu family."

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed, and at this moment, all the doubts he originally had in his heart were instantly solved.

                Seeing that Lin Mo did not say anything, Tiger whispered, "Brother Lin, why don't I bring someone to teach him a lesson?"

                "This kid, although he's from the Liu family, dares to do something like this, that's still looking for death."

                "I'll cripple him, it'll be a lesson to the Liu family, so they can be more honest in the future!"

                Lin Mo slowly shook his head, "This matter, it's a bit fishy."

                Tiger was surprised: "Fishy?"

                "What's fishy about it?"

                "This kid, he was already particularly horny."

                "I reckon, he's just running after General Manager Xu ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "There's nothing fishy about him, the problem lies with the Liu family."

                Tiger was even more bewildered, "What's wrong with the Liu family?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Someone wants to lend a knife to kill someone, lend my hand and deal with Liu Tianzuo!"

                Lao Hu was bewildered: "Brother Lin, you ...... can just say it, I have this brain, it's not like you don't know."

                "These things that require brains, I really can't figure it out."

                Lin Mo smiled and said softly, "The matter of the decoration materials is that someone is single-handedly leading in the dark, deliberately leading us to deal with the Liu family."

                "I've been pondering before, what kind of trap has the other side set up on the Liu family's side?"

                "Now, I finally understand. This trap is not only for us, but also, for Liu Tianzuo!"